On May 2, Heritage Foundation President Kay Coles James gave her first media interview after Google decided to disband an AI advisory board following backlash from leftist employees who objected to the inclusion of a conservative on the board.

“Google wanted us to stress-test some of their ideas,” James told Fox News’ Shannon Bream. “We use Google products at The Heritage Foundation. Of course, as one of their customers, I would think that they’d want to know what our opinions are – what our concerns are – about artificial intelligence. It was such a missed opportunity.”

Given the growing hostility towards conservatives on social media, how should we fight back against efforts to silence us?

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Darlene Morris - May 10, 2019

We should fight back by starting up our own platform and band together with our conservative message. Both Twitter and Facebook would be affected by the loss of all of our voices.

Mary Wilder - May 10, 2019

Keep up the good work. We need more conservative voices.

Leslie Long - May 10, 2019

Free speech is imperative and they must be taken to court when there are violations of this constitutional right.

John C Tiganella Sr. - May 10, 2019

Seems the left is really bad at looking at people. Who they are, and what they can bring forth as constructive dialogue!
They’ll be so happy they “helped” re-elect Donald trump in 2020!!

William Coates - May 10, 2019

Remind liberals that they can’t have diversity if there’s no one left to be diverse from.

Cherie Bawduniak - May 10, 2019

We need a conservative platform instead of using Google and Facebook. I have tried to find another source for my email instead of gmail and it is impossible. We need to get to work.

Kristine Cevasco - May 10, 2019

I’m disheartened that there is no non-leftist alternatives to these tech giants. We are a very large consumer force and we should have an outlet that works for us no against us.

Richard Dominguez - May 10, 2019

I would seriously consider dumping all Google related products and services from all Heritage Departments and switching only to Microsoft. Google’s mail system is definitetly not the sharpest tool in the software box. Microsoft has a much more sophisticated user interface and more user friendly features.

Lavonne Hunt - May 10, 2019

I’m frustrated, but not surprised by Google’s reaction to President James’ presence on the AI board. Not sure what the solution to the social media censorship of conservative voices is. Perhaps working counter-culture, like having more opportunities to talk with people in local, small group settings. NOT college based or you’ll get the Google treatment. Perhaps it’s time Heritage looks into creating state and local (county) branches where members can gather to discuss and brainstorm various topics. Very few of us can travel to DC if we aren’t in the area ( I live in Tucson, AZ). However, we are more likely to meet with others of like mind in our local area. Perhaps, doing radio interviews with national and local conservative talk radio hosts might help break the social media silencing campIgn.

JoAnne Duke - May 10, 2019

You know better than I do.I’m sure some of you can come up with a good solution. It’s too bad that Google, Facebook, and Amazon have gotten so powerful, and they evidently don’t like conservative ideas. Do you think if some one came up with a conservative alternative that it would be successful?

Pat - May 10, 2019

Conservatives and Heritage need to take leadership on a new form of media. I’m not sure if it should be only a conservative platform or if we should find a way to be leaders for a diverse platform. I do believe Heritage would be our best leadership for it.

John Olofson - May 10, 2019

There is only one realistic solution: Recognize that THEY ARE MONOPOLIES, BREAK THEM UP. It will probably take too much time and resources to succeed prior to the 2020 elections, so in the meantime grin and bear it, I suppose. Although you could be gathering support from like-minded entities between now and Trump’s 2nd term.

Dianne Wohletz - May 10, 2019

Conservatives need to speak out at local, regional, state and national forums whenever we can. Social media is not the way because of the bias for conservative and Christian beliefs. Glad to be a part of the Heritage organization.

