Last Monday night, President Trump announced that he had chosen Judge Brett Kavanaugh as his nominee for the Supreme Court following Justice Anthony Kennedy’s retirement. Heritage is very excited about Kavanaugh’s nomination, and believe that he is an outstanding selection. Kavanaugh’s credentials are so strong that he has been on Heritage’s list of recommended appointees since 2016—and even more importantly, he is exactly what America needs: a fair, impartial, and faithful Constitutionalist.

Soon after President Trump nominated Kavanaugh, Heritage president Kay Coles James published an opinion piece voicing her support of his nomination. Heritage experts John Malcolm and Elizabeth Slattery also released a commentary praising the selection and analyzing how Kavanaugh’s statements and past rulings suggest he will be a faithful textualist.

The Daily Signal has published several stories about Kavanaugh’s track record as a judge. Reporter Kelsey Harkness interviewed some of Kavanaugh’s former female clerks on what it was like to work with him. The Daily Signal’s White House correspondent Fred Lucas ran an article on how Kavanaugh is no stranger to difficult nomination processes, and can hold his own against hostile liberal narratives. Lucas also released another article recounting how, as a young lawyer, Kavanaugh played a key role in the impeachment of President Bill Clinton.

The White House circulated a lecture that Kavanaugh gave last year at The Heritage Foundation as an introduction to his approach to judging. In the lecture, Kavanaugh talks about his perspective on the Constitution, how he thinks the court should interpret and apply legislation, the separation of powers, and more.

Hear what Kavanaugh has to say in the video below:

Thanks to your support for the Heritage Foundation, we can make sure that a strong conservative mind who will be faithful to the Constitution has a good chance to join the Supreme Court. Thank you!

What do you think about Trump’s nomination of Brett Kavanaugh?

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Richard A. avis - July 14, 2018

I think that he is a perfect candidate for the Supreme court.

Skip Kern - July 14, 2018

Personally, I appreciate the candor and the steady foundation that Pres. Trump is, once again, re-establishing in our country. His energy is phenomenal and the two picks for SCOTUS have shown the conservative side of his legacy. It’s all about the country and it’s people, not about himself or adding to the dysfunction and corruption prevalent in D.C. I digress.

David - July 14, 2018

Great decision. I am glad our president uses the Heritage knowledge and opinions.

Bob Ludwikowski - July 14, 2018

I feel my daughters and granddaughters future are more secure.

Rose Alexander - July 14, 2018

Mr Kavanaugh states that he will follow the Constitution. That is what the Washington
Elites need to do also.
A lot of problems would be solved just to read the constitution and live by it as it is written “For the people and by the people.”
We are a republic! Just please follow our Constitution sir.

Alan K Kreisher - July 14, 2018

Bonner at Bonner and Partners, a conservative think group, says he is just another part of the deep state…….. can it be so ???

David P. Cole - July 14, 2018

Fantastic choice to defend our Constitution.

David P. Cole - July 14, 2018

Great Choice

James G Truscott - July 14, 2018

Outstanding. One of the best nominees I’ve seen in my lifetime of 76 years. Trump is truly making this country great again, We will win in 18 and 20.

John Ross - July 14, 2018

Our great republic must have judges who will support the Constitution objectively. My hope is that any candidate selected by the President will stand by all of us and respect that precious document with their decisions once they are confirmed.

Maria Antonia - July 14, 2018

Great nomination. This will be great for this country, to the dismay of the left that is never happy to see this country get better and greater.

Les Taylor - July 14, 2018

Excellent choice! One to go, then our republic will be guarded for generations.

Andrew Barbieri - July 14, 2018

This is a great step to return the SCOUS to the litterally interpreting our constitution as written against any action that arrives in their court. I do not belive that Justice Cavanaugh will be creating laws of of the air, that will impact our country forever. Compared to the last few appointments, prior President Trump, by Obama, Clinton, both Bush’s , Justise Kavanaugh will be a real diamond..

Chaplain, Lt Col, Don Bickers - July 14, 2018

Looks like a very well qualified pick.

David A. McColley - July 14, 2018

My wife and I support and stand behind OUR President in about 98% of his actions and pray for him and his staff daily

Timothy R. Buttner - July 14, 2018

All anyone can ask of a SCOTUS nominee is that s/he knows the Constitution and will rule based on that knowledge: “Coach K” is a good pick…

Darlene Mahowald - July 14, 2018

The best choice the President could have made. He will abide by the constitution as written. This is the way it should be.

