“Since [Harry] Reid became Majority Leader in the United States Senate, the majority party has tyrannically seized control of the agenda in the Senate in a manner not contemplated by the Founding Fathers,” Heritage Foundation expert Brian Darling argues in an important new analysis.

In particular, Darling writes, Reid has made unprecedented use of procedures like “filling the amendment tree,” in which the majority leader “us[es] his privilege of being recognized first to offer amendment after amendment to block all other amendments to a bill.”

Unprecedented Use of Filling the Amendment Tree

“The Founders,” Darling argues, “envisioned the Senate as a slow and deliberative legislative body. Not surprisingly, the Senate developed traditions that reflect these characteristics, such as extended debate and an open amendment process.”

But today, the Senate has adopted rules that limit debate on critical issues from the federal budget to gun rights to judicial nominations. Darling elaborates:

Senators have lost their right to participate in the national debate on many issues. Both Republican and Democratic leaders have used this strong-arm tactic, but Reid has used it as a normal course of business on almost every bill that comes before the Senate. This development is bad for democracy.

The Senate is known for two long-standing traditions: the right to extended debate and the right of all Members to offer amendments to bills pending on the Senate floor. Both traditions are under attack. If these two long-standing traditions are not restored in this or the next Congress, regardless of which party controls the Senate, they will likely be lost forever.

 Should Harry Reid stop using these tactics in the Senate?

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Lynn - June 5, 2012

Harry Reid should be silently removed from his position just as he silently uses his strong arm tactics to get what “he” wants for his “mini-God”.

Charles Dewald - June 5, 2012

Mr. Reid has choked off the debate in the Senate and one wonders why there isn’t an adopted budget in the past 3+ years. Shameful that they don’t go about the nations business as intended by our founding fathers. We need to replace those unamerican folks.

Frank Wickert - June 5, 2012

I am sick and tired of the strong arm tactics of our former and current legislators. This is not the way our government was intended to operate. We have lost the spirit of ” Government for the People and By the People” and Harry Reid should be removed from his position for his flagrant abuse of power.


Henry j Renaud - June 5, 2012

Shitcan Harry Reid plain an simple!!!

Jay Wuchner - June 5, 2012

prince Harry should be thrown out in the street (a.k.a. the left foot of fellowship) with all of his belongings and pointed in the direction of Searchlight, NV.

Cliff Thomas - June 5, 2012

Harry Reid is the problem with Congress at the current time. The House has passed many bills and most if not all but precious few have been killed by Senator Reid. I do not think Obama has even gotten the privaledge to veto any legislation in the last two years. It never gets past the Senate.

Elsie E Connelly - June 5, 2012

I agree with Lynn. Remove him immediately. If no-one has the huevos to take care of him, I will.

Peter McKay - June 5, 2012

The Senate has blocked every attempt by the House to approve legislation. How does one man (Reid) have so much power? Are the other 99 senators powerless? The current system has and is failing and Reid seems to be the main contributing factor in its failure.

Karl Johnson - June 5, 2012

The question was what do I think of Harry’s actions.

My answer Harry belongs in jail for disenfranchising millions of voters.

Does Harry know the phrase useful idiots?

Alton De Long - June 5, 2012

Senator Reid is fundamentally an unethical person. Having known and respected every single Mormon I have met in my lifetime for their absolute integrity and honesty, I cannot understand why the Church puts up with him. Don’t they have an excommunication process? He is a disgrace to decent humanity.

Melvin R Nieuwsma - June 5, 2012

Remove Harry Reid and restore the senate to what it weas intended by the constitution.

Shirley - June 5, 2012

Harry Reid and his cohorts, Durbin and Schumer, should be voted out of power by their own party. They are arrogant and care only about their own power rather than the health of our country.

Larry Miller - June 5, 2012

We all know he should stop, but when did he ever doing anything because is was the “right” thing to do. He doesn’t get it.

James - June 5, 2012

I agree with Lynn,
“Harry Reid should be silently removed from his position just as he silently uses his strong arm tactics to get what “he” wants for his “mini-God”.

Sam Barlotta - June 5, 2012

Harry Reid is a disgrace to America and the people of Nevada are idiots for reelecting him. Hopefully, all the Democrats up for reelection in November will lose.

Thomas W. Jenkins - June 5, 2012

Get rid of crooked Harry Reid now 1

Raay Sorrell - June 5, 2012

The solution is a no brainer. Get a Republican majority in the Senate as we did in the house to put Nancy Palozi (sp?) out of power! That will take care of Harry Reid.

Nancy - June 5, 2012

If you can tell us how Harry R. can be stopped, I think people will rise to the challenge. It seems we are headed toward a serious confrontation to regain our freedoms.

