During a speech this week calling for tax increases on high earners, President Obama urged listeners to explain on Twitter the importance of not raising taxes on middle-income earners using the #My2K hashtag.

The Heritage Foundation immediately jumped into action and purchased a “promoted tweet” explaining why Warren Buffet is wrong to push for tax hikes on the wealthy. As Heritage’s Rob Bluey explains, “So when millions of Twitter users began searching for the #my2k term, our ad was the first thing they saw.”

This disrupted the administration’s messaging and ensured millions were exposed to conservative ideas. Several major news outlets picked up on Heritage’s Twitter efforts: the Wall Street Journal; the AtlanticNational JournalReuters; the Chicago Tribune; and PBS.

This is an example of Heritage’s quick, creative and innovative ability to reach out to the general public and promote our principled conservative values. Heritage’s Ericka Andersen told the Wall Street Journal that our success is “a matter of getting on the trends as they emerge, rather than getting on them too late.”

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