President Trump is making progress on trade. He has paused, for 90 days, tariff increases initially slated to take effect next month. The delay is to give negotiators more time to reach a more permanent solution to resolve trade issues.

As Heritage expert James Carafano said recently on Fox Business, “[China] blinked,.., [but] this administration will have to continue to pressure them, until we get substantive changes in Chinese behavior.” Carafano went on to say that, while the president will need to weigh domestic concerns like the way tariffs inhibit domestic economic growth, he will also have to continue pressuring Beijing to stop its unfair trade practices.

Just as James Carafano discussed the national security angle of the development with China, Heritage policy experts Emilie Kao, Ambassador Terry Miller, and Tori Whiting released a statement last Friday calling attention to challenges with the United States Mexico Canada Agreement. Among those problems: Canada’s addition of inappropriate language surrounding sexual orientation and gender identity, which does not belong in an international trade agreement.

While mentioning positive developments with the new agreement, Miller, Kao, and Whiting pledged to continue “working with the White House and lawmakers to address these concerns.” Heritage will continue monitoring that situation, to protect the United States’ sovereign right to set our own policies regarding gender identity and sexual orientation—without pressure from our neighbors.

Thank you for providing the resources to make Heritage an asset for policymakers, and allowing us to call ball and strikes to achieve conservative victories on policy. Your support creates trade wins for America and so many other positive outcomes.

Read Heritage’s USMCA statement here.

How will these developments impact the United States economy?

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Bonnie Winslow - December 7, 2018

Love James Carafano–wish he could serve in the White House and give them the benefit of his wisdom and experience!

Da Li - December 7, 2018

The United States should increase taxes on January 1 next year. The CCP is a faithful believer in Hitler’s propaganda minister, Goebbels: the lie repeats a thousand times and becomes truth. The G20 Chinese President Xi Jinping’s plan expecting slow down the troops and to delay the change. Three months later, the Democratic Party took control of the House of Representatives and the president would face an unfavorable situation. On January 1st, the tax will be added first, and it will not be too late for the United States to have a real harvest.

bill T Davis - December 8, 2018

I am a little tired of hearing Medicare for everyone. It would sure help. If you would say government run healthcare or government managed healthcare, then in parentheses say sometimes known as Medicare for all. Mention the VA healthcare system and what outstanding government management we have with the VA.
Maybe mention for better health care, one should take time to attend political events coffees rallies, work sessions, etc. this will of course will go a long way to putting you to the top of the heart transplant list.. Bill T Davis

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