John C Bossolt - June 5, 2012

As with all the Progressives dwelling in the Congressional cesspool, Harry Reid will do whatever he wants, constitutional or otherwise, pondered by the founders or not, unless he is stopped. That would necessitate a minority rebellion, a taking back of power and restoration of rules. This is as likely to happen as Venus is to blot out the sun in its eclipse. All the polls are useless…except for the 6 November poll results, and they had better be very decisive to thwart all the election crime and tricks that are brewing.

Maurine Miles - June 5, 2012

Tell Harry Reid to stop using those tactics! Better yet, get him out of there!

Randy Linn - June 5, 2012

Reid and all others should stop this. It is just another wicked attempt (fairly successful it appears) to preserve personal power even at the expense of the destruction of our country.

Lawrence Burnham - June 5, 2012

Not only should Harry Reid be removed from the Senate. Any and ALL politicians that support him and have never raised a voice in rejection of his abuses of power need to be replaced. Aiding him in his practices makes them all guilty of not following the constitution.

Patrick Guire - June 5, 2012

Since the voters in his state failed to retire Sen.Reid in the last election, my hope and prayer is that the U.S. voters will retire him from the Senate Majority Leader position this coming November.
– Patrick

James R Bourg - June 5, 2012

There’s no question about Reid’s handling of due process in the Senate. His constituional obstructionist agenda has changed the Senate to the “partisan” body he so readily accuses the minority if being!!
But its ALL Reid.
The people of Nevada should be ashamed of this guy!!

Byron M Hunt - June 5, 2012

Get rid of Reid.

Richard - June 5, 2012

State Legislatures also use some of this same control. The Senate President and House Speaker usually decide which bills will be taken up–and if they don’t like a bill, it never gets on the calendar–regardless! This practice is unethical, but not by Legislative standards!

Cathy A Coleman - June 5, 2012

The overuse of this tactic is unprecedented and should be limited. It is an oppressive tactic that disinfranchises our representatives from their responsibility to speak on behalf of the people.

Bob Marconi - June 5, 2012

I for one am tired of all machinations used by all sides to circumvent our rights to proper government functioning… 🙁

Sally Gilman - June 5, 2012

I used to live in Nevada, and, I think Harry Reid is a devil done up as a lamb. Most people in that state vote for him because he usually is the only one up for the office. The town he lives in is a wide spot in the rode that now claims to have a McDonalds. It’s an area that has a lot of Mormans…

Jack - June 5, 2012

Senator Reid must be overthrown as majority leader of the Senate in order for the real management of our federal budget to take place.
This task includes reducing the deficit, lowering the debt limit and moving rapidly toward a balanced budget.
All other functions and activities must take secondary priority to federal fiscal responsibility.
Smoke screen social issue pandering is a discredit to our government and our country.
Our free market, the profit motive, limited government involvement in economics, fiscal responsibility at all government levels and the concept of personal responsibility and individual opportunity must be released from unnecessary government restrictions at every level from all government directions.
Democracy prevailed over communism temporarily during the Cold War; however, the insidious creeping of communist and socialist power accumulation at grass roots level has never stopped since 1918. Harrry Reid’s actions show him to be part of the creeping cloud of communism, indeed an engine of big government and collectivism.
Harry Reid must be removed from power over the Senate. He must be relegated to representing those who elected him, the people of Nevada, and removed from a position where he abuses power to undermine and destroy the democratic process in the Senate.

J - June 5, 2012

Harry Reid should have been convicted of treason and hung when he stood up on the Senate floor and told the Iraquis that the war has been lost. That was aiding and giving comfort to the enemy, a treasonous offense.

Irene Lefferts - June 5, 2012

America is in a time of great jeopardy from without and within. Nikita Krushchev said, “We will bury you from within”. I’m afraid that Harry Reid and his ilk are making that threat a reality.

Bruce C. Perryman, Ph.D. - June 5, 2012

Harry Reid obviously is inept and struggling with reasoning as a process of thought aimed at reaching or justifying a conclusion. Harry is incapable of using a process which involves a consideration of facts and impressions, experiences and principles, objectives and ideals in which the will of the governed prevails. Thus, he resorts to stonewalling, crying, and generally failing to embark upon any excusrsion, which might lead to the truth. Admittedly, not every situation which lends itself to the reasoning process belongs in Harry’s quiver. Logical reasoning, even for Harry Reid, is a scientific method based upon a simple formula called the syllogism. The syllogism consists of a major premise, a minor premise, and a conclusion. Harry gets one out of the three most of the time — a conclusion — his very own.

Harry isn’t even willing to acknowledge that jobs, jobs, jobs, are needed. How many jobs bills are pending in the U.S. Senate at present? Harry is adept at using arcane congressional rules, and without a shred of bipartisanship. Harry doesn’t even know there is an immigration showdown coming or that the economy is not doing well. Harry supports big government and allows it to run amuck — while pointing at the fellow in the White House as his leader in charge.

Lord save us from the dullards and dolts in our government back in Washington, D.C.

