The New York Times condemned a Kansas judge last week for upholding state requirements that voters show proof of citizenship when they register. The Times went on to call the identification requirement a means by which “to keep eligible voters from the polls.”

This is nonsense, Heritage Foundation legal expert Hans Von Spakovsky counters in National Review Online:

[T]he intent of these laws is to keep ineligible voters from the polls, like the thousands of noncitizens who are illegally registered to vote all over the country.

The Times further calls the push for voter ID a “ruse” to keep people from voting. Von Spakovsky reminds us, though, that “there is more than enough evidence by now to demonstrate that the Times is totally wrong in its judgment on election-integrity issues.”

Do you back voter ID laws?

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David G. Reis Sr. - March 26, 2014

Yes everyone should have to prove they are legal residents in order to vote

Tommy Williams - March 27, 2014

Are the people running that paper really stupid or just so supportive of Dems that they don’t care that the 98% of voters who do vote illegally will vote Democrat???

Arlin R. Johnson, Jr. - March 27, 2014

If you want to drive a car you must pass a drivers test and then be given a license to drive. Voting is surely of equal importance. Voter ID with a picture of the person must be required by all 50 states. Those with no valid ID do not vote – period!

Ted Roehrig - March 27, 2014

Current Voter D Laws are so lax that almost anyone could vote, citizen or not. So how would we knowif there’s fraud, when the system is inadequate to identify it. If you have nothing to hide, why bk at voter ID? You need to show all sorts of ID for all sorts of other things you do, including medical care and free rides on para-transit, why not when doing wh we fought the revolution for – voting in a free democracy?

Dan Moon - March 27, 2014

What don’t these people understand? Just about every volitional participation or transaction in this country requires ID, many with much less importance to the future of the country than voting. It seems to me, that the privilege of participation in sending representation to our government is way more important than most other things that require ID.
My cynical side tells me that the left is trying to create a low oversight situation that can be gamed.

Robert Hobart & Kate Butler - March 27, 2014

We think that reasonable ID laws for voting are necessary to prevent illegal voting.

Ron Brown - March 27, 2014

You bet we need voter ID’s when we vote, everybody has one or can get one without a problem. We need ID’s to bank, board aircraft, drive, they help to prove who we are.
Democrats have been buying elections for years, with people who are not legal to vote.

Tracy Kearney - March 27, 2014

I agree wholeheartedly with Hans’s perspective of the voter ID law … To prevent those who do not have the legal right to vote, in many cases it applies to people who are here illegally … In many others, it applies to criminals and those who are not of age. There is nothing racial about this – it’s simply the rule and a rule I support! Conversations and reporting have just become that ridiculous … It’s a scary abuse of those on power and those in the press – even scarier, just how impressionable people are.

William Gillham - March 27, 2014

What does it say that it is always Democrats and “Progressives” who don’t want to prevent illegal voting?

These blurbs should explain just how one proves citizenship, and detail studies that tend to show cases of illegal voting.

John - March 27, 2014

Everyone should be required to show official ID before they are allowed to vote. Only those with something to hide or fear would object to such.

orris bender - March 27, 2014

Why believe the NY Times? It and other major media are so biased and do not serve this country and its population.If people are not active enough to get a photo ID they should not be voting.

John Bach-Hansen - March 27, 2014

Of course, voter idea is as necessary as proof of US birth-right to become President of USA.

Althea F - March 27, 2014

Voter ID laws are the only sensible way to stop voter fraud.
One needs ID”s for many things—but ID’s for voting is one of the very most important items.

Stop the disinformation—be honest—be ethical—
honor our Constitution—don’t betray the American people.

We NEED Voter ID laws!!!

Doris Johnson - March 27, 2014

I have never understood the bias against presenting proper ID when voting. I am constantly having to show ID for various reasons.

T.R.Buttner - March 27, 2014

I wonder why opinion on this issue seems to be split along party lines? Dems say Republicans want to keep minorities away from the polls. I wonder what practices the Dems are really defending, since they usually play the race card to hide some heinous truth. Personally, I can see no reason that citizens should not be prepared to prove their citizenship when attempting to vote. I need photo I.D. to use my Medicare card…

William Van Tassel - March 27, 2014

Yes. Voter identification should be strictly and consistently enforced in all states.

When are conservative refutations of liberal platitudes going to be strongly responded to. Don’t just call something nonsense. What the NYT writer said is an outright lie.It is a L-I-E. And the person who penned it is a LIAR. It is not just an opinion. It – is – a – LIE.

When they say this is ‘voter suppression’ and ‘racism’ then they are lying. They are liars, and this need to be pointed out clearly to the public, especially to low-information voters.

Dave Bailey - March 27, 2014

Voter identification is our only guard against voter fraud. The danger of fraudulent votes canceling out the votes of American citizens is a far greater danger to democracy than the loss of American votes due to an inability to a lack of identification. If a citizen can show up at a voting booth, they can manage to get an identity card as well. It’s just not that difficult — no more difficult than voting!

