On July 11, former Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott visited Heritage to discuss his perspective on President Trump’s first year and a half in office. In his talk, he address how the President’s foreign, defense, and trade policies are affecting the relationship between the United States and our close Australian allies, and where he sees the alliance going in the future.

Abbott has been a longtime ally to conservative values, and to the Heritage Foundation. He last visited The Heritage Foundation in 2012 when he was Leader of the Opposition in Australia’s House of Parliament, when he spoke to Heritage expert Kim Holmes about the relationship between America and the U.S. and its importance for maintaining security in the Asia-Pacific.

We are glad to maintain strong ties to the international conservative movement, and look forward to continuing to work with Australian leaders to strengthen conservative values around the world.

Watch the event here:

What foreign policy issues do you think President Trump should focus on with our allies?

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Lewis Sponagle - July 14, 2018

While we’re having ‘tariff’ conversations, let us again review the ‘COOL’ policy (Country Of Origin Labeling).
Whatever products are being allowed to enter and compete in USA markets, consumers have a right to know the country of origin.
It is necessary that each imported piece of merchandise/food product carry a firmly attached label displaying country of origin (with hefty fines imposed for the removal of such labeling by anyone other than the consumer).

The buyer has a right and need to know.

mike mullen - July 14, 2018

Trump should discuss Putin’s annexation of Crimea & China expansion South China

Sharon Croket - July 14, 2018

1. Safety, security against terrorism in the world. 2. Securing the borders of each country in the world so as not to have over populations of illegal immigrants. 3. Working together with the United States on trade so that equal and fair trade exist among the countries including the US.

Tim Brady - July 14, 2018

Looking at what is going on in Dearborn, Mi. with welfare and medicare payments to hostile muslin immigrants it looks to me like England, Sweden, Germany, France, and others need to get together for some serious planning to contain this threat to our nations internal security

Eddie Vaughn - July 15, 2018

German purchase of Russian gas and building more pipeline capacity.
Germany refuses to pay fully for defense from Russia, but pays for energy from that same potential enemy.

Sonie - July 15, 2018

We should be supporting nations who believe in freedom and support good human rights. Many ME countries are flagrant abusers of a democratic form of government, like Saudi Arabia, Syria and Iran. They rule with an iron fist.
North Korea is also on this list, and many others.
How can we as a free nation do business with another country where human rights are not front and center?

Jim Christison - July 15, 2018

Hostile immigration in other countries is a huge problem, like Sweden and Germany. However, America can’t solve that problem. We have enough troubles on our Southern border, thanks to the resistance of the Liberals. We should keep pushing for strength in defense from each country. It’s hard to argue with one aggressive country not backing down, in face of ten united, strong, defensive countries.

JOHN P HIGLEY - July 15, 2018

We should continue to press the NATO nations to plan for their own defense. Germany has had 70 years to do so as have some of the others. We should state that we are pulling our troops out within the next three years; our deficits demand less spending.

Timothy Shevlin - July 16, 2018

Our immediate action item is to resolve tariff issues–a negotiating tactic– so that the tariffs can be dropped, but in the case of China, it may be awhile before they blink. This will not help the Republicans running for office in November, but it has to be done if any change in existing policy is possible. The media will loudly blame Trump, but if the president succeeds, it will greatly benefit the U.S. in the long run. China theft has got to stop.

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