For over 10 years now Heritage has trained conservatives in health policy through our Health Policy Fellow program. This is a semester long program usually completed by graduate students from leading universities that allows them to get training and hands on experience with Heritage’s health policy team.

Students research and write on particular aspects of healthcare policy and then move on to put their research into action outside of Heritage.

Recently, three former Health Policy Fellows moved into key roles in the Trump Administration, both in the White House and Health and Human Services.

Your support of Heritage gave these people a strong foundation in conservative health policy.

The three former Fellows are:

  1. Brian Blase, Special Assistant to the President for Healthcare Policy. Besides being a graduate of the Health Policy Fellow program here at Heritage, he was also a senior research fellow with the Spending and Budget Initiative at the Mercatus Center at George Mason University.
  2. Randy Pate, CMS Deputy Administrator and the Director of the Center for Consumer Information and Insurance Oversight. He also worked in the Department of Health and Human Services during the George W. Bush Administration after graduating from Heritage’s program.
  3. Jeet Guram, Senior Adviser at the CMS Innovation Center and Medicare. In addition to graduating from Heritage’s Health Policy Fellow Program, he also held an Associate position at McKinsey.

The impact of the Healthy Policy Fellow program here at Heritage has been enormous, and none of it would be possible without your support.

How would you like to see healthcare in America be changed?

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Mike Desmond - November 17, 2017

Eliminate ACA.
Establish a federal catastrophic health care fund to handle claims costs exceeding $1 million.

james - November 17, 2017

I am disabled and I have an Autistic daughter! Trying to get any type of medical, dental or otherwise care is like trying to rob Fort Knox! For a family of 5 we pay half of my wife’s paycheck and what we get from SSI doesn’t help! Imagine trying to survive on what’s left!

Diane Wolf - November 17, 2017

I would very simply like the ACA to be REPEALED. Because health insurance is a “product” the same as car or life insurance, I would then like the insurance industry to come up with plans for ALL potential buyers i.e., individuals, families, businesses and large corporations based on protections for those with low incomes to high incomes, period. Consumer choice!

Don Mummert - November 17, 2017

Abolish the ACA.
Set up a program to help those with pre-existing conditions.
Eliminate the dependence upon employment for ability to get group insurance by allowing people to join together in various ways to purchase group insurance.
Allow purchase of catastrophic coverage with a choice of deductibles much like other insurance.
Insurance by definition is risk management, but health insurance has morphed into something that doesn’t even resemble risk management.

James Phillips - November 17, 2017

Maybe I am out of date, but there was a time when Hospitals and Doctors were not lobbyists of Congress but rather caregivers for their patients. Then came Medicare with government supposed good intentions that distorted the framework of patient and doctor relationship. Prices escalated from natural corruption and greed due to the close relationship of an industry and politicians.

Donnie Parr - November 17, 2017

Obamacare NEEDS TO BE REPEALED like the damn lying, establishment, RINO “republicans” have been promising for EIGHT YEARS. We need to be able to purchase it ACROSS STATE LINES. Competition is what will make health insurance TRULY AFFORDABLE. Get the Government OUT OF THE HEALTH CARE business. They WILL make a mess of it and drive up costs thru the roof. Let doctors and patients handle healthcare like it used to be.

Robert Waunch - November 17, 2017

I would like to see the government totally out of the health care business so the fee market can do it’s thing that the government can never do. The only role I see for the government is to allow all insurance companies to offer whatever plans they devise to all the states; and when they go into a state they would be required to offer ‘all’ of their plans to ‘all’ of the state counties, companies and individuals – they would not be allowed to cherry pick certain areas or groups. Watch the costs come down with true competition.

Susan Dobzyniak - November 17, 2017

Not to have a physician outside of the academically guarded group-think environment but really involved in the practice and business of healthcare makes absolutely no sense. To have no perspective on the consequences of policy discussion beyond those who have “studied” policy limits the discussion. Medical care starts with physicians and is impossible without them. The medical profession has existed for more than 1500 years without the “authoritative” insight of non-physicians.
Don’t reply with the irrelevant, populist, politically correct, left leaning positions of the AMA. That less than 10% of physicians belong to the AMA is an accurate indictment of its non-representation of the physician community.
Please address this as a consequential issue lest the demoralized medical profession be allowed to further deteriorate and carry with it an eventual evolution of a mediocre health care system.

Bruce M Piepho - November 17, 2017

The federal government must get out of health care completely. Medicare and Medicaid is too much and if fed money is to be spent give us the option of doing our own such as Medicare advantage with Natural medicine optional.

James Lawson - November 17, 2017

Get the Gov’t out from in between the Dr and patien ! ! !t

P. West - November 17, 2017

I agree with so many of the comments made. It’s especially bad for us in IA- if you’re retired there is only one company, which is going to double it’s premiums after the first of the year. My husband was forced into early retirement because of health reasons & too young for medicare-so hope our savings will hold up.

