Democrats in both New York and Virginia are advocating removing restrictions on third-trimester abortions. (Photo: Tatyana Tomsickova Photography/Getty Images)

Abortion should be legal up to the moment of birth, according to Kathy Tran, a Democrat who serves in the Virginia House of Delegates. On Monday, Tran answered questions about her radical pro-abortion bill, which in addition to allowing for abortions in the third trimester would repeal many of Virginia’s commonsense safety and informed consent requirements.

On Wednesday, Virginia’s Democratic Governor Ralph Northam went a step further by stating that an unwanted child that has already been delivered should be cared for only “if that’s what the mother and family desired.” This came on the heels of New York’s Governor, two-term Democrat Andrew Cuomo, signing a bill last week that legalized abortion up to birth. Taking to social media, Heritage President Kay Coles James denounced the actions, saying, “Policymakers shouldn’t cave to the well-funded radical pro-abortion activist groups peddling these extreme laws in states across the country. We can do better!”

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What’s happening in your state related to abortion laws?

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DAVID BURNS - February 2, 2019


Alice Lafferty - February 2, 2019

I am a resident of NYS & very ashamed of our Gov & Legislature expanding so-called reproductive rights for women, like they do not have plenty of choice already. Thankful for the courage of our State leaders who voted NO, all of them Republicans. May God have mercy on us all.

Grant Richter - February 2, 2019

Illinois is also trying to offer extreme laws on late term abortions. This is wrong. Abortion is plain and simply murder. It is used for convenience and in only a few, very few cases (never makes the news) used to save a woman’s life. Our elect officials are actually warring against the American people. Further they are breaking the 14th amendment which states, “No state shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any state deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.” As I read the U S Constitution and it’s intent it protects those is the womb too.

G Richter - February 2, 2019

Illinois is also trying to offer extreme laws on late term abortions. This is wrong. Abortion is plain and simply murder. It is used for convenience and in only a few, very few cases (never makes the news) used to save a woman’s life. Our elect officials are actually warring against the American people. Further they are breaking the 14th amendment which states, “No state shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any state deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.” As I read the U S Constitution and it’s intent it protects those in the womb too.

Mary Alice Murphy - February 3, 2019

New Mexico is following New York at this point on the abortion issue. The Legislature, which is made up of predominantly Democrats for the past 60 plus years, is pushing through a new abortion bill that will allow abortions right up to birth. <>

Marilyn Degan - February 3, 2019

Life is a beautiful, miraculous gift that must be respected. Your, my life was a gift from God as are those whom you are purposing be extinguished. The blood of guilt will be on the hands of those who support such efforts.

James E Meeks Jr, DDS - February 3, 2019

This is barbarian. Murder in the first degree on the most defenseless of all humans!

Reverend Mark A Lester - February 3, 2019

this is a curse on this great nation we need to defund them with major vote by the people and for the people and you will find most of america will vote against funding abortion it is the small left that is trying to run our JudeoChristian country. the way to stop them is that in the 1950’s no person born out of the US shall take office remove them please. abortion is murder must be completely shut down.

Don Demers - February 3, 2019

A disturbing bill SB526 is gaining traction in the Oregon legislature. It would allow government inspections of homes where couples have new babies and opens the door much larger control of families. Please make this known and help stifle it.

Thank you.

Norman D. Lindley, MD, FACOG - February 3, 2019

New Mexico is going to vote to repeal a 60 year old law that banned abortion.
I was appalled at the passage of the law in New York allowing abortion at term. The statement that it could be done for the mother’s health would be laughable if not so tragic. If the mother’s health is in danger at term, deliver the baby and then take care of the health problem. That is what we have been doing for centuries. No excuse for homicide.

Reita Gilbert - February 3, 2019

Abortion is murder period, why not prosecute all who take part in abortions. That would deter some of the murderous actions.

Earl Gershenow - February 3, 2019

Simply put, belief that late term is, indeed, simply murder. It’s an outrage for the birth of birth of a child without medical cause and two fully accredited and competent physicians certifying, in a hosptial setting, that there is a medical diagnosis that such child cannot be treated and survive medical treatment, which should determined much earlier than much earlier than being ready for birth.

Henry Dziczkowski - February 3, 2019

The biggest reason for the disunity in politics is this matter of abortion that the Democrats fiercely uphold, as has recently become apparent; purposely stopping a heart beat is tantamount to murder; what part of “Thou shalt not kill” don’t they get? The “wall” contention is secondary, and I am all for it; obstructionism lies at the door of the Democrats and their foul agenda.

Fran Ruebel - February 3, 2019

I am apauled by this. I am Catholic,this is murder and these people will answer to God. Mr. Cuomo will certainly burn in hell,
shame on him.there are lots of people who would love to have these babies.

