Mike Needham, CEO of Heritage’s sister organization, Heritage Action for America, recently called on Congress to investigate the IRS for its targeting of conservative groups for audits.

Watch the full clip from Fox News Survey above and let us know if you think Congress should audit the IRS.

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Robert Clemans - July 11, 2014

The IRS needs to be controlled. The IRS really needs to be elliminated by the use of a simple flat tax.

Nancy Santoro - July 12, 2014

I do not understand why Congress isn’t doing more to get answers to all of the scandals. I realize that Harry Reed and the Democrats are more concerned with their power than they are about the lack of integrity of this administration! Why aren’t the Republican leaders doing more? I was thrilled to learn that a Federal Judge is going to step in and require the IRS people to appear in court and testify about the “LOST Lois Lerner EMAILS” and the convenient crashing of her computer and all the other computers that had information related to this scandal. I’ll be praying that the truth comes out and we have a definite link to the White House.

Doug Adee - July 15, 2014

Absolutely Congress should demand an independent audit of the IRS practices concerning the determination of charitable organizations and the selection and conduct of individual and corporate income tax returns. In addition, there needs to be an operational audit of IRS IT security and their procedures for implementing Obama care and assessing taxes and penalties related to Obamacare.

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