Larry Hammack - May 10, 2019

See that the U.S. Department of Justice goes after them with discrimination laws. Make it so costly for them to discriminate against conservative Americans that they will stop doing it. Fine them according to their ability to pay, they do have DEEP pockets.
Additionally, have the FCC insure that there is a fair way for all citizens to pick ala carte video and television programming from Verizon, Comcast, etc. There is no technical reason in this high technology age that consumers must pay for undesired, unwanted or objectionable programming. The left loves for conservatives to pay for programming they enjoy. It is also great for them when some other taxpayers are forceably taxed to pay for their personal activities, such as abortion and to pay for even luxurious upkeep of illegal aliens. If people were made to choose and fairly pay for only what they choose to use, then much of what liberals like and what conservatives consider objectionable would go unfunded and die on the vine. While wanted programming would spring up, become profitable and available and flourish. Almost like supply and demand. It would be Capitalism or free market choices instead of making customers pay for unwanted programming to just get a few channels they really want. And all the time there is much whining about how consumers would loose so much programming that they now “throw in for free” in the bundle. Let people pick from a choice of programming. We know it can be done. Much of the garbage progressive, liberal programming would just go away for lack of funding. Profits and losses have a way of getting the attention of businesses.
Conservative competition for Google, Facebook and Amazon would require them to be attentive to their customers opinions, instead of shutting them down or closing their accounts. Do not allow these Mega businesses to change the laws to stifle every hint of new competition. It is all about what profits and losses motivate them to do. It is getting harder to get people to speak out or to get good people to run for political office because they and their families are destroyed. This has to be stopped or their will be no hope and no future. Think Venezuela.

Barbara Roberts - May 10, 2019

Shame on us Conservatives for not uniting and offering a strong alternative! The American church is in the same condition. If we don’t stop nursing our petty differences the devil will continue to rule in our wonderful America. We have too many small blogs and not enough togetherness in action. We need to unite and help our President while we have the opportunity.

Richard Le Pere - May 10, 2019

Create a social media for conservative to compete with Google.

Sean Dunagan - May 10, 2019

A simple solution. Quite using social media! I don’t and life is just fine.

Cheryl Manning - May 10, 2019

“Google decided to disband an AI advisory board following backlash from leftist employees who objected to the inclusion of a conservative on the board” Those employees should have been fired for exposing their un-American beliefs! No diversity as they say they want. Just leftist diversity, I guess.
Give them all a copy of our Constitution!

Alexis Brannon - May 10, 2019

I agree with Lavonne Hunt. We have to think out of the box and form a network of communication not reliant on Google and Facebook. In my area we have an active Conservative Seniors group through AMAC. That could be used as a template in other sectors of the population as well.
Education on the issues is our focus and getting out the vote could also be emphasized locally.

William Grey - May 10, 2019

We might try stating our own Social Media and withdrawing from theirs. If enough people moved over they might straighten up, but I doubt it. Competition is always best. Right now they have no competition.

Howard Teruo Kubota, Ph.D. - May 10, 2019

Really, I don’t understand how and why the nation has allowed the left to grow so hostile towards conservatives on social media and elsewhere and why the conservatives have allowed itself to be intimidated and defensive, as the conservative values are, after all, rooted and based on the nation’s inalienable rights whose foundations rest with the moral principles adhere to by its people and the legal precepts of the Constitution. On the other hand, I do understand that every one on the left are schooled and trained (by mass media, universities, entertainment, etc.) to effectively articulate their narrow agenda and that those individuals and groups on the side of the conservatives are often made to feel overwhelmed and defeated by the passion and articulate skills of the left. So, “how should we fight back?” First and foremost, continue to voice support for Donald Trump’s Presidential policies and proposals. Secondly, the Heritage Foundations and all Conservative proxies need to develop sustainable public relations programs, designed to educate and train the conservative minds to effectively articulate conservative values and Trump policies. For example, conservative minds are helped if conservative centers, like Heritage, provide template-like talking points that support conservative views on current political and ideological issues. If the conservative minds were armed with such fact based and persuasive conservative talking points, then we will not be silenced when confronted by a liberal bully!

Kelly - May 10, 2019

I strongly recommend along with MANY Trump supporters think they should ban mainly Facebook for sure,the rest need to be held accountable for betraying American ppl, we are being sensor. There is freedom of speech ,which we should be able to do but lies,deceit from CNN,ALL these fake news NEED to be held accountable. Bernie Sanders promises students free college, it’s only to get there vote.We can only rely on EACHOTHER. It’s a disgrace what President Trump is going through. He is God gift.To many people still in the white house that were under Obama administration that are corrupt, we are frustrated that MANY are not locked up! So MSM NEEDS to be held accountable for slander, betrayal, ect….I have not had Facebook in yrs but I keep getting emails stating my password has been changed so my phone has been hacked.