De Ette Moon - November 17, 2017

I would like to see health care policies cover catastrophic incidents and leave the other healthcare issues for individuals to take care of themselves. Hopefully, this would encourage people to live healthy life styles, so they would have healthier lives and require health care less often.

Bill Warren - November 17, 2017

Change will occur only through educated consumers seeking lowest prices. Too many in the public think the insurance card in their possession buffers them from medical costs. They simply don’t understand. Exacerbating the problems are lobbyists (influencing legislation by whatever means) protecting the profits ((often greedy) of insurance companies, doctors, hospitals, pharmaceuticals and trial.
lawyers. Minimize government influence.

Russell Barr - November 17, 2017

Establish a federally funded catastrophic health care fund to be tapped when any individual’s health care cost exceeds a high amount, perhaps $100,000.00 in any calendar year. Eliminate dependence on employer provided health insurance. Allow the free market to flourish, individuals or families can but a policy with whatever deductible they can self-insure for, and it should not be nearly as expensive as now since catastrophic costs are removed. Eliminate coverage for “pre-paid” health care, reserve insurance for unpredictable events. Preventive medicine will be separate, not insured. Limit the tax deduction for health insurance to the median plan for an area.

Mike Stevens - November 17, 2017

Get the federal govt. out of health care all together. For those folks who REALLY need help from society, a premium tax or SMALL bump in medicare tax could pay for that line item only. Eliminate all mandates for minimum requirements and let the marketplace and consumers make the rules.

Delmas - November 18, 2017

Get the federal government out of the insurance . Period. Let the market drive it. It is not a right.

Ann C. Trudo - November 18, 2017

More competition between insurance carriers and, all Health Care Providers. Health insurance follows where I go. No hospital should be allowed to turn down an insurance policy that is accepted by other hospitals. Duplication of services in small areas costing millions to build and cost passed on to consumer. Drug companies allowed a patent for years when same drug overseas is a fraction of the cost {example Eliquis}
COMPETITION ..the answer

Roger Murray - November 18, 2017

The new GOP bill seems to ignore Senior Citizens. For example, no deduction for medical expenses — mine run about $16,000/month! Secondly, my Social Security “benefits” are now taxed at 85% — should be zero, since I paid into the system for over 50 years. Are seniors now the forgotten part of the Middle Class?

Michael Trepkowski - November 18, 2017

Eliminate all the mandates of the ACA.

Cary Thompson - November 18, 2017

The health care problem is a huge divide between a social program provided by the government and the responsibility of individuals to make choices for themselves. As government grows too big by the increasing number of individuals who vote for a living, it naturally leans left. NO ACA, and NO unbelievable penalties when we can’t afford to even pay for health insurance

Patricia Noble - November 18, 2017

Expose real cost of Medicare billed hour of care vs cost if paid out of pocket….For example
Home health aide paid privately less than $20 per hour…Medicare cost..over $50 per hour…IF approved….Difference is all administrative. ..
That is unacceptable and pure waste of resources. .tax dollars exposed to fraud and greed unnecessarily. No Free Lunch is Free.

Robert Johnson - November 18, 2017

Get Gov’t OUT. Free enterprise only. No limits

Donald Black - November 18, 2017

1) Get the government out of healthcare
No more Medicare, Medicaid and other handouts.

2) Get the inswurance company out of the doctor’s office.
Your insurance carrier or your company will give you a special credit card that is only good at medical providers. Your doctor will be paid on the spot with this card. You will get a paper showing what was done.

3) Employers of any size may insure their employees without an insurance company. WOW insurance companies will have to compete! That means we won’t be paying for $50 million CEOs and corporaqte jets!

4) People who can’t pay, or who have pre-existing conditions will have a card provided by some government agency, so they will have access to medical care.
People who abuse their card may be locked out of the system. They will be on their own for some time.

Valerie Blakeslee - November 18, 2017

We need a wider market, not a shrinking one. The way to achieve this is to open competition and repeal ACT entirely. Streamline policies to offer what certain age groups need, allowing individual needs to be covered in specific timelines as people age. As we age we address different health issues, so why not have a policy change with the individual who is paying for it? Why am I, an extremely healthy and fit 64 year old female paying $875/mo premium for a ridiculous Highmark HMO with co-pays for everything and a $13,000 deductible? I have been supporting those with dreadful medical problems for over 40 years!! Where is the benefit? I am self-employed so I have never had an employer-paid insurance plan, even partially. Unless I am faced with the threat of cancer or a heart attack, I am being held hostage by this ludicrous system! How about rewarding us for remaining healthy—those who only go into a doctor’s office for an annual well visit? I don’t even get colds anymore. I should be getting a rebate at the end of every year for staying healthy—or at least do some kind of credit system, like auto insurance with safe driver’s, or cash rewards, like credit card companies do for how and where one spends their money??? Come on, someone needs to think harder here!!!! I would do it myself if I had the time to waste my energy in public office. I would love it if someone would answer that for me.

