Rob Bluey, vice president of communications and executive editor of The Daily Signal, spoke with Shannon Bream on “Fox News at Night” about the White House Social Media Summit he attended on Thursday

“Altogether, attendees at the summit have half a billion social media followers and are reaching people directly without a media filter. That’s why their concerns about the implications of bias and censorship are so important,” said Bluey. “Heavy-handed government regulation is not the answer. Everyone who cares about free speech, regardless of their political beliefs, should want social media companies to be responsive to their users, not government. There’s evidence the market is working and social media companies are responding.”

The Heritage Foundation, along with its multimedia news outlet The Daily Signal, has a significant presence on all of the major social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram. These platforms have helped Heritage reach millions of people across the globe with its timely policy research and analysis on public policy issues.

Listen: Rob Bluey on Social Media Bias: Government Can’t Solve This Problem

If you had been present at the summit, what issue would you have brought up regarding the current social media climate?

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Sid Abma - July 12, 2019

Paris Climate Accord
President Trump does not have to fight this or the environmentalists. He has a Clean Coal Solution. It turns CO2 into good paying full time jobs and money!
He can sell this technology to all those other countries that are not finding ways to reduce their CO2 emissions. That should boost America’s GDP.

Wolfgang Kranzle - July 12, 2019

Support President Trump and his goals. It will preserve America the Beautiful.
The left and their environmentalists will destroy our country.

Kathleen Parr - July 12, 2019

This has been a horrible day for Me on Social Media…Deplorables are very upset…Here is My Question When Will Congress Give the Deplorables the Time of Day…they have no problem analyzing the Democrats…I can tell you this FB is definitely running the Social Media…today I decided to listen to President Trumps Speech on Breitbart …and trolls from fb that I recognized were on there they didn’t bother Me today they did yesterday…I thought wait a minute why aren’t they bothering Me …because it was a shadowed Breitbart therefore I was invisible…its called jujubot…this was youtube…that’s just a small annoyance…
Twitter the same thing the avatar is a chrome color w/o profile pic then in a few moments the pic pops up…same as fb…I cant even have My President Trump on notifications because My acct will stop due to mechanism I wont quit ever… I cannot txt to Trump 88022 wont work …try to find events for Trump Rally …nothing…Portage County Tea Party is Being Silenced …I said to Tom Z
something has to be done …he said you just have to wait until Barr puts someone away at the top…I wont wait …I want Congress to Help the Deplorables…So much more…Just so you know there are just in a small group at least 10 that are going to slack off …because they have know way of finding President Trump and that’s the only reason why they are on there…
I Stand With My President Trump!

SCOTT HENDRY - July 12, 2019

Social media should be an open place for comments, conversation, even debate, other than threats, or damaging behavior, it should be a haven for free speech, no PC police. The conservatives need to create their own social media site with an app.

C. Mould - July 12, 2019

The Constitution clearly states the Freedom of Speech is a right of every citizen. Neither the Government or any private entity has the right to limit freedom of speech! Any Social Media or Internet Provide, or other “Open Provider” who violates that Constitutional Right should be charged with a violation of Civil Rights, and punished accordingly.

Thomas Zemaitis - July 12, 2019

Everyone thinks that the earth will stay the same forever. Sorry, it does not work that way. Yes, the earth’s climate is changing, and it has been changing for 4 1/2 billion years. New York’s Central Park had glaciers depositing boulders in it about 10,000 years ago. Was there any industry, carbon emmissions, etc. 10,000 years ago? Then, the earth warmed!
As a planet, we have to realize that the earth is dynamic. Yes humans will have some impact on the climate, but we at this point do not decide the earth’s future.
Volcanos, earthquakes, storms, asteroids, etc.
The earth and universise decide our future.

Thomas Harper - July 13, 2019

If Congress takes away the special protections Social Media has so they can be sued, they will decide to play fair and stop shutting down free speech.

james p. niedermeyer - July 13, 2019

The borders must be secured and our immigration laws (which were enacted by the Democrats in the 1960s) enforced. That would include deporting all of the illegals — people willfully breaking our laws.
Government can only be controlled by reducing and limiting its power to tax, borrow and spend. That would take a constitutional amendment that would eliminate the ability to borrow and to have the Fed just print paper notes at its whim and caprice. Some portion of tax revenues would also need to be applied to existing debt.

JR - July 13, 2019

I hope Heritage works hard on presenting the big and growing problem of the US Federal debt load exceeding $22 Trillion dollars To President Trump and his staff. I know Heritage has a long list of items that can be cut from the budget and since President Trump understands business budgets, present the idea of eliminating zero based budgeting and convert to financial budgets that hold department heads accountable for working within the budget tat they need to prepare and present to President Trump for approval.

Michael L. McAfee - July 13, 2019

If we as a nation are going to preserve the freedoms the Founders purchased originally and our military has fought to preserve, we need to rein in the big players of social media and the PC trolls they have unleashed on patriotic America. Our future as a nation will continue only in an environment of responsible free speech, not in one of unrestrained political correctness.

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