The House of Representatives voted to raise the federal minimum wage on Thursday. (Photo: Alex Wong/Getty Images)

On Thursday, the House of Representatives voted to raise the federal minimum wage to $15 an hour by 2025 – more than doubling the current rate of $7.25. According to the Congressional Budget Office, increasing the federal minimum wage to $15 has the potential to boost the wages for millions of workers by 2025 – but could also eliminate up to 3.7 million jobs.
Requiring businesses to pay more for the same quality and amount of labor always forces them to cut back somewhere else. Most often, they cut their number of workers.
Heritage labor expert Rachel Greszler sat down with The Daily Signal to discuss the effects of doubling the federal minimum wage. “To boil it down, you could say, what would happen if your mortgage more than doubled, or your rent?” Greszler said. “There would be serious consequences. You would have to cut down on other expenses, you may have to find a new home, some people would be left homeless – and it’s the same scenario with more than doubling the federal minimum wage.”
Listen to the full discussion here.
Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell stated that he would not take the bill up in the Senate.
Star Parker, president of the Center for Urban Renewal and Education and contributor to The Daily Signal, takes a look at how the minimum wage debate is used by politicians, and how lawmakers can
truly help the lowest income earners. Read her article here.
How can conservatives better communicate the danger of raising the federal minimum wage?

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Sinclair B. Doggett - July 19, 2019

Liberals don’t care what we think so why in the world would we make a suggestion?? Besides no matter what we say or do it will be Trump’s fault. The only hope we have to get any semblance of sanity is at the voting box!

Pace Carol - July 19, 2019

$15 minimum wage in Seattle is not working out great for small businesses! Use Seattle as an example of job lost because small businesses closed their doors or cut back on employees!

John Miller - July 19, 2019

Unless things have changed in the last 16 years, healthcare workers (hospital, nursing home, home health care) were among the lowest paid occupations. Cutting this type of work would be difficult without affecting level of care. Therefore one should plan on significant increase in medical care.

Richard Brown - July 19, 2019

If the government decides to raise the minimum wage to $15.00 it will result in the loss of 1.3 million jobs, hurt our economy, and destroy small business as we know it. Tell your representatives to vote no!!! If they vote yes then vote them out of office because they’re not working for us!

David - July 19, 2019

The minimum wage was designed for entry level jobs not for people looking for careers . It would also drive up the cost of food . Eating out would be twice as much as it is today . Most places already pay well above the minimum wage as it is . this is more about getting votes than about helping working people .

Edythe g MCCORMICK - July 19, 2019

Most people don’t see how increasing the minimum wage will effect their life ,jiob, and standard of living. They can’t put the concept into practice.

Colleen Kohler - July 19, 2019

You could start with emphasizing actual examples of the difficulties raised when wages are arbitrarily raised by government decree: Seattle restaurant closings.
Emphasize that the free market settles wages. Introductory wages are for introductory workers, like young students. They are not wages for the experienced worker. Most workers already make more than the minimum.

GINETTE z COHEN - July 19, 2019

The only way to run successfully a business or even more a country is to regulate the budget between the profit and the expenses. If they raise the minimum wage, they will be obligated to rescind the workforce. It is a simple mathematic problem.

Kenneth henkel - July 19, 2019

When the minimum was raised 10% in 2009, the inner-city unemployment rate went up exactly 10%.

Richard Herman - July 19, 2019

Somehow we must convey to the “masses” that it is part of the GIVE, GIVE, GIVE, philosophy of the Dems, with no accounting for who will actually pay, and that is those who employ. Ergo, those who employ will not be able to “employ” at $15/hour, especially for teens who work during the summer. We must, again somehow, effectively say that this is yet another ploy by the Dems to gain votes, not help people. I have the problem identified, but sorry; no solution. We have made this bed, and now we must lie in it.

Cal Lorenz - July 19, 2019

Minimum wage is youg people just learning to work. Not for people to start at. You start somewhere and work your way up to better jobs

Augusta - July 19, 2019

As I sit here pondering the $15 minimum wage, I can only look back at my own life and career and think how nice that sounded but the reality is that if they start high they will end at the same rate. The employer will never have enough to grant higher pay in service jobs, part-time jobs, clerical etc. Certain jobs will disappear and in comes the robots!

