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  • Diane Katz discusses the Administration not being focused on the cost of regulations in Washington Post.
  • Lee Edwards explains the handling of Chinese dissident Chen Guangcheng in the Washington Times.
  • Heritage holds press conference on Chinese dissident Chen Guangcheng in the Washington Times.
  • Heritage holds an event with Foreign Affairs Secretary Albert Del Rosario in Manila Bulletin.
  • Heritage Values Bus will be in Sioux City today in the Sioux City Journal.

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Alan J Gardeski - May 5, 2012

Would this be a time to compare the cost of getting Julia from birth to age 18 to a non-Julia (in a minimalist gov’t interference) from birth to age 18. Using the welfare model of how many dollars must be put in to get one dollar to the end recipient, it might demonstrate why we can’t afford more Julias

Francis J Kaminski - May 6, 2012

As consevatives, we need to, not only continue exposing Obamas failures, but very importantly reveal the direction he is taking our beloved country and the picture he has caused the world to see as a result of his policies. The USSR fell under Rageans policies, China has become our owner under Obamas policies. These are the thing we as conseratives must convince voters is happening to America under the Obama Administration. Let’s get our Romney screeming out to America where we are headed if Obama retains his distructive power! Respectfully, Francis J Kaminski

Francis J Kaminski - May 6, 2012

PS: The reason for my previous comment was to emphasize the fact that though the economy under Obama is terrible, he and his die hard followers will continue to blame Bush ands others, stating that what he inherited from the previous administration was in fact far worse than anyone thought and he can prevail with such suggestions because they are believable to the average voter. The economy is very important, so is the power this President wields with his Executive powers and how radically he has used them with the power he has unleashed through his Czars! Let’s paint a picture of what America will look like with four more years under this type of leadership! Respectfully, Francis J Kaminski

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