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In an op-ed published by the Washington Post, Heritage President Kay C. James said, “I was deeply disappointed to see such a promising idea abandoned, but the episode was about much more than just one company’s response to intolerance from the self-appointed guardians of tolerance. It was symptomatic of where America is heading.”

What are your thoughts about this incident?

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Bill Coates - April 12, 2019

The left follows Gramsci’s plan; control the communication media and then march through the other institutions of society in his parallel idea inspired by Mao’s ‘long march’ through China. If we;’re shut out of the conversation, there is only an echo chamber.

Brian patno - April 12, 2019


thank you for being President.

Alan Allison - April 12, 2019

It’s a sad day for our nation when people of different views will not sit down and rationally discuss the issues in order to come up with a COMPROMISE SOLUTION.

Betty Anderson - April 12, 2019

Please continue to be at the top of your legal game. Those that seek to destroy truth, fairness and equality are great at playing the victims, but you can shine the light on their lies and deceit by being smarter than they are.

Jon Sollars - April 12, 2019

I am sure Proud of you. What a Great job you did with the Google Council.

Dr. Millard MacAdam - April 12, 2019

I am deeply saddened to have lived to see raving, and even raging rancor with so much negative power carried out presently by those among the radical left, in Washington and throughout our nation. It appears clear to me that these extremely radical leftists are out to savagely destroy the America I knew and loved growing up here in California all of my long life of 88 years. Now my own state is a pit of dysfunction politically.

Richard Herman - April 12, 2019

I LOVE being a part of Heritage Foundation! And I love that we have an outspoken, intelligent, black woman as our head! I am an old white guy from the south, and have interfaced with black people all my life. It just keeps getting better the longer we go at it here in the south! We are all people, and we get along just fine, IF we all realize that, a nd are nice to each other! Thank you, Kay C. James, for being what you are, and for being there for us! Don’t let the MSM and the PC Police make any impression on Heritage or you!

PHILBROOK K COLLINS - April 12, 2019

This is another example of the insanity that is the progressive movement. Rational thought, reasonable actions are totally foreign to them. There is nothing PROGRESSIVE in their actions. Everything I see is DESTRUCTIVE ! Thank GOD for the Heritage Foundation !

James D. Mele - April 12, 2019

It is time for Conservatives to go on the offensive. We should play the liberals game by their rules and use their tactics.
The time for being polite and respectful is well past. No war was ever won by retreating or letting the enemy take the offensive. I for one am sick of these liberals disrespecting our beliefs and President Trump who truly love this country and its citizens. Why else would the man give up a wonderful life style to lead this country and put an end to the nonsense of the previous administration

Ronn Cupp - April 12, 2019

It is unfortunate that we have allowed a handful of left leaning tech. giants to thumb their noses at the constitutional right to freedom of speech. Intolerance and incivility are learned. They are not a part of our DNA. They begin in the elementary grades and continue through our university systems, and we as conservatives are partly to blame. We have allowed leftist teachers, professors and administrators to indoctrinate our children and young people at every level. It is time we stood up and seized the debate, It is time that freedom of expression is once again honored encouraged. Thank you Heritage for shining the bright light of public opinion on those who would squelch the flow of ideas and the clash of differing opinions.

Marinan Brewer - April 12, 2019


PC,isn’t,’ Right now or ever!

Miriam Williamson - April 12, 2019

I appreciate the good you do and pray you do not get discouraged. Stay strong and courageous!

Robert E. McGovern - April 12, 2019

You know what scares me even more than Russia and China? The far left Democratic Party! I think they are going to destroy our country from within if we don’t stop them

Timothy Eby - April 12, 2019

My first and foremost thought is that I am proud of you and of Heritage. Very proud!

Anne - April 12, 2019

As a member of the Heritage, I am proud to be part of a foundation that always encourages respectful, civil dialogue for all Americans in search of truth for a society that works best for all it’s citizens. President Kay C. James clearly represents this foundation’s mission in a most admirable manner.

Robert Gianino - April 12, 2019

The problem seems to be the predominance of Millenials in the executive leadership ranks in the major social media companies. They lack any understanding of America’s tradition of evolutionary change. Instead, they convolute their corporate mission with some Continental European revolutionary ideal a la Rousseau. When they find themselves on the wrong side of history, they throw their hands up and lose their nerve, as in Dr. James’ case, or resort to Committe of Public Safety tactics, terror and intimidation, or outright violation of individual rights like arbitrary firings of politically incorrect employees. The future of this country is not good if the Millenials are to inherit the mantle of national leadership as well.

