This is a big win for conservatives.

Earlier this month, the Environmental Protection Agency tried to quietly put in place a regulation allowing the agency to garnish workers’ wages without first obtaining a court order. This was bad enough. But the EPA also tried to enact this rule without first going through the usual comment and review procedures.

Yesterday, the EPA withdrew the rule. And The Heritage Foundation played a big role in this victory.

Here’s how it happened, as Heritage President Jim DeMint explained in an e-mail to supporters:

An alert Heritage member contacted our experts, and we went into high gear. Heritage’s Robert Gordon published an article on The Daily Signal warning about this EPA overreach, and our experts also filed formal objections to the rule directly with the EPA (link in PDF format).

The Heritage warnings stoked a fire across America, and other news outlets including Fox News, Politico, blogs, and talk radio picked up the story.

Our work also prompted Congress to take action. The House Appropriations Committee passed an amendment to stop the rule, and Sens. David Vitter (R-LA), Mike Enzi (R-WY), and John Barrasso (R-WY) complained in a letter.

And yesterday, the EPA threw in the towel, announcing that they would withdraw the rule. This is a major victory.

This just goes to show that The Heritage Foundation and members like you are winning conservative victories.

What are your thoughts on this victory for conservative principles?

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james morton - July 17, 2014

Red your RED TAPE Rising. Found it worthless. Numbers do not help identify the problems. List the regulations and there subject matter.
Much of your MembersNews is not interesting. You do great in some areas, but your reporting is lacking.

Carole Griffin - July 18, 2014

It’s very encouraging and you give me Hope. Thanks so much. Keep up the great wk.

Virginia Davidson - July 18, 2014

It was because I was hoping this organization was truly capable of fighting for conservative principles that I joined and contribute to Heritage Foundation.Bravo!

Henry Nevares - July 18, 2014

After reading all of your sense of accomplishments, I continue to want to know if your organization’s core values and principles include the protection of the unborn, the defenseless, and Christian principles in general. This pertains mostly to your general comments about immigration problems and proposed real long term solutions. As a previous SES Officer with an international mission and military officer with border experience as well as Latin America experience, your views and positions seem to be seriously lacking, myopic and misleading in certain ways to the detriment of what appears to be good intentions. The conservative partisans, with whom I identify and I think you wish to serve, need to have a more insightful understanding on what facts you base your positions and recommendations. It would also be helpful to know the names and level of expertise of persons you depend on for your positions including boots on the ground experience versus academic background.
Henry Nevares
Retired Army Officer/Retired
SES Officer and currently
IFOC and FL Baptist Convention

Karen Marble - July 19, 2014

Thank you Heritage Foundation for pressuring the EPA to end their attempt to garnish wages as business as usual. I have written my congressmen several times with the warning that the EPA is the most powerful and out of control agency in the federal government! And yet the EPA has slipped quietly into our lives and changed our lives for the worse. Again Heritage, thank you for this. I am glad to see my contributions are helping you make a difference.

Susan - July 19, 2014

Thank you for all you do. The gov has tapped me out on funds, but I tweet about your many victories & urge others to support however they can!

God bless!

David Terwilliger Sr. - July 19, 2014

Your work is outstanding! GOD bless you all

Barbara Sbrogna - July 20, 2014

An important victory, thanks to Heritage. However, our government, and this administration in particular, are bombarding the system with so many of these lawless attacks that many will simply be enacted under the radar. And that’s exactly why the Left continues this approach. Throw a big enough hunk against the wall and they know some of it will stick. And every single day, our freedoms are chipped away at. We officially live in a “thugocracy”!

Tolson Meares - July 20, 2014

In TN, it’s “Carr, not Lamar” for Tenn, US Senator.

US President: Run Ben Run.

Don’t waste effort to impeach.

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