We Coopers - June 5, 2012

He was voted into office at the last election…it is up to the wise people of Nevada to undo that after another 5 years or so!!! In the mean time, make the Senate republican and we remove his power. Add TERM LIMITS and we regain our power.

Michael S Sadich - June 5, 2012

Remove this tyrant from the Senate–the state of nevada needs to un-elect him. The graph above shows what a tyrant he is. Washington, Hamilton, Adams and even Ben Franklin would throw the man out of the Senate.

larry w craig - June 5, 2012

We must make that “group” of leaders impotent….make them a small minority….then, be sure the majority doesn’t lose it’s vision and direction (again)

John Mayer - June 5, 2012

Did you really think the liberals are going to allow a national debate? Strong arm tactics have been the same with the news media. Conservatives do not have the same access to the media to debate the issues and when you disagree you are lamblasted and sdtrong armed to keep you moth shut.

Julie Simons - June 5, 2012

It is clear that Harry Reid wants only HIS way! He doesn’t care what the senators, who represent other viewpoints of their electorate, are trying to discuss. How does Reid stand to look at himself in a mirror and be proud of what he does. I worry about what is going to happen to our beloved country when people like Harry Reid are in charge!!

Mr Jon H. Clayton - June 5, 2012

The tactics that Reid is using in the Senate are a disgrace to the Repulic. I’m amazed that he was re-elected and am now wondering what folks in his state
are smoking.

Nick Siener - June 5, 2012

Senator Reid is a disgrace. His self-serving style is representative of a demgogue. While he may have gone to Washington with some ideals, he is clearly corrupted by the ‘beltway’ corrosion. Sad for America, and sad for Nevada. I bleieve he will be gone soon. Simply cannot wait until November. Also, cudo’s to Heritage and Mr. Ward for shining a ‘light’ on the sad Senator from Nevada. Semper Fi.

james dougherty - June 5, 2012

Harry Reid needs to be retired from politics because he is not for the ‘people!’ Vote to remove his position. Thank you. jim d.

Rick Atwater - June 5, 2012

It’s a “No-Brainer.. Neither party shold use this procedure very sparingly. WHen people can’t discuss the proa & cons of an issue we have neither a Republic or a Democracy.

Keith Luxton - June 5, 2012

I do not believe Harry even won his las election. He had 10% of the popular vote. he was losing and they replaced all the old voting machines with the new Democrat controlled machines. Suddenly Harry got re-elected. Surprise, the RINO’ did nothing to challenge this disgrace to the USA voting traditions.

Keith Luxton - June 5, 2012

Obama, Harry and Nancy will be known in history as the triumvirate of evil, who destroyed the United States.

Lee Hershberger - June 5, 2012

The purpose of the senate legislative process is to drag out the actions of the legislative branch,including the house so that a clear picture of the proposed legislation and it’s impact become clear to both houses and the populace in general. This keeps the balance of power between the 3 branches more equally distributed and when allowed to function stops legislation like Obamacare until a minority voice is appropriately addressed. Reid’s action are insubordination of the people”s as set forth in the constitution.

DOUGLAS REAUME - June 5, 2012

REID should be voted OUT

John - June 5, 2012

Harry Reid is a dangerous man, one of many of the power elite in Washington. I am amazed that the state of Nevada, generally populated with free-thinkers, keeps electing him.

Gary - June 5, 2012

I keep hearing that it is a matter of law that the Senate submit a budget yearly. At last count, it has been over three years since Harry Reid has complied. This fact, along with the amendment ‘tree tactic’ is outrageous.

It seems that these two facts, by themselves, should be enough to have Senator Reid removed as the Senate Majority leader.

Bob Forbes - June 5, 2012

Harry Reid should me moved to Iran or North Korea and run the dictators in those countries and I am sure the United State would be much better off. If that doesn’t happen we should put him in jail for the rest of his life for not living up to the things he has taken an oath to protect called the constitution which mean nothing to him or Obama, or Nancy.

Bob Forbes - June 5, 2012

Harry Reid should me moved to Iran or North Korea and run the dictators in those countrys and I am sure the United State would be much better off. If that doesn’t happen we should put him in jail for the rest of his life for not living up to the things he has taken an oath to protect called the constitution which mean nothing to him or Obama, or Nancy.

Mr Chester V Dates - June 5, 2012

Harry Reid is part of the movement to destroy the United States, and should be removed by what ever means is necessary.

James Voigt - June 5, 2012

Harry Reid should be removed from his position as Senate majority leader since he is the roadblock for all efforts to get a budget passed in the Senate. Hopefully, the next election he will be retired to his beloved Nevada.

Barbara Cooper - June 5, 2012

Harry Reid has too long been in this powerful position. Is there nothing the other senators can do to take away this power? Perhaps our election in November will have an effect.

Kyle - June 5, 2012

The sooner Wayward Harry is gone, the better this country will be. He’s an utter disgrace to this country, or Constitution, and our rule of law!