Diane Pitzler - February 3, 2019

What’s next will they want to kill the old the children they deem unworthy of life the mentally ill. If they are willing to put the the most vulnerable to death in a very horrible way what else would they be willing to do.
Also it’s my understanding once a person is out of the womb it is a citizen of the United States and it has the right to life like any other citizen has.

Don Johnson - February 3, 2019

When a pregnate woman is murdered do they not charge the murderer with two counts of murder.

Sara Alford - February 3, 2019

Good morning,
I am sickened by the comments of Gov. Northam. It is time to make a big todo about his comments on infanticide and racism. He does not reflect the will of the people of Texas where I reside.

Please do everything in your power to blast every media to let everyone know
what a disgusting man Northam is and help to remove him from office.
God Bless,
Sara Alford
Member for a long time.

CA Rick MD - February 3, 2019

Northam needs to be ousted. Who are they going to conscript in this heinous act? Doctors? Nurses? We have an elected official who happens to be a doctor who is sanctioning murder of infants. He is mentally ill. And now, he has emerged as a racist. Combine these two issues and I would conjecture that he wants to see black babies murdered.

Joan Chambers - February 3, 2019

I don’t know what is happening in PA.
I think abortions in the 3 or ‘4’ trimester should be considered murder. The mother and doctor should be indicted for murder and put in jail.
There are many people wanting to adopt change American laws to make it easier for people to adopt.
God Bless

Joan Chambers - February 3, 2019

The people passing these laws about abortion should be put in jail and prosecuted to the fullest.
What is happening to this country??
God Bless

Glenn Miller - February 3, 2019

At what age of a child does the mother lose the right to murder him?

Ralph Johnson - February 3, 2019

cuomo and tran should be made to witness the first of these murderess acts and taken into custody by law enforcement as accomplices to murder as soon as the procedure is done.
I think cuomo should be excommunicated.

Diane Jones - February 3, 2019

I am normally against abortion esp. after the lst 3 months; but if the mother’s health is in jeopardy, Then the doctors, family make the decision. No one owns any one’s body; that is slavery. after the 3 months you should know you are pregnant.
it could be rape even from spouse and incense from family members. this should be considered. My Uncle tried a case of a 2 year old done in by her Uncle. He also had one by the father.
He was a judge. Each of those cases have to be judged on their own merits.
A church member was pregnant with twins and got very sick; they gave her meds that could have caused severe birth defects; they prayed on it and decided to go thru with it and one baby died in the womb but the other is great and is now a teacher. We know what happens in bullying. many people cannot accept it. We know about the suicide rates esp. in kids today.
so the parents have a huge decision with prayer and medical counseling to consider.

Garnella Tomich - February 3, 2019

Although I cannot afford to donate, I want to commend you all for getting this information out. What should we do. Would it do any good to call our Representatives? I live in the liberal state of Massachusetts and am so appalled at what is happening and any state allowing this horrible act of aborting a child for any reason but to wait until they are ready to be born is MURDER. They will have to answer for this to God.

Cordell Axelson - February 3, 2019

If contraceptives are free to so many females because of the ACA, etc, and due to the fact that these devices are not real expensive, why are we seeing so many abortions? If the choose to be promiscuous which is in fact “Pro-Choice”, and participates in the creation of a living little human, a separate but very dependent little human, why should they have the ability to end the life of that little human? Simple, they should not.

Kathleen Parr - February 3, 2019

Planned Parenthood Should be Closed Down…They don’t even function for Family Health…they are a Sanctuary for Exterminating Babies and a Sanctuary for they’re Money…I decided to ask a few females the age of 30…how did they feel about the abortion extremes that were going on…they said this…AOC will handle it …needless to say I was livid… after I explained what was taking place they changed their tune…So, I asked this question where did you learn what you do know about abortion…they said from the school …they are on Birth Control Pills…maybe the BCP should be free with a Drs Prescription…To Terminate a Baby at full term is Intent to murder…The Democrats have devalued Life …they have to be stopped…I am thankful this is out…Open the Mental Institutions …All the illegals with TB will have to go their and Now I read about the China Plague…We shall Overcome!
I Stand With My President Trump!

Gracyn Robinson - February 3, 2019

On 9/11, eleven unborn children and their mothers, were recognized in Flags of Honor across our Nation and at the 9/11 Memorial, along with the thousands of others who lost their lives that day, to the worst terrorist attack on American soil.

The personhood of those eleven unborn children, is not only recognized; but each of those eleven unborn children, are acknowledged as having been murdered, with all the others who lost their lives that fateful day.

That a pink link on the 46th anniversary of Roe v Wade, served as a beacon enshrining the 64M lost to abortion coupled with the passage of RHA endorsing the killing of full-term babies- right up until the moment of birth- constitutes torture. And that 1WTC was the chosen place of that light, where our Twin Towers once stood- defies Patriotism, considering all those who lost their lives on that sacred and hallow ground.
It symbolizes Death, upon Death.

