Liberal House members just unveiled H.R. 1384 – The Medicare for All Act of 2019, which has 106 co-sponsors. This comprehensive bill threatens to abolish virtually all private health plans – including employer-sponsored coverage – and impose total federal government control over Americans’ health care.

Heritage health care expert Bob Moffit briefed Senate staff members this week as a guest of the Senate Republican Policy Committee. He explained to them why this bill is highly authoritarian, unrealistically expensive, and would surely replicate the pattern of long waiting lists, care delays, and denials that British and Canadian citizens struggle with in their own single-payer health care systems.

Bob has written extensively about Medicare for All, with recent op-eds appearing in the Los Angeles Times, the Chicago Tribune, the Richmond Times-Dispatch, and Newsday, among other publications. Get up-to-date on his analysis of Medicare for All here:

House Democrats Unveil Plan to Bring Total Government Control Over American Health Care

‘Medicare for All’ Would Ruin the Care Americans Already Like

Why ‘Medicare for All’ Would Be Bad News for Everyone

Don’t forget to read Heritage’s new Explainer: The Right Way to Overhaul Our Health Care System

How do you think we should respond to Medicare for All?

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Christie Hopkins - March 22, 2019

Just because the government is obligated to pay for many, those with Medicaid and Medicare, they should not get involved with paying for those with their own plans or who choose not to participate. This is a classic case to the camel with his nose in the tent.

catherine simicich - March 22, 2019

Medicare for all is an delusion for all Americans. The fact is we cannot afford this kind of healthcare and rationing will be common and deaths will occur because of the long waits .

James L Justice - March 22, 2019

Would you want a government run national car insurance program that would require every car owner to buy their insurance through that monopoly?

John Olson - March 22, 2019

fight it!

William Coates - March 22, 2019

Kill it in the Senate, or veto it. Any Republicans who consider voting for it should be blacklisted and primaried.

Elmer Werth - March 22, 2019

Cost prohibitive! Some people would clutter up medical facilities for trivia that a bandaid could fix. Serious problems likely would be delayed too long. We not have staff enough to even attempt such a venture.

Don and Donna Bachman - March 22, 2019

The Democrats are out to destroy the USA and it’s Constitution. This is just one example. We fully object to these government bureaucrats having their hands into all issues and destroying all that was good for workers under the guise that they know better. We worked hard for SS and Medicare all our lives and do not need it taken from us because of some lame-brained politicians. Things would be far better if they would stop taking their bribes from pharmaceutical companies and reduce medicine prices that we have to pay and which keep going up. Our medical costs are over $8000 dollars per year after Medicare, secondary insurance, and help from my company. We are most fortunate that our doctors will work for the peanuts that Medicare pays them. People are crazy if the think that they will continue in the medical field if everyone is on Medicare!

Lana Callahan - March 22, 2019

Medicare should be for American citizens only and only the ones it was intended at that. The government needs to keep their hands off what isn’t theirs to give and mind their own business!

Robert Ivy - March 22, 2019

This is an indication of the mindset of the Dems. They are in control whether it is in their interest or not. Flex your muscles and jack your jaws ’cause we are making the decisions.

Forget the people who are being so called represented by the elite.

Mark Bowland - March 22, 2019

Most of the discussion I hear relates to government take over and, of course, that would be disastrous and unaffordable. But the elimination of private medical practices and the quality incentives they have would be even more catastrophic. It would virtually eliminate all the incentives for individuals to invest the time and money to become medical professionals leading to massive shortages of doctors. No good can come from a “single payer” system.

Sherrill Daily - March 22, 2019

When anyone starts to talk about “for all” they have not considered the fact that there are too many people who will game the system .That is what is happening now with the system we have and if there are many more people in the system who have no skin in the game it woul be a tradegy

Kathleen Parr - March 22, 2019

I can really Preach about this forever…
I haven’t heard one person say anything about RX Prescription Coverage and that is an expense …the younger generation believes everything Organic good luck with that … Now after RX would come Wellness Mental and Physical…nothing that requires a RX because its Wellness…I could go on and on just these few steps are costly and Medicare hasn’t begun yet…Private Insurance for all except Seniors and Disabled they should be on Medicare…they will watch their Bills Close they are prepared for this level of life … Its the big step now the poverty and middle class …Kidney Dialysis is a big expense and it seems to be overwhelming the system sometimes I think the patients who are on dialysis 3 days a week at the dialysis facility should really talk with the patient and the families…This alone can take up to $65,000 a year My heart goes out to the dialysis people…then you have the Crack Babies , here at Hati Larlham Facility when the babies are born they usually have a seizure while being born and so many other health problems ,but I have friends who adopted the babies and they are doing well…with technology the lives of crack babies has been extended…I am all for Building the Wall …where this hospital is for the Crack Babies Only, is amazing…Now I have touched on nothing but this nothing could not be covered by Medicare , Medicaid would have to step in hopefully its available…Whoever gets this TrumpCare up and working would have to be a Genius …Thank You…

John Fazio - March 22, 2019

Mediicare for all!
Whether you like it or not,
Whatever the plan for you,
Whatever it costs you.