Carl Fisher - March 27, 2014

The NYT is a progressive conduit, which believes that an uninformed public can be mislead to support voter fraud– an absolutely unamerican concept…

Alan - March 27, 2014

Voter I.D. is extremely important– It keeps the illegals, the dead, the pets, & whatever else some want to count, from being fraudlent. I can’t go to Canada or Mexico & vote and rightfully so. You have to produce I.D. for everything from buying alcohol/ cigarettes to driving a car, how much more important is the voice in choosing who will be our leader.

red rose - March 27, 2014

Democrats only balk at voter id issues because they want the “illegals” vote. There is nothing prohibitive about requiring identification when citizens go to vote. Voting is a privilege that should only be afforded to US citizens: otherwise if anyone can vote, it will de-value our citizenship.

Janice Wyman - March 27, 2014

Yes, voter ID works. Texas’ primary election went off without a hitch. No one was reported to have been turned away. Voters knew it was required and complied accordingly.
Liberal entities like the New York Times never let facts get in their way.

Ellen Elmore - March 27, 2014

Using photo ID should be a MUST when voting. We are required to show ID when doing almost everything and voting should be the same. Elections lose all credibility if we aren’t 100% certain that those voting are registered voters and U.S. citizens.

Richard Gasch - March 27, 2014

Yes, we need voter ID laws, every time an illegal votes it nullifies a legal registered voters vote.

Fred Ort - March 27, 2014

The most important activity for a citizen really is voting. Therefor, to vote one should provide proof of citizenship. You can’t cash a check without personal proof. You can’t board a plane or ship without personal proof. You can’t buy a drink without personal proof if you look young. I can not understand the reluctance to require proof of citizenship for entering the voting booth.

Paul Engel - March 27, 2014

I support voter ID laws.
Paul Engel

You are right; it prevents the non-citizens from voting, which the opponents hate!

Don - March 27, 2014

YES! Proof of citizenship and residence to register and two forms of picture ID to enter voting place.

William - March 27, 2014

The voter ID makes sense to me. Any attempt to subvert its legitimacy is ridiculous!

We do not need non-citizen votes to elect our representatives. We can make bad choices on our own without fraud.

john westrope - March 27, 2014

i support only state voter id laws.

Constance Strait - March 27, 2014

I ABSOLUTELY support Voter ID Laws & ID’s ought to be checked!! Voter Fraud is verifiable!

Mitchel Wolf - March 27, 2014

Agree that the Times is totally wrong by claiming that ID is a ruse.

Charles - March 27, 2014

I support voter ID just as the Government requires an ID for entry to most Government buildings. This is just more Democrat BS.

Robert McMasters - March 27, 2014

Proper I.D. is the cornerstone of liberty and freedom.It is a fact that has no race ,religion ,or political affiliation and it is a basic tool to allow people to exercise their legal rights.

Barbara Karg - March 27, 2014

I definitely back voter ID laws. Any bonafide citizen should be able to show that he is a U.S. citizen. Non-citizens should NEVER have the privilege of voting.

Kenneth J Hiemenz - March 27, 2014

I back voter ID Laws.
Just the other day I had to show my ID to use my credit card for a $19.50 bird feed purchase at the local Fleet Farm Store that I use once a week for more years then I can recall. The new clerk did not know me.

Elizabeth Echols - March 27, 2014

It is only reasonable to expect photo identification from voters. There is no other legal transaction I know of in this country that does not require such. In order to qualify to vote, a person should have to prove citizenship and permanent residency at the time of registering. This process should NOT be handled by anyone but those employed by the Board of Elections in each state. That way there would be some accountability.

jim will - March 27, 2014

Yes, I totally believe that a valid ID should be required for anyone to vote and I would even like to see proof of citizenship.
As a 45 year resident of CA I saw and was told by a number of people who were in the US illegally, that they voted whenever they could.

We need an ID for everything else, why not to vote; it protects one of our most sacred benefits of citizenship.

Gary Howden - March 27, 2014

Heritage is absolutely right to call out the NY times on their article against a judge and state law requiring voter identification. The Times is displaying their left-wing bias and willingness to support anything that will get more votes for left wing candidates and programs.

George and JeanneEddy - March 27, 2014

If we have to have an ID for legal purchases and the privilege to drive, among others, we should certainly have to show an ID for the privilege to vote – and be proud to do it!

Fred Henry - March 27, 2014

Absouletly, I do support voter ID laws. This is asinine to even state such an argument. Common sense, which the New York Times routinely shows they don’t have, would lead anyone to the conclusion that this is needed in this country to prevent fraud at the polling place. Apparently the liberals feel that if this were to become law they may not fare so well during elections. Having to show ID for many transactions in todays world is routine.

