Czech President Václav Klaus awards Dr. Feulner with the Golden Medal of the President of the Czech Republic

Heritage Foundation President Ed Feulner spent last week in Prague attending the Mont Pelerin Society’s annual meeting.

As the Society’s longest serving treasurer, Dr. Feulner was acknowledged by the President of the Chezch Republic as one of the “most distinguished members of the Mont Pelerin Society.” For his service, Dr. Feulner was awarded the Golden Medal of the President of the Czech Republic.

Founded in 1947 after World War II, the Mont Pelerin Society’s objective is to strengthen the principles and practices of market-oriented economic systems. Its members include government officials, Nobel prize recipients, journalists, economic and financial experts, and legal scholars from all over the world,  who meet to present the most current analysis of ideas, trends and events.

In his letter to Dr. Feulner, Czech President Václav Klaus,  wrote “You are among the friends I am proud to have.”

The Heritage Foundation offers its congratulations to our President for the service he has done for us, for the nation, and for the international community.

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