LeAnne Tillar - May 10, 2019

Absolutely!! We can’t just lie down and cover our heads or we’ll be run over by the mob of screaming liberal idiots. Idiots who seem not to be afraid to literally cause physical harm against people with different viewpoints. God is our help in times of trouble. Keep leaning on Him.

LeAnne Tillar - May 10, 2019

Lavine Hunt above has an excellent suggestion. Her idea is copied here:
Perhaps it’s time Heritage looks into creating state and local (county) branches where members can gather to discuss and brainstorm various topics. I was a Tea Party member back when they were meeting regularly. I think having “educational groups” might be an excellent way to do “catch-up” teaching and learning about our Constitution and what it really does for a people.

Jim Christison - May 10, 2019

It’s too bad that someone can’t contact the former partner of Facebook, who by the way is calling for it’s dismantle, to start up a Conservative site. I remember when most radio talk shows were Liberal. Now, almost all of them are Conservative. We might just put Facebook out of business. I think it is worth a try.

Jayne - May 10, 2019

I agree with abive comments. We can also pray for our enemies as we are called to do. I think sites like epoch times, mark levin and the blaze are good
They need to find a way to let us access for free. I am ready to tell fb to pound sand as they say

Debra Bamford - May 11, 2019

Through it’s diverse departments; plus already having it’s own media outlet’ via “The Daily Signal” I think it is time to include each day an educational and encouraging article to help conservatives (know what to say when attacked at any level by a giant media giant like Facebook or Google); or from simply a well-educated “Left-leaning” person. As a conservative network of your own, to Heritage Foundation; to “The Daily Signal” I say you have the formats already in place to educate, teach and encourage conservatives that can in no way make it to DC; you already have a huge audience that is growing daily; grow that in any and every way you can. You have access to what most conservatives do not have access to. One of the most discouraging things to most conservatives is to feel alone, not knowing how to diffuse a conflict, how to calmly discuss the truths concerning conservatism simply because they don’t have the educational information; they themselves feel threatened. Instead do all you can to embolden conservatives with the knowledge of what our precious Constitution protects individuals from; what conservatism is all about; never, ever leave out encouragement. And never quit encouraging President Trump. I know he is under barrage from the left constantly–he also needs to know that many conservatives support him; and his brave ideas. Never be afraid to push ahead with what you already have; as it states in 2nd Timothy 1;7: “I have not been given a spirit of fear, but of power, love and a sound mind.” Too many conservatives shrink back in fear when threatened in any way due to lack of knowledge. Conservatives need to remove themselves from Facebook, Google, etc.; then go to work on learning what to say to the liberals, as previously stated, be educated via The Heritage Foundation as what is at stake if we each stay silent. Heritage, you have the tools already; let us group together and make our voices heard; it sounds like a huge and impossible task; however it is not that difficult; it needs to become a mindset of every conservative across the entire country. We have been silent too long. Now is the time to join together; support Heritage; and once again become a country-wide movement that cannot be silenced. I am proud to be a part of The Heritage Foundation; and give on a regular basis to The Daily Signal; I encourage all conservatives to do the same as much as they can. Know, Heritage that I for one stand behind you, and am encouraging you as much as I can from rural America.

Todd Wulf - May 11, 2019

While social media giants try to convince us that they are not biased against conservatives, their own actions betray their words. They do not realize how difficult how difficult it is to regain trust.

Deborah - May 11, 2019

We need a conservative tech giant to come about. Also, there needs to be a hotline to the White House for every conservative or Republican that has been banned from Facebook, Twitter, and etc. to voice what , exactly happened, the so-called reason for it and copies of the explanation from the tech giants. The evidence will pile up quickly and can be presented at meetings with tech people and with Congress. This has to stop and until regulations are made to stop shadow banning, and losing the right to use Facebook and etc. will continue. They must not be able to lie and say it isn’t happening. There must be penalties and jail time for censoring some and not others. Not to mention the hateful Southern Poverty Law Center who advises them, and allowing terrorist groups the ability to engage Americans and to recruit. Dispicable!