RJ Schundler - March 27, 2014

The Right to vote is one of our major rights, and one’s right can be injured by being diluted illegally. I think the ID card should be able to record when a person has voted and where the person voted. I think the same card should be able to be used as an ID card. Good for proving ones ID at a bank, on the road, wherever. Ones DNA should be rerecorded, if possible, to insure that the card is with it’s rightful owner.

Shelley H. Collier, Jr. - March 27, 2014

Requiring voter ID is the best way to make sure that only people legally entitled to vote get to the voting booth.

John Bennett - March 27, 2014

Absolutly!! Look what you get for a president when ID is not required by those who are supposed to be checking!!!

Albert Johnson - March 27, 2014

Preserving voter ID is necessary to our national security to keep elections from being stolen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Michael Smith - March 27, 2014

The Dems get a great deal of support from felons, illegal aliens and dead people. This is obviously an attempt to decrease Dem voter turnout. Dastardly!

mccoy - March 27, 2014

ID is a requirement to get .gov benefits DD in your bank account. But the clincher took place here in NC when the Rev Barber’s NAACP protest of our new ID law required all participants to have……… valid ID. I’m just sayin!

Lisa - March 27, 2014

It’s unfair to require a valid ID to vote, huh? Don’t you have to show an ID to apply for welfare and Social Security benefits? Is that unfair, too? Get a grip. Democrats don’t want voter ID laws because those who vote illegally vote Democrat!

Vayle M - March 27, 2014

What are they hiding? That they are not actual citizens is the most logical conclusion. Those who count on taxpayers to fund their lavish existence in America (poverty-level with medicaid, food stamps, etc., is lavish compared to most other countries in the world) and are counted on to vote leftist: socialist, democrat and some republicans, too, fit this category. Unfortunately, America is being dragged down to 3rd-world status, by leftists. Another thing, utopian Marxism doesn’t work! Look at history, real history, before common core and revisionist history supplanted actual, factual history!

Benjamin W. Hartley - March 27, 2014

The standard snivel is that voter ID will penalize “the poor, the handicapped, and the elderly.” OK, I live on the equivalent of $8.30 an hour, I have COPD (and in-remission lung cancer), and I’m 75 years old. I also have a picture ID. I think voter ID is a marvelous idea.

Larry - March 27, 2014

Obama Care requires a photo ID to register for health care! Voting should be more important,therefore, It should be required to vote

Kathryn P - March 27, 2014

It’s AMAZING that the same people who the Liberals and Democrats would be “intimidated” having to show an ID card,” like uh, Jim Crow laws, uh”, are the same group which DOES NOT HESITATE to fly across the country to see relatives or to take trips. GET REAL. The Voter ID laws are to protect ALL CITIZENS, regardless of race, creed or color.

H. Schulze - March 27, 2014

Before ‘motor- voter’, our voter registration card was considered valid proof of citizenship when returning from Canada, many Caribbean nations, and, as I recall, Mexico. Since motor- voter, our voter registration card is no longer valid proof of citizenship. U.S. Passport required. Our own State Department has acknowledged for two decades that non-citizens receive voter registration cards.

Marta Englehart - March 27, 2014

David G. Reis, Sr.: Everyone should have to prove that they are U.S. Citizens (not legal residents) to vote. Legal residents are NOT U.S. citizens and have not renounced their citizenship to other countries and shown allegiance to the United States. Legal residents do not have the right to vote, as they could vote for people and measures that would benefit their home countries and not the United States.

vicki sheffield - March 27, 2014

My husband and I feel strongly that there is too much voter fraud in thsi country and that it is essential that voters show prooof that they are Us citizens before they cast their votes!!!

M. Wallis - March 27, 2014

Every person wanting to vote should have to prove they are registered to vote, a legal citizen of the United States of America and a resident of the area where they want to vote. To obtain a drivers license you must show your birth certificate, Social Security card and proof of residential address. Why should voting be any different?

Larry Bailey - March 27, 2014

Voter Identification is important because it prevents illegals to vote and others to vote several times with different names. I could vote for my son’s name who moved to New York, and myself without Voter ID.

Larnard Smith - March 27, 2014

Why are some afraid to be properly identified to vote. illegals and other minorities must not control the election process for the majority.
These laws are long over due. Abuse of no identity correction is needed in all states.
Larnard Smith.

Tom Kyle - March 27, 2014

Yes, I completely agree that everyone should have to prove they are a legal resident and thereby entitled to vote.

C. McCrary, Jr. - March 27, 2014

I have been REQUIRED to disclose my ID for practically EVERYTHING I have done since becoming an adult, back in the 1950’s!!!
There is NO GOOD REASON to NOT require a legal ID for voting in ANY elections!

Jeanne Stotler - March 27, 2014

I had to show Picture ID to get on a plane, go on a cruise, pick up a Rx, cash a check, even at times to verify a charge card. I have no problem showing my DL or passport for any legitimate reason, including voting. If we are going to have honest elections, integrity should be preserved, and the only way to do it, is through proper ID, which, like DL’s also shows your address.

