Liberals reacted with horror when they learned that Justice Anthony Kennedy was retiring from the Supreme Court. Justice Kennedy, you’ll recall, was only nominated to the Court because the late Senator Ted Kennedy, D-Mass., successfully ginned up fake outrage against the previous nominee, Robert Bork.

Heritage expert Thomas Jipping is not about to let Judge Kavanaugh suffer the same fate as Judge Bork. Jipping spends his time dismantling the fake arguments of the leftists who seek to “Bork” Judge Kavanaugh.

In Jipping’s most recent piece, he explains the antics of the liberals on the judiciary committee, and why they are less than sincere. In another commentary published last week, he took down the argument that Kavanaugh legislates from the bench by giving clear examples of Kavanaugh interpreting the law as he reads it, not how he wants it to be. Jipping shows time after time that Kavanaugh will do what the law requires.

With experts like Jipping, we can see how Kavanaugh really works. Thanks to the steadfast support of Heritage members, we have the best people in place to stop fake liberal arguments before they can harm conservatives like Judge Brett Kavanaugh.

Why do you think the left is so desperate to stop Kavanaugh?

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Stephen Curtis - September 7, 2018

They hate the limitations imposed on government by the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, and they are afraid that Judge Kavanaugh will follow the Constitution and the law.

douglas weishar - September 7, 2018

Dems want a judge that is progressive and believes that the constitution is a living,breathing document.
I’ve been very impressed by Kavanaugh’s mind,and appaled at the Democrats treatment of him!

JERRY L PRUITT - September 7, 2018


Scott McElroy - September 7, 2018

Because he stands up for our country as our founding fathers wanted, constitutionally.

Paul Wolf - September 7, 2018

Another justice in SCOTUS that respects the Constitution will send them off the deep end, They deplore the concept that human rights are endowed by God…not the government.

Frank - September 7, 2018

They have had a difficult time winning elections and see the courts as a way to progress their antiamerican rhetoric. Unfortunately the SC has been politicized, something I wish Heritage would look into documenting if trueso we can help educate the foolish.

Patrick shields - September 7, 2018

Because he is not part of the swamp

Frank - September 7, 2018

Anymore strict constitutionalist memes strip conservative to the left so they won’t consider them. We must continue pushing back 110%of what the left does. That’s one of my main complaints of Republicans in general, they have no fire in the belly for defending against such a concerted effort to minimize the Constitution and Bill of Rights.
Having been born in the 50s and aware of party difference it’s depressing to contemplate.

Gerard Covert - September 7, 2018

Desperate ignorance on the part of the disintegrating democratic party. An absolute disgrace to the process, sub-literate asses voted in by the victim, non-achieving class.

Dianna Morrow - September 7, 2018

They want to use the Supreme Court and other courts to legislate when the voter won’t vote as they want. They want to destroy the Constitution and the way our country is supposed to be governed.

Joanne Wright - September 7, 2018

The left make up there own laws and want the constitution gone. If it doesn’t fit there narrative than the law can’t be applied. They want the Supreme Court to enforce laws that don’t exist!

Peter Palecek - September 7, 2018

The left is increasingly realizing that elections of 2016 marked the very first defeat of marxist transformation in a fully transparent democratic election process.
This never happened since The Great Bolshevik revolution of 1917. God Bless America.

Robert S White - September 7, 2018

The court will start looking like the country. A great reflection of who we truly are.

Joe Lybrand - September 7, 2018

They know that he will do what is required by The Constitution and not by some Pie in the Sky Liberal agenda.

Bernard Giroux - September 7, 2018

The Left has one objective in mind: complete domination of the citizens of this country to rule them as subjects. They do not wish to understand or follow the precepts of the Declaration and the tenets of the Constitution. They do not have the good of the country in mind, only their ideological battle with the truth. We, on the other hand, wish to govern this country as citizens of a republic.

James Mele - September 7, 2018

The Constitution has no place in Liberalism. There goal is to turn our country into a third world sewer. Anyone who revears the Constitution as Judge Kavanaugh does is a threat to their ideology. Thank god for the Heritage Society and their list of fine Judges. Glad President Trump has picked an excellent candidate.

David Zodun - September 7, 2018

The Left fears that Judge Kavanagh, being a strict constructionist, will find there is no right to “privacy” in the Constitution, which will put abortion in peril. Embracing the killing of human life since the early 70’s is a meme that now pervades progressivism across many issues: accepting Muslim atrocities; encouraging violent demonstrations; Obamacare death panels, the list goes on. Alinsky propaganda has become the Left’s “bible”.

Victor - September 7, 2018

Plain and simple answer: A Majority on SCOTUS, but maybe the sinister answer is that the Dem’s are salivating because they think there’s going to be a BLUE WAVE and they’ll be able to start impeachment hearings after the election.

Mary Jane Casablanca - September 7, 2018

Liberals are so afraid of Kavanaugh’s appointment because he stands for everything that they oppose, and primarily a government and country based on the Constitution and its application. They basically are afraid of losing their power and their influence in the judicial branch. They are terrified that Roe v. Wade will be overturned, and that they won’t be able to get the justices to “legislate from the bench” like they’ve been doing in the past. Also, their hatred of Trump drives them to defeat him at every turn, including the Court appointment. A return to the rule of law will set back their plans to destroy our president, our government and our nation.

