The Veterans Administration Health Program and the Indian Health Service are already under full government control. Liberals want more—a government monopoly on health care. Heritage’s Institute for Family, Community, and Opportunity recently released a report on the realities of a government takeover of healthcare.

The report examines several plans, including one introduced by Vermont socialist Senator Bernie Sanders. The plan would fold nearly all existing public coverage arrangements–including Medicare, Medicaid, and the State Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP)—into one massive program.

By the end of a four-year transition period, 75 million Americans previously covered by Medicaid or CHIP would be under the new system.  In addition,  164 million Americans previously covered by employer-sponsored insurance and 17 million Americans previously insured through private plans available in the individual market would be under the plan.   Heritage expert Meridian Paulton explains in the report that, “Medicare for All” means over 58 million elderly and disabled Americans would lose their existing Medicare coverage.”

Heritage remains opposed to any healthcare plan that increases government control and potentially costing tens of trillions of taxpayer dollars while threatening to leave Americans without access to health care services. Thank you for equipping our experts with the tools to break down these proposals and warn America against the perils of socialized medicine.

Read Meridian Paulton’s report here.

How should the conservative movement fight “Medicare for All”?


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Al Darold - December 7, 2018

The way to make the point that the single payer systems are not wise is to refer to those in place that have lousy records of performance. Highlight the problems with the VA, the Canadian and the British systems. Make them the expectation of what we all would expect to have to live (or not … ) with.

Cathy Gilbert - December 7, 2018

Fight “Medicare for All” tooth and toenail!!!
Such a travesty to even think it. Power and money control the proponents of this proposal.

Art Frye - December 7, 2018

fight tooth and nail!!!!!!

Bonnie Winslow, RN - December 7, 2018

Seems like the easiest way would be to pass a balanced budget bill that would not allow the required spending for Medicare for all—EVER!!!!

Gail Smith - December 7, 2018

We are totally against government controlled insurance. Our concern is these are the type of issues that get Democrats elected. How does the government get anything worthwhile accomplished with a divided Congress. It’s really scary. Thanks so much for all you do for our country.

Gail Smith - December 7, 2018

I just commented but I need one more opinion. Why don’t the Republicans get their points of view across to the country as well as the Democrats are doing. It’s time we make our voices heard. How do we begin to accomplish this. Thanks again

James E Meeks Jr, DDS - December 7, 2018

Dr James,
I believe your time with Pres Bush was a mutual blessing for both of you, like iron sharpens iron!
Keep up what you are doing, especially guiding Congress and particularly trying to keep the Government out of Health CareI

Alice Gritz - December 7, 2018

We have all work hard to put money aside
and hope that Medicaid would come to the aid of citizens not give away to some illegals. This has to stop. We have to many of our own to help first.
I am not against illegals.I want our government to get together on how we
can help them & not take away from us

Carol Thomas - December 8, 2018

What would happen to Federal Employees who have retired, & are on their Medicare Plan, would they lose their coverage too, (under this new take-over)? They probably would.

Debra Mattern - December 8, 2018

The last thing our country needs is to have the government taking over even more, with Medicare for all. Please vote no to this insane consideration. We need the government to focus on protecting our boarders, building up our military, and to get out of health care!

John Sheridan - December 8, 2018

The best way to fight Medicare for all is to put all current and retired Federal employees under Medicare, Even Congress. After 5 years lets see who has better coverage, people who purchase their coverage from the free market or the select group of the above mentioned group of Federal employees. To give the experiment bite, I would suggest a fine of $1,000 per month for any Federal seeking to purchase health insurance from the free market.

Peggy - December 8, 2018

Illegal means just that, illegal. Why would you reward those that break the law, by entering our country illegally? Our country and our tax payers, can not afford to take on this huge burden. This continual aid to law breakers needs to stop. It just makes common sense.

Alan Feuerwerker - December 8, 2018

If people understood how dangerous our debt is now to all our programs, especially social programs, they would never be in favor of adding the burden of single payer health plans. Estimates of cost are probably too low. Estimates of income from new taxes are probably too high. The real deficit would be unimaginable. Would non-citizens be covered? Would legal visitors be covered? What would happen to research and innovation for new medicines and new equipment? How many doctors would quit? Who would administer hospitals? All medical professionals would work for the government? What incentives would there be to improve the quality of health care and cut costs? We hear a lot about the UK and Canada but how do Russia and China handle health care? What are their results? Educate the public as best you can and pray as hard as you can.