Helen DeBalzo Green - May 11, 2019

What ever else we do, we cannot allow them to silence us….. we must continue to speak out – often and with conviction and knowledge.

Charles H. Jones - May 11, 2019

Can a conservative social network be created ?

Monty Davis - May 11, 2019

Our conservative group has a man named Steve Norflus who has been in touch with your Stephen Moore on a program he has been working on. Mr. Moore can share it with you. It’s a mountain to climb but we better get in climbing shape because time is growing short. I will be in contact with you on Steve Norflus plan. Please look it over.

Monty Davis

Jennifer Mathew - May 11, 2019

Even locally where I am, which is mainly a R area, we don’t have a lot of communication. We just elections in May and I didn’t seen announcements about the results on our social media for days. R’s and conservatives need to meet more – have dinners, banquets, days out, spirit runs, etc. and especially honor our young people – high school and college age students. We need to encourage their involvement and recognized and reward them with scholarships, etc. for helping with elections, peacefully standing up for their values, etc. We need to continue to be responsible, loving, caring adults who get the truth out peacefully and not turn into hatemongers. We need to be brave, bold, and unabashed about life, truth, heritage, and stand for what is good in us and our country. We need to share conservative news sources with those we know, even list some on our fb pages, etc. and encourage them to find as authentic news as possible. We need to find each other and join in solidarity. I do pro-life work and it is wonderful to be with people who have not jumped off the cliff with life issues. We support one another. Having programs to send kids to work for their legislators for a day is very important. Getting our young ones involved in the political process, whether or not they will be working in government leadership. Educating our kids. Sharing good book lists about conservatives and true histories (not revised to be liberal leaning) of our country. Please, please share with youth the history of the R party – we stood for black/African American rights and brought them their freedom and many equalities (voting, etc.), we brought women the right to vote and so on. Young people are NOT hearing this nowadays, nor are minorities. We need to get our word, our logs, our values out there. Conservatives are the backbone of this country, don’t let them break you. God bless

Jennifer Mathew - May 11, 2019

sorry for the typos above…our word, our logos, our values out there…

Jennifer Mathew - May 11, 2019

Heritage Foundation Kay James handled herself beautifully!! I am proud to be a member under her leadership. Some conservatives need to start their own version of a google search engine, and include REAL diversity on their board!
God bless

Jennifer Mathew - May 11, 2019

And consider launching a “Heritage News Network” site online and thru TV, if sponsors and funding can be found. Where real conservative news can be shared, and real diversity can be modeled. The Christian News Network bravely writes meat and potatoes news and is an authentic ray of light in this dark world of media.

Jennifer Mathew - May 11, 2019

Above all, encourage conservatives, every which way you can, to vote in 2020!!

Robert Parys - May 11, 2019

The time will come when people will not put up with sound doctrine. Instead, to suit their own desires, they will gather around them a great number of teachers to say what their itching ears want to hear.

Jennifer Mathew - May 11, 2019

We definitely need local chapters. I was not aware, being a new member, that we did not have them. I would be willing to help start and maintain a local chapter! I already run a local conservative non-profit.

Jennifer Mathew - May 11, 2019

If you are looking for at least a non-political version of Google/email – try duckduckgo. They don’t track you, spy on you, or sell your personal and search info to 3rd parties. It’s a great search engine. Some things have to be paid for, but it is totally worth it. Read reviews about duckduckgo. I am switching over.

Jennifer Mathew - May 11, 2019

I am a new member and didn’t realize HF did not have local or state chapters. We need to seriously consider this!! I’d be happy to help in my area.

Meredith - May 11, 2019

Why is the Heritage Action Sentinel call on Facebook every week? There are several alternatives. GAB is probably the biggest and best.

Jennifer Mathew - May 11, 2019

Look at boycott lists and check the companies you patronize. Are they donating to liberal/Dem campaigns and causes? Find conservative companies (Chick Filet, Hobby Lobby, etc.) and patronize those when possible or at least look for non-political ones.

