The Heritage Foundation believes in bringing the best and brightest to the fore to serve America. Constitutionalists on the federal bench represent that standard of excellence, and they, like all federal judges, rely heavily on their clerks for the legal research needed to administer justice in full accordance with the Constitution.

John Malcolm, the head of our Institute for Constitutional Government, spoke with the New York Times about the launch of the federal judicial clerkship academy saying, “It allows us to establish relationships with very bright lawyers who are potential future stars in the legal community either on the right or on the left.”

The program will give applicants practical advice on the daily work of clerks, including technical issues and legal writing. It will also offer sessions on originalism and textualism, to advance a better understanding of the Constitution.

Heritage Members make it possible for us to support judges who uphold the law and defend liberty from the federal bench. Thank you for investing in our future.

How else should Heritage prepare the next generation of constitutionalist judges?

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Morton McDonald - November 30, 2018


Fred Silva - November 30, 2018

I recommend you ask the next generation to read the following article. It may arm them for the coming “transformation” of this country.

Morton McDonald - November 30, 2018

Huh? I agree with your positions and support them. What more to say?

ROGER J ODANIEL - November 30, 2018

Teaching sociology and abnormal psychology comes to mind. You cannot trust expert witnesses anymore.. This gets down to that most difficult of the six questions . . . why?

James Bratten - November 30, 2018

John Malcomb said to the NYT: “It allows us to establish relationships with very bright lawyers who are potential future stars in the legal community either on the right or on the left.”
“Stars” in the legal community on the Left do NOT respect the U.S. Constitution as the supreme law of the land… they are not even taught that in most law schools in this country. Leftist law professors teach their students that the Constitution is a flexible, ever-changing document, as the times and popular opinion dictate. Some teach the rookies that it should be shredded!
Lawyers on the Left do not hold the same respect for the rule of law that lawyers on the Right do. It’s a sad reality, but that’s where we are. The examples of activists in law and on the bench are legion and we are fighting them now. We will for at least another generation if we don’t recover schools of higher learning, and fast.
This is the same fantasy Republicans hold – they compromise with those who are intent on destroying our republic!

Colin Gallagher - November 30, 2018

Heritage is right to engage and attempt to train legal clerks. The clerks may end up reviewing items in the U.S. Supreme Court cert pool. The more Heritage can do to emphasize the importance of respect for and defense of the Constitution, the better.

Doug Czor - December 1, 2018

I would remind and teach young people who will be parents soon to read stories to their children, starting when they are babies, or earlier. For when they grow up, they love books and higher learning. The more people we have involved in higher education, the less likely we will revert into chaos.

Thomas Brophy III - December 1, 2018

My Grandson appears headed to a career as a lawyer and politics. How can I get him enrolled in any courses you offer?

Phyllis Eix - December 1, 2018

I believe we need to encourage public school districts to require classes in Civics, along with American History, at appropriate grade levels. This would offer a basic foundation for good citizenship to the generations ahead.

Kathleen Valenta - December 1, 2018

Get REAL & EXCELLENT Teachers in the classroom….and TEACH the REAL

George Longino - December 1, 2018

Please as you do now!

Kathleen Parr - December 1, 2018

When I recognize ,a commitment , or , self-sacrifice has been made for our Country, our Party, but, right now I don’t see that with the Leftist Party, at this moment , I feel like We are on Culture Watch…Oh We Will Win, in time, When the Institutes for Education , expose what’s going on with Teachers and Professors…Congress is supposed to set an example, back My President Trump…I Thank God every day for Our Military ….America and the Students who are receiving higher learning, I thank God for The Heritage Foundation… all these students learn is
“lets go to the Mall” I could go on and on
I guess the first step would be maybe a Notary…The Constitution says it all…
We must Reform, Recover and Redeem…Quality Education!

Janet - December 3, 2018

AS far as clerks, you must start earlier than that. Our education system is so bad and in desperate need of a return to the basics INCLUDING America’s founding principles. Adding debate wouln’t be a bad idea either.
all anyone does anymore is scream over their adversaries like spoiled children in a tantrum.
Work with Hillsdale College in establishing this, and require your clerks to take relevant courses that Hillsdale offers online and at the Kirby Center.

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