Wednesday, Heritage hosted an event on the challenges the U.S. faces with Iran and what the best response would be.

You can watch the event below:

Since the 2015 nuclear agreement with Iran, Tehran has continued its malign policies in the Middle East, particularly in Iraq, Syria and Yemen. Iran’s expanding influence in these war-torn countries has been facilitated by the strategic dividends and sanctions relief provided by the nuclear deal.

Heritage’s recommendation is to pull out of the Iran Deal entirely and there will be an opportunity to at the next recertification in October.

The main goal is to cut off the cash flow to the regime and implement a long-term sustainable strategy to deal with the regional and nuclear threat.

Read what President Trump should do about the Iran Deal >>

What is your response to the Iran Deal?  Should the U.S. pull out of the deal?



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Alan Wale - August 31, 2017

It appears that President Trump has this in hand.

IRA C HOSKINS - September 1, 2017


Richard Clark - September 1, 2017

Definitely pull out of the Obama Iran deal. And he handed over billions of dollars to them to boot. Glad that 8 years of misery are behind us.

P B Heyler - September 1, 2017

I believe this is a bad deal for two basic reasons:
1. It egregiously jeopardizes the safety and well-being of all citizens and inhabitants of the United States.
2. It was initiated and approved by our former President, which ipso facto makes it bad for our country..

Wayne Kinsey - September 1, 2017

It was a bad deal when first announced and we should never been in it to start. The sooner we are out of it the better. We gave Iran everything and got nothing in return.

Jean-Jacques VITRAC - September 1, 2017

Get out of the deal. The sooner the better.

Ananta Gopalan - September 1, 2017

Since it is not a treaty, the US should pull out of the deal agreed to by Sec.of State whose daughter is married to the son of the Iranian foreign minister who negotiated for Iran.

Thomas clarkson - September 1, 2017

Iran and the middle east are hot dpots. Give israel anti abm missles. With the tensions now going put Curtis Lemays SAC planin play. Keep a number of SAC bombers in the air round the clock
Let the world know it. Move our missle team into the arrea. Step up military readiness
.BE READY!!!!!!!

Natalie U Roberts - September 1, 2017

We need to remove ourselves from the Iran deal which should never have been signed in the first place.

Karen Giannettino - September 1, 2017

I thought we should NEVER have gotten ourselves into the Iran deal. Thank you, Obama, for another bad deal! We need to get out of this deal NOW!

My fear is that air force is so outdated and disabled, we could not prevail in an air war. The President needs to concentrate on that issue because Russia is!

Trudy Slater - September 1, 2017

Pull out of the Iran “deal”. Support Israel.

Frank Donatello Jr - September 1, 2017

Due to this horrible,so called,deal,we and humanity now face the reality of a world not as we hope and pray for,but one in which the worst of our nightmares become reality!

Diane Arbogast - September 1, 2017

Yes the US should pull out of the Iran deal.
Ill conceived by Pres. Obama!

R.L. Harvey - September 1, 2017

If you want peace, prepare for war…tried and true. We must never let ourselves be subjected to the same treasonous actions as we had 8 years before President Trump. We need leaders with the American spirit not those thinking it’s a social experiment. Need for a strong defense cannot be overstated. Both Russia and Iran must be considered. Out of the Iran deal ASAP! We owe them nothing.

William Carter Jr - September 1, 2017

stop the funding; freeze their assets in the US; get all branches of military back to full strength and include full maintenance of existing equipment – you can only go to a fight with what you have not what you’d like to have. Fund those things the military want not what some congressman wants for “employment” in his jurisdiction only to have the unrequested material immediately put into mothballs like the tanks are!

Tom Lanners - September 1, 2017

Do everything James Phillips at the Heritage Foundation recommends, and get going on it,
time is being wasted.

BOBBY E. RICHARDSON - September 1, 2017


Bill Gaumer - September 1, 2017

If a single violation by Iran is verified, terminate the entire agreement. (Note period at end of sentence.) The whole “deal” approval process stunk.

Mike. Karimi - September 1, 2017

The. Iranian people are fed up with these brutal. Mullahs, the international community should help. Iranian people for a regime change. This is the best solution to this problem with every one concerned

Gail W. - September 1, 2017

As the panelists in the discussion suggested, a multi-prong approach of using the bully pulpit to court the Iranian people while throwing shade on the mullahs; strengthen Israel; restore and increase crippling economic sanctions immediately, and all the rest of it. Aggressive evil must be met with force, not appeasement. Just ask Neville.

Harley Hunter - September 1, 2017

I agree wholeheartedly w/ Tom Lanners’ comment below! Do everything “James Phillips at the Heritage Foundation recommends, and get going on it,
time is being wasted.”

Bonnie Smith - September 1, 2017

Absolutely we should pull out of
The deal ! Iran is not to be trusted
In anyway .

Amy Van Buskirk - September 1, 2017

Yes. it is not a treaty; we should get out of it ASAP.
We must support Israel in every way we can.

Bonnie Belle - September 1, 2017

It is not a question of should we get OUT of Iran Deal; it is a question of When. I say, NOW. Do people know that Iran never signed onto the DEAL?