Medicare for all is just like
any too good to be true sales
pitch, just a wish for the best for all, but ending up in practice with health care for no one and bill for all.

Marianne Pearce - March 22, 2019

It is unthinkable! God have mercy upon us.

Ted Beatty - March 22, 2019

Cost is not the only barrier. We will have bureaucrats decide who gets treated and who does not. There will be weeks, months, and even years for simple procedures. Can you imagine only about 10 or so MRI sites in the US? Where will we – like Canadians come to the US for treatment- go for procedures?

Richard Green - March 22, 2019

Ask yourself how Medicare for all will impact the hospital system? Many hospital chains will close within 90 days. They will not be profitable. I suspect this may involve 60 to 90% of the hospitals in the US. Will this lead to a system to government run hospitals? Wow, we can have VA efficiency for all.

Jerry Kuennen - March 22, 2019

Here’s a fact to consider; jobs in the government reportedly pay 15-17% more than the private sector for comparable work. Also a government run health care system would leave no one with an incentive to look for cost savings and efficiencies. Competition is good for all industries.

A government-run health care system would produce better outcomes and keep costs down? Let’s get real!!

Anna Nelson - March 22, 2019

Get info on costs and outcomes of medical procedures around the country. Then inform people on insurance costs and types of coverage. Make it available to all via the internet. Let people choose what they want – catastrophic coverage, more inclusive coverage, a plan for people with pre-existing conditions. Etc. Ask Americans – would they rather be told by bureaucrats who don’t know them and have no motivation to prioritize coverage, other than buying votes., to make decisions or individuals meeting their own needs?

Harry Anderson - March 22, 2019

Everyone deserves medical services for their needs; however, those who have never contributed do not deserve to dip into these services. Such a thing would further break the bank and place a heavier burden on those who can least afford additional financial burdens.

Sheila - March 22, 2019

We need to educate the people! We need TV ads that quickly and clearly explain what Medicare For All will do to THEM.

Sam - March 22, 2019

There will be staff enough. Non quality govt minority workers will take the place of compassionate, intelligent individuals who are hard working and caring.

claire - March 23, 2019

Let the Health Policy HOLDERS make their very own decisions. Keep the hands of the Governmnet out!
No MINOR is mature enougj to bave that needed Intllectual Maturity and full KNOWLEDGE to cast Votes that will CAUSE the change of serious issus within our nation!

Margaret Greer - March 23, 2019

Since it eliminates private insurance, convince those wealthy sources to do the fighting to save their own businesses.

Thomas Papiernik - March 23, 2019

goverment should be less involved–what is in place for medicare should have a committee of five composed of a honest cpa,doctor,a person with knowledge & understanding of insurance,priest or very religious individual, & head of committee who is fearfully indendent a free thinker who will truely have people first money second !!!! I hope my family in illinois & wisc will get involved!!!

Ron Berti - March 23, 2019

We screwed up last time (during the ACA) by responding with “but the US system is so great!”. People liked their own plan but didn’t like the overall system (somehow). I think we need a 2-step approach, first we have to destroy hope that this proposal will work. It’d be handy to have a pithy expression like, maybe, “if you like your doctor, too bad” to remind people of prior promises made and broken. And then we on the right need to get serious behind 3-4 proposals and start running them through a “funnel” to develop a majority on our side to present so it’s MfA VS SOMETHING SPECIFIC.

`Nancy Shaffer - March 23, 2019

Just another step toward putting the life of Americans into the the hands of the federal government, to wipe out medical insurance and but the cost into the burden of the federal government.

Michael A Zonfrillo - March 23, 2019

This would destroy over 150 million people who participate in current health care policies and Medicare. This is another disaster. Why do we continue to screw up what is working for the 10% that don’t have a plan regardless of the problem. Let’s focus on the problem for the 10% and not destroy the existing healthcare system.

