A budget proposal released yesterday by Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) would balance balance the budget and reduce the debt by cutting spending, reforming poverty programs, repealing Obamacare, and reforming health care entitlement programs, which are the largest drivers of deficit spending and debt.

Heritage Foundation expert Romina Boccia looked closely into Ryan’s budget and found many other good elements, including its tax reforms and proposals on defense, energy, education, and transporation policy. She did identify several areas for improvement, such as the long delay before critical Medicare reforms are implemented.

Read her full analysis of Ryan’s budget on the Foundry.

How would you improve Paul Ryan’s budget proposal?

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Jesse - April 3, 2014

How would i improve on Ryan’s plan? Cut, cap and balance. (1) Cut federal government spending by 1% point each year. Any responsible government should be able to prioritize and cut spending by 1% each year. Many responsible households during 2008-09 recession did it and survived. (2) Once government spending has been reduced to 18% of GDP, then it should be capped at 18%. (3) Then pass a balanced budget amendment that requires the federal government to balance its budget every year.

Other measures to take: tax reform. Broaden the base – every working American has to pay some amount of tax to show that they support the system that benefits them so much. cut corporate taxes to 10% and eliminate double taxation of dividends.

Kim Michaud - April 3, 2014

I personally believe in the Reps. Mack’s ‘Penny Plan’ to balance the budget,(in addition to eliminating the waste and duplicate programs already identified by the GAO) and the Fair Tax to replace our current tax system instead of “tax reform.”

Mark - April 3, 2014

How does a budget produced in this year by the 113th Congress bind the Congress 4 years from now…much less 10 years from now. Aren’t all of these things just gimmicks?

Dave McClanahan - April 3, 2014

Remove the section to repeal Obamacare. Will never pass with that in. It should be repealed or changed but has to be a separate issue. It is a waste of time to include it and makes half the population think conservatives are ignorant!!!

CSURon - April 3, 2014

Let’s all go to our bank and put forth a plan that will balance our checking account in ten years. How far do you think we would get? I propose the following:
1. Elimination of nonperforming agencies/departments like Education, Energy, EPA, Agriculture and others in favor of Congress going on the hook to legislate those rules and regulations they believe are truly necessary and make those regulations a part of statutory law. Eliminate fine arts organizations like NEA until we can demonstrate the ability to afford constitutionally required activities within our budget. Require sunset of all remaining agencies/departments created since 1900 by 2025 and require Congress to reaffirm their necessity based upon a presentation that maps cost against performance. Sunset all agencies remaining after 2025 by 2100 except those fulfilling Constitutional mandates like Treasury and OMB. Collect the debts owed the government by all federal employees, including elected officials.
2. Cut staff and cut salaries of remaining federal employees with the exception of the military and others who must place themselves in harm’s way. Remaining federal salaries should be cut by at least 25%. Cut staffs back to the levels of 1960. I understand this would create a hardship thus federal employees should have access to their banked vacation time and retirement funds.
3. Require the first line of every new budget include an annual amortization of the National Debt designed to eliminate the debt by 2065. Dedicate President and Congressional salaries and benefits to this amortization in any year the Congress fails to include this in their “balanced budget”.
4. Elimination of all defined pension plans in favor of employee contributed plans like the 401K. Make it illegal for any government, union or employer to manage its own employee pension funds, including Social Security. Require that all government pensions be funded and managed by third parties like Oppenheimer, Fidelity, etc. The Congress should not be offered a pension. These positions were not intended to be career positions.
5. Sale of some federal lands and buildings that are vacated due to the above and use these funds to commence the funding of privatized Social Security accounts.
6. Tort reform. Loser pays all court costs including reasonable attorney costs of the litigant that prevails. Require standing for all cases brought forth to federal courts that extends beyond some special interest group position on an issue. Federal policy should be determined at the ballot box, not by the Sierra Club.
7. Cut the White House travel budget. There is no reason why the president and first lady should require entourages of 900 or 700 people when they go on diplomatic missions or vacations.
8. Elimination of all White House jobs not specifically authorized by the Constitution or by the Congress. Require confirmation by the Senate of all policy making positions in the White House.
9. Elimination of the pension and the position of every federal employee, hired or elected, who refuses to respond to questions by the Congress in their oversight capacity. They are entitled to exercise their rights as citizens to the 5th Amendment but this does not mean that this should not cost them their job and their pension. Congress has a Constitutional oversight capacity and employees must be required as a condition of employment to accept that.
10. Make it illegal to provide taxpayer funds to anyone in this country illegally. If someone requires medical attention, provide it in emergency situations but to be followed by immediate deportation.