Ron Thompson - July 19, 2019

No where in the Constitution does it say the Federal government has the right to set wages! The goal of the Federal government is to open the path for the private citizen to reach their goals not stifle them. Minimum wage started as an agreement between Coal miner union and mine owners. It was an agreement between them, no where was the government allowed in. So it is Unconstitutional for the Congress to make such a Law. It is not defending or in accordance with the Constitution !

RONNI HINCHMAN - July 19, 2019

These were not meant to be jobs to support families. They were meant and our meant to be auxiliary pay for students and teenagers and maybe even an adult who wants a part-time job. Allowing $15 an hour”working wage” discourages employees from bettering themselves. I mean you don’t have to have a college education… But you do have to have ambition and drive. And I am really really tired of hearing how I have to support shiftless employees. There are decent jobs out there for somebody who cares to find them and work.

George Gomez - July 19, 2019

At what point will Heritage talk on the how inflation caused by government spending has created so many working poor!
I’m not sure anyone will agree that $15.00 hour will provide enough money to live a comfortable life. We need to stop over spending so working people can provide.

Melvin Barnhart - July 19, 2019

One fallacy of a national minimum wage rate is the wide disparities in cost of living state to state, and within states. A $15 rate may be perfectly reasonable in a higher cost area, even below the prevailing wages.
On the other hand, it would be an economic disaster in low cost areas.
This is clearly a Federalism issue where states should, as they have, set their own wage rates based on their local conditions and political leanings.
This is where more basic economics understanding needs to be stressed.

Kathryn Carter - July 20, 2019

Raising the minimum wage will put many small employers out of business or cause them to let staff go, as they cannot afford it. Raising the minimum wage will cause the cost of everything else to go up, and the country and the minimum wage worker will actually be in a worse state financially than he was before.

Dr. Linda Shepard - July 20, 2019

This is a lose-lose situation. Unskilled students working. They cannot be supported by the.wage and taxes on these small business owners. Prices will rise, sales decreases, now leaving the work force wit fewer jobs, higher costs, and less spending. American who have worked their entire lives, many having starting in minimum wage work, are now pouring taxes into Social Security, whishaw a savings account of sorts, collected from earners’ takes.
Divert the money to illegal aliens, while honest Americans cannot use their retirement to buy shellter, food,, or dental and vision care. There is a saying,” Old age is not for sissiies,”
We are a large block of voters who will be very active at pumping the brakes on the ill–planned, unrederched politics.of hate, no efforts to have civilized discourse and work to compromise and consensus. With respect, Rep. AOCZ, you are a schoolyard bully and narcissist who is cruel and ignoran. If you have no firm scholar base, at least read the Cltt notes on topic like economics, government, and the like. You aren’t the squad so much as a group of ignorant, overgrown Mean Girls..

Gordon Andersen - July 20, 2019

A raise in minimum wage causes a chain reaction. If an unskilled worker is paid $15/hr someone with skills who was making $15/hr will require $20/hr and on up the line. The raise in wages will cause a rise in the cost of goods & services. In the end the low income worker is no better off because the $15/hr wage will only have the same purchasing power he previously had at $7.50/hr. Basic economics!

Bruce Dickey - July 20, 2019

“Just the fact mam, just the facts!” Quote from “Dragnet”.
Just state the facts, concisely, and with documentation or references. The Democrats employ sentimentality and emotions but they rarely support their claims with documented facts. “Just because you say something, doesn’t make it so.” We’ve got to train people to think objectively.

mikki thiele - July 20, 2019

The increase minimum wage also increases cost of living. It reduces the buying power of those on a fixed income with no cost of living increase. As in the increases of the past only the tax collector wins.

Dan Baerthel - July 20, 2019

Real simple: Conservatives have argued that these are entry level jobs that young workers pass through learning basic job skills. (I believe today, senior workers looking to supplement their income also are players in some industries like fast food.) Need to back up the temporary nature of these jobs with valid statistics and, in so doing, some jobs that don’t fall into this bucket will be identified that historically have been underpayed. Further investigation and analysis should target these areas (as one other commentator noted, healthcare industries would fit this scenario) and real solutions found. Quality of care, educational levels, and more reasonable pay would certainly evolve. Problem is, like so many Liberal ideas, they never get to the truth of the issues but only aim to blanket everything with one solution – send more money.

