Heritage Commentary

  •  Jim Carafano criticizes the Obama Administration’s lack of a strong  foreign policy in the Middle East in The National Interest
  • Ed Feulner praises Michigan’s right-to-work law in The Washington Times.
  • Israel Ortega explains how conservatives can reach Hispanic voters in Human Events
  • Paul Larkin eulogizes Robert Bork in FoxNews.com.
  • Rebeccah Heinrichs argues it is time to get serious on US missile defense in The Washington Times.

Heritage Cited in Others’ Commentary

  • Patrick Knudsen contrasts the needs for spending cuts with “emergency” spending budget provisions in The Washington Times.
  • An article in The New York Times quotes Sarah Torre’s blog about the Senate’s domestic violence bill.
  • The Atlantic Wire references Heritage Action’s opposition to Speaker Boehner’s Plan B proposal.
  • Ed Feulner and Ed Meese praise Robert Bork in The Wall Street Journal.

Heritage Cited in the News

  •  David John discusses social security reform in Politico.
  • Mike Franc argues against Speaker Boehner’s fiscal cliff compromise in The Wall Street Journal.
  •  C-Span.org shares Jim Carafano’s testimony before the House Armed Services Committee about security challenges in the Democratic Republic of Congo on.
  • Politico quotes Ben Affleck’s joke that he was never offered a Heritage membership.

Comments (2)

Robert Braun - December 21, 2012

Question: Does the constitution prohibit citizens, via their states, from initiating and self-ratifying constitutional amendments? e.g, term limits, capped balanced budget, etc.?

John Spitler - December 31, 2012

Like Einstein once said……something to the effect that
performing the same experiment over and over and expecting a
different result – We as a Nation vote for the same incumbents over
and over expecting a different result???? Who’s at fault here

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