John Olson - May 11, 2019

Don’t give up the fight! They are a monopoly that must be broken up under existing law!

Robert - May 11, 2019

I think we need to start holding colleges responsible for the product their graduating. Colleges have billions of dollars in their endowment funds that could be used for education instead of staff. Force them to have equity in professers and staff. Force them to teach Amercian History first and formost. Term limits on congress would help tremedously.

Barry - May 11, 2019

Prayer first for conservatives to respond with love and kindness. Then avoid social media as much as possible. I only use it fir family and friends communications. Frees up good time. Then I like the idea of a conservative oriented site. Enjoy great Mothers Day weekend.

Henry Williamson - May 11, 2019

It has been about thirty years since the talk-show revolution in Southeast Ohio brought a “new” voice on the scene: The conservative voice of Rush Limbaugh. He was, and remains outstanding. In my mind, the Google fiasco is evident that thirty years has advanced the left to the point they think they are safe to take off their masks of confiscation. The problem is, the “left” continues their successful trek of corrupting the minds of our youth: that is a serious problem.. The two voices (above) who appear to agree that localizing Heritage groups might be an answer to a lack of conservative voices, might have a workable idea. However, I disagree (somewhat). Conservatism is consistent with truth, parallels the Declaration of Independence (codified by the U.S. Constitution) and is the answer to our decaying culture: however, we must develop an offensive, one that parallels the president in that the other side doesn’t know what’s coming next, nor how to respond. That’s one of the keys to the Donald Trump effectiveness. I think we need to develop a Trump-like offensive quickly, and test it at three to seven local areas. The goal: put together a D.C.Heritage Panel; within three weeks establish an original plan and locations, Within an additional four weeks, each local location to develop a concrete plan (weekly choreographed by D.C). At the end of the four weeks, implement the plan at each local location. At the end of an additional three months (one quarter) D.C. Heritage Panel to report findings! Such a plan would take about 5 months, could be expensive, could be a “pie in the sky,” but what the check. Just a thought!

Shirley Dean Christensen - May 11, 2019

I find it disturbing that organizations like Heritage Foundation goes to great length to identify destructive issues such as those mentioned in this article. The disconcerting thing is that yours and other organizations can identify issues and concerns but because of their IRS classification, are unable to do more than identify. You must be more actively involved in creating and supporting organizations and individuals that are more proactive in pressuring Congress to make the necessary changes. Congress is where the problem lies as they are now catering to the very organizations you have identified and Congress’ allowed influences and money giveaways are the source of the problem. I have tried to write my congressman and he makes it so difficult through the email route to contact him and then I never get answers to my communications. We, as a country, are almost to the point of “Heaven Help Us” if we are to survive.

Thomas Guarino - May 11, 2019

I feel that what Kay James did was remarkable, so in keeping with the agenda to continue to speak out, the Heritage Foundation should reach out to non conservative companies like Google and challenge them to hear another viewpoint so they can expand their horizons and see that there is another world to explore. This could show that we are not all to far off to wanting the same things and that is a free America that can work through our challenges and not continue with the stalemate we currently have.

Connie Navarette - May 11, 2019

Good must prevail!!!

Carlene Jenner - May 11, 2019

Growing hostility towards conservatives on social media is very very sad.
We must show kindness, respect, soft voices, and love. We must speak the truth.
We must not become like them.

Jean Baue - May 11, 2019

1) They fight dirty.
2) They lie, post falsehoods and damaging personal information.
3) They follow “Rules for Radicals.” 4) They own education top to bottom.
5) They own Big Media.
6) They never break rank.
Conservatives unite! Stop squabbling. Pick the ONE thing most important and promote and defend it. Freedom? Liberty? Unbiased platforms for debate? Most of us are busy working, caring for children and the aged, volunteering–we don’t have time for demonstrations, for disrupting liberal rallies, for arguing on social media. Who can bring a lawsuit against Facebook or Google for discrimination against conservatives? There are many conservative organizations like Heritage Foundation, The Federalist, National Review, Washington Examiner, and certain newspapers of record. In addition to local conservatives anding together, encourage national entities to get together. Have a huge rally, march on Washington, but not under the banner of Libertarian or Republican, or of religion, but under a banner of Liberty, Freedom, the U.S. Constitution. And engage your children, find out what they’re being taught, then counter it with the Truth. Support conservative groups and speakers. Sponsor a conservative speaker series in your town. Think of the possibilities, then take action to do those things.