Luena Darr - June 5, 2012

My prayer group will be praying for the removal of Harry Reid from his position.

Gail Turner - June 5, 2012

Harry Reid needs to be removed from any position of power, by whatever means is necessary, legal and expedient. His tactics do not represent the best interests of the people of this nation. This is not a leader of honor and integrity!

Ann Noe - June 5, 2012

Harry Reid cannot see the truth of his greed for power without reason and common sense!

Jack Leishear - June 5, 2012

Send harry Reid home, or even further, beyond our borders. He is a menace to society.

John & Betty MacGregor - June 5, 2012

Harry Reid should be stopped. All senators should know he is doing them all in. I can’t believe NV would still vote for him.

Hunter Comstock - June 5, 2012

Harry Reid should be removed as Senate Majority leader by any means possible!

Robert Richardson - June 5, 2012

What don’t we understand? We are in a war of ideas, the century long transition of which, coming from both Democrats and Republicans, has been a movement towards collectivism . . . . now being accelerated. Who is author of the quote, “power breeds power, control breeds control, and taxes breed taxes”? Harry Reid just happens to be better at it. The best the Republicans have ever been able to offer, and for only brief moments in time, is status quo, making them worse than the Harry Reids. At least Harry, as well as our current President, have been up front with us from the beginning and have told us exactly what they will be doing and why they willing be doing it. Ideas, philosphys, that is what this is about. A challenge to Heritage and I am one of your small sponsors. Do a research study, one on one with congressmen and senators, w/o any of them have time to prepare polished-up, voter acceptable answers, about what they think is Capitalism’s underlying philosophical premises. Perhaps then they might start getting a clue about how our country became instantaneously the greatest and most productive country in the world. Perhaps then they might be willing to start extricating America from collectivist thinking when it comes to entangling and subordinating ourselves to the bankrupt intellectual arguement which sais, “well, you know this is now a world economy and therefore . . .”, vs. the adage that “we are voluntary traders to the mutual advantage of our traders and we do not subordinate our principles to any other country, organization, banking system etc”

Check out Milton Friedman again on various UTUBE discussions . . . now here is an individual with President qualities (Reagan, Harding also) – few words, succinct, impactful, uniquivocal, inspiring and most importantly can validate whatever he says. Nearly none of our politicians today can or even know how to validate or evidence the efficacy of their statements. I would encourage you to think “founding fathers”, premises of Constitution & Declaration of Independence . . . getting that kind of information out on a grand scale to start people back on the road to knowing what we need to do to turn this mess around. Both Democrats and Republicans, still believing in business as usual, need to get out of the way.
Thank you

Mike - June 5, 2012

Harry Reid is an embarrassment to this country. His antics are all the testimony one needs to believe that he has no other purpose than to render the Constitution impotent. He believes that he is an authority unto himself and would gladly take on the posture of a dictator.

Gisela Hymmen - June 5, 2012

I would like to know why more Senators and Congreesmen do not let the american people what Harry Reid is doing. Harry Reid should be removed from office.
I’m glad the Heritage Foundation is bringing this to light.

Charles Hager - June 5, 2012

Another reason why the Republicans have to win this election!

Douglas J Morris - June 5, 2012

Harry Reid has held up the progress of the United States for way too long. He definitely should be removed.

Agnes Tillerson - June 5, 2012

Why is this occuring? The Republican Senators should tell Reid, they will not appear for any Bill until they have their say and WALK OUT when he strong arms any Bill. Then they shold amass in front of national TV’s and state why this action is happening. Reid should be filibustered on every one of his tactics as well. What are the Republicans afraid of? They are there to represent their constituents. This is what they are being paid for! Term limits will be an answer to such play of politics. Also, their lifetime retirement after serving one term should be abolished! That is IMPERATIVE!

A. Jane Lyon - June 5, 2012

Harry Reid should absolutely be removed from his position as Majority Leader of the U.S. Senate!! He has outgrown his usefulness and is causing the Senate to be ineffective in a manner never envisioned by our Founding Fathers.

Rogers13 - June 5, 2012

I believe, based on the evidence of their actions, that the Socialist-Democrats [yes, that is in fact what they have become] are conciously doing all they can to destroy the limits set forth in our Constitution. Unfortunately, they are aided in their effort by many on the Republican side of the aisle. The ugly truth is that most members of Congress have ‘chosen’ not to represent the people in favor of special interests, and have ‘chosen’ to ignore their oaths of office and the Constitution. We the People have become a mere nuisance to the federal government and its bureaucracy.

As Jefferson once said; “Whenever a man has cast a longing eye on offices, a rottenness begins in his conduct” and “Experience hath shewn, that even under the best forms of government those entrusted with power have, in time, and by slow operations, perverted it into tyranny.” Unfortunately, Mr. Jefferson’s prophecy is coming to fruition in our time.

