Senior Legal Fellow Cully Stimson, center, answers questions about border security at the 2019 NRA Convention.

The National Rifle Association is now holding its annual convention in Indianapolis, with more than 80,000 guests in attendance. President Trump and Vice President Pence spoke earlier today about the vital right to bear arms.

The Heritage Foundation is exhibiting at this event, with an “ask the expert” booth featuring Cully Stimson, who is highlighting immigration and border security, and Amy Swearer, who is highlighting mental health and the 2nd Amendment. Both spoke on the VIP appearance schedule and are interacting with convention attendees. Staff are also promoting a Heritage report, The Right to Arms and the American Philosophy of Freedom.

What would you like to see Heritage do to reinforce the protections of the Second Amendment?

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Janis Chester - April 26, 2019

Help us fight red flag laws. If a person is dangerous due to criminality he should be arrested. If a person is dangerous because he is mentally ill, he should be hospitalized. Guns should not be confiscated while the person still roams free.

Thomas Wright - April 26, 2019

Keep praying and putting the word out. The public is being hoodwinked for the liberals have no intention of giving up their weapons, armed guards, not walled properties. They just want the public to be unarmed and helpless.

Peter Pihun - April 26, 2019

I would like to see the leadership of the Heritage Foundation speak out more often in the media defending the second amendment are valid reasons why

Bill Rogers - April 26, 2019

Just support the 2A…

James L Justice - April 26, 2019

I am a non gun owning member of the NRA. Why would I do that you ask? Because the only way that a dictator can maintain power is to take the guns away from the citizens. Please reprint President LaPierre’s article from May, American Hunter NRA magazine. Every Heritage member needs to know what Gov Cuomo is trying to do.

Neil Stamper - April 26, 2019

Stop letting the lefties abuse our constitution and twist it to their own advantage. Law abiding Americans are loosing rights daily to left wing nuts who have only one agenda, abolish the 2nd amendment.

Jaime L. Manzano - April 26, 2019

Favor the the establishment of voluntary training in fire arms for mature citizens.

Dave Bloomer - April 26, 2019

Bravo for attending the NRA Convention! Is this a first? I’ve been a Heritage Foundation Member and NRA Member for many moons. I’m also a retired USAF officer and proud firearms owner and user. Conservative organizations should do as much collaboration and mutual support as their charters allow. Keep up the good fight!

William Coates - April 26, 2019

Encourage high school shooting sports teams.

Piet Van de Mark - April 26, 2019

A 2nd hearty BRAVO for your concern for our 2nd Amendment and the NRA! Promote the truth about More Guns Less Crime; and John Lott’s book by that name is a great beginning of learning that honest law-abiding Americans with guns are an asset, not a danger. Learn about and advocate simple and effective (but controversial) approaches to stopping mass school shootings. More Big Government gun laws simply hinder. Anti-gun folks want to fundamentally change America in ways they know most Americans will not accept. They know they cannot get away with simply “outlaw and confiscate,” so they chip away with ineffective and unnecessary new laws and unconstitutional taxes that infringe on the 2A. Enforcement of the basic Common Law is the answer. Why do outlaws have guns? Why, because they operate outside the law! Is this all just too simple or what? And please tell your friends to join the NRA. And please remember: PC is passé.

Chris Fish - April 26, 2019

Engage in that uphill battle to educate the public about the 2d Amendment and how and why it came into being and how it is relevant and important today. There is so much supporting documentation and writings from the founders that most people don’t know about and certainly don’t hear about in schools or from mainstream media.

Leslie Hiatt - April 27, 2019

Fight harder for revolutionary politics. Stop letting domocrats sweep them all under the rug just because they believe thier to violent. They were meant for our best interest and protection!

Raymond Hudson - April 27, 2019

Organize the States and remind the Federal Government that it has trampled States Rights long enough! We need to take back the powers that the Federal Government has stolen! Stolen from the very people that originally authorized the central governments very LIMITED powers to operate! Knowing that eventually, a strong central government would become corrupt and detrimental to our inalienable rights, and eventually, Freedom itself!

Joe Splavec - April 27, 2019

Demand that no new gun laws be enacted.

Criminals do not comply with existing gun laws. More gun law development is simply a waste of resources.

To reduce gun crime insist that existing gun laws be strictly enforced. Criminals must come to expect conseqents for committing crime with guns.

Margaret Rosenthal - April 27, 2019

Keep fighting them!

George Doane - April 27, 2019

Attack the issue of mental health, which is the real reason behind these attacks!

Joy George - April 27, 2019

I don’t have gun or want one, but the @nd amendment is an important one of our rights and should be guarded carefully and appreciated fully. Thanks for sticking up for or rights.

Pieter Tisserand - April 28, 2019

After 20 years I understood the importance
of second amendment.

David L Kohler - April 29, 2019

Currently, the most serious threat to our freedom are the so-called “red flag laws”
They potentially allow a citizen’s rights to be violated without due process. That’s clearly a gross violation of one of our most fundamental Constitutional rights!
It’s truly frightening to think that any fellow citizen or elected “public servant” would ever stoop to support such a dangerous concept!

William Reid - April 30, 2019

For me it goes beyond the wording in the amendment ‘shall not be infringed’. Without the Bill of Rights there would be no Constitution and vice versa. Ratification of the Constitution would not have been possible without the addition of the first ten amendments. Thank you to the Anti-Federalists for that.

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