Kirk Brush - July 14, 2018

Judge Kanavaugh appears to have the conservative principles needed to keep us from losing our Constitutional republic to those who no longer believe in the Constitution as the necessary core document in our country. And he seems to have the ability under fire to graciously but confidently defend what he correctly views as the proper role for judges. In this day where the opposition is no longer the loyal opposition, but a Saul Alinsky/George Soros force of dishonesty and destruction, that ability to publicly defend principles well is almost as critical as the principals themselves.
So I see the nomination of Judge Kavanaugh as a wise choice by the President.

L.A. Lamoureux, D.C. - July 14, 2018

The first thing that came to my mind was how well President Trump is keeping his promises. Obviously, not a politician! I am grateful to the Heritage foundation for supporting our President with excellent guidance and encouragement.

Carol Hayward - July 14, 2018

I am excited and grateful – expectant for present and future results that can stabilize and energize our country

Virginia Ross - July 14, 2018

I applaud his nomination and pray for confirmation, not confrontation.

Diane Jones - July 14, 2018

His understanding of law, teaching, volunteering, his own education is terrific. Now if he does what he says; uphold the laws of the Constitution and not make something new he will be great. He said he will preserve and follow the Constitution as it is written. I do hope the interpretation they did a while ago that Big Business can donate ANY amount of money to a campaign is taken back; because then those companies OWN our Congress not us. they are elected by the People for the People to Serve the People and not their wallets. The Supreme Ct made it that they serve the Big Bus.

John Pratt - July 14, 2018

Agree that it is a great nomination and Dems objections are, as expected.

Brian Mast is my Congressman and I have supported in the past. Now I hear very disturbing accusations from “Fair People for Fair Government”. Who are they and is
Mast a wolf in sheep’s clothing?

Retta - July 14, 2018

I have some reservations.

Daniel & Lillie Osborne - July 14, 2018

We completely agree with The Heritage Foundation. We fully support President Trump’s nomination of Judge Brett Kavanagh. We are praying for his nomination to be approve as quickly as possible.

AngeL L. Riguero Sr. - July 14, 2018

Excellent choice Mr.President !!

Joyce Wilkinson - July 14, 2018

Great choice!!

Molly Frame - July 14, 2018

Back to the Constitution and Freedom from “Big Brother”.

Salvatore Vetere - July 14, 2018

It’s a great selection.

Jim Keller - July 14, 2018

Excellent choice. From available record and information will be an excellent judge for the Supreme Court.

Saundra L. Finleon - July 14, 2018

Great choice…I’m encouraged that the nomination process will go forward w/o too much “politiking”.

David Ferguson - July 14, 2018

Sounds like a great pick. We had to live with Obama’s BS for years. Hope to make up for lost ground. Dave Ferguson Small business owner. California Republican

David Ferguson - July 14, 2018

Sounds like a great pick. We had to live with Obama’s BS for years. Hope to make up for lost ground. Small business owner. California Republican

Edward Oliver - July 14, 2018

My thinking about the selection of President Donald J. Trump was point on and the selection of Brett Kavanaugh was exceptional and his ability to contribute professional Judgements seems to be well perfected by his experiences as a judge and well learned professional member of the Judicial World of legal laws and the application of said laws!

robert coulston - July 14, 2018

a true constitutional conservative and a man of morals something sadly lacking on the left should be confirmed without any problem good man.

sid - July 14, 2018

great selection!

Harold A. Chamberlain - July 14, 2018

What a joy to see a real lawyer nominated for SCOTUS. Too many politically correct
Justices, with their own self-agenda, seek to guide the Constitution rather than let the Constitution provide the parameters for the protection of our freedoms. Once again, a great new
voice for clarity is being added to a growing appreciation of the wisdom of
the original intent.

Jim Christison - July 14, 2018

I am very proud of President Trump for his choices for SCOTUS. He continues to foil the Left by his, decisions, which are contrary to theirs, and his “get in your face and tell it like it is” attitude. I am also proud of the Heritage Foundation for your input into his choices. Keep up the excellent work.