Lewis Groberg - April 12, 2019

It is time to fight back and that may include breaking
up the tech giants similar to AT&T breakup.

Frank Tussing - April 12, 2019

No guts, no determination at Google. Not trustworthy.
Google missed an important opportunity to get to know Kay James.

Margaret Linton - April 12, 2019

I’ve watched, frustrated, along with many other people, as this faceless, body less, Mr. PC Secular has worked to make himself the “Voice” of the world. Not just of America. Thank you, Kay, for the work you are doing at American Heritage. I am adding you to my prayer list and sending a contribution to help support the organization.

JoAnn Briggs - April 12, 2019

It breaks my heart what is happening in this country. Those who are fighting against hate and intolerance are hateful and intolerant. If you are secure in your beliefs you can listen to others and treat them with respect even if you don’t agree with them. I think fear is what makes people shut down differing opinions.

Clark Snyder - April 12, 2019

Many excellent comments have already been posted. I could not agree more. It is totally unacceptable that Google acquessed to the leftest, irrational, close minded idiots who can’t appreciate the freedoms we enjoy and that so many of our countrymen fought to preserve. I respectfully request Herritage to post all of these comments on Google! Failing that at a minimum they should be forwarded to the spineless executives who caved to the pressure.

Donald Shrader - April 12, 2019

I am an ardent constitutionalist, believing that our forefathers gave us a wonderful heritage. However, my views on issues have been constantly shunned even by the Heritage Foundation, among other supposedly conservative organizations, so your plight is nothing new to me. I have lived it all my life.

Sharon Pelletier - April 12, 2019

I am sadden by the actions taken against you because of issues you support. I am also sadden by the lack of tolerance in these ‘social media’ sites. Something is seriously lacking in our educational system as well as parental guidance and/or even influence to share the knowledge of what is good and evil is gone. Unfortunately this has been going on for a very long time. It is time for us, as Americans, to awaken and resolve to become active in our communities … no more sitting back and letting the “other guy” take up the action.

Joe Dickerson - April 12, 2019

It all points to the same two things as previous histories of every country.
1. Power (& Prestige)
If the politician or person in a sense of power sees that ANY act or acts or belief or organization will favor his or her position, that is exactly the theme, or position that will be taken to further his or her power, or position.
2. Money
Simple truth. Follow the trail of money, and there, at the end of the trail will be the person(s) that will probably steal, kill, lie, cheat, sell their own soul, for the love of riches. Hitler would have never considered advancing from the gutter, if not for the power, prestige and riches that his path led him. No person would even consider a future in politics, the legal profession or the vice-president of any company or organization, if the pay was minimum wages.
History always repeats itself also. EVERY nation on the face of the earth that forsook God was brought low, even destroyed. Check your history books. God allowed even a pagan nation to enslave His own people because they forsook Him. And unless something changes (not happening), America is doomed. For too long now, America has been “liberated” with the “new-age” way of thinking. And she (America) is very soon going to pay the price. We are already paying a high price for allowing sin to be called “liberation”. Our children and grandchildren are now being taught things in public schools that would have broken the jaws of our grandfathers. We watch as “liberated” men hold hands and show affection for each other in public. I read somewhere where God destroyed a couple of large cities for the sins of sodomy. I believe they were given over to a reprobate mind. A person that is now “inebriated” was once called a “drunk”. Sin, by any other name, is still sin.

David Arnold - April 12, 2019

Despicable! Conservatives should defend our rights, but not stoop so low as the liberals. Breaking the law is a common everyday offense for the radical left, particularly if you include lying and deceit. The best way that the liberals can win is not to hear both sides.

Hot Rod Happy - April 12, 2019

This is a very sad commentary on what has happened to our country. I echo the sentiments of Dr. MacAdam’s response. I spent a good part of my saved retirement account to educate my 3 grandkids in conservative religious schools from K through high school. It breaks my heart to admit that just one year in college washed it all down the drain. Unless we find a way to rescue and teach our young people when they are so vulnerable and pliable, we are doomed! Conservatives are nice folks who don’t seem to want to get in the trenches and fight dirty—like their enemies—who will lie, cheat and steal to win.

President Kay, my check is in the mail! Keep up the good fight!!!