Oscar Brown - June 5, 2012

This is just one more reason why Harry Reid needs to have a nice quiet seat in the corner come the next congress. Lilliputian minds with giant egos shouldn’t be allowed to run anything.

Margaret - June 5, 2012

The tactics used by Obama and his administration is not unlike that of “sneak thieves”. They can’t openly discuss issues beforehand as they know what evil they have written into the laws and is in the treaties they sign.
It is all about power and greed, but what they are forgetting as they weaken America our enemies will dismiss them as they have dismissed the people of America.

Trish - June 5, 2012

Sam Barlotta – I doubt the good people of Nevada re-elected Reid ’cause the voting machines were supervised by the Unions and the vote-counts were supervised by the unions as I understand it. Why do we still have public unions?!! And Lynn is correct – BO’s pawn should be removed, silently or otherwise!!!!!

Edgar W zobel - June 5, 2012

Ried should removed from office asap!

Paul Stanley - June 5, 2012

Senator Harry Reid obviously is not working in the best interest of this country. One might wonder just what his problem is. He is robbing the Senate of the freedom to do the business they were elected to do. He should be removed from office for dereliction of duty in order that the Senate can take appropriate action to address the affairs of this nation. This is a great country and allowing Harry Reid to bring it down should be called treason.

john uhrhammer - June 5, 2012

Ried and Pelosi are O bama’s minions that are ordered to keep congress from any useful activity! O bama created all those “czars” so that congress could be circumvented and the USA led into some form of socialism. I think it is working. The GOP is so intent on the up coming election that they have lost sight of the real danger!
We are losing our integrity and our backbone because we let our actions be swayed by intimidation!

Ronald Bouwman - June 5, 2012

For the benefit of the left, the media refers only to “Congress” and its gridlock, paying no heed to the real problem in Harry Reid’s Democrat Senate. The general public doesn’t see the problem, and blames both houses. A Senate Republican majority in 2013 can fix this.

Judy - June 5, 2012

Harry Reid is an embarrassment to our democratic system. There should be some way to remove him from this position because of his abuse of the system.

Richard Haase - June 5, 2012

Never compromise with liberals, they are always wrong, so why be wrong some of the time when you know you should be correct all of the time.

Elma Johnson - June 5, 2012

What I think is that Harry Reid should be voted out of
Congress. He is an impediment to ANYTHING getting
done, and has been that for many years. Odd that the people of Nevada can stand the little pipsqueak!

steven belcher - June 5, 2012

harry reid has lost his way. he is a self agranizing mixed up soul. power has gone to his head. power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.he is an embarrasment to his religion.

John Smith - June 5, 2012

Why won’t anyone make it illegal to do things like this in the first place? This and other examples of overreaching power should be addressed.

I’m pretty sure that some rules and changes have been made in the past that allows no-goods like Reid to do these things. Such things should be reversed.

Allen Cocks - June 5, 2012

Reid is but one of the most visible examples of liberals working to control agendas by limiting debate, stifling communications, and misusing established procedures.

Ron Shadowens - June 5, 2012

Party control of Bills needs to stop. The rules need to be changed so all Bills are brought to a vote. We need to take back control of the government to include setting wages for all of them (what job can you get where you get to set your own salary and benefits?) since they work for us. They all claim to be public servants but act like royalty ( Obama, Pelosi, Reid, The biggest liberals ever put in office ).

Ted Sherman - June 5, 2012

It is incomprehensible that the citizens of Nevada reelected this individual. Based on his idiotic statements, it is amazing that he pased the bar, much less being elected to the Senate.

Bob Mink - June 5, 2012

Reid should be tarred and feathered and road out of town on a rail, or the modern equilivent.

Kathleen Swett - June 5, 2012

Obviously, Harry Reid has failed to do his job…a job we taxpayers are paying him to do. What procedures are there to remove him from his position as Majority Leader in the Senate? If the Senate remains with a Democratic majority after November, he can not continue to obstruct the people’s business. We are in serious trouble and Reid is partially to blame for it. Shame on him!

G.Mills - June 6, 2012

Harry Reid is a waste of a politition that has lost his mind. He only knows what his handlers tell him and instruct him to do. He should be removed as an moron or at minimum given a fitness for duty test.

Dee - June 6, 2012

Absolutely he should be stopped on every turn and the best way to stop him at this point since he has 5+ years left in this term is to elect enough Conservatives to unseat him. Hopefully the people of Nevada will send him packing the next time so he can go watch his avocado trees grow.
When you will not allow your fellow senators to vote on bills or even bring up your own that is called tyranny and Reid is a tyrant.

J. Teitsworth - June 6, 2012

What ever happened to statesmen, representatives that care about our nation? Sure can’t call Dirty Harry a statesman nor a representative of the people.
Throw the bum out! He and all his bunch of Demo’s in the Senate are unconstitutional leaches/ parasites feeding off the American people.

mach37 - June 6, 2012

I blame Reid fully for the lack of a budget while he has been majority leader. The majority leader has far too much power.