David Williams - March 27, 2014

Look, this isn’t driving a car or getting on an airplane it is deciding the future of our country and how to best spend $3 Trillion Dollars! But, more obviously you can’t go to a Dem or Rep event without showing ID to get in. And those that pretend to be disenfranchised have to show ID to get Medicaid, foodstamps, WIC programs, etc. so it can’t be too burdensome. As with kids, you can tell they are hiding something by the volume of their opposition as you get closer to the truth. Voter fraud would be an obvious front page story of cover-up, if there were any investigative journalists remaining.

Virginia Decker - March 27, 2014

Yes, people should show ID’s to vote. You have to show ID’s for a lot less.

V. Pierson - March 27, 2014

Yes, I back voter ID laws. It is the best way to have an election by the VOTERS. In the 1940s and 50s, Texas had some corrupt elections. In fact, I didn’t vote for a President from Texas because of his corrupt voting machine. Why would anyone oppose voter ID laws unless they want to steal an election.

Sam Wilson - March 27, 2014

Voter I.D. YES The only ones against voter I.D. are the ones with something to hide, and that includes politicians. If you have nothing to hide, then show your I.D. I always show proof of residence when I vote, and I am proud to do it. If you value your freedom, SHOW I.D.

Richard G.. Salo - March 27, 2014

The less Voter ID The more Votes the Dems Get !!Acorn proved that when they Helped Obama get elected. The thing is also have anyone running for office VETTED !!

Fredericka Ibsen Thompson - March 27, 2014

I willingly provide my picture ID because I want to protect the integrity of my vote and everyone else’s legal vote. Those who want no voter id laws do not care about the integrity of the system, they want to cheat to win. Integrity is not in their vocabulary ….

Farel J Byrd - March 27, 2014

I back voter ID laws.
Proof of citizenship at time of registration.
Photo ID at time of voting.

Vivian - March 27, 2014

Almost everything we do today requires an ID, why not this one of the most important things we do. As Citizens we deserve the right to know that only Citizens are voting.

Zoli Althea Browne - March 27, 2014

It is beyond me why it offends anyone who is a LEGAL citizen of this awesome country, to show a photo ID. Clearly, those illegal aliens, and that is the correct term, fear being outed by those of us whom actually the pay taxes which cover their health care and plethora of amenities they enjoy. Show your card and be counted. End of story.

alleen - March 27, 2014

I had to show my ID last time I voted. I see nothing wrong with it. Voter ID will help with all the voter fraud that is going on. I even think some kind of voter ID ought to be required for absentee voting as well. I also think that the soldiers should have first votes. I know the last Presidential vote the soldiers votes were not able to vote or their ballots somehow came up missing. ID is required to buy beer, when I use my debit/credit card, and other sorts of places such as food stamps and when I apply for a job. Why should voting be any different? I don’t see where it shows any racism when it is required.

Robert Daneker - March 27, 2014

How ridiculous that so-called educated people who know ID is required to board a plane, purchase a variety of licenses (hunting, fishing — even camping in many places, cross the border into Canada), purchase “adult beverages” or tobacco if legal age appearance is questionable, etc. can’t grasp the importance of proving one’s ID and his/her citizenship in order to vote! Face it! These people want to protect fraudulent voting!

Lou Herzog capt USN ret. - March 27, 2014

I support voter ID. It is non invasive way to determine the person is who registered to vote and is still alive.

Richard DIO N, PhD - March 27, 2014

A B S O L U T E L Y …… the notion that utilizing an ID of any sort to exercise one’s right to vote could be somehow construed as unnecessary is a reflection of the concept that voter fraud is an acceptable part of the process. To those who think that, I say … R U B B I S H ! ! ! !. For far too long we have sat back and allowed such practices to take place ….. enough already ……….. walk in, show your ID then vote ……. your civic duty is clear, precise and unequivocal.

Judy Gitchel - March 27, 2014

I believe that every voter should produce a photo ID when they vote, also when the register. Unless the person is personally known by one or more of the clerks at the polls. Small and stable venues really don’t usually need a photo of their friends, but most city sized polling places do not know everybody and photo proof of identity is vital.

Janelle Lysenko - March 27, 2014

I most certainly support the need for voter ID with a picture. Our laws must require ID to guarantee that only qualified citizens are allowed to vote. Otherwise our elections become a fraud.

Louis Mabry - March 27, 2014

There is no reason that citizens of this country should feel they are being discriminated against to show they are U.S. residents.
I feel that people that have not earned there way in this country and have been living off the taxpayers should not be eligible to vote.They are parasites on the taxpayers and vote to keep the tax,steal,graft politicians in office and costing real citizens their way to real life.

Bob Mason - March 27, 2014

Yes. You even need a picture ID to get a Library Card or open a Bank Account. Not having a Voter ID Law opens our Country up to fraud which has been going on with the Dead and Mickey Mouse voting, forgetting the non-citizens!

