The Bradley Foundation awarded its prestigious Bradley Prize to Heritage Foundation President Ed Feulner and Heritage legal scholar Edwin Meese at a ceremony last week in Washington.

Feulner has been essential to the growth of the conservative movement, Bradley Foundation president Michael Grebe said in a statemet. “Under his guidance, the Heritage Foundation has become a bastion of ideas that are an integral part of the national conversation and that have shaped public policy.”


He also lavished praise on Meese, who served as Ronald Reagan’s attorney general and now chairs Heritage’s Center for Legal and Judicial Studies as Heritage’s Ronald Reagan Distinguished Fellow in Public Policy.“His entire career has involved upholding the rule of law and making the nation more secure,” Grebe said.

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dymphna - June 12, 2012

Meese’s appalling endorsement of David Ramadan in Northern VA’s 2011 election was a low blow to those of us who are concerned with the continuing encroachment of Sharia against the U.S. Constitution.

This endorsement was NOT politics as usual; it was, and remains, a serious step toward undermining our very foundations. That you chose to celebrate the man is even more disturbing.

Where was Meese’s due diligence? Where was yours?
The information was out there:

What a shame.

Scott Morrison - June 13, 2012

Dear Mr. Ed Feulner and Mr. Edwin Meese,
Congratulations to you both! You two, Gentlemen are my heroes and I thank you for your championing for the Conservative Cause!! Things are looking up!!!

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