Kathleen Parr - July 14, 2018

Personally, I say, Bravo President Trump…I studied the top four picks…
Myself, I would have decided on Kavanaugh…because of his love and respect for the Constitution…Quite a few people wanted Amy…I asked why they replied because she is a woman…I said not good enough for me…She must be Qualified…Time…Vision…Learned…
I absolutely love Justice Gorsuch…I Believe in Him…I am Thankful the Heritage Foundation is behind My President Trump without a doubt…
President Trump will have the Greatest Legacy…I do Believe the next Scotus will have to have more engineering Law because we will conquer…Space Force like this Country has never seen before…Judges will have to re-establish themselves…All knowledge makes a good legacy and I have a feeling this Will be the Most Outstanding Country Ever…Great Men Make Great Decisions!

Gary McGhee - July 14, 2018

The Judge seems prejudicial by the fact he was bragging about hiring all these women to work for him and for some reason led me to believe it was a good thing to hire women over selecting men as if they deserved the job more than the men.

Warwick Aiken - July 14, 2018

Great choice! I can see what President Trump saw in Mr. Kavanaugh. He has a love for people, as evidenced by his faith and helping at the homeless shelter, and also has spine as fortitude to uphold the law, as evidenced by his work on the DC District Court. I am much reassured, and believe our Supreme Court will be making much better decisions over the next few years.

GINETTE COHEN - July 14, 2018

I start being hopeful for the future of our country. Kavanaugh was the best choice. America forgot the rules of law of our constitution to protect us. He will be the one to reverse the power from the Deep State to our outstanding President Trump.

terrence tran - July 14, 2018

An outstanding Judge with a righteous heart.

Tom Lanners - July 14, 2018

Based on the vetting done by Heritage, and the Federalist Society, he seems to be a fine choice.
I hope he turns out to be a clone of Scalia, as opposed to a clone of Kennedy.
My one regret is the muck and lies he and his family have to endure from the left, in the confirmation process. If the Republicans had ……
they would speed it up, and get it done, so he is seated for the new term Oct.1st.

Colleen Waugh - July 15, 2018

I think the selection of Justice Brett Kavanaugh is an excellent choice. He is the perfect addition to the Supreme Court. It is my hope and prayer that he will be confirmed without delay from the Democratic Senators.

Sonie Thompson - July 15, 2018

While I do believe he is a brilliant judge, I hold reservation of the ways he will rule. Our Constitution has been circumvented by so many agencies put in place under presidents as a sidestep around our Constitution, and this has pummeled and taken freedoms away from Americans. Congress must be more involved and many cases thrown back to states. Maybe O’Care was legal as a tax, but the Democrats alone gave us that anomaly. Now, we are stuck, and it is costing people millions. Kavanaugh ruled that as a tax, it was legal.
The SCOTUS must know when they need to step aside….it is not about them ruling in all things, states rights come into play or should!

John Wier - July 15, 2018

Believe he was a good choice.
Believe he could influence other judges.
Know now you will not always agree with him.
J Man

James Diehl - July 15, 2018

I have asked my Maryland Senators – Cardin and Von Hollen – to vote to confirm and gainsay my fear of an apparent democratic propensity to vote against a preeminently qualified jurist merely because he was nominated by our President Trump – I am an optimist and have hope they will heed my plea.

Kaye L Chohon - July 15, 2018

I applaude the President’s choice!

David Kennedy - July 15, 2018

Especially in the Supreme Court, & all courts, we need them to follow the Constitution to the letter rather than following their personal opinions.

Theresa Moore - July 15, 2018

An outstanding nomination!!!

Randall Carney - July 15, 2018

Judge Kavanaugh is imminently well qualified to serve on the SCOTUS. He is a Constitutionalist and a firm believer in the rule of law. THIS is why Donald Trump was elected in 2016.

Barbara Waggoner - July 15, 2018

Excellent Choice!!! Wish we could replace Roberts with as good a choice as Kavanaugh!

Mrs. Duane Sanders - July 16, 2018

It’s a hopeful sign that our constitution may have another strong guardian in place to assure its survival intact for another generation.

Elizabeth Doering - July 17, 2018

He seems a very sound choice. We desperately need strict constructionists on the court to help correct the left-ward lean of the last few decades.

Jean fankhanel - September 27, 2018

Excellent nomination! We must pray for our Constitution and this continuing nominating process!

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