If the Supreme Court rules against the Obama administration in King v. Burwell and strikes down subsidies for health insurance purchased on federal exchanges, there are a couple of things Heritage experts Ed Haislmaier and Drew Gonshorowski think Congress should do to respond:

Any congressional response should first focus on exempting individuals, employers, and insurance plans in states without state-run exchanges from the ACA regulations and mandates that increased health insurance premiums to start with. Making the reduction of coverage cost the top priority is also a first step toward a post-Obamacare market in which more affordable coverage reduces the number of individuals who might need assistance, as well as the size and scope of such assistance.

Why focus on these regulations and mandates? Because doing so can reduce premiums as much as 44 percent.

Do you think Congress should rein in the regulations and mandates that make health insurance more expensive? 

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Kevin Williams - June 12, 2015

Allowing insurance companies to sell across state lines could allowore

Frances Ann Walker - June 12, 2015

This would be a good start. But how do we get the APPOINTED IRS people, who know nothing about medical problems of individual people, REMOVED from the panels that will decide whether one is “worthy” of being treated?

calvin pauley - June 12, 2015

Texas has healthcare that is cheaper and is attracting doctors. Go there first. Then there are congressmen who have answers to healthcare problems. Also the Heritage has solutions. Get rid of Obamacare totally

George Ort - June 13, 2015

The ACA is a flawed piece of legislation. The Congress did not generate it, the bureaucracy did without any clear revview by Congress

Lawrence Wical - June 26, 2015

Success of ACA repeal will not be possible unless we have Congress populated with people who really care about its citizens. New Congressional elected constitutients

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