John Walko - July 20, 2019

Why do I never hear about what the worker making $15/hr today thinks about someone making $7.25 getting the same rate? Won’t he want more? Is this the start of super inflation? Why was my job as a starting engineer in 1963 only worth $5900/yr and is now $100,000? I believe I was as productive as engineers today?

Linda Foley - July 20, 2019

Minimum wage increase is inflationary. Experienced or specially trained employees will obviously want their wages increased. Unions will want increases which means every taxpayer funded project (prevailing wage job) will cost more. Within a few years inflation will eat up any increase.

Mitch Barkett - July 20, 2019

It is an entry level job killer.

Murf Appling - July 20, 2019

Where N the Constitution, is it expressed, implied, or inherent that our elected Representatives – Sen & House – should command the amount paid to Federal/Private employees? Article 1, Section 8 discusses the idea of “promote the General Welfare”, not pay, finance, appropriate, etc.. Federal employees R paid by the taxpayer & unless the taxpayer voices an opinion contrary to recent legislation, we have “found the enemy & it is us”! Any H S Econ teacher will advise their students, the minimum wage is just the starting line. Plus, if U look back N American History, the minimum wage was a tool of prejudice!! Always remember, “no one is overpaid!” (Lee Trevino)!! A wage increase, eventually, will result N a price increase!!

Terry Bell - July 20, 2019

Raising $10 workers to 15 means $13 workers to to 17 or 18, $16 workers to 20 etc until eventually $30 workers to 35. All labor moves up legislative as opposed to by natural market forces. Must increase prices significantly largely negating the purchasing power of the wage increases and inflation for those who don’t get increases

William Coates - July 20, 2019

Publicize how Bernie Sanders implemented his union contract’s requirements for a $15 per hour minimum wage – he cut the hours he will pay for.

jim brooker - July 20, 2019

stick with Mitch!

Julie Marsland - July 20, 2019

A mother thing Big Government wants. Look at what happen when Obama’s watch they took over Student Loans. The University’s kept raising fee’s and the Government is stuck with Billion’s of debt.
The Post Office keeps raising the cost of mail and less people end up using computers. We have a shorter amount of Doctors, due to Obama Care. What more things do we have to ruin, before people realize “Big Government” running our needs end up with bad endings. Robots will be doing jobs. We check out are groceries our selves’ which good paying jobs for older and younger are being lost. Many more restaurants are going to figure out how to stay in business. Big Government is always trying to run on something new, but watch what is the consequence of there actions are?

Tommy - July 20, 2019

There should NO federal minimum wage! Each state should set it’s own minimum wage. $15.00 per hour in Mississippi is good money but not much in New York. It would also be interesting to see how each state performed under the different taxes that they create.

Geoff Pac - July 20, 2019

Gee…what better way to have the AI community take over all these menial $15 and hour jobs. These liberals will do to the minimum wage economy of START UP jobs what unions did to the big wage auto jobs of yesteryear. THEY WILL DESTROY THEM! It never ceases to amaze me how invent yet one more way to undo what good we have done for ourselves!

James - July 20, 2019

I believe that would just increase the cost of living. Because every 1 would just increase the cost of every thing to pay for the increase of every thing.

Mary Westcott - July 20, 2019

Raising the minimum wage will mean fewer jobs:
1. It will hurt young people who need work experience, and need funds to pay for their education. Students who work for their education are much more likely to apply themselves and truly benefit from their studies.
2. It will hurt seniors who depend heavily on the service industy which would see increased costs.
3. It will hurt the less educated people and those who don’t speak English who need jobs.

Raising minimum wage will raise prices. How can anyone get ahead that way?

Rather than the government trying to control wages, how much better to get illegal immigration under control and continue to improve the business environment so that employers will be looking for more workers, and will be in a position to pay them better. This will be a win-win for everyone.

