The Summer Conservative Hill Intern Program participants gathered for the first session of the series this morning.

This morning, The Heritage Foundation kicked off its Summer Conservative Hill Intern Program (CHIP).

CHIP was launched last year by Heritage’s Truluck Center for Leadership Development as a training initiative for Millennials and Generation Z interns on Capitol Hill. This multi-session series includes job skills workshops and briefings on First Principles. Topics covered include The Conservative Worldview, Job Search Fundamentals, and The Legislative Process.

Since last fall, we’ve introduced First Principles and Heritage’s ideas to more than 50 young people. That number is growing: today, we launched our summer session with 59 applicants.

Eight of those participants are from the office of a famous former Heritage intern, Sen. Tom Cotton of Arkansas. Overall, we’ve had participants from more than 70 different Hill offices take part in CHIP.

Programs like CHIP help Heritage’s Truluck Center identify up-and-coming talent and build ongoing relationships with people who have become part of our talent pipeline for placement in internships and jobs on Capitol Hill, in the Executive Branch, and with coalition partners.

How can we better create a culture of conservatism among future Capitol Hill staff?

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Ann Hilburn - July 12, 2019

Do all of Heritage’s interns come from Capital Hill staff? What age range are the interns?

Kimberly Brancato - July 14, 2019

I applaud the Heritage Foundation for its commitment to protecting our Constitution.
As a 28 year veteran teacher I know first hand of the Indoctrination as opposed to the education occurring in our Public Schools, Colleges and Universities. I believe this is the heart of the dangerous Progressive Left. American Colleges and Universities have become a breeding ground for false information and Activism. We must do more to ensure all American young people receive an Education routed in Truth with skill taught to exercise their right to freely choose what they stand for and believe in.
We must support professors, students and programs that teach Historical Fact and not continue to pay people to indicate with their personal interpretation of historical truth. More Leadership training must be invested in. Investment in creating more Leadership training, internships and mentors. More investment in working with programs like Hillsdale College that empower our youth with the truth of history and knowledge of accurate references.
If we do not fight for our youth now, they will be unable to fight for us, the Constitution and all the American people in years to come.
Thank you,

suzanne jones - July 15, 2019

Keep your university training programs as a priority. Get to the young people first.

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