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John - April 17, 2012

Re: Forwarding…
I like to forward certain issues to people I believe would find
it of interest…and possibly expand the Member list. But, my
eyes have a difficult, sometimes impossible, time deciphering
your “captcha” words. Perhaps I’m the only one, but I
wanted to let you know. John
Thanks for all you do!

Lynn Messner - April 18, 2012

Today I heard of a bill was passed by the legislature that makes protesting the president or others while the secret service is present. HR347. signed secretly into law by the President and supported by the congress! Freedom of speech ceded to the discretion of the Secret Service?! What’s this and did my representatives vote for this AND why is the public unaware! Is this TRUE?
Please respond to a very concerned citizen with a strong belief in the 1st Amendment.
Respectfully, Lynn

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