Marian Siehl Neefus - July 20, 2019

Conservatives can say that businesses that hire minimum wage earners may have, do have, a slim profit margin and cannot pay more without raising prices. That would hurt the business. We need a big push for apprenticeships and help for workers to further their education. There could be rewards for increasing ones education

Lloyd Mahoney - July 21, 2019

Fifteen dollars per hour will negatively impact small and large business owners! Most workers already make minimum wage anyway. Good grief, don’t change it!! Minimum wage is simply hourly pay for a starter job (or a second supplemental job); it is NOT meant to be enough money to easily support a family. It is intended to be the pay level for the FIRST job you take which teaches you what the real world is like. That’s it. One cannot expect to buy a home, raise a family, buy a car, or look forward to climbing the career ladder by working only minimum wage jobs throughout their lifetime. For all of us, please leave minimum wage levels alone.

Lynne Broderius - July 21, 2019

Lessons are often learned in history. Is there a good example anywhere in the world where the results became an obvious enough impact of failure to add into discussion for the General Public?

Adri Kalisvaart - July 21, 2019

Minimum wage proponents are very immoral people. They use government force to take everything away from people who have very little to start with.

Sharif Masoudi - July 21, 2019

Government regulation of minimum wages may call it unsystematic because it will be out of the market laws. Employers may reduce the number of employees and/ or asking to increase the productivity and both may cause severe physical and mental pressure on the employees, families, and society. It also affect on the employers, economy, and society the prices may increase, the working environment pressure will cause negative feedback from employees cause assets, products, and relations to get worse. This unsystematic increase may lead to laid-off, reduce working hours, damage machines and working place, damage relations with employee, damage human health, damage family relationship and reflection on children, also increase the market prices…

Chris Milord - July 21, 2019

More than doubling the minimum wage could price close to 4 million people out of the labor market. Entry level workers would have a difficult time finding employment. Those who get the raise would like it until they realize that it’s all a wash in the end.
These folks would have to pay more for goods and services and they might have their work hours reduced because of the increased cost of doing business from the employers end. Small businesses would suffer due to the costs of benefits and salaries. Some employees would get laid off or have their hours cut.
What would happen to all the folks who can’t even get a first job or part-time job, such as retirees, students and teenagers? It’s not the job of the government to set wages in the private sector. Market forces ought to determine wages for particular occupations and skills. Conservatives should contact their representatives regarding the folly of hiking the minimum wage by such a large margin. It will hurt society by stifling economic growth.

John Glass - July 23, 2019

If the progressively higher minimum wage idea is truly supported by a majority of the nation, would it not be more logical to approach the subject by tying it to the recognized inflation rate. That should be palatable to even the harshest critics and have a nominal effect on most businesses. Would not be politically rewarding in our present culture, but at least rationale.

Ron Wright - July 23, 2019

the market dictates prices by dems artificially raising prices the business has to raise prices to absorb the increase we have already seen kiosks appear on jobs that humans used to have they do not need minimum wage

Mack McKinney - July 23, 2019

Show a simple business budget for a coffee shop:
Rent: $1000
Coffee: $1300
Cups and Materials: $980
Labor: $2100
Then show revenue minus expenses providing a small profit for the owner. Then show increase in hourly wage consuming all the profit and more, so owner takes it from the only place he can cut: the hours of the current employees. End result is some people drop below 30 hrs/week and lose all benefits, plus others are just let go in order to get labor expenses back to the original number. Bottom line is that Gov’t should not dabble in free markets – – – it always ends badly.

Toby - July 28, 2019

If we need to help minimum wage workers, we need to increase their productivity and make their labor valuable enough to support a higher wage, and we need to encourage full time jobs, and we need to consider lowering payroll taxes and benefits, since employers are most concerned with total cost of employment, not just wages. The total cost of federal, state, and local taxes and regulations is staggering. Economists who just pump federal income tax cuts are not thinking clearly and should not be trusted.
Thanks for the opportunity to comment!

Toby - July 28, 2019

Bravo for Star Parker! She should spend a week as a guest on “The Five”! perhaps she could shame some sense into Juan Williams!

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