JOHN TOMY - April 12, 2019


Thomas Martin - April 12, 2019

I am not overly surprised by the action, and I appreciate President K. C. James and her willingness to participate in the effort to share ideas with those who do NOT want to listen. Compromise is not in their vocabulary, and if it was they wouldn’t know how to spell it anyway! Thank you!

Walter Castro - April 12, 2019

Thank you, Ms James, for the defense of your conservative principles. I have been a member of the Heritage Foundation for many years and give what I can for its important work. Isn’t it sad that Conservatives are bullied by the Left who do not believe in a rationale discussion of our important problems. Long live Heritage!

Barbara Hrovatic - April 12, 2019

It is time we stand up to them for they are the ones that are radical and intolerant of any thing of anyone who disagree with them. The hate and use intimation to stop other ideas. Look at North Korea and other countries who do this, and that will be us in time.

Charles Hawkins - April 12, 2019

Mrs. James & Heritage need to hold these large platforms like Google to accountability

Tom Lanners - April 12, 2019

I am not surprised when I saw the story aired on Fox news. I am surprised Google asked the President of the Heritage Foundation. I am not surprised they let a small mob dictate to them.
Google and Amazon are the two most frightening companies in the world. God Bless Kay Cole James and Heritage!

Mike Hollan - April 12, 2019

How is it not obvious to the world that liberals/progressives are both intolerant and anti-diversity when they attempt to shout down conservative voices. They are the opposite of what they claim to be. If you don’t see things as they do you are unworthy of a voice. Maybe it’s because they know that if a rational discussion takes place their ideas will wilt and they won’t be able to withstand the clarity, power and truthfulness of conservative principles.

Charles A Soper - April 12, 2019

I have nothing but respect and admiration for you Mrs. Kay C. James and all of the Heritage Foundation and all of the supporting members and all of my fellow American conservatives. As a 72 year old and long time church goer I have witnessed a lot. From a biblical perspective Isaiah 8:20 “To the law and to the testimony! If they do not speak according to this word, it is because there is no light in them.” These people that have hate in their hearts are just evil. Jesus is the Light of the world and He was treated so hatefully by mostly the religious leaders who stirred up the people (mobs) He was put to death but rose from the dead ascended up to heaven and promised to come back again. When this world gets so evil even worse than it is now Jesus will come and the wicked will be destroyed by fire and brimstone and a new earth that is sinless will be established. Jesus is the Word and the Word is God. God is Love. Carry on all!! And have faith that God will prevail!!!

WILLIAM WILLIAMS - April 12, 2019

I am increasingly alarmed by the intolerance expressed by some in the so-called progressive community. I further alarmed by how cowardly some companies react to that sort of rhetoric. Shame on Google.
We need to stand against this destructive trend.

Lynne del Castillo - April 12, 2019

Why don’t conservatives respond to the leftist media mob with their own petitions! We need to use their own tactics against them. We must not be indifferent or afraid to stand up and push back. Conservatives by nature are all about taking care of their families, their jobs and their faith, but we must begin to be more active and PUSH BACK and say NO to this evil intolerance of our beliefs. We need to address their disrespect of our freedoms thru the courts as well at each and every occurrence of their attempted censorship of conservative thought.

David/Barbara Masoner - April 12, 2019

So grateful for you, Kay!!!

Joseph Wing - April 12, 2019

Ms James,
I am sorry you had to endure such bigotry. Those on the left should look into a mirror to find where the bigots are. Thanks for standing up to them. We are fortunate to have a person of your character leading the Heritage Foundation.

Helen Medley - April 12, 2019

I am very sorry that you received this treatment but very proud of your response.

Barbara Wenders - April 12, 2019

Great article exposing how Google is such a corrupt bully and the thought of any challenge of their short sighted bias that they’d rather shut down a “democratic” debate than expose themselves as the corrupt body of power they shouldn’t have. there’s got to be a way that the most powerful and richest co. in America misuses their “sales” business to quiet all conservative opposition! What happened to freedom of speech?? They are free to bad mouth conservatives but conservatives can’t express the truth about the corrupt left.

Barb Kaper - April 12, 2019

Thank you, for standing firm for your and my conservative Christian beliefs and freedom to respect others in their belief choices.

Maxine Scott - April 12, 2019

I am disappointed that Google caved in to bigots instead of using their considerable influence to model mature leadership. No courage there!