Leo Turner - March 27, 2014

The picture ID has been in effect for numerous years and is working fine!! It should be the law in all states!!


George Blumel - March 27, 2014

There is just one purpose in opposing voter ID laws: to facilitate fraud. As a poll watcher of many years I’ve seen how easy it is to vote fraudulently –vote for another person who may be dead or alive or even illegal immigrants,, vote in more than one state, vote at more than one precinct and other tricks are common. ACORN, SEIU, other unions and groups register people who would never vote but their votes are cast and they count. Fraudulent voting is an integral part of the Democrat strategy for winning elections.

Nancy Karen Demeke - March 27, 2014

I’m strickly a John 8:44 person: Remember the father of lies? nkd

Douglas Perle - March 27, 2014

With the States in the west totally ignoring the illegal voters it is a crime that they are getting away with. Due to the federal leadership being held by an illegal himself, all the lemmings are following the leader. Apparently they can’t figure anything out for themselves, they need to be told. What comes aground goes around and their day will be coming when they will regret theseactions.

W. Schjmidt - March 27, 2014

We badly need voter reform, identification and proof of residency.
I know Obama believes in vote early and vote often, but that doesn’t get it in the Real America ! May God Bless America!!!!!

Bob Nappi - March 27, 2014

That is all the times is good for , kind of like this president,,,,,one lie after another…

Glenn - March 27, 2014

Dem are the biggest abusers of voter registration. Most of their base vote more then once and lie a lot. Of course they do not like voter ID’s. It will kill their fraudulent base. You have to have an ID to see your Representatives but not vote get real.

Save This Nation - March 27, 2014

Hey NYT, your communist slip is showing. BTW, is just anyone allowed into your press room or do you guys carry credentials? You must be the one that hired the Sign-language fraudster in Johannesburg last year. Nice move.

M. Kralik - March 27, 2014

So, the NYT thinks there is no need for voter ID…
Where is their investigative journalism expertise regarding 158% voter turnout at The National SEAL Museum , a polling location in St. Lucie County, FL in past elections? This is only one of many examples of voter fraud continuing to be ignored by the media and the administration. Outrageous!

Michael Harvey - March 27, 2014

I cannot go vote in Canada. Why should people who are not citizens here be allowed to vote here.

David Brown - March 27, 2014

The citizen’s vote is crucial in maintaining a government that serves its citizens instead of vice-verse. Requiring identification is a very trivial burden that is essential to the integrity of the process of electing our representatives. In my opinion it is too easy to vote.

Anita Chateau - March 27, 2014

The Democrats have lost all their Common Sense. You need an ID to cash a check, drive a car, buy a house, and you should have an ID to vote. If you are not a legal citizen than you don’t have a right to vote in the United States Elections.

Patricia Sheehan - March 27, 2014

I vounteered as a vote observer in the recent 2012 eIections. I was astonished when many just had to give their name, with the poII worker saying….”Do you Iive at 123 First Street”, they said yes and were abIe to vote. Are we the onIy country in the worId that does not have voter ID.
When I go to Kaiser for medicaI care I am asked for my DMV ID to verify my identity. WHY AM I NOT ASKED TO VERIFY MY IDENTITY WHEN I VOTE?????

Terry Brian Linde - March 27, 2014

I live in a 3rd world country, having moved there to take an assignment after having learned that opportunities there are better than the “land of opportunity” in which I was raised. I will again return to the (somewhat tarnished) greatest country on the Earth at the end of my assignment, but wanted to add this for perspective: I have to show my government-issued ID card at randomly-placed police checkpoints, to gain access to public places, including ministry offices and government facilities, to enter office buildings, to pay for services by credit (or debit) card, to access health care, to stay in a hotel, to attend public assemblies. Those to whom the right to vote MATTERS, will secure an easily-obtained, government ID card. To argue otherwise is blatant self-interest.

Ralph Hallock - March 27, 2014

The only valid reason the liberals and Democrats oppose voter ID is that it would inhibit their ability to steal elections.

hms - March 27, 2014

Note at the bottom of this document that our own State Department knows that a voter registration card is not proof of U.S. citizenship. In other words, our State Department knows that non-citizens can and do register to vote.

We need to return to requiring proof of citizenship for voter registration and clean up this mess.

Laraine Tracy - March 27, 2014

Requiring citizenship or voter identification does not keep legally registered voters from the polls; it keeps illegal voters from the polls. Whose side is the New York Times on, true patriots or illegals voters? What citizen lacks proof of legal residence and citizenship? We all need it in some form for many reasons.

Christine Dwyer - March 27, 2014

If someone were giving away $1000 bills and you needed voter ID to claim one, how many people do you think would not be able to get it?

Barbara Peacock - March 27, 2014

All should be required to show citizenship/birth certificates to register to vote. All should be required to show photo ID to vote early or absentee or at the polls. This should help prevent illegal voting.

