Since 2005, when Margaret Thatcher picked The Heritage Foundation to establish the Thatcher Center for Freedom, Heritage experts have advocated for the United Kingdom to leave the European Union. This week, the people of the U.K. voted to do just that.

“This is a victory for sovereignty, economic freedom, and self-determination,” says Nile Gardiner, director of the Thatcher Center for Freedom. “A sovereign Britain will be a stronger partner for the United States and a more powerful force on the world stage. Brexit is good for Britain, Europe, and America. It is a cause for great celebration.”

Gardiner leads a team of experts who identify ways to strengthen the Anglo-American Special Relationship as well as promote leadership by the United States and Great Britain. Committed to advancing the vision of Lady Thatcher, the Thatcher Center for Freedom has published several reports on the dangers of the European Union.

In a 2009 Telegraph column, Gardiner wrote that “The single greatest threat to the Special Relationship today is posed by the loss of British independence within the European Union.”

When David Cameron became prime minister, Gardiner published “Four Key Principles for a Conservative British Foreign Policy.” One of these principles was standing up to the rise of a European superstate.

And in 2011, Heritage outlined a conservative agenda for preserving the Special Relationship ahead of President Barack Obama’s trip to the U.K. Ted R. Bromund, senior research fellow in Anglo-American relations, wrote that “The EU’s goal is not simply to erode the sovereignty of its member states, but to deprive them of the ability and desire to play an independent and assertive role in the world.”

“I am proud that The Heritage Foundation has worked to convince Americans and the British people about the necessity and mutual benefits of Brexit,” says Heritage Foundation President Jim DeMint. “The Thatcher Center, led by Nile Gardiner, has been the tip of the spear in our efforts, and his team deserves our congratulations.”

Coverage by The Daily Signal, Heritage’s multimedia news organization, helped Heritage experts spread their message on Brexit. Heritage experts were featured on television news networks across the world, including appearances live from London, where Gardiner and Bromund have been for the past week. Gardiner joined Fox Business to make the case why the results of Brexit are good not only for the U.K. but also the U.S. and the world.

With separation from the European Union expected to take two years, Heritage experts have already shifted gears to promote greater cooperation between the two countries. One such proposal, written by Gardiner and Bromund in 2014, is a U.S.-U.K. free trade area.

“The Heritage Foundation has published dozens of policy papers and opinion pieces on why the U.K. should leave the EU and we have worked with the leaders of the Brexit campaign from the very beginning,” says Luke Coffey, director of Heritage’s Allison Center for Foreign Policy. “The Heritage Foundation can be very proud of the role it has played in helping achieve this outcome.”

How do you think the U.K. will benefit from leaving the European Union?

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William(Bill) Weddine - July 1, 2016

The voters that knew what was happening pulled the rug beneath their liberal politicians. Thank God for this. The liberals in their country are having a ball at the bar on the Titanic.

Don - July 1, 2016

They will regain control of their borders and the immigration problems they are experiencing.

It will initially hurt them on trade. New agreements will have to be negotiated.

Tom O’Grady - July 1, 2016

The biggest benefit may be that the U.K. will be relieved of the massive regulatory burden imposed by EU membership. Would that a simple popular vote could have the same effect here at home!

A.D. Rickerson - July 1, 2016

Kudos to the UK! It was a bold move, but they retained their SOVEREIGNTY. We should take a lesson from the EU: open borders, multiculturalism, political correctness & the whole bag of tricks, which robbed the member nations of their very own culture. We here in the USA have our own unique culture. Yes, we are a nation of immigrants, who came here & assimilated, learned our customs, laws, & were proud to be called “American.” God bless America!

Thomas Mosher - July 1, 2016

It’s good to have pride in one’s nation, culture and history. National freedom promotes individual spirit and action. Globalism to the contrary stifles freedom and spirit.

Eva Layton - July 1, 2016

The country will be better off.

Ken Simon - July 1, 2016

Strong, independent voices are necessary to make both corrections as well as change. The EU over rides voices not totally in agreement with the Eurocrats in control. So if Britain can recover Thatchers strength they will help stabilize the world scene.

Craig - July 1, 2016

The advance of liberty is always good. The defeat of tyranny is always good. This accomplished both.

