Last Friday, Heritage launched the 2019 Index of Economic Freedom. Now in its 25th year of publication, the Index provides a snapshot of a country’s level of economic freedom according to key indicators, such as business freedom and government integrity. Based on their scores, countries are assigned a global rank. In 2019, the United States rose six places to 12th highest in the world, and its overall score is the highest recorded since 2011. This is due to market-friendly policies passed by Congress and adopted by President Trump – such as tax reform and deregulation – policies that you helped to make a reality through your support of Heritage!

We have a chance to improve the economic prospects of America even further by improving the new United States–Mexico–Canada Agreement (USMCA), which was signed by the leaders of all three countries in November. On Monday, Heritage released a highly anticipated analysis of the USMCA. While there is a lot to like about the new deal, there are also elements that should give conservatives pause, such as minimum wage requirements and liberal social policies on sexual orientation and gender identity.
Congress will have opportunities to make technical adjustments before the implementing legislation is introduced. Heritage’s Government Relations team is making sure those lawmakers and their staff know the findings and recommendations in our report.

View the 2019 Index of Economic Freedom

Read Heritage’s analysis of the USMCA

Given that higher economic freedom improves people’s quality of life, why is socialism growing in popularity in America? What changes would you like Congress to consider as they finalize the trade agreement with Mexico and Canada?


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Reverend Mark A Lester - February 3, 2019

President Trump is the best person to get our trade deals to help us better this country he is the best president we have ever had he keeps his promises.

Reverend Mark A Lester - February 3, 2019

We have people teaching in our classes revisionest History if you go back to before the 1920’s you can see the real properaty through keeping the Holy Hebrew Scriptures in our schools but after that and on into the 60’s we dropped the ball by allowing the left and other groups minor groups to take the Scritures out of our schools and prayers we need to get back to the old school it is a challenge to our students I quit school in 9th grade because it all seemed so sensless to go to school offer classes the children want to take and put our Holy Scriptures back into school as you know and I know without God in our schools crime climbs then I went and got my GED at age 17 passed then in my 40’s I went to school for Theology and Art I do have a degree in art but who needs algerbra for Art some of the classes have nothing to do with the path you have chosen and it is frustrating that they make these classes up to make more money for college I asked my Art instructor if she had to take algeraba for art she said no it only changes when the left in our schools make up more classes that make no sense in ehat you are taking it is wrong and needs a long look .

Judy Smith - February 3, 2019

Too many people want everything to be free. Taking advantage of economic freedom requires work.

Phyllis Eix - February 3, 2019

We are suffering the results of Liberal education providers, starting in Public schools, and continuing on to college/university classrooms. We need to put education back to the local level and allow Conservative voices to be heard and taught, instead of bureaucrats in the Federal government. And, put God back in the classrooms, so America can be worthy of His blessings.

Theodore Miller - February 3, 2019

Have Mexico pay a tax or some type of fee over a period of time to reimburse the US for the cost of the wall after new construction of the wall begins.

Digby D Macdonald - February 3, 2019

Infanticide is a form of murder, which is already illegal in all civilized societies and that should be extended to cover a viable fetus. The Federal Government via the DoJ, and invoking the supremacy clause of the constitution, should announce that any healthcare provider who participates in such a practice will be prosecuted as a murderer and anybody, including elected officials like Tran, Cuomo, and Northam who aid and abet this practice, will also be prosecuted as well. This has to be nipped in the bud and I am appalled that Northam, as a physician, could so blatantly ignore his hypocratic oath.

Patrick OConnell - February 3, 2019

There is a belief that it is unfair to need to compete for anything.
this belief begins in children’s early years with: no grades in school; everyone gets a trophy for participating in any activity; that it is wrong to let children pick their teammates and more.
The concept of working harder to achieve a better outcome in any endeavor is frowned upon because someone will have to be second.
These people still believe in a free lunch.

Pyara Chauhan - February 3, 2019

I. Unpatriotic media.
2. Unpatriotic Left.
Resolve these and we have our country back.

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