In 2016, 17 million British citizens voted for Brexit, which would allow Britain to leave the European Union. This month, British Prime Minister Theresa May released a series of proposals that would effectively kill Brexit by retaining many European Union rules and regulations.

Heritage’s Nile Gardiner was the media’s go-to expert on the situation, which has caused a political crisis in Britain. Appearing on Fox Business, Fox News, CNN, and other outlets, he spoke to May’s weak proposals and the importance of an Anglo-American alliance on 8 different television broadcasts.

Gardiner, director of Heritage’s Margaret Thatcher Center for Freedom, said on Fox Business that “the Brexit dream is dying,” and that the original vision of Brexit is fading fast because of several compromises made by the prime minister. In another Fox interview, he said that Britain’s concessions to the EU were a “surrender to Brussels and extremely unacceptable.” Showing great concern for the future of Anglo-American relations, Gardiner called May’s entire approach “weak and ineffective,” and warned viewers that the prime minister’s stance would “undermine the possibility of a strong US/UK special relationship.”

It is in Britain’s best interest to align itself closely to the United States. On CNN, Gardiner said President Trump can save Brexit and a strong Britain. He also reassured the hosts on Fox News Business that the President has “a strong belief in sovereignty and self-determination,” and will bring a sense of hope and optimism to Great Britain.

Your support enables Gardiner to have such a presence in the nation’s media. Because of you, the conservative perspective on Brexit was heard by millions.

What do you think should be the next step for Brexit?

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Ken Stabe - July 23, 2018

Ditch May! She has surrendered to one world government. It reminds me of Churchil’s Predicessor! Thank God for Churchill. “Never, never, never giveup”! It’s that time again. ☝️

Ron Gilley - July 23, 2018

Theresa May needs to be replaced with someone who strongly supports the will of the British people. The “elites” in Brussels will do whatever they feel is necessary to prevent Britain from leaving the EU. Nigel Farage would be my recommendation.

Joann Mckay - July 23, 2018

This Brexit issue needs to be taken back to the citizens of the UK to contest the move by PM Theresa May. And in their next election she needs to be removed from office or impeached. The will of the people should prevail!

W L Peters - July 23, 2018

I strongly agree with the comments made by Ron Gilley, above.

Anthony Fox - July 23, 2018

Fire May, bring on Boris

Vern Tyerman - July 23, 2018

Fully agree, May has lost the plot, needs to be replaced with a strong negotiator who has the vision for a free and independent Britain. Trump was right to call her out.

Bill K. - July 23, 2018

England had the Magna Cartna that inspired our founding fathers to draft-write our Constitution with the writings of
John Locke-Edmund Burke and Sydney- who believed in natural rights- freedom and liberty. Education is the key to restore our Republic.
YES WE CAN restore our Republic and
” Hang it-Celebrate it & Teach it” this Sept 17-2018 and thru Civic classes in K-12 . Let’s restore our Republic-restore our borders- restore the rule of law. Let’s
celebrate the birthday of “that glorious liberty document” and show the world that with real freedom and liberty America will be always be
a great place to live-work and remain that shinning light on the hill!

Carole H - July 23, 2018

Nigel Farage is the answer but I suppose the government will need to have a new election which May will lose. I suspect Boris Johnson will play a prominent part.

Debra Estridge - July 23, 2018

I also agree with Ron Gilley that Teresa May should be replaced. I support Nigel Farage and feel the will of the British people should be followed.

William Coates - July 23, 2018

Continue with the exit. Every step away from a Europe (or a world) controlled by Brussels bureaucrats is a good step.

Collette Davis - July 23, 2018

Respect the majority rule of that vote!
Let May GO!!!!!

Cathy Stoops - July 23, 2018

May seems to be dragging her feet…the people voted to exit, what is the delay?
Agree, I support Nigel Farage.

L. A. Pasquini - July 23, 2018

Encourage a “Vote of No Confidence” in the House of Lords and Commons” to remove May and install a pro-Brexit leader.

James Phillips - July 23, 2018

The will of the people in a democracy is supreme regardless what the so-called elites may think. The Brits have determined they are British and want control of their destiny. Ms. May may relocate to Belgium if she disagrees.

Arthur Loecke - July 23, 2018

I,ageree with the coments made by Ron Gilley!

David - July 23, 2018

I think that Britain should continue the original path that was agreed upon and approved. Any negative comments by the US and President Trump regarding their position should be made in private and not tweeted or published. We don’t have a horse in that race.

C. - July 23, 2018

They public of Britain should call for an impeachment / resignation of Theresa May. She is a traitor to the people and not good for Britain. It appears she is part of the Deep State /.Dark Cabal of Britain – Europe. She has deep ties to Germany’s Merkel. See

Sharon Pelletier - July 23, 2018

The Brexit issue needs to stay the course and leave the EU. The citizens of the UK voted for this action. The Prime Minister, for some unknown reason, seems to want to hold onto certain provisions … she’s not focusing on what could be a detrimental action for the UK … lost two key people by holding to this action… not good!

Chris - July 23, 2018

I agree with many of the comments. But what needs to be done is get the truth out. I have heard the opposite stories from many people. The facts need to be better broadcasted and the fake news denounced!

Jo - July 24, 2018

The people voted. Their decision should be respected. May needs to do the right thing or be replaced

Tom Lanners - July 24, 2018

May is going against the British people and standing with the Elite. She should be replaced.
Britain needs to get out of the European Union if it wants to survive as a nation. Britain never should have joined the European Union. Worst thing that ever happened to Europe, however, they are getting what they deserve.

Linda Lee Stuckley - July 25, 2018

Get the people on board and vote May out

James Hargett - July 25, 2018

Just as President Trump defends altruistic values plus my state’s S.C. hero, Nikki Haley stated last night in defending Israel, “We have a moral duty to take sides, even when that means standing alone.” America should respect and defend our ‘motherland’ England’s independence against the encroaching autocracy of the European Union! Does the E.U. staunchly defend Israel? (ha).

Earl Henricksson - July 31, 2018

I was touring in England the month before the vote and discussed this issue with many Brits. I respected the opinions of those citizens that favored Brexit although they generally were not optimistic about its passage. Like our election of Donald Trump, the outcome for England’s exit from the EU is still in the balance. Today I concur with Ron Gilley.

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