Garry Trachsel - November 18, 2017

My daughters family with preexisting conditions now pay more for insurance than they pay for a $400,000 house payment.
THEY NEED RELIEF. Before Obmacare they paid $380/ mo. How long can they continue to pay? We need less government help.

Timothy R. Buttner - November 18, 2017

Repeal the ACA. All of it…
It is not within the Federal Gubmint’s responsibility or competence…

Kathy Kalmer - November 18, 2017

First, physicians are NOT the bad guys. they are OBLIGATED to order unnecessary testing by laws which have NOTHING to do with health care.
Second, insurance was originally designed as CATASTROPHIC insurance. It worked just fine.
Third, people should be able to get health care from any insurance company in any state.
Fourth, educate people about why health care is not a government concern but an individual concern. I trust that people make right decisions if given the right information. Get back to the basics rather than trying to continually massage what isn’t working. At some point you have to let Obamacare just die and start over. fixing a broken mavchine with more broken pieces will NOT get the job done.

Fourth, give health care and the inherent individual responsibility that goes with it back to the individual. Get government out of it entirely.

terry hunt - November 18, 2017

I don`t understand why the gov`t. is involved at all!
Why can`t healthcare be privatized and the gov`t simply state that we can buy health insurance anywhere in the country, pre-existing conditions must be covered and a catastrophic policy available from any insurer?
Stop any and all advertisements for drugs on TV or radio. It used to be that way.

Jerry Metcalf - November 18, 2017

Get the government out of health care. Period

William Coates - November 18, 2017

Kathy Kalmer’s list is quite good.
I would add, lawyers must be ejected from healthcare. Instead of civil suits and class actions, admit that nobody’s perfect. Poor performance merits peer review, since it affects all doctors’ reputations. complete incompetence deserves a criminal trial, in which damages could be awarded by the jury. This eliminates tort reform, which the lawyers in the legislatures will never actually implement.

Jim Venner - November 18, 2017

Do whatever is needed to make health insurance competitive, portable, optional to purchase but guaranteed renewable once purchased, with price transparency for services delivered. Pass tort reform. Allow doctors to own hospitals (ACA doesn’t allow). Eliminate ACA completely. Privatize Medicare & Medicaid.

Martin MacLean - November 18, 2017

Abolish ACA completely. Get the Feds out of the medical insurance control and medical business/practices. Hold those that perpetrated ACA accountable. Make Congress have to live with the laws they impose on the rest of us. Heavily fine congress people that accept money from lobbyists or similar crooks.

Chris Ann Jacobs - November 18, 2017

Don Mummert’s proposal looks excellent to me. I would also add both William Coates and Martin MacLean’s suggestions. The starting point is to eliminate ACA, all of it. And Kathy Kalmer’s fourth point of individual responsibility in their health care is essential.

Kay Keske - November 18, 2017

I would like to see the cost of drugs brought down, especially the drugs needed for critical health conditions like cancer. I would like to be able to choose my doctor and have her make her choices without government regulation. I would like to see the cost of medical services brought down so people could afford going to the doctor. My granddaughter visited one time each a pediatrician, optometrist and an ophthalmologist and now has a bill of $1000!!
There used to be control by a local group to limit building so many hospitals and who could have the most expensive equipment. The hospitals are in competition to have all the most expensive equipment increasing the cost of services in our area.

chris reo - November 19, 2017

repeal the ACA. privatize healthcare, no government involvement at all. competition among insurance companies will reduce the cost of healthcare. it should be our choice as to what coverage we want, and whom and where we get it from.

Jo Morris - November 19, 2017

I would like to see more insurance companies rise up for those that cannot afford pricey supplements for cancer diabetes, ect. I would also like to see GMO, poison sprays for crops, and other dangerous things gone. I would also like to see much more pure organic foods in stores and at a lower price. I too feel doctors need to learn more about foods and ways to help people with whatever problem they may have through nutrition. While there are some medical purposes…surgeries, medicines, etc, there are also very natural purpose that will help us.

James. Mullins. Sr - November 19, 2017

I would like Gvmt to get out of the health care business. We know any time Gvmt is involved is accident waiting waiting to happen. Free enterprise yields best with minimum Government involvement.

Stanley Clare - November 20, 2017

I would like health care in the US to be FREE MARKET based!!! I would like the FDA’s authority curtailed to allow alternative medicines to be available. I would like an investigation into FDA practices and possible illegal intanglements with big pharma. I would like insurance companies to be subject to real competition.

BOBBY E. RICHARDSON - November 20, 2017


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