Cheryl Kelly - July 1, 2016

First of all, I think it will lift the morale of the people. There will be a period of adjustment but overall the people will have their country back and hopefully the burdensome regulations on the working people of England will be lifted soon and breathe new life into the economy. It will be good for the country all around. I sure hope come November we can repeat in America what England has done in Europe.

P. Kathy Kleiman - July 1, 2016

With all of the FAKEUGEES, now London, made up of almost entirely of Muslims, the new Mayor is now pulling down any and all ads of women modeling bikinis, etc. And that was just his first day. See, to get to be major, you must have the majority. We are next. We see the devastation that was awaiting for us if Greg Abbott and his team, hadn’t acted while he was Attorney General, with Ted Cruz, helping by bringing up the rear of this massive work, began proceedings against this blatant attack on all citizens.When Obama was run out on a rail from Judge Andrew Hanen’s court, they said when it was plain he wasn’t going to stop, Hanen said he really believed they would honor the law. ” But I do not like being played” So, they took on TEXAS v THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA AND WE WON! So you can thank the very next Texan you see and thank your lucky stars the buses that were rolling into your city or town has stopped fully by the Supreme Court. Battleground Texas was in fully swing, with those pink clad, hysterical and psychotic women filibustering,for Wendy Davis & Company, we sent them packing and the only thing they saw in their rear view mirror is all of our hwy signs that say,”Don’t Mess With Texas.” Greg was sworn in as our Governor and has in every way been combatant to Obama’s treason’s. Isn’t it curious every time Obama puts pen to paper, it is never in the best interests of those he swore allegiance to our laws through our Constitution, but as he laid his hand on it and swore to defend us, his god is allah, so he feels no any moral stance to fulfill that oath, now if he had swore to Islam, things would be really different. But again, not in our best interests. I want to know why Conservatives cannot bring themselves to say those “three words…’TRAITOR, TREASON, AND ABETTING AND AIDING THE ENEMY,?'” So many times he has done this & has never been held accountable which is why he takes Congress for what they are..embedded career politicians who would allow this country to begin the downward spiral into full fledged Fascism if the status quo stayed the same and those who lobby for lucrative contracts, the EXIM, and who sell us down the river, giving to the minority that which the Conservatives truly want to change. They are no better than when Reid was Majority leader. Not one of the pledged campaign promises, McConnell, for example has been accomplished or even became a bill to vote on it, unless you are counting on what they ran on, the Keystone, knowing there was that promised veto, but couldn’t get the votes for that veto? BullSxxt. They all have to go. We need a Revolution in this country, and if we do not do it today, then our children’s blood will be spent doing what their parents should have done, but whom have grown fat and lazy and to them, our votes are a meaningless joke. But it was INDEPENDENCE DAY for Britain, as I have been friends on Face Book with Britain First, seeing the police side with the Fakeugees each and every time.No widows or orphans one, just men between the ages of 16-36? We want our nation, our patriotism and our freedoms in tact when this maniac who is running our lives is finally vanquished, but he will have to be vanquished, for if you truly believe he will peacefully depart into that land of the gulf courses, then you are sadly mistaken. He will not leave after knowing that his transformation of his “Utopia” dismantled by the next President. No, you are going to need many, many crowbars and lots of tar and feathers. But we are ready for that fight, for Congress, I believe wouldn’t even bad him on that and he knows it. It is only a matter of a red flag, martial law and thus the elections being “unable to continue.” But who in the Hell is he to go out to other nations and threaten them? Saying he is “speaking for me” or “that just is not who we are?” He has absolutely no shared experience with the black community, therefore the minorities in this country blame the Republicans and I think it is really rich, coming from Obama,who could have made it so much better for his so called beloved blacks. But another has supplanted that love by saying, “The most beautiful sound in the world in is the calling to prayer of Muslims at sunrise.” Again, you have got to know, that while he is in office, we may just get that beautiful sound. Oh yeah, it sounds much like crap to me for the will not nor will they ever assimilate. Britain should be very proud of their people. When we threw out massive career Democrats in favor Conservatives, that didn’t mean a thing, for they have not done one thing they promised. I only pray that the English find a way for these FAKEUGEES elsewhere. Oh, yeah, the EU trying to ban the emblem of the teapot from British landscape….that was the last straw, their teabags.