Glynnda White - March 23, 2019

First the cowardly Republicans should have had this taken care of two years ago and we would be on the path to serious healing across the nation now, but they can only focus on replace rather than get rid of Obamacare….truth….they like having control and they want to keep it….
What we should do is establish an HSA account for every American citizen. The government can add to that account annually. That money will follow the citizen around for as long as that person lives….the person must add to it, it can be an employer benefit to add to it, Parents are responsible for their child’s account, i.e. the gov’t adds their part, the parent adds the rest….if the parent doesn’t have the money to do this, as long as they are working, they can get a supplement added to their account for up to 2 children (if they are poor they shouldn’t be reproducing) and they can help to varying degrees….much like Kid Care in FL, an insurance system that costs low income parents very little…once the gov’t places that money every year, the owner of the account uses it and has the only access to it….no more government interference. They can require an annual expense audit on the account to insure that the acct owner is the only one using it and that money is only being spent on health care needs. If the owner abuses the account, they lose it and take care of their own health care from there or voluntarily have it managed for the remainder of their lives. There should be no more medicare, Medicaid, etc. Both programs and all other gov’t based health care programs should be sunsetted. The military would get special consideration for combat time, etc. People are irresponsible with their own health because they haven’t been responsible for paying for the results of their self care for decades…it is wrong and it is creating a dependent society. Anyone who is NOT a US citizen should receive ZERO healthcare assistance from the government. Legal immigrants should be sponsored and their sponsor should be responsible for their health care. Illegal immigrants can depend on charity of religious or non prof organizations that receive money solely from private sources….until they are deported…period. Religious orgs and non profs that are caught hiding illegals should be fined, shut down and those in charge jailed. Those who come to the nation to work for a period of time should have all health care responsibilities provided by their own gov’t. which will pay for any health care they receive here….their families do not need to accompany them. Refugees should receive healthcare services paid for completely by the agencies that bring them into the country….these agencies receive millions from the government for bringing these people over, they need to pay for healthcare of these refugees. Refugees should be in this nation for no more than one year after the danger, crisis, whatever is over in their nation. They cannot become citizens, they cannot bring family, they cannot take jobs, they should be completely dependent upon the entity that brought them in and that entity should house them in areas outside of populated areas. They should not be allowed to leave their compounds. The management agency should be on site managing these people, bringing in food, supplies, and allowing them to live in peace until their crisis is over, but they should not be interacting with US populations….the mgmt. agency should be completely accountable to gov’t on how the people living there are treated, and every other detail of their lives as long as they are in this nation..PERIOD

Janet Parrott - March 23, 2019

The government should not be involved in healthcare at all. Let me find and pay my own Dr., let me find and pay for my own insurance. When you add the government, you pay a third time to a source that knows nothing about either.

Jay Lose - March 23, 2019

The Democrats say we can’t afford 5 billion for a wall but 39 billion is okay because they want to control one more aspect of our life. As soon as they get this through they’ll start pushing on immigration and we will have millions more people added to country and welfare rolls.

Jim Erickson - March 23, 2019

Why do we persist in throwing out systems, like healthcare pre-Medicare, that worked for almost everyone, except a small minority of hapless individuals for a system that doesn’t work for almost everyone and for which we have no control of the costs or quality? We’re stupid!

William Duvall - March 23, 2019

I think the American people are to smart to fall for all these ridiculous statements by a bunch of foolish rookies trying to get attention.

DOROTHY - March 23, 2019


Lorraine - March 23, 2019

A very bad idea. Who wants the government dictating your choices for medical care. The government has enough to do without taking on this crazy chalenge.

Anna deBlanc - March 23, 2019

No Medicare for all!! We should have healthcare that is affordable, but insurance does not guarantee healthcare when insurance refuses to pay for something or tells you you have to do A,B or C before they might cover the treatment you and your doctor have agreed on. No illegal or legal non-citizen should be getting taxpayer funded medical care. They are getting Medicaid, food stamps, etc. No wonder our govt cannot guarantee American citizens they will have social security or Medicare beyond 2036 ( I think that was the year.

Ann Sharon Pelletier - March 23, 2019

Unsustainable … and medical intervention will turn into something that would be intolerable … unless, of course, we become ill between 9a -5p … and no one gets sick on weekends. And how about the billions of dollars going into all the scientific cancer cures? Will these cures come into effect the same time the Medicare for All kicks in??

anne - March 24, 2019

I do not think the government should decide to take care of my life

Fern Dovale - March 24, 2019

Isn’t forcing a group of people to work for one employer a form of mild slavery. Medicare for all forces all medical care workers to work for the federal government. People will find this lack of freedom and choice oppressive. Slowly they leave (or refuse to go into) the field of medical care. 5 to 10 years after passage, there will be shortage of medical care workers. This shortage will get worse as time goes by (those left will be overworked).

