The caravan of Central Americans making their way toward our southern border has dominated the news for weeks. Rather than rely on others’ reports of what’s happening, Heritage experts flew to Mexico to get the real story, firsthand.

Nolan Peterson, Ana Quintana, and David Inserra brought three different approaches to the caravan. Peterson wrote about what was happening; Quintana about why it was happening, and Inserra wrote about how to fix it.

Left wing organizers with ties to liberal groups in the United States urged people to start traveling northward from El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras to overwhelm border authorities. Along the way, they actively discouraged those in the caravan from accepting offers of asylum from Mexico. Suffice to say, there’s much more to this story than you will hear from the media, but you can find it in The Daily Signal.

Thank you for letting Heritage get to the bottom of the caravan problem, so we can talk about real solutions to secure our border. Whether it’s a question of drug violence, immigration, border security or all three, Heritage can develop policy solutions because of you.

Read Nolan Peterson’s caravan article here >>

Read an interview with Ana Quintana and David Inserra here >

Read David Inserra’s policy recommendations here >>

Beyond securing the southern border, what policies would prevent caravans from forming in the first place? 

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JOHN PAUL JONES - November 30, 2018

Discourage all from entering by not allowing them in. This is the only way to keep them from leaving their country.

Lathechuck - November 30, 2018

The big landowners in Central America fight family planning, and enjoy the over-supply of unskilled labor that results. The Catholic Church also discourages birth control for its own reasons. But neither has a solution when their excess population have had enough of exploitation and hit the road to go north. The US should support women’s education in general and family planning in particular, especially in Central America

Bill Coates - November 30, 2018

See for his video and information. It is wel! plannedand financed, just an extension of the Cloward-Piven plan to collapse the system.
Central American governments are corrupt and incompetent, their legal systems too. The need is for literacy, Christianity, sanitation, and honesty, but the governments will not spend money on those.

Nick - November 30, 2018

I understand why they come, but they must first fight for their own freedom. Make their own sacrifices, I have not heard of any revolutionary efforts in Central America or Mexico in recent times. Our blood bought prosperity is not free, you earn your way in.

Darryl Edwards - November 30, 2018

Well, it seems to me that México requires a barrier itself along their southern border which prohibits the transmigration of refugees up through their nation to congregate in their northern regions. See the current predicament in Tijuana.
Look, the vast majority of these migrants are not politically at risk from their nations of origin.
To be sure, I’m sorry for their plights in their respective nations, but they must understand that a change in zip code cannot matter that much. As my grandfather used to say: Every piece of land is as good as another if you know what to do with it.
They must execute democratic change within their native residence. Just as our Founding Fathers did to confer the fruits of independence, liberties and freedoms to the noble dignities of individual sovereignty.
I know it’s a tough row to hoe, but what’s prevalent ain’t cuttin’ it!

John Engelhart - November 30, 2018

Let NO one in except through our formal
immigration program that has worked for years. A wall must be built.

Robert Winters - November 30, 2018

Sanction the originating nations financially, withhold foreign aid. Prosecute those promoting the caravans.

Ruth Graham - November 30, 2018

Is there no way we can make those who organize and finance these caravans accountable? Can we encourage governments in these countries to provide stability for their people outside of giving them funds? I know there is some progress being made in a part of Honduras. Thank you for all you do.

Darryl Edwards - November 30, 2018

Previously, I contributed to the Heritage Foundation for their Conservative and Libertarian viewpoints, to which I subscribe.
No more.
You see, I just posted an initial, erudite and exquisitely discrete contribution to this thread.
It wasn’t posted.
Why was my comment denied?
It’s important that they realize my polemics matter. But if they do not acknowledge and post my erudite observations then Bye, Bye!
No more support for mere lip service.

Author Dustin Howard - December 3, 2018

Mr. Edwards,

Your comment wasn’t denied. It was awaiting moderation, because certain words either make a comment go straight through, or engage the comment filter on our website. We only remove comments that use inappropriate language, or are clearly spam, which is why our software put your comment on ice until it could be manually approved. We appreciate your support and want to hear your thoughts. Your comment has been approved.

Dustin Howard

James Kellogg - November 30, 2018

Prosecute caravan organizers and financers. Encouraging and aiding people to break our laws is in fact against the law.

Margaret Hopper - November 30, 2018

Don’t let them in. But from another angle, let a country set aside unused, difficult land within its borders where its own people could take a small plot and grow food crops with government seed, tools and supplied water. Make tent cities nearby where people could survive while the crops grow.
If their own “experts” won’t teach and support the hungry hordes, America could send in, with proper permission, practical ag men who would see it through.
Remember, Plymouth couldn’t make it as a commune, but once given a plot for its use, each family became remarkably able to grow its own food supply.
America can only offer to help these governments. It can’t make them help their own people, but it knows that a man with a place to plant now has a choice.
Start with those who will make a plan to become self-sufficient. Give them a year or two. Those who don’t live up to the work will soon be replaced by others who accept the chance.
It isn’t land ownership, or a guarantee, but it is a start. We will NOT give them money, but we will help them start to take care of their own people.

By the way, welfare here needs to be an agreement, not a gimmy. Before we hand out the help, the recipient needs to make a personal agreement of how the family plans to become self-sustaining.

To be renewed, the progress must be apparent and ongoing. Lacking this, the family entity becomes a ward and others mandate how the benefits are used. No more subsidised-floundering by parents who destroy children in their ignorance.

Carl Pepper - November 30, 2018

The answer to stopping the caravans is to get the truth out. The truth always stands and always will. Nothing is as effective as the truth.