Gerald Eberwein - June 6, 2012

Harry Reid’s membership in the LDS Church is not affected by his abuse of power as a Senator. The church seems to restrict its removal process to serious conduct that shows infidelity, immoral, violent and apostacy like conduct rather than things of this nature. But, from indications revealed by the media it seems he is a MINO. (Mormon In Name Only). It is best to also bear in mind that Mr. Reid was recently reelected to his throne by the people of Nevada. Albiet, they unleashed a MINO into the tank that turned out to be a shark with a bully complex. We can’t remove him from the Senate. However, one quick way to remove him as dictator of the Senate, is to see that the Senate doesn’t have a Democrat majority after this election. The people in other states can remove him as President of the Senate simply by voting the other party in. The vote is the one complaint that can’t be ignored.

Tonie - June 6, 2012

Yes, I also agree with Lynn – “Harry Reid should be silently removed from his position…”.

As always, thank you for the previledge of posting my thoughts and comments.


J. Hopkins - June 6, 2012

If any of you have not figured this out yet, this country is in a political civil war. This war thrusts a Leftist communist ideology against a diametrically opposed free enterprise republic ideology. The two are incongruous, at best. The Left has used every dirty trick in the book, and have even more planned for the near future. Their tactics and agenda must be exposed to all, and we the people must educate ourselves. “Traiters” to the constitution must be removed from office. And, this is what we mean by “take our country back.”

Hank Guerke - June 6, 2012

Harry Reid is a throwback to the old Nevada (read mafia) mob and desparetly needs to be taken on a trip to the desert.

Edward Whited - June 6, 2012

Where are all of the rest of the gutless Republican Senators who allow this to continue. Everyone currently holding public office should be held accountable for their voting record as well as their silence on issues such as this and failure to protect the Constitution.

Gary/Pat Brown - June 6, 2012

Harry Reid has been the epitamy of a “no matter what” stop the Republican attempts and offers at all costs and do not let the senate consider any bill from the Republicans.
Sounds like a highly paid, old (Obama puppet) every day. Time to go Harry Reid. you are out dated.

Jeff Yetter - June 6, 2012

Saying that Reid is part of a deliberative body is like saying Assad is part of a humanitarian mission. Sad to see a fundamentally conservative western state suffer from the same disgraceful association as Massachusetts did with Chappaquidick Kennedy.

Frank Rybka - June 6, 2012

In the article you referred to the United States as a democracy. This is a term the progressive liberals use all the time. The usage is incorrect. The United States is a Constitutional Republic. Thank you.

gary smith - June 6, 2012

Reid’s power hungry tactics are despicable. He should be removed quickly. He does not deserve the position of representing the American people.

Wayne Stippich - June 6, 2012

I have long felt that there were too many way for congress to drag things out or prevent some thing from happening. Otherwords too many phony rules!! Harry reid has flagrantly abused the rules he should be removed from his position. Its no wonder that the people are losing trust in our government the way it seem to operate is a joke in my opinion. I also feel that this crises was brought on knowingly and on purpose.
Wayne Stippich, Independent conservative

J Johansen - June 6, 2012

Who is pulling Harry Reid’s strings? He is not smart enough to help the big O on his own.

Ken Marx - June 6, 2012

Absolutely! A lot of carefully thought out legislation has been sent by the House to the Senate and almost none of it has even been afforded a hearing in the Senate. There have also been several excellent proposals by Republican Senator’s that went nowhere due to this dictator. This must stop!

Michael Renn - June 6, 2012

Whatever legal tactics are required to remove the cancerous majority leader should be used for that purpose.


Joseph Puppo - June 6, 2012

I believe the instructions come DIRECTLY from the White House as to what Mr. Reid should and shouldn`t do. He is just a puppet!

Reed Lipinsky - June 6, 2012

Of course he should, but he won’t. Senator Reid represents what most Americans have come to despise about leadership in Washington ( the flagrant misuse of power and procedure ).

Paul and Jan Christensen - June 6, 2012

He needs to be Recalled and/or Impeached! He kneals to Obama. He does not nor will ever know what our Federalists Papers, our Founding Fathers underwent. He is a DESPOT just like OBAMA! Absolute Power is Power Absolute. We kneal a pray for intervention from God!

brian vianale - June 6, 2012

Harry Reid should stop—period.

Peggy Blackwelder - June 6, 2012

If we had two term limits on the senate and congress we would not be having this argument. Of course he should stop. He is not God.

George White - June 6, 2012


Fran - June 6, 2012

He MUST BE REMOVED from this position of power!

Karl Benson - June 6, 2012

Never mind Harry Reid. The Senate lost its deliberative characteristics when it became a representative body, i.e., when the seventeenth amendment was ratified. This amendment was the final nail in the coffin of our federal republic. Prior to the 17th amendment the Senators represented their respective States and answered to the legislatures thereof. Now Senators are simply representatives with a statewide constituency.