Rev. Thomas C lenker - December 8, 2018

Put the members of congress on Medicare.

Rev. Thomas C lenker - December 8, 2018

The Government run VA shows us what would happen under any government run health care program.

Diane Jones - December 8, 2018

Between denial of services, no services in places, bad record keeping that I think we have all had, we have already heard how much it will take of taxes to pay for it. NO WAY. Obamacare was supposed to be the fix it plan and we saw that didn’t work as they planned. And the cost of it. Doctors and hospitals and therapies all had to sign up together and plan coverage all changed. They are CRAZY.

Beverly Solik - December 8, 2018

In addition to educating the legislators, initiate a national media program (TV, Facebook, Twitter, blogs) to educate the public on what is wrong with national health care for all what would be the alternative. Encourage them to call their legislators to tell them to vote no on national health care.

David Keller - December 9, 2018

National defense is a universal need, therefore few conservatives object to the taxation of all Americans to share its cost. Socialization of national defense has, predictably, led to over-use of the military, such as waging endless wars that do not defend or advance any discernible national interest. Unpredictable serious disease or injury can subject the average American to medical bankruptcy. It is often impossible for individuals to obtain affordable healthcare insurance. Eventually, the electorate will succumb to the temptation to socialize the cost of providing healthcare coverage to those who cannot afford it. I suggest that it is better for conservatives to design such a system than to wait passively for the liberals to do it. Conservatives are more likely to design a system that ensures coverage for all without imposing a dictatorial single-payer system that limits choices and eliminates competition. Physicians and patients are both satisfied with Medicare; the problem is how to make it more financially sustainable. If conservatives take a close look at Medicare, perhaps the waste, fraud and abuse can be wrung out of the system, putting it back on a sustainable financial footing. If Medicare can be saved for seniors over age 65, then the age of eligibility could be reduced by one year per year, such that in 10 years it covers Americans over the age of 50, which is the approximate age at which obtaining affordable medical insurance in the private market currently becomes problematic. The bottom line is that socialized medicine will inevitably be voted in, and it is better for conservatives to design it now than to wait for the liberals to do it.

John Wier - December 9, 2018

We have several old, and some incoming law makers this new year. Need to let them talk alot as there mouth aways get them in trouble. These are the same people that talk about free college for all. Now employers are rejecting any high school student with less than 85 % attendance, and most liberal art degrees from Universities.

Our nation needs to cut 10% of all federal employees over this next year. Then 5% for the next 4 years. Turn SS over to private industry, and also VA an medicare.

Do away with all grants to universities.

Look at the exit from public run schools.
We now have home schools. Micro schools,
Private schools , charter schools where boys are boys ,and girls are girls .
Go get them America.

Richard Kelsheimer - December 10, 2018

The first thing I would do is complete a survey of every retired veteran and those in the Indian nation to determine first hand what they have experienced in their government run health programs. What an eye opener that would be!
I believe you will find the answer to the question and it is not “Medicare for All”!

Government waist and the inefficiency of the governments bureaucracy is evident in every level of government. Including our broken Social Security System. What makes anyone believe that having government controlled health care will lead to any other result other than more debt that we cannot afford individually or collectively.

Eric Hinz - December 12, 2018

Can Heritage prepare an estimate as to how much ” take home pay” a working American will be able to use after tax deductions with the implementation of this plan – – using percentages.
For an example, a electrician would have 50% of his pay, taxed, to support this “Feel Good” measure.

Ellen - December 14, 2018

We seem to learn nothing from other countries already on systems where government controls all healthcare.
Certainly the mistakes made with AHCA under President Obama should be evidence enough we do NOT wish to force anyone into plans they don’t want. Where is freedom of choice in that? I am adamantly opposed to one healthcare system for all due to its expense, it’s diminishing quality of care, and that we’re Americans! We have choices! We want individuality and choice!

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