Patricia Cotter - April 12, 2019

It is frightening to have some people try to restrain others from expressing their thoughts and ideas. Thank you for presenting our conservative views. I pray that people will open their minds to sensible compromise.

Chris Milord - April 13, 2019

It’s unfortunate but unsurprising that the Google brass would cave in to the loudest voices within the firm. Many of these big tech companies are left leaning in their leadership circles, and lack intellectual diversity. Their claims of inclusion ring hollow time and time again as they push liberal values and attempt to muzzle free speech. Like much of academia, Hollywood, and the Old Media, many tech firms actually prefer tyranny over free enterprise, responsible liberty and the rule of law. Indeed, Google’s hypocrisy is on full display again and again, while it lost out on a great opportunity to move out of its comfort zone into a better future.

Anna Nelson - April 13, 2019

Clearly, Google does not believe in or support free speech and debate of ideas with intelligence, candor and good will. Thank you for being in the arena of ideas. I will clearly support your respect for debate and point out those whose goal is to silence others, including Google

William Wallner - April 13, 2019

Typical suppression of conservative view points. Good thing these folks were not around in the 1700’s.

Eleanor P - April 13, 2019

It is very sad that this happened, but we can expect more and worse, because we have been warned by the Lord Himself that things would get so bad, like nothing we have ever seen before.

Mary Evans - April 13, 2019

Thank you for confirming what many of us suspected.

Richard Page - April 13, 2019

Kay, you are spot on. Sorry folks but compromise is the problem, not the solution. When a people are persuaded that open mindedness is a virtue, relative values trump moral absolutes. As people discard moral absolutes, they discard their Creator because God is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. When men refuse to be held accountable for their sins, progressive thought becomes regressing. God has given them over to a reprobate mind, where they call good evil and evil good, demanding their sins to to be finally embraced as normal. The slippery slope has hit bottom. We are living in the days of Noah. The next time you see a white horse, it will not be ridden by a Texas Ranger in a mask. The King is coming. Are you ready?

Kathy Schumacher - April 13, 2019

The whole incident saddens me. The left is in full assault against our freedom of speech, freedom of worship, and our unity as a people. Their identity politics seeks to destroy our respect of others and pit one against the other. This “resistance” has ruined the legislative process and getting the work of the people done. Please continue to stand firm. I am very proud of President Trump and our Heritage President who stand in the face of this and push back.

My only suggestion is please try to publish in another news source. The Post charges $1 to read making it difficult to use on social media. I want to post this op ed to FB and Twitter but can’t as most will not Kay that to read an article.

Author Dustin Howard - April 15, 2019

Hi Kathy,

The Washington Post has a number of syndicates. Because they were courteous enough to post President James’ op-ed, we did link to them. However, their syndicates, like the Laredo Morning News, ran the same piece, often with different headlines.

This paper does not have a paywall. Share away!

Dustin Howard
Membership Programs
The Heritage Foundation

Marge Noonan - April 13, 2019

Go Girl !
Key Rocks ………..

Jeff Hoffman - April 13, 2019

Deplorable. I stand with you to combat these actions

Patricia Marullo - April 13, 2019

I am concerned about the indoctrination of our children by the liberal left in our schools. It’s only a matter of time before they become the majority if this trend isn’t stopped soon.

Jon Davis - April 13, 2019

Google like most of the media today doesn’t look very deep into a story. This could have been a a very interesting subject

Ronald Reuse - April 13, 2019

Sorry to hear this, but not surprised.
Google needs to reopen the council so all sides can be heard

R J McClure - April 13, 2019

If I had the financial means I would advertise everywhere; signs, billboards, posters, twitter, newspapers, magazine, race cars, bumper stickers, etc, the following,
Kay C. James, your doing a great job, Thank You.

Tom Schrader - April 13, 2019

I was just about to be proud of Google for inviting you to be part of that team in the first place, but then the reality of left wing fascism kicked in. It reminds me of the parent who turned the car around because one of the kids were throwing a fit. Lord have mercy on these people!

thomas ranese - April 13, 2019

I am totally discussed with these large social
media and fortune 100 companies trying to
shape the way our future generation think.
We must educate our youth to think for themselves and not to be bullied to follow
the group think.

Marilyn Hodgell - April 13, 2019

It is proof Google does not believe and follow the Constitution of the U S.