Jim Keller - July 1, 2016

Independence and freedom is always the best for the sovereignty of any country. Now the UK will be able to direct its own future free from the control and dictation of the EU. Britain will be able to recover the Thatcher greatness in the world.

Louis C Varljen - July 1, 2016

God helps those who help themselves. Becoming independent will enable UK to prosper under their own leadership rather then just being a pawn to the EU. Glad to see Heritage’s involvement.

Melissa Buckley - July 1, 2016

It will regain the ability to make its own decisions and will be an example to other countries of the benefits of independent, sovereign government.

JR Erskine - July 1, 2016

For the EU to survive it must eliminate its globalist leaders who believe in open borders and mass invasion of muslims.
A Country needs to keep its own identity, culture, laws, customs, and keep its citizens safe from the evils and dictates of the new world order globalist idiots including its social media! Once you lose your Country, it is almost impossible to get it back. Think about that for a while.
The best option is to refuse to receive these invaders and eliminate all tax payer funded perks for them. Not only does illegal invaders cause fiscal strains on local and state governments, it puts your nation’s security in jeopardy and diminishes the rule of law and the democratic process as a whole. Allowing illegal invaders just encourages more invaders to risk sneaking in depressing wages and making it harder for the unemployed to find work. They need to stay home and fix their own mess! They will not assimilate into your culture and bring radical islam and terrorism with them. Islam is not a religion of peace and demands the killing of Infidels. These radicals are conquerors. Islam is a conquest ideology. It is not even a religion. Not properly defining islam for the sake of political correctness will be to our own detriment. We do not need to expose our security to a radical muslim terrorist Trojan Horse! To surmise; we are paying our enemies to live amongst us. Never forget, the recovered Muslim Brotherhood manifestos explicitly states their undying obsession as the conquest of western civilization, and that they will accomplish that goal “From Within.”

Steve Conner - July 1, 2016

The UK will once more have control over its own borders and can prevent the uncontrolled flood of immigrants which have reduced economic opportunities for Britons. The UK will also have more freedom to strengthen commercial, political and military ties to the Commonwealth nations, and thus improve the UK’s economy through better trade opportunities.

M. W. Moore - July 1, 2016

Mostly they will be able to stop mandates from unelected bureaucrats in foreign countries. Also, they will regain control of immigration allowing them to allow immigration based on the countries needs.

Theodore Kissam - July 1, 2016

I strongly agree with the direction tsken. Again the direction taken was based upon public opinion . In my country the USA we have three same problem. The actions and inactionso taken in Washington are sickening. Just the National Debt is destroying us. To allow a truly mass of illegal immigrants to enter our country is criminal on the part of Washington

Gloria P Ruple - July 1, 2016

The British will recover their national identity, reassume their autonomy and determine their own destiny. What’s not to celebrate?! God bless Great Britain!

Charles R. Shetron - July 1, 2016

Entrenched bureaucracy is the bane of every government and business. The elimination of one has to be beneficial.

Lowell Nielsen - July 1, 2016

Autonomy from the EU will be a plus. To me it would be similar to taking more control (funds) away from our Federal government and giving back to each of the separate states within our own Union. Similar to small, independent communities taking care of their own citizens through charities and stipends. Local cities and towns have ready knowledge of their particular needs and requirements and better control of funding for these issues.

Karen Wilson - July 1, 2016

I’m sure they appreciate the jubilation of regaining their independence, as we did over two hundred years ago. And now they’ll be able to control their own fate and place in the world once again. And bring themselves back to what they were before joining the EU. Congratulations!

Jerry Metcalf - July 1, 2016

They can now become the country they use to be free to lead there own life and control their destiny.

David LaVergne - July 1, 2016

It’s hard to believe any Briton would want to support an E.U. that their country is wasting so much money having to support. Other countries that get the benefits are the one’s that Britain and Germany have to hold up. The ability to secure their borders and keep the undesirables out from coming in and draining the country is a big plus.

Henry C. Holder - July 1, 2016

The UK will start thinking and acting as an independent country – very good. Maybe Texas should secede.

Donna Stewart - July 1, 2016

Smaller gov’t. Freedom. Independance.

