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A new chart from The Heritage Foundation shows the dramatic growth in the number of Americans who now depend on the federal government for their livelihoods.

Over the past five years, the number of Americans dependent on the federal government has reached a record high of 67.3 million people, about one in five Americans, according to The Heritage Foundation’s annual Index of Dependence on Government.

Heritage’s Bill Beach and Patrick Tyrrell, who authored the report, give further details:

Americans should be concerned about this seemingly relentless upward march in Index scores. Dependence on the federal government for life’s many challenges strips civil society of its historical and necessary role in providing aid and renewal through the intimate relationships of family, community, and local institutions and local governments.

This trend will not be an easy one to reverse. Heritage’s Saving the American Dream plan outlines ways to cut spending and reform government programs to start moving the trend in the right direction.

What do you think American can do to significantly reduce dependence on government?

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