Mary Jane Casablanca - June 6, 2012

Harry Reid needs to be removed from his position and hopefully we can do that in November when we vote in a Republican majority. Reid should be impeached because his actions are unconstitutional. The president likes to blame a “do nothing” congress, but it’s the “do nothing Senate Majority Leader” who is to blame for the congressional gridlock!

Larry Templeton - June 6, 2012

Harry Reid has been arguably the most tyrannical and least democratic speaker the senate has ever had. The speaker of the senate should recognize that the senate is supposed to serve American Citizens rather than a narrow leftist agenda. He has not served the nation well.

bill heft - June 6, 2012

the democrats have become,communists,race baiters,tax and spend,redistribution. not America as it was founded

Gary Kelley - June 6, 2012

Reid tyranically declares just about everything the House votes on as DOA in the Senate. He is a one-man clog in the plumbing of democracy. He needs to go and I was astounded when he was re-elected by Nevadans. I also wonder at those that would make an issue of Romney’s Mormonism when Harry Reid is also Mormon. I don’t think Reid’s uber-partizanship has any thing to do with his religion however and I don’t expect Romney to be like this. He is the main reason that it is imperative that Conservatives re-take the Senate and re-establish it’s rules as envisioned by our Founding Fathers.

trniplett - June 6, 2012

Reid should return to Nev and practice his form of corrupt government.

M. Lynn James - June 6, 2012

Harry Reid is hurting the nation in many ways and this is just the latest example. Hopefully, come November, he will no longer be able to be majority leader.

Lorraine Smith - June 6, 2012

Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and Barack Hussein Obama should all be impeached, fired, or removed from office–any which way we can do it. Our beloved country is being put down the tubes by these three individuals who hate our country. They are not the Democrats that we all know; they are all Socialists. My whole family used to belong to the Democratic Party, but I don’t recognize Democrats any more. They started a new party without changing its name: Socialist Party is what it should be called now and it seems to be getting worse by the day. Please God, help us . . . Amen

Dolores McDaniel - June 6, 2012

Sen. Reid is far past his rightful usefulness in this job. We need a true American in that job – not an autocratic blowhard who has no sense of the American spirit.This country is suffering, not from Wall Street or Big Business. but from a government that insists on sticking their greedy noses into OUR business..It is our right, as civilized Americans to run our own lives, our own business, our schools and, yes, our own government. No more Iron Nursemaid!
Go home, Harry, leave us alone. We’ll be fine without you!!

Michael J. Stare - June 6, 2012

Senator Reid has failed in his fundamental constitutional duty since being elected Senate President; i.e., passing a senate budget bill. He is clearly not a principled individual but a mental midgit indicative of the progressives view of our constitutiional republic. He and his party should be made the minority in the next election. Perhaps the people of Nevada will eventually ge their head out of their collective arse and vote him out of office. One can only hope.

George Fleming - June 7, 2012

Harry Reid is a disgrace as a Senator, and is an insult to all people everywhere who believe in and practice honest representative government!!!! Mr and Mrs G.T.Fleming, Rancho Murieta Ca.

Deborah Lewis - June 7, 2012

I will do what I can to remove Harry Reid by voting for whoever is going to run against Claire McCaskill and therefore replacing her with a Republican Senator from Missouri. Then hopefully two lousy politicians will be out of power.

G Cornelius - June 7, 2012

The people of this country cry deep down in their hearts and souls every day now it seems.
We love this great country and are deeply deeply saddened by the hateful, hurtful, selfish and stubborn ways we witness daily in our govt. It sometimes makes me feel better to remember I am getting older so I won’t have to see how bad it gets…. That’s sad. And I am an optimist !

Mrs. Deborah Benson - June 7, 2012

When I think of Harry Reid one word comes to my mind – SEDITION!

Salvador Gesundheit - June 8, 2012

Harry Reid should be demoted from his post for treason to his country and false oath on the constitution. There most be a legal action to condemn and fire him for obstruction. He is not the majority, he is just one member and should not have that power. The majority should have the guts to remove him legally and constitutionally. How stupidity for the people that elected him, ignorant.

LaVerne Backes - June 8, 2012

Just another example of the gross corruption and manipulative measures employed by this non-deserving position he now holds in the senate. What ever happened to goodness and honesty not to mention morality? He needs to go the way of “used up senators.”

Doris Hunsaker - June 9, 2012

The whole system in Congress needs to be scrapped and start over. The seniority system of committee assignments has led to states sending incompetent, ill, and corrupt men back to the Senate term after term after term. Arizona’s Carl Hayden a case in point. He was returned to the Senate when he could only sit in his wheelchair and had to have someone wipe his slobbers off his chin. We would likely be better off if the Senators just drew their committee assignments out of a hat.

