The 2019 Conservative Political Action Conference took place this week, and Heritage was present in full force. Heritage had nine staff members speak on the main stage or in break out sessions. Legal expert Hans Von Spakovsky led a thought-provoking break out session about voter fraud and election integrity.

We had 10 additional Heritage experts at our “ask an expert” booths, who answered questions on a range of topics, from foreign policy to welfare reform to education choice.

The Daily Signal promoted Heritage and Daily Signal podcasts in the media exhibition space, and 45 intern volunteers promoted 32 different Heritage products at the main Heritage booth. Heritage also cosponsored a career fair with the Leadership Institute.

If you could ask a question to our experts at CPAC, what would it be?

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Michael Tucker - March 1, 2019

I would like to recommend that Heritage post a weekly status of wall completion stats along the Southern Border.

Frank Schwartz - March 2, 2019

What are the chances of enacting Term Limits on Congress?

Ernest Wilson - March 2, 2019

How do we get the deficit under control without losing the support of elder voters? Can we ever bring any form of fiscal discipline to government?

Gary Murzin - March 2, 2019

Why don’t conservative Republicans stand up and fight back for our rights such as freedom of speech and abiding by the laws that are in effect right now why do we coward in our corner only our President and a small few stand up for our rights of religious freedom as well

Tony Corcetto - March 2, 2019

Why is the opposition NEVER forced to explain HOW the russians stole the election for Trunp? They could not have been in the thousands of voting booths. They could not have been where all the votes were being counted.
What am I missing?

Mrs’ Phyllis Eix - March 2, 2019

Are we doing everything we can to counter the New Green Deal insanity?

Tim Beck - March 2, 2019

To Frank Schwartz – I think the chances are good. The Convention of States (Article V) approach is gathering momentum, with Arkansas just recently becoming the 13th state to pass the petition. This is the only way to go, because Congress won’t term limit themselves.

Robert D Selinger - March 2, 2019

When will the Obama Admin. people such as the DOJ, FBI, IRS be indicted for their part in spying on the Trump campaign, The Mueller fiasco and the continued attacks on our President by the Democrats? And the House committee attacks on Trump and his family should be rebuked and let’s let the SCOTUS decide if it really is part of their oversite responsibility. Somehow, I don’t believe it is.

Virgil Banowetz - March 2, 2019

Has Heritage taken a stand on how to deal with the rampant bias that comes out of some reporters. The Covington Catholic Boys story starting on Jan 18, 2019 is probably the best litmus test to identify the bias. My blog discusses some actions that may help.

Bruce Taylor - March 3, 2019

When do we put man’s nature on trial, bigotry (and all its synonyms) as well as hatred, jealousy, selfishness, greed, pride and others? When do we ask for attributes like, Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Goodness, Kindness, Faithfulness, Meekness and Self-Control? We should all be known by our character, we either walk in one nature or the other, you cannot walk in both and it is easy to see the difference. Love your neighbor as yourself is a principal recognized by every world religion. Brand each politician as higher or lower, let them earn their title by their inner character proven by their actions…

Alan Feuerwerker - March 3, 2019

What are the arguments that the Left uses to justify sanctuary cities and states? I cannot imagine any justification. All I hear is that the cooperation of the Latino community will be lost if we deport criminals. So what good is such cooperation anyway?

Linda F. Dick - March 4, 2019

Just finished a Senate Hearing on C-Span 2 regarding Chinese Investment in US Education System. A Senator remarked that if Americans knew what is going on, they would be shocked. Will be watching for more on this.

Daniel & Lillie Osborne - March 4, 2019

Please tell me how can we fight to get the “Rule of Law” back front and center
in our Nation! We are so very disappointed in the direction our courts and Congress is headed! WE are Conservative Republicans and fully support President Trump and his administration policies. Praying continually for America!

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