Ann Van Brunt - March 27, 2014

Guess the real question to the Dems is do they think they could win any election without illegals voting? Hmm, my guess is NO!

Viola Heskett - March 27, 2014

The right to vote belongs to the citizen-it is a precious right and responsibility purchased with the blood of our founders. Those who truly believe in liberty will stand resolutely FOR the integrity of the ballot box! YES for Voter ID.

Wilton Tidwell - March 27, 2014

The one and only reason a political party would oppose proof of citizenship to register to vote and a picture to vote is they are intent on committing fraud.
If it were not for voter fraud in Chicago,Waukegan,North Chicago, Rockford, Kankakee, East St Louis and Cairo, IL would be a solidly Republican state. These also happen to be where the most Gun crime by criminals who not eligible to own a gun and the most welfare fraud. They are also solidly democrat ruled.

Margaret Jenkins - March 27, 2014

I absolutely back voter ID laws. This morning I had to produce a photo ID – for a Doctor’s appt. Surely verification to vote is as important. One can only assume that those who oppose this common sense protection of our election system are anxious to make it possible for unqualified people to vote.

Dave - March 27, 2014

From a Kansan, fully in support of voter id reasonable check on citizenship. I value my citizenship and my right to vote for our leaders in this republic too much to allow non-citizens to steal away the value of my vote. When I have to validate my identity to use a credit card, to make a deposit in my bank, to pick up a prescription and many other things, it is a paper tiger thrown up by opponents to fight this minimal requirement in a modern society. By the way, just saw the state with the highest percentage of segregated schools (old definition) is New York. Seems they should take care of their own problems first. Bet you won’t see an editorial on that.

Dave - March 27, 2014

Another thought, tongue in cheek. With the popularity of tattoos now-a-days, perhaps we should just issue every resident a permanent tattoo number or other scannable mark on their foreheads so they can be easily scanned before voting. Then, we wouldn’t need to show our id’s. Oh, that’s right, that method was tried by a totalitarian society several decades ago to sort out the “undesirables.”

henryknox - March 28, 2014

If American elections are only open to US citizens then how will we be considered an international country. I’m trying to justify why the NYT would want to promote illegal voting but it is very difficult to understand. Maybe it is some form of affirmative action voting plan?

Howard W Anderson - March 28, 2014

Voter ID is right !

C - March 28, 2014

Atty. General Greg Abbott in Texas rightly removed the voluminous list of names of dead people from the voting rolls. Of course, this prompted the lawless and criminal US Atty. General Eric Holder to sue the state of Texas.
It’s funny how voters all across this nation die as Republicans and come back and vote as Democrats.

Nancy Lee - March 28, 2014

How radical to state you can just vote without ID when you cannot go to college, or get a job, or drive in any jurisdiction in this country without ID of some kind. This is a diversion from the reality of fraudulent voting already exposed and happening in this country! Wake up, America! Clean up the voter rolls, register new legitimate voters and then get out the vote. Americans need to live according to our Constitution, not some currently politically correct distortion of what made our country great!.

Joseph Picone - March 28, 2014

Whenever someone who is not a U.S citizen is allowed to vote, they disenfranchise American voters by nullifying our votes. Democrat-Leftists are perpetrating and actively encouraging voter fraud. They are not the least bit interested in maintaining the integrity of our voting laws. These cheats need to be stopped.

joan plotski - March 28, 2014

Definitely need proof of legal residency. Voting plays
a huge role in the function of a democratic gov’t and
needs to be free of illegal acts.

Jim - March 28, 2014

Yes, by all means. It is the only part of living in today’s world that you don’t have to show identification.

Gary Anderson - March 28, 2014

Photo IDs are so easily obtained that any person who can’t get one probably shouldn’t be allowed to vote anyway.
The utter hypocrisy of the anti-ID case was shown in the recent anti-voter ID demonstration, I believe in NC, where you had to show a photo ID to participate.

Jaames Wright - March 28, 2014

We have to show ID to cash a check, even at your own bank, to rent a car, to board a plane, I have to show ID to pick up my granddaughter at her school. People objecting to showing voter ID want to assure that voter fraud can continue unabated for liberals.

Shirley Wise - March 28, 2014

We need to continue to improve the voter ID laws, in all of the states. Too many try to vote without proof.

roy schmidt - March 28, 2014

yes, both my wife and I support voter picture ID for all 50 states.

Donna Bennett - March 28, 2014

I’m in favor of voter ID and you should have to prove you are a US citizen to vote. This ( voting ) is sadly neglected by those who should vote. It is still our biggest defense to government takeover! Why give up this freedom?

David - March 28, 2014

People have to prove their identity all the time from opening bank accounts, buying liquor, cashing checks, getting government benefits and the list goes on and on. So why is it such a big deal to have prospective voters prove they are eligible to vote? The only reason is because it would cut into the total vote count for Demorats.

