Heritage’s Education Policy Center has been hard at work increasing parent’s and student’s rights in education.

Recently, the 529 education savings plan–that only allows for college saving–was expanded to include savings for K-12 students and has been included in the House tax reform bill.

Heritage’s education team developed and advocated for this policy to give parents more freedom in choosing the best education option for their children.

The 529 ESP’s would allow parents to cover K-12 expenses of up to $10,000 per year at public, private and religious schools. They are open to every family, no matter how wealthy or poor.

Lindsey Burke, the Director of the Center for Education Policy at Heritage, said in an interview with Politico:

“Allowing families to contribute money to 529 plans for K-12 educational expenses would enable families to save for K-12 education-related expenses while increasing their ability to pay for education options outside the public-school system… Allowing K-12 expenses to be 529 eligible is smart policy.”

The administration is embracing this policy, which returns authority to the states and empowers parents with the opportunity to choose safe and effective schools for their children.

If the bill passes through the House and the Senate and is signed by the President, citizens will have more opportunities to invest in quality education, and parents will have more choice.

What are other changes you would like to see in our education system?

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Larry Smith - November 11, 2017

Common Core is another one of those laws that was passed without anyone reading it. We need to get local governments and parents back in charge of our education system

Robert Bradley - November 11, 2017

Full mandatory state level voucher system allowing freedom of choice regardless of school affiliation, elimination of mandatory union membership for teachers, elsewhere elimbation of iunions collecting fees from teachers for political action, end of tenure, ongoing testing of teachers for skills set and knowledge base, verified publication of school results and testing levels, and full transparency of school budgets to public.

Merrill sweitzer - November 11, 2017

Parents should choose and support the existing brick and mortar schools that they have paid for with taxes and are designed or learning School facilities. I do not support the charter school concept because it does not provide the learning opportunities of the brick and mortar. Brick and mortar schools are being closed and millions of dollars lost because of charter schools. Additionally the brick and mortar school boards have to pay the charter school tuition at $10 to $20,000 per student per year

Roberta - November 11, 2017

Teachers Union have a direct impact on the quality of education. This is why parents are looking for a better choice. Are Unions so big that we are afraid to take them on. They are nothing more than a political organization.

pam ward - November 11, 2017

Longer school days and less school vacations!
Require students to be able to read before passing them on to the next grade!

Hugh - November 11, 2017

I support elimination of the Department of Education and of so called Federal Standards in Education. They have done little but lower academic standards. Presently my former excellent high school now
boasts a graduate rate of 89%, with only 20% college ready! But they meet the Federal Standard. Progress?????

judy taggerty - November 11, 2017

Please get Brainwashing dangerous Anti-American Common Core out of our Schools Now. Remove LGBT and Planned Parenthood and other groups with an Agenda to harm our children off campus Now. Are children are not to be used as Targets for Perverts.

Bill Coates - November 11, 2017

First, the Dept. of Ed. must be stripped of any power to compel obedience to its ideas. As with other regulatory agencies, it should only have ability to make recommendations to Congress which alone has power to pass laws. Second, we need a national right to work law so that school staff are not compelled to contribute to union political causes. This will stop the common practice of union candidates vastly outspending citizen candidates in school board elections.

Donna Harriet - November 11, 2017

One superintendent per county instead of per district would allow more money available per student.

Susan Sharpless - November 12, 2017

I would like to see parents having a voice over the superintendence, school boards, and teachers where their children are concerned. Parents should have the ultimate control of what their children learn. Also, not all children fit into the mold of one way of teaching. Teachers as well as superintendence, and school boards should be aware that all children learn in a different manner and work with parents and children, and not medicate them. Parents, or single parents that live in inner-city, and small town America should be encouraged to help their children not only in school but at home so that they’re learning capabilities are better. It would be nice to have workshops to work with parents or single parents that feel intimidated by a principal or teacher with the higher level of education. Most at risk parents and children deserve a chance of learning so they can have a better future.
All schools across the country should teach Patronism to America and the founding history of our country as a civic class. The Pledge of Allegiance should be said every morning in school the way it was when I grew up. Morning prayers in silence should continue in the schools and if the student wants to bring their Bible it should be allowed.

William Parker - November 13, 2017

Keep the Federal Government from being involved in education to the greatest extent possible.

William Parker - November 13, 2017

The United States would benefit if Civics was taught and emphasized in grades one through twelve. Our nation can not survive as a bastion of freedom unless students are not taught the basics of being a patriot who understands and believes in our democratictic system.

Karen - November 15, 2017

Eliminate the federal Department of Education, the Federal Standards in Education, and teacher unions.

Beth Schlangen - November 29, 2017

Those involved in education at all levels need to have knowledge of God’s principles and laws. Compassion, knowledge, how to teach and direct students to use their God given talents and learn skills needed to succeed in life. Need to instruct God’s principles, character and constitution, godly character, love God, self, and others. How to be good stewards of what God gives them, servant attitude, not me first.

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