Tom Lanners - September 7, 2018

Simple, they are being exposed for the loonies they are, identity politics is an impossible coalition to hold together and win elections, and they want to make all their dictatorial laws through the highest Court.

V. Maguire - September 7, 2018

1. Personal hatred of Trump
2. Not personal to K, yet feared the inability to secure lower courts with unAmerican or Unconstitutional decisions.
3. Major theatre funded by Planned Parent
Hood. They are positioning that women will lose the right to protest, threaten or
Do whatever they want. No social parameters. We must stop erasing past history and celebrate the progress and unity of on nation. Truly, liberals want no moral compass. Only Chaos. They fear K
Would serve the Public of the America’
Obama showed them to hide. Read ‘Diversity Delusion’ Heather Mac Donald.
They want us to act like a 3rd world country. Chaos. Kavanaugh will assist in order. Very Smart and Brave.

Fred L Garner - September 7, 2018

There have been men in our government who would have enacted laws that would have restricted our freedoms if we did not have our constitution to protect our freedom. Our founding fathers understood the nature of men and created this document that will protect us for eternity if we will always demand that our elected representatives abide by its direction.

K. William Hess - September 8, 2018

The Left’s objective has been and continues to be the polarization of the judiciary. Thus, a circuit judge in Oregon or Hawaii can obstruct a Presidential order.
They wish to implement a “Living Constitution”, which invalidates prior law and bases decisions on empathy.

JoAnn Niemela - September 8, 2018

The truth is always frightening to the people who don’t have it.

Marli Rock - September 8, 2018

Because liberals want a judge who will legislate from the bench and ignore the constitution and Bill of Rights.

James Daugherty - September 8, 2018

The left knows that Justice Kavanaugh
will interpret the Constitution a written!

James Winslow - September 8, 2018

Liberals are accustomed to legislating from the bench when they can’t legislate from the Congress. The presence of Judge Kavanaugh on the supreme Court will minimize that activity.

Ruth Mund - September 8, 2018

I have a question. since we know that no democrats will approve Kavanaugh, how will he get approved? How many democrats and how many republicans are on the judiciary committee?

Author Dustin Howard - September 10, 2018

Because Republicans control the Senate, they have 11 votes on the committee; Democrats have 10 votes.

Timothy R. Buttner - September 8, 2018

I doubt the demmycrrats actually think they can stop this process: what they seek to do is villify a conservative -leaning Court so that they can attack it later, when they do not agree with its rulings. They are so used to pimping the Constitution that they believe that is their right…

David Semanisin - September 8, 2018

It’s very simple= the left HATES the limits on government imposed by our constitution – bho stated this numerous times in various speeches – the Supreme Court is the left’s arbiter of all their social engineering experiments to UNDERMINE our constitution-remember when bho criticized them at the one of his state of the union addresses?

Aminah Carroll - September 8, 2018

Bias Big Media has “entitled” liberals to claim a high moral ground on virtually any issue by engaging in social engineering through editorializing the news and citing phony or misleading statistics to strip American citizens of their right to self defense from criminals and overreach of government , by concocting a misnomer they call “gun violence”. In reality violence needs to be studied in correlation with crime, addiction, dehumanization and objectification of others by socio and psycho-paths and their ilk, and also because of family and/or school history of bullying of a child severe enough to cause isolation , alienation , community ostracization and mental illness. The encouragement of terror groups like some motorcycle gangs, virtually all criminal gangs, and hate groups like the KKK and alt-left which can also inculcate violence. Guns do not shoot themselves, maladapted people whom we are mass producing as a result of the loss of the safety of all family members in their homes, community-shared values that enculturate human decency, and a mutuality of respect for divergent views and/or responsible, ethical authority are the root causes of violence. BTW I used to develop successful anti-violence programs in NYC and environs which empowered young people, rather than brainwashing and infantilizing them.

Pat Marant - September 8, 2018

They do not want another conservative supreme court judge on the bench

Adita VAZQUEZ - September 9, 2018

They are people that are totally close minded,never have understood the principales of the Constitution and or are , against the principals that we stand for.What is threatening that our public schools and colleges since the 70’s have been allowed to support anti American principals and not teach them as should be.They have promoted this anti democracy
rhetoric under changing cultural values and economic principals thst we are founded on and have succeed. It must be stopped .

Jerry Kuennen - September 9, 2018

The most important issue for the left is maintaining abortion as it is now permitted based on the Roe decision in 1973. They believe Kavanaugh will help to overturn that precedent.

Irene - September 9, 2018

He is an AMERICAN – not an Anti-American like the left.

Teddy Griffith - September 13, 2018

They see that the end is in sight. The American people is now seeing the real dem’s, and what their real goals are. Our nation can’t afford to let the dem’s, (ever), have another Supreme Court pick.

Ralph - September 14, 2018

Swing vote.

patsy thomas - September 15, 2018

Whatever it is, Dems just want to win.

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