Joy M Crouch - July 1, 2016

They will not be paying $16 billon a year to Brussels. Also, will not be ruled by unelected regulators.

Shelley DeJonge - July 1, 2016

They can stop the influx of Middle Eastern immigrants, and not have to pay the ridiculous amount to the E.U.
Two big wins for greater freedom and independence.

Albert (Alberto) Castro Jr - July 1, 2016

By becoming a sovereign nation again, the country will now have it’s own determination in it’s future. Britton can now determine it’s own economy, security and politics.

kevin t mabin - July 1, 2016

on this July 4th weekend . I commend the people of Great Britain for standing for Liberty. As we must continue to stand for our God given Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity.

Janice Williams - July 1, 2016

The U.K. will be fine. This isn’t their first rodeo! Such resiliant people. Those who want a one world, one government, don’t understand that people DON’T want to loose their identity. Just like the British people. Many of us are very proud to be Americans, Irish Americans, German Americans, etc. Don’t try to take peoples identity away. They resent it.

Ted Doiron - July 1, 2016

Britain has for more than 100 years been a force for Freedom around the world and has been a leader at pushing back aggressors trying to ascertain dominance over weaker nations. The EU was tying Britain’s hand with regulations that controlled its’ powers to levy decisions to effect freedom within as well as without its’ borders. Ted Doiron

Efrain Gallardo - July 1, 2016

While the UK is geologically closer to Europe than it is to the US, the English lifestyle, heritage and thought process resulted in producing highly successful colonies from the US & Canada to Hong Kong and Australia that are mentally closer to the UK than to European cultures that produced failure colonies all over the world. The UK is less like their European ‘cousins’ than they are to their former colonies and will do much better in a North Atlantic Partnership with the US & Canada than with Europeans who think in failure mode all the time.
As is increasingly occurring in the US, the Brits are starting to ask ‘what can all these immigrants do in return for all the blessings they receive by being accepted into the UK?’ if the trade-off is that the immigrants enslave the present residents of the UK by forcing them to work to support the immigrants and require the Brits to accommodate themselves to all the failed cultures the immigrants escaped from, then it is just better to close the border.

J Mallebay - July 2, 2016

Both Reagan and Thatcher were pragmatical leaders, not dogmatic ideologues. Principles remain but the world has changed. Nobody knows what they would have advocated today. Now what if Brexit breaks down the UK? We know Brexit was celebrated in the Kremlin. Wait and see before jumping on the Bandwagon.

Ole C. Ostlund - July 2, 2016

Britain is again free to manage their own policies on trade and defence. Teaming up with America for exploring resources in North Atlantic and Arctic waters would add to making both strong again. Include Norway and Island With their maritime long time experience since the Vikings crossed the saes, and make NAFTA into North Atlantic Free Trade Agreement.

Ed Frost - July 2, 2016

England and the EU appear very similar to me as the US and the United Nations. It has to be more cost-effective, satisfying and efficient to take care of one’s family rather than your own neighborhood or city.

Dennis Hershberger - July 2, 2016

Sovereignty is a GOOD THING! To divide likeminded people is planned by satan himself! Blessings on your work.

Gil Jones - July 2, 2016

Enhanced “Freedom”. The very “Freedom” that is being chipped away here in these “United States”!

Wisesooth - July 2, 2016

Britain will have the opportunity to control immigration. They will be able to stem the threat of terrorism. They will have more self-rule with less outside interference. They also will have more control over trade policy. They will have more control over financial and economic policy. They also might delay Armageddon.

N. Jason Beck - July 2, 2016

Nothing I can think of is greater than freedom. Now they will have more of it. Three cheers for the Brits !

Christine Mueller - July 2, 2016

This vote was as important for the UK as this coming election in Nov. will be for the US. Brexit will give the British people the autonomy they have been denied since joining the EU. Now they will be able to have their vote count on how they want their country to be governed on trade, immigration, culture, etc. This is an historic time for freedom and liberty and those who seek it around the world! God Bless Great Britian!

Rene Topalian - July 2, 2016

The EU kills initiative and resourcefulness among the populations of its member nations. Nothing but good can come from withdrawal. My concern is that it will be undermined. But we’ll see.

