Samantha Renck (left), a member of the Summer 2019 Young Leaders Program, is the host of “Millennial Myths.” For her first episode, she interviewed Daniel DiMartino (right), who told his story of fleeing the corrupt socialist government of his home country, Venezuela.

Heritage has a brand new podcast series called Millennial Myths. It combines “on the street” interviews from around Washington, D.C., with personal stories and expert analysis on every episode. “Millennial Myths” is created by millennials for millennials (and members of Gen Z, who were born between 1997 and 2015).

This podcast was developed by Samantha Renck, a member of the Summer 2019 Young Leaders Program. After making the pitch to the Heritage Communication’s team, she took the reins to make her idea a reality. Communications has put together a strong marketing plan to ensure it reaches young people.

The first season will feature six episodes that will discuss socialism, the Electoral College, identity politics, the gender wage gap, Medicare for All, and the $15 minimum wage.

In the first episode of “Millennial Myths,” Renck asks young Americans what they think about socialism, then debunks the myths with Daniel DiMartino, a college student who was born and raised in Venezuela. Three years ago, Daniel fled his homeland and its corrupt, socialist government.

You can listen to the first two episodes on SoundCloud and also find it on Heritage’s social media platforms, including Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.

Listen to Millennial Myths here

Heritage produces a growing number of podcasts, including Heritage Explains, The Daily Signal Podcast, SCOTUS 101, The Right Side of History, Heritage Events, Problematic Women, and Justice & Liberty For All. Listen to them all here!

What topics should Millennials and Gen Z be aware of?

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Bob Webster - July 26, 2019

See my today’s email RE Constitutional corrections needed.

Don - July 26, 2019

Take each government department down by vetting a dollar value against a dollar spent. Say 5% a year. No value no budget. Value to the US Taxpayer. War on waste!

Patrick Lucas - July 26, 2019

I am a retired federal employee. I was an electronic technician for the Dept of Transportation and spent a lot of money on parts and tools. Every July I was told not to spend any money I didn’t absolutely have to. Only buy what was absolutely essential to keep equipment up and running. By September, or just before the end of the fiscal year, there was a huge surplus of funds that the department would lose if it wasn’t spent by October 1st. Suddenly it’s party time, and time to blow money on any toys I want. There is no incentive to save money. Somehow, there has to be a way to incentivize federal employees to do their job more frugally.

Alex - July 26, 2019

Millennials and Generation Z should DEFINITELY- read Pastor and author Dr. Michael Youssef book “The Third Jihad”. It provides VERY effective tips to LOVINGLY convert people AWAY FROM the GREATEST threat to our inalienable rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness – Islamic invasion of government institutions. The EU Supreme Court has made it a crime to say anything that opposes Sharia law, or Mohammed in Europe = no freedom of speech. Pastor Dr. Michael Youssef is well liked by VP Mike Pence and his sermons can be heard at

Elaine Liming - July 27, 2019

As a former teacher; I would like to see Heritage educate Millennials and Gen Z in becoming literate in Media. They need to have skills to analyze, gather information, evaluate how it is being produced and by whom and for what purpose. NAMLE is an organization to look into for help in this area. I would also give them courses like “Problems of Democracy” to understand their roll as citizens living in a Constitutional Republic. They need to understand the Constitution . This group also needs to know their country’s History. Recent wave of immigrants here legally need this the most. I taught many students from Viet Nam in California but I also shared my history and my upbringing in New England; “the cradle of Liberty”. Some of these students decided to go to college in New England and were amazed to see places I asked them to be sure to see. I remember taking some who excelled in class to their first baseball game. I was surprised when one of them wrote a paper on baseball history in America.
As a teacher I found starting in the late 60’s through the 2000″s, our education system needed an overall. Most of the parents both work to support their families and don’t have time to tell stories or plan trips to important historical place like Boston, Washington, Virginia and places like Sturbridge Village, Plymouth Plantations, Williamsburg and the others. I hope this gives you food for thought.

Jon Tom McAnear - July 27, 2019

Not just millennials or gen zs but everyone should know that Jesus is The Way, The Truth and The Life and that no one goes to God the Father unless they accept Jesus as their Savior.

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