Dee Jones - May 11, 2019

Where is Freedom of speech here???
Conservativism, liberalism, moderate???
Somehow; this has to be presented honestly and publicly to everyone. I bet the majority of Americans aren’t aware it. Some of us hear the word and listen but most don’t. They don’t know our freedoms are being taken away from us little by little. One day it will be too late

Sarah Milligan - May 11, 2019

It is difficult to reason with a liberal person,
some ‘good people” are falling for the things the Democrats are saying and planning. I do hear that our President has
a dirty mouth, and I say, but he is doing good for America. They can’t get beyond his speech and see what he is doing for us.
Maybe that is just an excuse on their part, but their reasoning is beyond my understanding. Being a Christian, I just pray for them that will understand the truth. God Bless America and without Him we are going down the path to destruction.

John Wier - May 11, 2019

Google need to be called what it is.
A news platform.
Needs to act like one.

Steve Snitz - May 11, 2019

Conservatives by our nature deal in facts & figures, are respectful of all & avoid confrontation. We must now recognize we are in an existential fight & to win we can no longer be this way. Against our nature, we must now organize, confront the enemy directly & utilize common sense messaging that evokes emotions, e.g. after 20 weeks (maybe sooner), a fetus is a baby … stop calling it anything else. Abortion of babies is murder! Stop giving my $$ to kill babies! The left is NOT a majority & many of their supporters may defect when faced with common sense truth (check out walkaway.com). Facebook, Google, Twitter, etc. need to be called out regularly by name in every gathering. It must be a sustained effort. Nothing less will succeed.

Sheila Reott - May 11, 2019

Good day,
I’m a member of the Heritage Foundation and proud of it. My recommendation is to join every conservative organization you can and support them with whatever amount you can even if it’s $5 a month. I can’t afford much but I contribute to Heritage, Judicial Watch, Center for Urban Renewal (Star Parker), Hillsdale College, Tommy Robinson (English activist trying to save his country from non assimilating anti-Britain immigrants, Subscriptions to conservative tv channels and websites. STOP supporting liberal businessman and tech companies. Sign up for MeWe the Facebook alternative that does not have Big Brother watching what you say. This is the final straw for me. Invite all of your Facebook friends to join MeWe. Stop contributing to universities that are brainwashing our children. Why do you buy tickets to their games thereby helping the school continue on their diabolical path.
Conservatives must become active. For example, the CEO of Levi Jeans has said he will pay employees if they take time off to protest conservatives especially the NRA. I believe every liberal action is headed in the same direction, abortion and gay rights and gun confiscation. Abortion controls the population which eliminates a lot of people who would be using up the earth’s resources. Gay marriage and adoption and normalizing the lifestyle, contributes to the breakdown of the family. Gun control will help them load conservatives and all the other unwanted people into boxcars and you know the rest of the story. Their ultimate goal is to rid the planet of everyone except the ruling elite and the ones they keep as slaves. Do you think it cant happen? It already has once before and did it again in 2014-15-16 by ISIS. China is doing it right now to Uyghur people by the 100,000s. They are a muslim minority that China is systematically rounding up and sending to re education camps. Many have died in these camps and have been tortured. Look it up. “Uyghur refugee describes horror inside Chinese camps”.

Duane Sanders - May 11, 2019

Be persistent. Don’t give in to hysterical, malignant screamers.

