US Capitol. Photo: Andrew Blasko.

Heritage experts have testified on Capitol Hill six times in the last three days. Photo: Andrew Blasko.

Heritage Foundation experts have been busy this week, testifying no fewer than six separate times at Capitol Hill hearings.

  1. On Wednesday, Robert Rector discussed the importance of reforming welfare to promote marriage and discourage dependency. Read his full testimony (link in PDF).
  2. That same day, defense expert Mackenzie Eaglen explained sound policies for long-term planning for shipbuilding and aviation to Congressmen on the House Armed Service Committee. Read her full testimony (link in PDF).
  3. Also Wednesday, James Sherk discussed how unionized federal workers are using official time to conduct union business. “Paying federal employees to do union work interferes with providing the services the taxpayers are paying them to perform,” he told lawmakers on an Oversight and Government Reform subcommittee (link in PDF).
  4. On Thursday, Ariel Cohen offered ways to secure energy supplies in Europe and Eurasia. In testimony before the House Committee on Foreign Affairs (link in PDF), he warned against “Russian practices that limit access to the market, tend to promote corruption, and expand Moscow‘s energy transport agenda.”
  5. Today, energy expert Jack Spencer explained the importance of allowing free markets to operate if the nuclear energy industry is to expand (link in PDF). The proposed “American Energy Initiative,” he says, also includes important regulatory reforms to remove the shackles imposed on the industry.
  6. Last but not least, regulation expert James Gattuso said the Obama administration’s efforts at regulatory reform are welcome but are really just small steps. Read his full testimony (link in PDF).

So far this year, Heritage policy analysts have testified 29 times.

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Margie Waldrop - June 8, 2011

I am appalled that Obama is shutting down the space program. This President does not have a clue as to how the world works and prospers. He is rapidly taking us from a country who has developed many new products to one that is becoming unproductive and powerless. This country cannot survive another four years of his leadership. We need to urge continuance of the space program and point out to him all the new items we have as a result of that program.

Will Smith - June 8, 2011

I want Heritage to tell Congress the advantages to THEM* of passing The FairTax [HR25/S13], which can be this year, and be the catalyst for turning our economy around VERY QUICKLY!

*Its advantage to you is that it will provide you with more money to spend for preferred programs than you could ever imagine, but without any constituent complaint because they, too, will have more money to spend than they could ever imagine. In addition, you will drastically improve your odds of staying in office because your constituents will not want to replace anyone who provided them with such an income boost in 2011 in such a short amount of time…contrast that with all the HEAT you’re going to get FOR A LONG TIME if you don’t take quick positive action on the economy. All you have to do is pass The FairTax before April 15 and wait for the praise to come your way, and that’s what you’d really like to hear, isn’t it? Picture the impact on the voters you would have by abruptly stopping effort on less important items [which the majority hates] and championing The FairTax…Democrats will FOREVER get the adulation of the voters for freeing them of the IRS and the Federal Income Tax and Republicans will have more and more money to spend year after year. What a beautiful position to be in. You control the financial future of your kids and grandkids…will they DESPISE YOU or PRAISE YOU? We’re ALL in this NIGHTMARE ECONOMY together … why not pass The FairTax this week? Are the lobbyists paying you too well for you to take action to save your kids and grandkids and the nation?

Robert Kappelmann - June 8, 2011

EPA has recently released a report claiming $2 trillion in annual monetized benefits for CAA regulations by 2020 with about a $1 Trillion generated in 2010 alone. EPA claims a 30 to 1 benefit to cost ratio with the possiblity of a 90 to1 benefit to cost ratio. They compares real hard dollar costs for compliance to statistically generated monetized benefits based on the VSL (value of a statistical life)and WTP (public’s willingness to pay) with 90% plus of the benefits coming from avoided premature deaths. Congress should understand the shortcomings of this apples and oranges comparison. Bob K

don herrold - June 8, 2011

how the “new and improved” add ons to the A.D.A. is going fatten the attourneys, continue to help ruin ALL employers and will create MORE human waste for the Welfare State to “nurse”.

Also– i think We will being seeing “bad news” as the New “Food Safety Act” begins to “eat away” at our food suppliers here in the Nation.

Thanks to all of You and God bless

john heil - June 8, 2011

character, commitment, integerity, honesty, tax paying citizen of the u.s., do you have anyone who can teach OUR representatives as to what the above words mean? these people have their self interest as #1 and later on half-way listen to the people who elected them.

Mona Johansen - June 8, 2011

It seems to me President Obama has crossed many legal lines with his policies and in saying things to us and other countries that he says represents the people of the United States. One glaring area is his lack of and disrespect for Israel and it’s right to exist. He has made it abundantly clear that he stands against Israel with his never visiting Israel, ignoring the Prime Minister of Israel when he was in Washington earlier this year, and his speeches praising all things Muslim. Antisemitism is increasing all over the world at a rapid rate. The Nazi party is starting up in Egypt as well as events occuring monitarily, politically, and historically that feel very similar to pre Hitler days. Is there nothing Heritage can do to try to ensure that the United States is standing on the right side of this issue?