Edward oliver - July 2, 2016

I as most Americans with any common sense have concerns and only want to see our USA survive the damages that the Obama Administration have created for all of us in his desire to Transform our USA into some kind of hell for all American Legal Citizens who pay taxes and strive to keep our USA Strong and Free! Our Goals must be established for our survival of our present and future Generations of the young who shall inherit the USA and all that is and whatever debts the Obama Administration has given them to suffer with and being at no claim of being a worthy inheritance from the present Democratic Party! My Opinions!

Edward oliver - July 2, 2016

This appears to be a new start in the move to a Free Trade agreement with the USA and the UK along with others who wish to reunite in a common bond of equality and Freedoms. Let make the USA Great Again and dismiss the past years of the Obama Administration as for what they have been, Failures after Failures and we cannot deal with Failures in our USA for we are Winners and always have been! God Bless our USA and the UK and others who may wish to join winners!

Ann Klutsenbaker - July 3, 2016

Restores liberty,
restores the consent of the governed,
makes a welcome connection between the American and British citizens desire for the above restorations!

Brian Keith Stolley - July 3, 2016

Great Britain will regain their full sovereignty; that alone is the prime benefit. I believe that the EU is ten kinds of a political and economic quagmire backwards and sideways which does not act in the interest of most of the member nations as the EU Council and Parliament are dominated by intrigue and questionable agendas of the few. Once the smoke clears from the unamicable divorce, Great Britain will emerge stronger and more dignified as the EU continues to bicker and roil in adverse events of its own making.

A. Anderson - July 3, 2016

Much Much better————-

Peggy - July 3, 2016

The only hope of taking back their country. The months ahead we need to pray they will prevail and be able to endure through this rough period.

Donald King - July 3, 2016

If it will help put the right people in governent and the two countries can work together then it’s great. It will make both of us stronger

rozell - July 4, 2016

Now the U K can use their Intellect !
The making of Evil into Good !

phil scardino - July 4, 2016

Very elated over Brexit. Now the Brits have their country!

Russ McMeans - July 5, 2016

The European Union, dictated out of Brussels, should have stuck with a free trade agreement. Period. But they wandered into the weeds of a central planned currency and social dictates.
And the Brits said no to the currency and now the whole experiment. When you can’t control immigration you’re heading for disaster. We’re next. We will be a total police state very soon. Importing Muslims is the accelerant. Also having a porous southern border. Importing lawlessness by the thousands multiplied.

Karen Bartlett - July 5, 2016

Any action which enhances the sovereignty of a political State and opposes the trend toward centralization is good. In the US, centralization of the government of the United States with the federal gov’t was argued against by Thomas Jefferson. It was favored by Hamilton, who wanted a strong central go’vt to form a national bank, to subsidize industrialists, and to impose taxes and protective tariffs. Lincoln, a Whig before becoming a Republican, favored a strong central gov’t as well, which he obtained through force of arms by means of the “Civil” War. The Confederacy, by contrast, favored the Jeffersonian concept of a relatively weak central gov’t in favor of strong and equally sovereign State governments, as the framers of the Constitution intended. All States lost the “Civil” War,not only those that seceded, and we see the result now, in an ever increasing centralization of power with the federal gov’t, and an increasing weakening of the power of individual, sovereign State governments.”Democracy” (majority rule) which the Framers never intended, has replaced the original Republic (rule of law) as formed by the Founders. Only the South in 1860 seemed to remember what States’ rights meant, as the North became flooded with immigrants who did not know the history of the United States (Sovereign States, or countries, united in compact). Only the Southern Confederacy fully understood what the States lost when the federal gov’t won the “Civil” War. Rather than a voluntary Union, a compact between the States (which formed the federal gov’t) we now have a “nation” to which States are mere provinces (and conquered territory in the case of the South.) Instead of a voluntary Union of sovereign States, we now have a coercion of States, with the federal gov’t as the sovereign over the States.

Susan Seaberg - July 5, 2016

I agree with Jim Keller & am do glad that the UK left the EU. If only in our own countey could we & would we rise up, vote, & take our proud free country back!

KEN TINNEY - January 27, 2017

I AM A TRUMP GUY> and will continue to be.

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