G. ALLAN BARNES - September 1, 2017

It stinks to high heaven ! ! The U.S. should scrap it and lay down the law to those SOB’s.
The U.S. should provide Israel with ALL the tools they need, to be the force to be reckoned with, in the region.
Put the screws to Iran in every way possible, like put them back on the list of state sponsors of terrorism, make it so they have no access to world banks and heep on the sanctions ’till the cows come home. Even just things like that will fix their little red wagon over time.

George Peabody - September 2, 2017

President Trump should immediately cancel Iran deal.
And, ARREST illegal alien usurper Barack H. Obama aka Barry Soetoro to NDAA Prison for TREASON, I.D. Fraud Voter Fraud, Immigration Violation, SS# Fraud, Murder, ETC! PS: Criminal I.D. Fraud alien Barack Obama aka Barry Soetoro aka USURPER Obama is THE MOST DANGEROUS THREAT to USA!
ARREST illegal alien usurper muslim-jihadist infiltrator Barack H. Obama aka Barry Soetoro to NDAA Prison for TREASON, I.D. Fraud Voter Fraud, Immigration Violation, SS# Fraud, Murder, ETC! Install CC camera connected to internet one way view looking in on Obama by Americans and the World to keep Obama from escaping. Pay 4 View at 10¢ of Obama in prison writing his $60-M memoirs with a pencil on toilet paper will raise so much money Americans will never again have to pay taxes. Add in Clintons and Soros in prison, and the Pay4View will be so popular that the $20-Trillion Debt will be paid off in 5-years. Arrest them NOW! Pay4View online! DO IT NOW ! Seriously!
And, impeach these judges and Hawaii governor David Ige for putting America at risk, as in TREASON, for their own political agendas.

Michele Rainey - September 2, 2017

PLEASE, pull out of the Iran deal! There was never a deal to start with, only an unlawful and immoral “gift” of our money by a corrupt President to a lethal enemy!

John Bianchi - September 2, 2017

The “deal” was a travesty from the beginning. It only ensures that we’ll have nuclear nitwits to the east as well as now to the west. Pull out as soon as possible.

Charles F Schanie - September 2, 2017

I thought this deal was technically not a treaty. If so, why does it require congressional action to revoke?

Janice Tritt - September 2, 2017

Do everything you can to pull out of the Iran deal. We need to support Israel. Thank you Heritage for keeping us informed.

Ron Reister - September 2, 2017

Get us out of the pathetic “Deal” asap.
Only a islam traitor got us into that.
Give Israel everything they need to kick some ass. They’ll handle it.

Jerry Metcalf - September 2, 2017

Get out now. Then make Teharan radioactive.

David Lopez - September 2, 2017

Obama and the State Dpt ambassador definitely made an error on the deal.
Get out now and don’t let them have access to any more funds.
Withhold monies from nations that are against the US and harbor terrorist. Lower our national debt and control expenditures from Senators/congressman

Garland Cox - September 2, 2017

Leave Iran now! Support Israel and keep rebuilding our military forces and equipment. America First!

Keith Dixon - September 2, 2017

During his campaign President Trump said the Iran deal was bad for the US and for the world. What has changed? We need to pull out yesterday.

Bob and Carolyn Phillips - September 2, 2017

Please have America pull out of the Iran deal!

David Sullivan - September 2, 2017

If our president pulled the USA out of the Iran deal 100 days ago it would be 99 days too late. Get out now!!!

Nancy Lanclos - September 2, 2017

U.s. needs to get out yesterday!

Diane Watts - September 3, 2017

The US should pull out of the Iran deal completely and cut off all funding as soon as possible.

Ms. Carolyn Eigel - September 4, 2017

Whatever will pull our money out of Iran
due to their attitude toward us and Israel,
I agree with. No need to keep funding
someone (s) who keep ‘kicking us in the

Charles M - September 4, 2017

Yes, pull out. Then do whatever it takes to undo pres. Jimmy Carter’s mistake of allowing the muslim fanatics to seize control of Iran. (P. Carter also denied our former ally, the Shah, access to cancer treatment.)

Maxine - September 4, 2017

The USA needs to pull out of the deal with Iran, not a treaty, not helping them or us, as helps them in wrong way. People never get the help, leadership – dictators do.

Karen Nivison - September 5, 2017

We need to exit that pitiful “deal”. We need to support Israel,

Vicki Cook - September 5, 2017

This is the bad deal I remind my Democratic friends of when they praise the Obama administration. It was not a good idea…U.S. should pull out.

Larry Farnell - October 10, 2017

Since the deal is really a treaty that has not been approved by the Senate, there really is no deal at all is there? President Trump should announce the US Government’s complete abrogation of the document. Any & all commitments or promises Obama made should be null & void. Trump & Tillerson should review each & every one of Obama’s stupid give a-way’s with the American people on national TV. President Trump should then announce/impose all sanctions over Iran that he has the power to impose without a vote in congress. The very next time Iran launches a ballistic missile, the USA should blockade the country-by both sea & air.

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