Bonnie Sargeant - April 13, 2019

Time for conservatives to stop playing ” all just get along”. We need to get more assertive and speak out when needed and tell our Republican representatives to work for us and with our elected president or your gone!

ABrownlee - April 13, 2019

As much as it was an opportunity for your voice to be heard… also would have put you front and center in the war they left does not want to wage.

You are doing a fine admirable job where you are.

Thank you.

Janice Norris - April 13, 2019

If evangelicals can only realize that Satan and all his minions (fallen angels) realize that his time is short because all the weather patterns and other signs prove that Jesus Christ is returning soon to take Christians up in the rapture. Satan is a defeated foe and In Matthew and Mark is says unless the strong man is bound… so we as Christians need to bind his works and send them to hell and then we will see miracles like when my husband died for 20 minutes and God brought him back. I wrote to President Trump and told him that God put him in by a miracle and no one can impeach him or kill him unless he takes credit for his accomplishments instead of giving God the credit like Cyrus in the Bible who won victories until he started taking credit instead of giving God the credit.. Please tell everyone to pray every day for our President and that his enemies will get saved and repent of the hate they have for our president. Sincerely, Janice Norris

Jenette. Voss - April 13, 2019

I think it’s a crying shame that people who preach tolerance at us conservatives are so intolerant themselves.

Richard Parmer - April 13, 2019

The moment President Trump announced he was going to drain the swamp, the swamp creatures set up their defenses. Bill Coates aptly compared Gramsci’s game plan to the radical left’s game plan. We see it every time we watch ABC, NBC, CNN, CNBC, CBS and every major news organization except Fox. How do we fight back?

NEWTON H BORGERSON JR - April 13, 2019

Ms. James handled it perfectly. Nice going.

Jack Harbaugh - April 13, 2019

An old adage says you fight fire with fire. Done correctly, it works most every time.
It’s time we get some right leaning giant to level the playing field against Google et al.
If the Heritage Foundation establishes a board to work on that, we can see what happens.

Linda Olson - April 13, 2019

You are right on Kay. Stick with it. You have a very strong voice. Google is despicable. Their action is, indeed, indicative of where some are trying to take America. Rational thinkers will not let them.

Penny O”Brien - April 13, 2019

This news is one more example of how tight the Leftists must control every facet of media and thought. They cannot win because Justice will prevail. How fortunate we have you at the helm President Kay C. James. Thank you and American Heritage for leading us.

Rick Mendes - April 13, 2019

This is another sad example of America’s loss of civil discourse. Remember when we could discuss a topic with co-workers or professors and our opinions would be respected?

Maybe we should teach debate again in our schools. The ability to argue a point seems to be lost on the younger generations.

Pat Ellis - April 13, 2019

Everyone KNOWS that Google and Facebook and other sites discriminate against conservatives. I had my TWITTER account closed twice “by mistake” for conservative messages to politicians (no bad language or ideas!). What these sites are doing is censorship pure and simple. This is outrageous in our country of freedom of speech!!!!!

Henry Williamson - April 13, 2019

Don’t be misled, the other side is tolerant; but only when their “adversary” agrees with their position. In addition, they surely will compromise, but only when the result leans greater than 80% in their favor. The “liberal”/”progressive” side of our society believes if we give just rewards to the poor, everything will be fine. They believe our society was built on entitlements, not production; which is the opposite of reality. The Declaration of Independence identified the mindset of a prosperous society. It would have been simply empty words were it not, about a decade later, for the U.S. Constitution to nail the door shut with six reasons (they are evident in the preamble) to provide six articles and later, ten amendments. The next step is to protect our youth from the ill-gotten gains of the “left,” as evident within our current education system.

Jerry Lucero - April 13, 2019

I’m a 82 year old, Who has seen prejudice in my life time. I’m a Latino American who has seen it at work.when I was young, I was refused job, because of my last name.I was in Texas. I went into a restaurant and was told that I could not be served there, I asked what I did wrong? I was informed that this as for black only. Since that time I have seen major change. But the Dem’s want us to go back. Thank God for Trump.

Not Spam

. My family cam here 400 years ago rom Spain,
I’m 26 % native America

William Bacon - April 13, 2019

A well-said defense of civility that we all should ascribe to! This is the BEST of American tradition and strength.