Frank O’Donnell - March 28, 2014

I was in a polling place in Sanger, California when two Hispanic women came in to vote. The attendant said to the first one, “We show that you were sent an absentee ballot”. The woman denied it. The attendant said, “Here’s your ballot”. To the second woman the attendant said, “We don’t show anyone by your name at this address”. Silence. “Here’s your ballot”. But who needs voter ID?

Nancy Bertch - March 28, 2014

I think a photo ID is a wonderful help for all us legal voters!

Nancy Bertch - March 28, 2014

I think a photo ID is a wonderful help for all us as we vote!

Sheron Evans - March 28, 2014

Absolutely. If anything, I think this is just one more way that the democrats can get illegal votes by not requiring ID’s. They have already well proved their untrustworthiness in this and many other things. You need an ID for everything else…… for sure we should need one for this.

Andrea Campbell - March 28, 2014

Of course I support voter ID’s. How the left can even make their specious argument with a straight face is beyond me. Apparently nothing is beneath them.

Edward Ruder - March 28, 2014

Yes, everyone should have proof. To stop voter fraud some kind of ID would curb it. Sometimes I can’t believe I can just walk up to the voting booth and give a name could be any name they don’t care or check. I could be voting in someone’s place and then go vote for myself. No checks and balances.

John Huston - March 28, 2014

YES! I support my Constitutional right to vote. You need ID to do every other thing and they don’t complain. The laws are in place. It’s just that Dumbacrats don’t want them enforced so their candidates can be elected. No Voter ID, no vote. No English, no conversation.

David Wells - March 28, 2014

Wouldn’t it be interesting to have a “class-action lawsuit” against every legislator who voted against “Proof of Citizenship” at the polls? Terrorism from BAD votes is a sincere issue just a badly an un-informed voters!

Bonnie Lock - March 28, 2014

Complete agreement! Voters have to be legal.

Mr.and Mrs. Dante Zanoni - March 28, 2014

We both back voter ID laws and pray they will be implemented nationally this year.

John G. Wells - March 28, 2014

Interestingly enough the union that I belonged to for 42 years would not allow you to vote on the contract or the officers elections with out showing your Union Card and a photo ID.. However, the Unions are against Voter ID for the general public. Think about why.

Esther Dameron - March 28, 2014

If you reserve a book at the library you need to show I D when picking up. What is mind boggling is that we are even discussing this!

Joan - March 28, 2014

Yes, prior to voting in an election, an individual needs to be required, by law, to show identification as to his citizenship and eligibility to vote.

Joseph Corege Jr - March 28, 2014

ALL VOTERS MUST SHOW PHOTO ID EACH AND EVERY TIME TO VOTE ANY ISSU8E., To register to vote all persons must show VALID PROOF of citizenship…….This should reflect the same requirements as a PASSPORT

Richard Besson - March 28, 2014

Identification and proof of citizenship should be universal for all Government levels to vote. Is it more important to prove identification to cash a check or vote on how this country will be managed?

Roger Minton - March 28, 2014

Everyone should have to show that they are legal residents to vote, with a picture ID! You have to show ID to cash a check or to purchase liquor and cigarettes to prove your age and for many other everyday mundane reasons. Why, then would you not have to show ID to vote? Those who do not want voter ID are suspect in my opinion.

Donn Gunter - March 28, 2014

You should have to pay taxes to vote!!

John H - March 29, 2014

Of course the liberal media and libs in general do not want voter ID because it minimizes voter fraud, which the left heavily relies on.

Troy Cooper - March 29, 2014

You have to have government ID to do banking, to even look at apartments, certainly to fly or ride a train. It is time this standard be adopted.

Edward J. Maio, Sr - March 29, 2014

There are so many situations where ID is required, why is it not a requirement for voting, one of the most important thing an American can do??????

Arthur Catullo - March 29, 2014

I most certainly support appropriate photo ID card
verification prior to voting!! I have to show my picture ID to cash a check, deposit money, get a new license plate for my car, buy alcohol at a store, etc. etc. Why, for the love of Pete, would people complain about showing a picture ID before exercising one of our most fundamental rights — to vote?? States allow various forms of photo IDs; there is really no excuse for not having a photo ID before you enter the polling station….period!

Helen Young - March 29, 2014

I think Voter ID is ABSOLUTLY ESSENTIAL. It will not stop all voter fraud, but it will certainly help. All U.S. citizens have id’s, and it should be mandatory to show it before engaging in an AMERICAN RIGHT.

Marlene Rone - March 29, 2014

I definitely think voter I.D. is necessary. I believe ineligible voters put the Obama’s into the WH for a second term and that his administration is doing all it can to keep the status quo at voting places to get their ineligible voters into place.

Harold Dille - March 29, 2014

You are required to be a citizen to vote . What is the big fuss about showing that you are a citizen other than that the Democrats are losing a non citizen vote.