Al Frech - November 30, 2018

Reduce all immigration and limit what’s left to merit based. Eliminate the lottery. Eliminate birthright citizenship and prohibit all birth tourism. Change current legislation to eliminate any illegal entries from having even a hearing and immediately deport them and bar them for 5 years. Every illegal gets a eye scan fir future identification. Every person awaiting a hearing must do so outside the USA. E-verify must be used by all employers.

Bobbie Wittmann - November 30, 2018

Install e-verify! They are coming here to get jobs! If they can’t work they will go home. If they are unskilled it will take 2-3 generations to bring them up to middle class. In the mean time they will be on welfare or basically servant status which is sad. Also if they can’t work and they are here they will turn to crime to get by. I don’t understand why they don’t fight for their country to rectify the wrongs that exist there like the Americans people have done consistently.

Paul Wolf - November 30, 2018

They will continue to form as long as they’re being funded. They’re certainly not grass roots efforts. The formation of caravans is bought and paid for by U.S. hating globalists and governments.

Colin Gallagher - November 30, 2018

Global population growth, combined with changes in weather and climate, as well as environmental resources that do not increase such as water and land, mean immigrants in poorly managed countries will increasingly come to the United States whether our laws are backed up by personnel to enforce them or not. Eventually the sheer numbers of immigrants will overwhelm our budgetary capability to enforce any border laws by use of traditional fences and walls with checkpoints run by human border agents. Drones are now used in wars, so there is no reason we should not take the economical decision of beginning to replace at least some human border agents with swarms of autonomous and nonlethal robots which would be designed to detect and repel large crowds of immigrants. The robots could be programmed to learn from their experiences, and could be charged with fields of solar panels when not in use.

Stephanie Hurst - November 30, 2018

Re-evaluate the money that is being sent as aide to the countries that continue to have migrant caravans formed, as well as Mexico because they seem to be inept at stopping their movement through their own country. Completely shutting immigration down until a solution is formed could help people understand that this is an issue that takes top priority.

James M Bratten - December 1, 2018

1) Bust up the organizations that are creating the problems.
2) Cut off their financing – wherever it’s coming from.
3) Press criminal charges – RICO statutes aren’t used often enough: Organizations exist to foment crimes, repeatedly, at varied locations, but for the same purpose. Prosecute them.
4) Enforce the laws – ALL of them.
5) Congress should exercise its constitutional responsibilities and rein in an activist judiciary,

Da Li - December 1, 2018

Set up large policy announcement at the border with large bulletin:” illegal crossing border will be prohibited from applying for asylum” may prevent caravans from forming in the first place.

Nanette Ramsey - December 1, 2018


Kevin S O’Donnell - December 1, 2018

Corrupt leaders and their policies need to be uprooted in those countries from where the caravan people are fleeing. World leaders should encourage democracies to be set up in these countries, where everyone can claim ownership in the building of prosperity in their respective countries. Violent drug gangs and cartels need to be confronted, and reform done to rehabilitate them so that they may too feel a sense of ownership in the rebuilding of their countries.

Phyllis Eix - December 1, 2018

After “The Wall’ is funded and built, let’s do away with birthright babies, with any benefits allowed for those who enter our country illegally. Strengthen our immigration laws and close the loop holes ASAP. and with bipartisan agreement.

Ernest Miller - December 1, 2018

Change to Trumps four pillars for immigration
Repeal all current laws that are counter to those. Arrest all leaders of organizations organizing invasions of the country.

Gail A Burgess - December 1, 2018

Stop handing out welfare, food stamps and insurance. This is an enormous incentive to come. Stop sanctuary cities and states. Slow the number of immigrants we accept until the ones who are here are dealt with.

Robert White - December 1, 2018

Fund the wall, build the wall, secure the wall. Just as important as the wall is interior enforcement, end the practice of employers hiring illegal workers end the ability of illegal persons obtaining public welfare benefits, arrest & deport illegal activist leaders & politicians. How stupid are we citizens that we let this happen to our country.

Robert Hahn - December 1, 2018

Sirs: Hello. As far as I am concerned, “life,liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” was intended by our Forefathers for U.S. citizens. As such, NONE of benefits like welfare, food-stamps, free living quarters, free education, free housing, and free health care are NOT for illegals. As such, currently, illegals are moochers upon our U.S. citizens. Our CITIZENS do not want to pay for those moochers. HR and SR “billsl” must be passed into LAW to legislate against those freebies. An Executive Order would only be a short-term measure, and would be cancelled by future demoncrat “badministrations”.

Ginger Morgan - December 2, 2018

The only way they can come here is if they have a liberal, leftist, progressive Democrat sponsor them who will be totally responsible for them – no government help.
Any laws that the person breaks must have some penalty that the Leftist must have doubled for himself.

Gretchen Wilson - December 2, 2018

If we can tie the funding for these caravans to individuals and groups in the United States they need to be prosecuted under US Code, Title 18, Part 1, Chapter 115. We need to recoup the money we paid for the troop deployment, we need to also go after sanctuary cities in the same way when someone they protect commits a felony. We also need to prosecute the organizers of these caravans.

Lin Kreuzer - December 4, 2018

The groups in the United States that have encouraged them and disrespected our President must be made public so everyone knows they were behind it..and their agendas. I think the country flags signaled to each sponsor group in the States which people in the caravan group they were supporting monetarily along the way and they had cell phones to correspond as well. These groups need to be held accountable for any damages/clean ups along the way and any medical bills for those who get hurt as well as for the salaries of our military and costs of containment.

Henry J. Vance - January 2, 2019

Let us set up places in other countries for people to request to enter our country legally as an immigrant. Let us do the admission investigation while the people are still at home so that they can enter legally.

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