John Peifer - June 8, 2011

Stoping the EPA and letting U.S. Oil companies Drill for Oil on U.S. Lands and Waters! The Oil Companies know more about how to drill and produce Oil than either the Senate, Congress and the EPA combined! That would save money by closing the EPA and lower fuel prices , and make us less dependant on OPEC for our energy needs! Thank You for all you do for this once great nation!

Mark Christensen - June 8, 2011

The Congress, the Senate, The President, Should take Heritage Experts Ideas, and their vast knowledge of what works and the impact of continuing down the “Red Ink Highway”.
Conservative Policies are the only way to get us out of the Red Ink Abiss, that is now the policy of this Administration.

JC - June 8, 2011

Congress must over ride the no-drill moratorium Obama has. We must be drilling for our own oil/natural gas. How does it make any common sense to be depending on others for our energy fuel?? We have enuf of our own…..we need to get drilling NOW.

Don’t talk to me about green energy….the government needs to stay out of the private sector & let the private sector work it out. Total green energy is, at this date, a pipe dream….follow the $$….who’s lining their pockets on this issue??? Not the tax-payers, that’s for sure.

Denny Converse - June 8, 2011

Thank you Heriage Foundation for doing what you do! It’s too bad you can’t instill in our President a sense of urgency with regard to the debt problems facing our country. He’s indecisive and profoundly misguided in the effect his economic policies have had or will have on our country. If I were Cochise (Chief of Apache Indians) I would say dark man talk with forked tongue!

Hunter K. McGlamery - June 8, 2011

Conservatives & Tea Party groups should concentrate on a replacement for Obama Care that deals with health care cost, not insurance cost. Beginning with providers (doctors, hospitals and para medicals) who have been increasing their charges at 2 times the CPI over the last eight years! Insurance companies still have to pay the providers and they have to raise their premiums to keep up with the providers. The more government takes over “Health Insurance” the more taxpayers will have to pay! No problems are solved with “Insurance!”
Also, drug companies and medical equipment manufacturers and suppliers need to be forced to control their escalating costs. While insurance companies are part of the problem with their encouraging provider rates that will keep the health care expense “table” always moving upward! Healthcare is 16% of our GDP and that is as much as 2.5 trillion dollars per year!!!!!!!! Wake up America!!!!!

Ruth Weiss - June 8, 2011

Congress needs a heavy dose of reality and real science with regard to “global warming” or “climate change”. I hope someone from Heritage might set them straight to the hoax, and the reasons behind it. So many policies are being made on this false premise, and great damage is being done to this country as a result!

David Strain - June 8, 2011

ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION!!!! Or is that not in your charter? Your continuing to stay mum about this subject demonstrates how out of touch the
Heritage Foundation is to the American people and our concerns. Really very poor job on this vital issue.

Susan costanzo - June 8, 2011

My suggestion is why they are not speaking on having a third world ideologue sitting in our White House Presidency seat.
It is the elephant in the room…as all know this Man’s policies and behavior in implementation of them are bizarre as he ignores our Bill of Rights as well as the Constitution. Stand up and defend her….defend us, the people, remember?

Neil Sasinowski - June 8, 2011

I never see interest/revenue earned on Social Security dollars when reports show dollars collected vs. SSI payouts. I believe if this government was smart over the years income earned would compound and either eliminate or drastically reduce the short fall everyone is projecting. Also, there needs to be a tigher control on adding programs to the SSI program. I have noticed and heard years ago that when imigrants bring thier elderly parents into the USA they automatically receive SSI. Is this true? Thank you for what you do. Neil

LEONARD - June 8, 2011

We need to stop given money to Parent Parenthood , an NPR.And any organization that doesn’t protect The Nation.

Ronald Cherry - June 9, 2011

Restrict Obama’s Travel budget. Require him to Pay the expenses for family members, and friends on all travel that is not official government business. Require him to pay all expenses for political campaigns and fund raising trips. How many millions of dollars have been spent for extra rooms, panes and security for the additional people that accompanied him on his numerous and extravagate vacations? Most state governors have to pay for use of state aircraft for a unofficia travel.

Richard Ornstein - June 9, 2011

We can not continue to “waste” our $ on foreign aid to countries that are not “critical” to the welfare and safety of the USA.Also, the fraudulant use of government credit cards for personal purchases is a huge “fraud” and a waste of our scarce funds.Those government employees that scam the system should be fired and forced to repay the government the money that they have “stolen”.We can not “afford” to misuse,and waste ANY money.We have t0 take care of our economic house FIRST.Keep up the good work !!!!

Richard Anderson - June 9, 2011

Am very concerned about possible downgrade of U.S. by Moody’s. Why isnt there more discussion on the repercussions of such a downgrade??