Brad Nyholm - March 24, 2019

I agree with all point on Supreme Court maintain at(9). Health care maintain private system.
Less government control. Push down to state and local decision.

Patricia E - March 24, 2019

Please remind others that Medicare as it currently works is losing physicians. The result is that the program we were forced to buy into is no longer providing us with the medical care promised. When physicians opt out of Medicare the medigap policies we also purchased do not cover those expenses. Now the government is expecting a program we will also be forced to participate in to improve medical care. They do not understand that Medicare for All will continue to lose medical professionals of a caliber patients would prefer. Ask physicians what they would recommend so they may continue to practice the medicine they studied and worked so hard to provide.

Pat Ellis - March 24, 2019

Complete government control over everyone medical care? How well has that worked for England? How well has that worked for our own V.A.? Months of wait, poor services, etc……..

Beth Schlangen - March 24, 2019

At least Glennda had some kind of a plan to look at. We’ve had ins run healthcare, govt run healthcare, neither has worked. We need provider choice, not someone picking winners and losers. Providers should not have third party interferers(govt, ins companies, AMA, FDA) telling them how to provide healthcare. We also need to make healthy lifestyle choices to prevent most pre-existing conditions. HSA could be helpful. If you can’t afford medical care, look for local assistance first, govt last resort of assistance. People care about others, even give to Go Fund Me accounts. Lots of money wasted on elections and legislature, politics.

Jean-Paul Lambrechts - March 24, 2019

I think medical service costs should be much more uniform: my wife just had endoscopy and endoscopy, Total billing $12,500. But we are on medicare and have extra insurance leading to “adjustment” of $10,500. So, billing before any insurance payment becomes $2,000. How can such a difference be justified? $12,500 vs. $2,000 for the same thing?
A friend of mine has diabetis and needs supplies every 3 months. In california, she paid $250. She moved to Washington State and paid $150. Now she lives in Nevada and pays $15 (yes, $15).
Such price differences are unacceptable in my opinion. We should fix that before considering any other change: we need similar cost to all for same healthcare services..

Linda Carpenter - March 25, 2019

No, thank you.

ed mccarthy - March 25, 2019

I thought obama care was such a great health policy. Now the dems say its so bad they want to rewrite our whole Democracy.

Elaine Liming - March 25, 2019

Medicare for all is the worst idea ever. I don’t want the Government to handle my health needs. Big brother watching over us all and regulating our health needs. Look at our Postal System and see a government run failure. They want to regulate our life and death—it has already begun–look at NY — killing live babies . The government should not get involved with those who have their own plans. Medicare and Medicaid for those who need help and are American citizens should be continued. and improved. There needs to be a better check and people and doctors abuse the plans by being dishonest.

GeorgeJutila - March 26, 2019

Do it the way the Heritage foundation suggests in the recent video!!!!!

Raymond Campos - March 26, 2019

I can’t understand why anyone is in favor of government control over American health care. This would be the ultimate monopoly. History has shown us what happens when a private industry has total control of services or products. it would be even worse the let the government have the monopoly. What has the government ever done efficiently? Just look at how its done with the veteran’s administration as proof of how in-efficient the government is at serving our veteran’s medical needs.

Raymond Pavlik - March 26, 2019

If you can’t educate the people on LOCAL TV stations, the 16 year old’s will be voting on the P and VP on that picture above this article soon.

Marleen Laska - March 29, 2019

Definitely No Medicare for all! However, believe healthcare can be improved by legislating that all healthcare be non-profit…when dealing w/life threatening situations profit should never have a play. (As an aside, basic education (K-12) should also be reversed, i.e., education today is mostly government-provided but what better way for a government to gain control then to control the ideas & facts taught to new generations? Government controlled education is dangerous…parents should be in control & responsible for selecting the type of education they want their children to have, selecting from competing options in the marketplace.)

Sherriill Daily - March 29, 2019

So far Everything the left is considering is a detriment to the country What has happened to politians who have some common sense and real regard for this county I can’t remember when we had this many so far left May God help us

W. Bruce von Tulganburg - March 30, 2019

I’m on medicare, bot my wife and son are on Horizon Blue Cross and Blue Shield of New Jersey, and this the only way I want our health insurance to be like. I’m against socialized medicine. I’m willing to pay for my family’s insurance.

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