Conversations with Conservatives is a group of free-market and liberty-minded members of Congress who meet regularly to discuss the most important issues of the day.

Each meeting features different conservative members of Congress. Guests so far in 2019 include Congressmen Jim Jordan of Ohio, Chip Roy of Texas, Mark Green of Tennessee, Warren Davidson of Ohio and Andy Biggs of Arizona.

On Wednesday, Bluey moderated a conversation with Reps. Warren Davidson (R-Ohio) and Andy Biggs (R-Ariz.), who shared their reactions to the State of the Union.

The meetings are streamed live on Facebook and Twitter and promoted on Heritage and The Daily Signal’s social media channels. The Heritage Foundation’s Rob Bluey moderates the conversation and takes questions from Heritage Foundation members, Heritage Action Sentinels, and other online viewers.

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Heritage launched Conversations with Conservatives in March 2012 because too often the “mainstream” media won’t cover issues important to conservatives. Conversations with Conservatives gives members of Congress an opportunity to talk directly to an audience and avoid the liberal media’s filter. The Daily Signal covers each meeting.

“Too often conservative policy issues are ignored by journalists on Capitol Hill and don’t get the attention they deserve,” said Bluey. “That’s one of the reasons we created Conversations with Conservatives—to break through the liberal media filter. Just as President Trump uses Twitter to take his message directly to the American people, we want to ensure these conservative champions in Congress have a platform to show how our policy solutions lead to a better life for everyone.”

Conversations with Conservatives is aligned with Heritage’s strategic goal of expanding our reach to and influence on Congress. By moderating the conversation, we ensure Heritage’s priority issues are discussed and relations with conservative offices remain strong.

The next broadcast of Conversations with Conservatives will take place on Wednesday, March 6, at noon. The topic is health care and will feature conservative doctors in the U.S. House: Congressman Paul Gosar of Arizona, Mark Green of Tennessee, and Andy Harris of Maryland.

What questions or ideas would you like us to share at the next meeting?

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Elvira Cheley - February 9, 2019

The liberal democrats or swamp creatures trying to look like white inocent and pure are the oposite.
They showed me the kind of enemies He confronts
All this help me understand how great The President is

David Arnold - February 9, 2019

A government health care plan can not be efficient. The citizens of the United States need good, economical coverage that is timely for all people and not controlled by politicians and non-medical professionals. Even private insurance plans today delay or deny needed treatment. With private insurance, a person can at least change providers.

Lex Brockington - February 9, 2019

I feel that since the fall of the Berlin Wall, we are no longer pointing out the differences between Communism and Capitalism. We keep saying the rich need to pay their fair share. We really need to continually remind people what the rich to pay for… Military, infrastructure, government, social programs…. Please ask, then answer what someone with $250,000 does with their money that is bad for our country. Please point out social programs that are going unused or are having no impact when someone says they can’t get ahead in this country.

Craig Cook - February 9, 2019

The abortion industry should be declassified from their tax-exempt status. They should be scrutinized for their barbaric practices in handling the remains of the innocent murdered humans. They should be investigated for their misleading profiteering/racketeering in the trade of the body parts, tissues and fluids.

Thomas Barr - February 9, 2019

Why won’t the Republican Senate initiate needed legislative changes to immigration policies now instead of waiting for President Trump?

Margaret B. Talt - February 9, 2019

Our national debt. How long before our money is devalued. I believe that technically this country is borderline bankrupt if it is not already. I’ve read that when a country reaches a taxation level of 50% the government soon fails. I believe we are at that level, and combined with the national debt, I wonder how long the U.S. will survive as a constitutional government.

Grace mILLER - February 9, 2019

Within the Georgia GOP we are beginning to have county Conventions leading to the State one. We present resolutions as approved up the line. What does Heritage think would be a good resolution(s) for us to do? We intend to do right to life as per Constitution, but with others and to refine this will be helpful..

Mark Zanghetti - February 9, 2019

Can you talk about why there was little to no action by the Senate on H.R. 36 (National Reciprocity). I personally believe the perfect time to pass that was during the first two years of the Trump Administration, it would have solidified the Trump Administration 2A bona fides and corrected a major injustice in the area of 2A rights.

Konopka - February 9, 2019

What is happening on the Cosat Rica and Nicauraqua border concerning new canal?

Gary W Magelssen - February 9, 2019

Pres. Tromp made a very good SOTU address. The remarks of the two congressmen were excellent, and I agreed with all of them. Most important: Trump should not back down on the wall. Close down the government all year if needed. Don’t approve MR 1, the people’s bill, and don’t approve funds for the liberal agenda.

Janet Parrott - February 10, 2019

Why not cut spending? Get serious about eliminating programs that are unconstitutional: EPA, Education, Energy, IRS? to name a few.

Paul J. Gibbs - February 12, 2019

Members of the House of Representatives who are sworn to uphold the U.S. Constitution are not doing so and should be reprimanded for their actions. It should not take an election or a poll to make this happen. Thanks for all you do!

Grady W Bbrown - February 12, 2019

There’s literally no talk about the dissolution of the family unit in the US, the family is the key stone for any society, because that is where our manners, religion and world view is first taught. We now have only 1.8 replacement births, a nation needs at least a 2.2 rate to continue viability. Abortion saps lives. our marriage rate is way down and motherhood is started a late age many other reasons.This issue of family dissolution is the number one problem for America. Who is concerned about it. It is a years old problem and the only person I have heard talk about it is Tucker Carlson on one of his recent broadcast.Please address this issue. It is bigger than politics, war, atom bomb or anything else

William Coates - February 14, 2019

Why are Republicans so bereft of strong talking points? Try these:
Democrats / Progressives are the party of atheism, abortion, and absolute power.

Their actions deny the existence of the Judeo-Christian deity and His moral principles.

They claim to know what is true and false, what is good and bad, what you can and cannot have.

They demand revenge for the misdeeds of our ancestors.

They deny the value and importance of human lives today.

They claim a small elite is qualified to tell all others what to do, what to believe, how to live, and that they are it – some of 535 people, few of whom ever held a productive job

However, the groups and nations that have accepted and lived by those ideas have all failed –
they have slaughtered millions, ended in economic collapse or in blood and rubble.

Groups and nations accepting and living by Judeo-Christian principles, believing in human potential, encouraging individual thought and effort, have prevailed and prospered.

Choose now.

Who is strong enough to stand against those who wish to order us around? So far, only Trump.

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