During tomorrow’s Senate vote, each Senator should recall that horrific day in our Nation’s history, and remember those eleven unborn children – *each recognized in their personhood, and murder, that day* – and ask of themselves before casting their vote, how can you reconcile yourself with endorsing Infanticide??

Do you stand for the American people by casting your vote; or it is it to serve as puppets towards a radical agenda?.

Remember those lives that day.
Remember those Flags of Honor.
And remember your duty to serve the American people.

Bring this issue to the Nation to vote on; let the People decide. May God intervene in the hearts and minds of those even considering voting in favor of, Infanticide.

Never Forget.

Thomas Remein - February 3, 2019

The New York State Reproductive Health Act, passed on the anniversary of Roe v Wade codifies language that already exists in Roe. Abortions are legal if performed before the 24th week of pregnancy. The provisions for third trimester abortions include health and safety of the mother, absence of viability or inability of the foetus to survive outside the womb. The legislation also removes the procedure from the criminal code and allows mid-level practitioners to perform abortions.

Probably most controversial is the complete decriminalization of the procedure; Harv Gosnell would not have been subject to criminal charges under this law.

No Republicans and not every Democrat voted in favor. Andrew Cuomo favored its passage to protect abortion rights in NYS in the event Roe v Wade is ever overturned.
Tom Remein, RN, BSN retired

Nicholas Genovese - February 4, 2019

This becomes a cowardly horrifying case of murder to a defenseless human being not given a chance in the greatest God giving gift, which is LIFE!!

Warren Willsey - February 4, 2019

Well, considering that here in CA they just passed a bill outlawing the use of he/she in bills or speeches and can face a fine for doing so I think an abortion bill will be following soon.

Wayne Beachy - February 4, 2019

Ms James:
Thank you for the Horrified description!
In Iowa, abortions have been reduced to half of prior years, primarily because of the efforts of Informed Choices, in Iowa City.
I am renewing my membership today with $50.00 contribution. Thank You for bridging our values to the Trump Adm.

Apparently, the Governors are morally and spiritually, bankrupt. Perhaps a logical argument could be made instead.

Your wanton legislation is denying:
1. The laws of Nature
2. The “Right To Life” regardless when abortion occurs.
3. Productive taxpaying citizens, which won’t need to be replaced with illegals.
4. Your party 30-40 million voters. Since Roe v Wade at least half of the 50-60 million abortions would be of voting age. It is no great leap to say most of them would vote Liberal, as most Conservatives are abhorred by abortion of any kind.
5. Co-existence of civil people in the land. Just because it is legal doesn’t make it right. That argument was used by the Nazi at the war trials in the Hague.

Roe v Wade Dissenting Opinion of Justice Rehnquist “To reach its result, the Court necessarily has had to find within the scope of the Fourteenth Amendment a right that was apparently completely unknown to the drafters of Amendment.”

Respectfully but Passionately,
Wayne D. Beachy
Kalona, IA

Sarah Milligan - February 4, 2019

Have heard nothing in our state of NC,
but we have a very liberal democratic
Why aren’t the churches speaking out
against this? My Baptist church certainly
is not, They say we are not supposed to get into politics, but what is politics but the voice
of the people. Keep up the good work,
more voices like yours will support out
President. God Bless

Retta - February 4, 2019

I am a resident of Arkansas. I have just heard that a bill has been proposed to take effect in case abortion laws should return to the States. This bill would stop any abortion from being allowed in the State of AR except for the life of the mother being in danger.

Gracyn Robinson - February 6, 2019

Here is where things stand in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts:

First, the provisions of Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton are enshrined in the Massachusetts Constitution.

Second, in July, the legislature passed The “NASTY” (Negating Archaic Statutes Targeting Young) Women Act, which effectively repealed a set of old abortion laws—including abortion restrictions—that were still on the books in the state. Though the laws were ancient and had largely been contradicted and/or phased out by state or federal court decisions, Massachusetts legislators said the NASTY Women Act sought to scrap the old laws as a show of support for women’s reproductive rights at a time when Roe is in “imminent danger” and abortion law could be sent back to the states.

On that bill, the vote was as follows:

House vote: 152 – 9. Senate vote: unanimous in favor.

Third, legislation has just been filed, which may go farther than Roe, and is much more impactful than The NASTY Act.

This piece of legislation (SD 109 [52 co-sponsors] and HD 2548 [92 co-sponsors]) would:

Remove all age barrier restrictions on abortion

Allow late-term abortions beyond 24 weeks to be performed outside hospitals

Allow abortions after 24 weeks for “fetal anomaly “(this is already the law)

A particularly pertinent section:

“SD 109 Section 12L. The Commonwealth shall not interfere with a person’s personal decision and ability to prevent, commence, terminate, or continue their own pregnancy consistent with this chapter. The Commonwealth shall not restrict the use of medically appropriate methods of abortion or the manner in which medically appropriate abortion is provided.”

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