David Witham - June 9, 2011

Health care needs a lot of reform. By changing the system as suggested by Paul Rand and others the problems remain.
Tort reform: specialist would be more comfortable with electronic record keeping if medical claims were handled by medical boards vs Actors in front of a jury.
There are as many MRI machines in the state of RI as the country of Canada.Maybe a little conflict of interest.
This goes to other therapy as well.
The insurance is a mess as well. General practitioners have extra staff just to deal with that mess. It goes on and on
Dealing with problems means dealing with special interest. Is that the problem?

W. Colborne Mullen - June 9, 2011

I have forwarded a number, of messages, regarding the failure, to inform the public, regarding the burgening cost, of creating Government jobs. These jobs are a 100% cost, to the tax paying citizens. Each person who now works, for the Government, is no longer a tax payer. His salary is totally funded, by taxes, the rest pay. This means we lose $100 dollars, for each Government employee, who was paying $100 dollars, in taxes, and add $100 dollars, to the cost, of funding this Ponzi scheme. There should be no taxes required, or paid, on Government salaries. The Government employee should receive checks, for what they now receive as take home pay, and money purported, to be taxes would reduce the taxes paid, by the public sector, and allow us, to stimulate the economy, rather than the bloated Government.

JIm Strunk - June 9, 2011

Congress should eliminate special interests from making any campaign contributions to federal candidates. Only legal US citizens, of age and registered can contribute with a single $2500 cap.

Al Moran - June 9, 2011

How about start drilling our own resources;
Do all the necessary reforms on taxes, entitlements, etc…
STOP SPENDING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Protect our own borders!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Congress must comply with all laws and policies that we do!!
All priviledges for Congress must be given only by ‘The People’!!!!
Congress should have to buy into the same health care and other programs that ‘We The People’ do!!!!

curt zwiefel - June 9, 2011

let congress know the following things: quit spending, have a workable budget, shut down our borders, leave small banks alone, get out of health care, shrink, get power back into the states, drill baby drill, dig coal, what made us great is still alive, and tell them most of all, we have had it, this is enough, wasting our money, getting into our lives, to much government and governmental rules. And most of all, tell them to redistribute Congress’s wealth since they sit on Face Book all day. I work, pay my bills, hire employees and I’m fighting to survive.

Helen Ross - June 9, 2011

Here’s a comparatively small issue, but what happened to the effort to repeal the nonsensical and dangerous light bulbs that will soon be mandated?

Dr. Henry D. Sinopoli - June 9, 2011

Congress shall pass no law or laws that are not applicable to members of Congress. If it is the law of the land, everyone must be included. This includes Social Security, pension regulations, medical care, etc.

Nancy Murdoch - June 9, 2011

I would love Heritage to explain to Congress that they need to get out of education. Since the Federal government has involved itself in education (taking over for the states) costs have dramatically risen AND results have gone down. We are not getting our bang for the buck.

Harry Elston - June 9, 2011

I would like you to investigate the cost of illegals and their true numbers. Please include the cost of protecting our borders, crime, social, educational, taxes, and others. I’m tired of being the laughing stock of the worlds developed countries. Illegals comprise 7% of California’s population and we continue to give illegals benefits. It’s like an invasion here and the clowns in Sacramento twiddle their thumbs.

Julia - June 9, 2011

I feel we get enough talk and we need to see more action and results. What is Boehner and Congress doing about the undeclared war in Libya. Why are we still there Congress!

John Uhrhammer - June 9, 2011

The current administration is the causes of so many of our nation’s dire problems that I have a hard time deciding where to start!
SPENDING – fire 40% of all (ALL) non-military federal personnel:
Reduce all elected official’s salaries by 15%:
Stop federal involvement in health insurance:
Stop all aide to unfriendly nations.
ECONOMY – Develop all of our own oil resources:
Stop turning food into ethanol:
Reduce the regulatory burden on business:
Get the government out of industry
SECURITY – Fix our southern border and enforce law:
Bring our troops home:
Stop harassing local air travelers:


Edward Clancy - June 11, 2011

I believe the first thing Congress should do is, that each Federal Department, one by one, Make the deparftment heads tell them, (1) What the department does to for the Country? (2) Number of employees. (3) Yearly Budgent. (4) What employes do on a daily basis to help the the Country.. How many does it take to do each job and why? 5) could the work be combined. (6) What can your department do reduce the Budgent? You will find a lot of jobs that can be combined, or eleimated, there by helping the people, via Congress save millions.

brian edmister sr. - June 21, 2011

The main bastions of government control over the vital operations of our lives are the structural institutions that have been created in the federal government. If the U.S. Dept of Education is looked at from the perspective of what it does to promote education in all of the states, there is no real function that can be identified that cannot be done better at the state level. The tax that is raised in each state to fund this department goes to Washington where it is stripped of 50% and then sent back to the states with all of the liberal strings attached like textbook content, classroom curricula, learning standards, teachers union support, and many others.
I would like to see a serious study by your researchers on what it would take to shut these huge agencies down and return these prerogatives to the states. If we simply reduce them (like Reagan did) they still remain for later administrations to re-use them. FreddieMac and GinnyMae fall into the same category. The tax savings would be huge.

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