G.L. Carter

G.L. Carter

George Washington, Ronald Reagan, and even Elvis Presley left legacies that have permanently changed America. But you don’t have to live a life in the spotlight to leave a legacy. Heritage member G.L. Carter is a prime example of someone who, like many of us, has worked hard and lived the American Dream. Today, he is committed to leaving a powerful legacy behind.

In fact, well over 1,700 Americans just like you have decided to leave a legacy of freedom by including The Heritage Foundation in their will or trust and joining the Heritage Legacy Society. The Heritage Legacy Society was created to help facilitate the estate planning process for members and can even provide a complimentary Wills Planner (see form below).

The story behind G.L.’s legacy began with a run-in at the tender age of 12 with the Tennessee Valley Authority. The TVA, one of the most controversial agencies created under Franklin Roosevelt’s New deal, confiscated the land his family was farming. This was his first experience with the intrusive nature of government.

G. L. had a long and distinguished career as an educator. He spent the 31 years as a graduate level professor at the University of Wisconsin and North Carolina State University and focused on continuing education for adults.

It should be no surprise that a lifelong educator like G. L. recognizes the critical importance of ensuring that future generations understand our nation’s history.

“Our Founders had a clear vision for a government which could ensure liberty and justice for all, but it can only be preserved as long as younger generations understand our history and the importance of the constitution.” says G. L. “This is directly in line with everything Heritage is doing to educate congress, the American people, and our next generation of leaders.”

His passion for preserving America’s founding principles for future generations led him to include The Heritage Foundation in his will.

“I’ll never forget the advice my agricultural economics professor gave me as a sophomore at the University of Tennessee. He said, ‘for every dollar you make, spend no more than 90 cents.’ I don’t know why this simple piece of advice made such an impact, but it really stuck with me,” says G. L.

“It turns out you can save quite a lot over a lifetime, and suddenly I find myself in a position to make an estate gift that will help preserve our Founders’ vision for America. This is the core of Heritage’s mission, and there’s a lot of satisfaction in making a gift that will make such a big difference in our country’s future.”

If you share G.L.’s passion for preserving conservative principles for future generations, please consider including The Heritage Foundation in your will or trust.

For more information, please visit the Heritage Legacy Society website or call (800) 409-2003.

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