Herman Moon - June 10, 2012

The often referered gridlock in Washington DC is the resonsibility of a very small number of people and Harry Reed seems to be the ringleader along with the President. Hopefully, neither will be in their present position during the next congress.

Tom R - June 10, 2012

If there are rules, guidelines or laws governing the processes, then who is supposed to enforce them ? And then who’s house is it, Harry Reid’s or the American People ?

Mike Gray - June 11, 2012

I agree with all previous comments. Shame on Dingy Harry, but…….shame on the people of Nevada for reelecting him in the mid-term election when they had a golden opportunity to oust him. What a huge disappointment!

Robert Hansen - June 11, 2012

He must stop. We must get back to everything voted upon by both houses with no roundabouts or back doors radification. Sense this is being abused this process and power needs to be removed and eliminated totally.
Back to the people and for the people and not some individuals manipulations.

Harry Vogler - June 11, 2012

Let’s send Harry Reid back to Nevada for keeps !

Rebecca A. Mackintosh - June 11, 2012

Enough is enough. This misuse of power and typical strong arm tactics of the left have to be stopped once and for all. If not the continued existence our constitutional republic as our founders intended it to be is in real danger.
How could they have imagined such treachery.

Jane Barger - June 12, 2012

Sen. Reed is blatantly obstructing the work of the Senate and must be held accountable – which raises the big question “is any elected official in Washington accountable for what they do-or do not do?” Until there is some system of holding elected officials accountable, in a timely manner, for their actions, the ‘Harry Reids’ of the whole will continue to run rough-shod over the workings of Congress and, ultimately, the citizens of our country.

Robert Muir - June 13, 2012

Isn’t there anything that can be done to force a change? President Obama blames congress (meaning the House of Representatives) but he takes no responsibility for Harry Reed. Wahat about impeachment?

Myra - June 13, 2012

Harry Reid should resign and take Nancy Pelosi with him.

JJ - June 19, 2012

Reid is part of the the push to socialism and cannot be expected to respect our rule of law as creating a pseudo utopia and cushy elitist agenda is his goal. He represents the insanity that has insidiously crept into our system and must be eliminated.

Carl York - June 29, 2012

Dear Nathanial Ward, And each of the 136 Americans who previously commented.
And to Heritage supporters who provide the platform on which we stand to speak with each other.. I can tell you all that there is great substance, immense truth, hard earned understanding and wisdom in each of your words.
Martin Luther King seems to be an unlikely one to quote in this arena of pure, ethical, problem solving discussion.
However it is a quote that sums up the collective voice of all who commented thusfar.
A great African American told everyone listening… this:
King said, ” A Minority will never be the decision maker
within the boundary of a Constitutional Republic. Only when sufficient numbers of voters come together and Become A Majority …and ONLY THEN…. will that MAJORITY be authorized to set policy, to amend and correct the abuse of Powers dictated by the previously Elected MAJORITY…”…. end quote.
Becoming a Majority is a Mandatory condition of our Founders Plan. Majority RULES a Republic.
There are only 100 U.S. Senators. My state has one good one and one rotten egg.
How is the situation in your State?
Each one commenting probably knows full well a similar condition existing within each of the states where they reside……
Once we accept our duty and responsibility and step up to the plate… as Constitutional Fiscal Conservatives, then organize, speak out, drive out and throw out several….Spend, borrow and tax, Socialist liberals from the Senate and the Presidency….THEN, as a Majority WE WILL EARN the RIGHT TO have our say.
The KEY word is “EARN”….A verb…( denotes ACTION)
Carl York Citizen/Notary/Patriot

Cindy - July 15, 2013

Harry Reid is a fast learner… I’ll give him an “A” on performance as America’s newest dictator.

Jack Brosch - November 2, 2013

Stop this process and restore the voice of the people. Also, abolish the 17th amendment and return the Senate to the position of defender of states.

Robert Bentley - February 3, 2014

Senator Reid:
Why don’t you and your Illegal Aliens get out of my country and take John Boehner, John McCain
and Pelosi with you.

John Pastirchak - March 28, 2014

Someone please advise how to remove a Senate Majority Leader. Can only party members remove Reid? Reid has evolved to a tone of corruption far adrift from rationality. Like the maggot in the White House, Reid sees the writing on the wall; with all lost, he’s no longer amendable to accountability. Neither will repent. With equal certainty, both Reid & Obama have long lost any interest in serving even their own partisan constituencies. History will judge both as evil, dangerous men.

Richard M Matava - September 12, 2014

H.Reed should be removed from his position so that our government can proceed as our foundering Fathers intended! What good is our Congress if one man con screw up the whole process?

David Petri - November 20, 2015

Harry Reid should be removed from office for He constantly refuses to allow the Senate to debate issues in a timely manner and vote on each issue. His resistance to the stopping of muslim immigrants into this country at a time when the whole is ablaze with terrorist actions is reprehensible. We are losing this country one liberal democrat at a time.

PETER SHEA - December 16, 2016


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