On Tuesday, NPR’s Kojo Nnamdi Show hosted John Malcolm, director of Heritage’s Edwin Meese III Center for Legal and Judicial Studies, to debate Peter Newsham, chief of police for the Metropolitan Police Department in Washington, D.C.

Malcolm and Newsham discussed District of Columbia v. Heller, a historic case that overturned Washington’s ban on handguns. In the debate, Malcolm explained how there is a great divide in the country about gun control and that Heller upholds our Second Amendment rights.

Listen to a recording of the debate >>

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How do you think American cities should approach gun control?

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Lane - June 28, 2018

Hi, my name is Lane i grew up in a small Tennessee town right out side of Clarksville and Dickson and i have always been proud to come from Tennessee. However, i am also a gay democrat who has been forced into the kind of family that views Latin Americans as property and all they see them as is cheap labor then when they don’t want them they can have them deported. Trump is a terrible person but has had some good ideas, but good ideas are not what this country needs this country needs unity and forcing the sides agendas down the other sides throats isn’t going to fix anything.

John - June 29, 2018

When a drunk driver recklessly kills others in a traffic accident, do we blame the vehicle manufacturer or the alcohol producers? Who are the judges that continue to let criminals out of prison sentences for serious crimes? When a person only has seconds to decide if he has to use lethal force to defend himself or his family, are the police minutes away? Everyone can wish that violence would just disappear by making a new law. Gun control people should remember that in the Ten Commandments, thou shalt not kill, was taught for thousands of years, yet their kind are the ones that don’t want such language taught in our public schools? I do not agree that dying by being cut into pieces or clubbed to death with a bat, are somehow more politically correct than being shot by a firearm! Gun control is nothing more than another step in this country’s fall into the communist slavery that the now democrats wish to impose on the American people.

Diane Jones - June 29, 2018

I LOVE the rules that NJ put into place.
I want Federal Background checks on every sale of guns and ammo everywhere.
No one under 21; should be able to buy a gun. Any kid that brings a gun, loaded or not into school; then the parents are fined and if the gun is used; jail. they didn’t secure the gun. Any one that passes all the checks; can buy a gun and ammo not huge rounds, but for protection or hunting for food. Not sport just to kill. no fly list no gun, domestic abuse no gun. criminal past no gun. mental health problems no gun.

Alen Gasper - June 29, 2018

Enforce current laws!

Ray DeWitt - June 29, 2018

Some of the wisest men the world has ever known put it very well. “The right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed”. (constitutional amendment II).
Stop and reason why. Go beyond emotional feeling and access the real world we live in. Consider our continuing war on poverty and on drugs. And you really think a war on gun ownership will work? Really, think outlaws will follow your rules? Really?
Consider, a good guy with a gun in his pocket has the opportunity to defend himself, and you as well, should the need arise. And we always hope that time never comes.

M Masters - June 29, 2018

Support 2nd amendment rights for all Americans, instead of enabling only the criminals to have guns because their “gun control” laws prevent law abiding citizens to defend themselves.

Thomas Shaffer - June 29, 2018

Keep 2nd Admendment at full strength.

Thomas Shaffer - June 29, 2018

Keep 2nd Admendment at full strength.

Eddie Vaughn - June 29, 2018

The Constitution, along with its Second Amendment, is the law of the land. That includes both urban and rural areas. One Constitution for all. Quit separating Americans.

William Godshall - June 29, 2018

I received my first .22 caliber rifle when I was nine years old. That was seventy years ago. For the Liberal anti-gun radicals that’s 70 years. I hunted for a few years after getting larger caliber hunting rifles and hand guns, as well as shotguns. I served over 6 years in the military, which most of you did not. I have never wounded an other human being. But I will make an exception if anyone comes or attempts to deprive me of my Constitutional rights.

Jerry Metcalf - June 29, 2018

No more gun control. Period

Susan - June 29, 2018

Abolish gun free zones, and level the playing field between bad guys, who dont follow laws, anyway, and the good guys, who can neutralize their evil intent. A gun owner’s age has nothing to do with his personal responsibility. I know some 5 year olds, who are more responsible than many so-called adults, who are of age. The morality of a country is a direct indication of the responsibility exhibited in its population.

Glynnda - June 29, 2018

They should obey the 2nd Amendment….period

William Coates - June 29, 2018

Your emphasis on cities is correct. Urban overcrowding and anonymity tend to bring a hostile and confrontational attitude toward other people, who are often viewed as competitors for time or resources. School systems must work toward creating an attitude of mutual helpfulness among the young, as well as encouraging individual achievement. Is that a contradiction? I don’t think so.
Rural and small-town environments just make for better and more trustworthy personalities, perhaps because there are more opportunities for kids to get outside and do non-destructive things. Growing gardens and having pets are harder in cities. The Netflix culture and the lure of drugs are starting to mess us all up, though. Some sort of collapse is inevitable.
Diane Jones, I feel sorry for all you control freaks.

J - June 30, 2018

Second Amendment of the Bill of Rights! The right for individuals applies here just as much as the first and any other amendments. Background check are find to weed out those that should not have firearms due to criminal activities, no fly list, and so forth.

John Schneider - June 30, 2018

Just enforce the gun laws we already have. Also get rid of the Gun Free Zones.

Thomas Cady - June 30, 2018

Criminals will, always, find a way to get assault weapons in black markets; of home and business invasion.We are in an era that monies outlaws have ‘great attorneys’. What we call ‘the wild west’ seems over the last 45 years to be full blown.

Not enough time for most of us to invest ‘what best

David E. Grimm - July 3, 2018

Cities, states, and the nation should address gun control laws with a shot across the bow, i.e. approve concealed carry in all places, except the courthouse. An armed society is a polite society, someone said, and we surely need more common courtesy. More importantly, it’s our right of self-defense not to depend on law enforcement in the immediate situation.

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