These are ten points offered by me. I’m betting that others can think of ten points that can be added to these and by 2015 we could have a “balanced budget”. To hell with balancing it in ten years. Do it now.

Robert Darling - April 3, 2014

When are we going to get rid of the alternative minimum tax? It has been a campaign promise for years.

Harold Smithson - April 3, 2014

Abolish the National Education Association and put it back to the states.
Abolish the Dept. of Energy it doesn’t do what it was implemented for.
Abolish the IRS and go with a flat tax or a national sales tax.
Cut all pork!

John - April 3, 2014

The budget needs to be balanced within 2-4 years if the program has any chance. Any longer and it will never happen. That is common sense unless you are in congress. The liberals will be whining as soon as the cuts start and if anyone thinks they can follow a program for 10 years without adding just look at history. Bush couldn’t control spending or we would have been set. Plus people want immediate results, not 10 year goals.

Charles Stevens - April 3, 2014

Until conservatives control the Senate and White House this will not see the light of day.

Jon Willey - April 3, 2014

LBJ’S War on Poverty has cost the American taxpayers more than twenty trillion dollars over the past five decades. The majority of the recipients have not paid one cent of that massive sum. No more free cell phones, no more subsidized housing no more taxpayer’s money for millions of illegal children, no more food stamps for those capable of working but unwilling. Stop income tax refunds to illegal immigrants who claim children as dependents and have never seen them. Reduce our monetary payment to the U.N. to an amount equal to what the other 193 nations are paying. Do not permit illegal aliens to avail themselves of our healthcare system unless they pay like everyone else is required to. Reduce the size of the federal government and return many of their jobs to the private sector where they belong. Eliminate all of the frivolous pork barrel spending by Congress and the President. Do not allow tax dollars to be spent in support of the U.N.’s agenda 21.Legislate the federal government to prevent them from engaging in any social engineering activities. Ensure that federal government employees receive the same retirement programs as the private sector and stop making the wealthy few being supported by the poor majority. Immediately eliminate the Department of Education and the Department of Energy as both continue to prove they are incompetent of fulfilling their mandates.

Karen - April 3, 2014

To improve Paul Ryan’s budget, I would take out the medicare provision, as it is 10 years away from implementation. Why give progressives 10 years to tell seniors that the republican party wants to ‘take away Medicare’ after these same seniors are finally realizing that democrats have stolen $500 billion from Medicare and are gutting part D. These seniors are coming around to a more conservative view, why turn them away?

Joe - April 4, 2014

no one believes what you way you will do 10 years out. No future congress will abide by anything that far away. All of the budgets do all the heavy lifting down the road and tiny changes in the first couple of years. For me, just tell me what this will do in ONE year, the rest is irrelevant. How about we base our budget on last years ACTUAL revenue. 80% towards budget for this year, 20 % to pay down the debt.

Robert Wroble - April 4, 2014

House should not peruse in an election year Much too
controversial & will give Democrats talking points
Very dumb – dumb – dumb !!!!
Win the elections first – then move on !!

Pam - April 4, 2014

I like Jesse’s plan, and I would add eliminate the Energy Dept. and the Education Dept.right up front, not in 10 years! Energy because they have never done what they were formed to do; and Education because every state has a dept of education, it’s bureaucracy at it’s worst!

George Keller - April 6, 2014

I’m with Sarah Palin, you can’t trust the politicians and who knows which ones will be in office in 10 years.
Balance the budget now.

Chuck - April 6, 2014

CSURon is on the right track. It is evident that he has put some thought into it. It would never get passed but it would definitely put us back on track.

Joan Florence - April 6, 2014

There should be an in-depth look at the waste, fraud and duplication. We keep assuming all the money being spent is necessary and keep writing budgets based upon that assumption. It should never take 10 years to balance a budget. WE HAVE GOT TO STOP THE WASTE, FRAUD AND DUPLICATION BEING DONE IN THIS GOVERNMENT. When that is done, then create a budget based on real figures.

We also need to stop all the outlandish spending at “meetings and conferences.” There are likely meetings and conference that are not really necessary and should be held right in town.

Holly Chapo - May 3, 2014

Start over. Start with the Penny Plan. Defund the ACA.
Make significant cuts to all the agencies that make up the administrative state. Cut the president’s travel and party budget. Stop funding aid packages for countries who hate us. These might be a few suggestions to improve the budget. Gee, do you think they’ll ever happen?

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