Edward J Morvant - April 13, 2019

I tried to read the op-ed but couldn’t find it. From what I understand of what happened, I have lost hope that any common sense will prevail and that the two parties will be able to sit down together and share viewpoints. I think our government should place regulations on the big tech companies to keep an eye on them. They are irrational but highly influential to young minds. Fine, but let’s not let them get away with criminal acts.

Sylvia Miller - April 13, 2019

Kay, I am so sorry this happened to you!! I am an 80+ white person and have seen a lot of injustice in my day. I have some very good black friends and we don’t know the difference in each other. I remember so well the day Martin Lewis King said ” free at last. Thank God Almighty. FREE AT LAST.” i was hopeing that would be the beginning of better times and for a while it was. Unfortunately the younger generation does’t understand what before was even when they are told.
Hang in there Kay !!

Pete Schnabel - April 14, 2019

Thank You Madam President for leading the Heritage Foundation and the other millions of Americans addressing the intellectual sickness of the political left. I bet a few doses of the Heritage Foundation will cure their illness and bring them to our side.

Leslie Bluhm - April 14, 2019

Keep up the good fight- righteousness will prevail.

Louise Glenn - April 14, 2019

It is so discouraging and frightening to see the extent to which the radical left will go to silence conservative thought. It starts with schools indoctrinating our children, then the mainstream media selling their propaganda, and now one of the largest controllers of group think refusing to allow even one conservative voice to be heard.
Thank you Heritage for leading the fight for freedom, and teaching the constitutional principles on which this great country was founded.

annie Brook - April 14, 2019

Google should be ashamed of bailing on the opportunity to being a front runner of problem solving for social media impacts.

JAMES BREMER - April 14, 2019

God bless you Kay James for all your efforts.

Robert White - April 14, 2019

Thanks for standing up to this political correct madness. It is time to expose the true agenda of Google & the other mouth pieces of the left.

dick draper - April 14, 2019

Good for you! I’m getting very sick of the intolerance and downright hatred of people who have a different view from the self-appointed “wise ones” of our institutions.
I cannot figure out how things got this way, especially at our universities where the open exchange of ideas was supposed to be the goal.

Mary Harrs - April 14, 2019

I think Kay is a great asset to any organization and it is irrational to stop conservative points of view.

Mary Harrs - April 14, 2019

I think Kay is a great asset to any organization and it is irrational to stop conservative points of view. Google states that they want open options for new technology but this clearly states they do not.

Paul C Rinderle - April 14, 2019

Who controls the theme short & longer term?

The Major Media i.e. New York Times & the Washington Post.

Is it the newspaper that writes the articles or the people who control it?

We deserve transparency.

Its been reported by its own ombudsman that NYT itself is overwhelmingly Gay Biased/written as much as 75% of front page.

I want to know if a Gay/Gay Editor/Gay in the tank wrote/edited the article or was it a dyed in the wool Muslim.

I consider GLBTQ mentally sick and Muslims to be caught in an Imperial terrorist cult knowingly or unknowingly.

Sharia law is anathema to civilization. Islam is engaging in world wide genocide of Jews ans Christians and even Non Muslims in general.

There are many incidents like Mrs James incurred. Its but the tip of the total infiltration of our media/institutions/Democrat Party.

Stewart Manthey - April 15, 2019

Read Friedrich Hayek for a proper definition of “progressive”. The left really wants only control when we will all be their serfs.

Ron W. Smith - April 16, 2019

What a telling experience! Only in America today, and only in an environment I’ve watched deteriorate over my 82 years. There’s an antidote for the fear, anger, intolerance, small-mindedness, and overall us vs. them mentality that pervades in America today: discussion and debate across all lines. Diversity takes as much daily tending as a garden.

Barbara Sbrogna - April 16, 2019

I thank God for people like Ms. James! A brilliant woman to head a great institution.

I’ve been watching the proverbial frog in the pot of simmering water since the 1960’s and have been frustrated beyond belief. I recently watched a talk by David Horowitz who said conservatives are too nice. At first I was taken aback, then I realized that this guy, a former left radical, could teach us something and we ought to pay attention.

That doesn’t mean we whip out the machetes but we certainly need to get far more aggressive in responding to attacks on our views. And the first place to demand that change is with the Republican anti-Trump establishment that is too wrapped up in their own conceit to see what’s happening to our country. They are the ones blocking debate within Republican ranks. They are the ones who refuse to stand up lest they be criticized. They still haven’t learned that their “friends across the aisle” will throw them under the first bus to come along.

Let’s begin!

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