Laurel Higgins - March 29, 2014

They have to have a picture ID to get their bridge cards. Why not to vote?I

Adolfo Rodriguez - March 29, 2014

It is time to allow only American citizens the right to vote as required by law. If we are to continue to be a nation governed for the people and by the people, we must start to enforce the current laws and not create and pass any new laws which undermine our country. We must return to requiring all immigrants to become Americans, not pender to each nationallity within the country. Voter ID is necessary to make sure this happens.

Richard Fiscus - March 29, 2014

The argument against voter ID is among the most void of common sense that I have heard in my 56 years. We hope that citizens use common sense in choosing elected officials yet many refuse to use that same attribute in determining eligibility to exercise that very precious right.

Rjchard Tipa - March 30, 2014

I remember watching Obama vote on election day on TV. Guess what? He had to show ID. It may have been his voters registration card? With24hr news cycles I am surprised noone has followed up on whether he showed a state ID or registration card. He looked shocked when the poll worker asked to see it. I’m sure there is file footage somewhere. It seems that only Red States get called out for voter ID Laws. WE THE PEOPLE have the RIGHT to ensure that only eligible voters vote. POLITICIANS need to stay out of the PEOPLES BUSINESS.

Phyllis Franklin - March 30, 2014

Voter registration needs to be tightened up and voter ID should ALWAYS be required. ID is required for everything else so why would it not be required to elect the people to run this country.

Ray Reeves - March 30, 2014

Yes!!! we need voter laws and if you care about this country and its people you will agree!!

Veda Connolly - March 30, 2014

I’m from a small town, of about 9,000, all the natives or “lived here a long timers” are known by the checkers and I (a long timer) haven’t shown my ID yet. However, I’ll bet there are people in town that are asked to ID. We have most WASP way up here in New England, at least my part. I certainly agree with it. The small cities around us have illegals and I sure hope they are enforcing the valid ID to vote law.

lannett - March 30, 2014

not to have a valid voter ID is pure stupidity on the part of the people. I find it difficult to believe that we (the people) are that ignorant. But alas, looks as if we are.

Holly Chapo - March 30, 2014

Unequivocally, YES!!! Create them and enforce them for the sake of honest elections in every state.

Michael Barbuck - March 30, 2014

No id, No vote. You need id for; driving, flying, cashing checks, passporrts, etc.

Legal voters are having their rights violated buy those who vote at more than one polling location and vote as directed by their puppet masters

Jane Hamman - March 31, 2014

Voter ID laws are a common sense safeguard for the integrity of our elections. Just look at all of the counties Judicial Watch has found where the number of registered voters exceeds the number of county residents! Everyone who believes in Freedom and wants to preserve it must stand up for Voter ID.

Gregory Franklin Farnsworth - March 31, 2014

With several counties having more people registered to vote than eligible voters, with Acorn, with the encouragement of Obama and the Democrats, with the interesting “ground game” of the Democrats, there is no question that we need voter ID laws. Now that 50% of us no longer pay fed taxes, and millions more on food stamps and the government dole, we may have lost the ball game here as to ever hoping to get laws like this passed.

Donald R. beaver - March 31, 2014

Yes I totally back voter ID laws.
Does the Times also believe it is right for some people to vote many times in each election to support corrupt
regimes and at the same time this voter is also earning
money for his illegal vote?

Robert - April 2, 2014

Being required to prove who you are to vote, is a no brainer. If illegal aliens can obtain a driver license in some states, should we not have in place away to keep them from voting. Using a form of “secure” ID should be a requirement to prevent voter fraud. All I ask that we limit the amount of ID’s one has to carry.

Floyd Williams - April 12, 2014

Voter ID is long over do and it has been the Democrats that keep preventing it. It is them that have made a career out of living on the tax payer dollar. Voting their selves raises and more perks every election. Start this year taking out the free loaders that could care less about America. Get the rest in 2016 if they have not resigned, retied crawled back under the rock they came out from so long ago. This is a very slow cancer that has been eating away at America. Disinformation a product that Russia uses to cause unrest and than take over countries.

Disinformation: Former Spy Chief Reveals Secret Strategies for Undermining Freedom, Attacking Religion, and Promoting Terrorism

Please wake up AMERICA!

Bill Putnam - May 7, 2014

When people oppose voter ID’s that will eliminate voter fraud, their motive for opposing ID’s involves their need for voter fraud to get their candidates elected. I think that all politicians, and those who testify before congress, or on TV, should be mandated to be connected to a lie detector. Anybody with me on that?

D. Seymour - January 30, 2016

You cannot enter any important building in NYC without a pix ID. Are all those buildings including all governmental buildings being racist and discriminatory??? The NYTimes lost its way a long time ago. Would someone please try to enter the NY Times facility to prove my point. You cannot enter their offices without pix ID. Are they afraid of illegals or qualified voters and are they being racist? Wake up, Liberals and stop looking so stupid to us regular Americans.

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