Arlene Shako - May 12, 2019

We need to boycott companies that are discriminating against conservatives .Continue to e mail and text and write to our representatives and share our views. We need to write to newspapers etc. Support Fox news.
We need to continue to support conservative companies and organizations .Call school that are unfair to conservative students.
We need to pray and fight against this
extreme left movement. Arlene

John Dancheck - May 12, 2019

We all need to circle the wagons and as best we can deny the worst of these liberal intolerant companies our business. Start with the worst of them, google. “Internet search it” don’t “google it.” Use Microsoft bing or Firefox, I’ve been doing it for a year and they are fine. Microsoft is no bastion of conservatism but they support the US DOD and are not so overtly sticking their liberal politics in our face. This is just one example. Think if a large percentage of Republicans did this, they notice.

Also the Heritage Foundation should remove all google products from all heritage computers.

Susan Redwine - May 12, 2019

We should stand up to the left. We have a right and duty to do so. We need to, and, justice, also.

William Collins - May 13, 2019

One reaction to violations of free speech is to follow the example of the ACLU, i.e. Form an organization of lawyers that sue anyone that violates this fundamental right. Organizations and individuals will think twice before they violate our rights. As it stands now there is no consequence except possible boycotts and conservatives being upset.
Another action that would help is to break up the big tech monopolies, i.e. Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc. If they have no competition they will always act to preserve and expand their power.

Carol Wade - May 13, 2019

Refuse to buy or use their products. Continue to stand strong for our right of free speech.

Gerald A - May 13, 2019

We will use our voices and pocketbooks to voice our conservative views. When the liberals find out that the “Majority” refuses to become Irrelevant, they will understand we can not be ignored.

Kay Friedly - May 15, 2019

Guess I don’t use social media because I think it’s basically a junk platform. The old saying that every a-hole has an opinion applies in quantum on a lot of what I hear about social media. It’s sounds pretty anti-social and often psychopathic to me. The predominant thought seems to be that the loudest donkey wins.
To quote David Wright, President of Indiana Wesleyan University: “…the followers of Jesus are looking for a small gate, easily missed, and quietly unassuming. Jesus isn’t leading us to live by the loudest voices.”
Perhaps we should boycott social media.

Gary W Magelssen - May 15, 2019

Speak out strongly and with knowledge every time lies and misconceptions come up. When conservative groups are bluntly lied about in the mass media, sue mass media for defamation of character. Keep this up until you make fools of them.

Joan King - May 15, 2019

I see no leftish suppression of conservative messages,but then I do’t use Facebook and the like.

What disturbs me it the amount of hardheaded division I see and the economic imbalance I experience.

Marilyn Bernal - May 16, 2019

I keep wondering why there aren’t more conservative colleges and opportunities for kids with conservative parents to learn how to think using logic and reason instead of lib “rules” of behavior/speech. I don’t think most conservatives realize that we’re in a fight to the death with liberal brainwashing of the public and the kids! We need to fight back! Why are all the AI companies liberal?? Aren’t conservatives interested in making $$ like Google and Facebook? Conservatives don’t have a choice of companies to use to e-mail, etc. We’re stuck with the ones we have who apparently are trying to convert us all to their way by squashing our free speech! We’re letting our children and ourselves down!! If Facebook and Google only had libs paying their fees and using their products, they might think differently? I doubt it!! Hypocrisy should also be considered more of a sin. I’m beginning to think that to be liberal you have to admire hypocrites……….go Hillsdale College!!!!

nancy jones - May 16, 2019

I totally agree with Richard Dominguez;;;;;;;;;get rid of all google product at Heritage Foundation, and replace it with better and fair choices;;;;;;;they are not that great! I am not a techie, but I know competition is very important here, and I feel, as one other has, that we should offer facebook co founder a deal he cannot refuse;;;;;;;;;he is disgusted with the direction Zuckerburg has taken their creation;;;;;;;;;;;;;worth a try, he might like the challenge;;;;;;;;;;what do we have to lose?

Robert Frederickson - May 16, 2019

I saw some comments about starting a conservative platform to cover what Google & FB do. I would like to see that. As long as the libs can’t snowstorm it.

STEVEN J MARTIN - May 17, 2019

We need regulations preventing bias on social media. We need to acknowledge the conservative platforms tha have just started. 2 in my mind are codias.com and mewe.com. They both are conservative platforms. Social media like Facebook and Twitter have gained to much power and need to be broke up the way att was with the baby bells

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