With the NATO summit in Brussels quickly approaching and President Trump planning talks with Putin soon, and wth the World Cup happening in Russia right now, all eyes are on Eastern Europe. Heritage scholars advise us to still be vigilant in monitoring our relations with Putin.

The timing of the FIFA World Cup potentially has ominous implications, especially given how different Russia is today than it was when it originally won the FIFA bid in 2010. Heritage expert Alexis Mrachek released an article on the topic in nine different publications last week, where she noted that since winning the bid, Russia has annexed Crimea, invaded Georgia, claimed 10,000 lives in the war against Ukraine, and has interfered in American elections. This relatively quick change for the worse means that we as Americans should be very careful in dealing with the nation.

As such, Heritage experts Luke Coffey and Daniel Kochis recommend that the United States make Russia a focus for next week’s NATO summit in Brussels. In a report released last Friday, Coffey and Kochis highlight that Russia is the only existential crisis to NATO countries, and that as an alliance founded to protect its members against invasion, NATO should go back to basics and make defense against Russia its first priority. Coffey and Kochis elaborate on the point in another report, where they point out that many NATO countries have decreased defense spending over the last few years in spite of the stipulations of the North Atlantic Treaty, and despite increasing pressure from Russia. In order to properly defend against threats from the East, they say, it is crucial that America stresses that every country needs to make a commitment to common defense.

We will continue to monitor the situation with Russia and provide you with conservative analysis and solutions as events unfold. Thank you for your support; we couldn’t bring attention to these issues without you.

What do you think about the escalating threats from Russia?

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Peter Schnabel - July 6, 2018

I believe the USA Security Services and FBI were electronically monitoring and aware of attempts of foreign and domestic operatives to use the internet as their means to manipulate and promote their agendas. The Obama administration, I believe had full knowledge of these activities, was routinely briefed, updated etc.

Helen`Kaufman - July 6, 2018

I agree with you that we should be very careful in our dealings with them. We don’t hear much about the European people’s views. I’m sure they must be worried.

Richard Rogers - July 6, 2018

Could Russian aggression be a reflection of their perception of the status of our military preparedness?

Tom Lanners - July 6, 2018

Peace through Strength. That is really the only thing a former K.G.B. Officer will understand.
Same with North Korea, same with China, same with Iran.

John Stroud - July 7, 2018

What is the view of Heritageregarding China?

C - July 7, 2018

Some of us view Russia as doing nothing different than what our own country, the USA, does every day. Perhaps that is why the world view of us is also one of an aggressor. Why don’t we come along side Russia and allow both countries to be strong. They are out growing our population with Biblical faith and morality among their citizens.

kory trebbin - July 7, 2018

I think Russia is just saber-rattling and wants more to be respected than to actually fire a missal at us. They know we would fire one back at them. It seems to me this is just an ego trip for Putin who wants very much to be recognized as a superpower on the world stage..

George Knoll - July 7, 2018

History of the Ukraine has been one of Russian hegemony since Catherine the Great in the 18th century. Pressure on the Ukraine is just a resurgence of this. Russia has historically moved Southward toward Turkey, Iran and Afghanistan. This pressure will not stop, it may lessen, but will always be there. Having said this, one needs to recognize the Czarist pogroms and later Stalin’s “Holodomor” (execution by starvation). These are embedded in the Ukraine psyche and prevents friendly intercourse with Russia.

Laurie Bluth - July 7, 2018

Agree with worrisome state of our military! We need to rebuild to appropriate defensive
levels ASAP.

James Sciullo - July 7, 2018

In May 15, 1988, Soviet troops started to leave Afghanistan and 13 years later the United States enters Afghanistan through conflict in 2001, after the September 11 attacks. This was not U.S. war in Russia, this was war in Afghanistan. The NATO alliance works towards the largest Superpower and since Russia maintains the largest nuclear arsenal any concepts need to be revised.Priority Russia and for the development of a New Strategic Concept excluding Afghanistan.

JOHN HUBER - July 8, 2018


John Blake - July 9, 2018

Where in the world do you see these “escalating threats from Russia”? There are none! Frankly, this is neocon propaganda—the same people who lied us into war in Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya. Instead, we should be working for better relations with Russia. This is exactly what Donald Trump was planning to do when he was elected—until he was sabotaged by the CIA, the FBI and the Deep State—and forced to fire Gen. Flynn. The Deep State doesn’t want peace, they want WAR—that’s why they keep trying to convince us that Russia is our enemy. Let’s not fall for that. Let’s work for good relations with Russia—all indications are that they want that too. After all, Russia is now a Christian country, no longer a Communist one.

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