The 2019 Rising Leaders Fellows. (Photo: Tavit’s Photography)

The 2019 Rising Leaders Fellows.  (Photo: Tavit’s Photography)

This year, Heritage is delighted to introduce the Rising Leaders Fellowship – a new initiative that identifies top student and youth influencers across the country and brings them to Resource Bank to learn from seasoned leaders.

At this year’s Resource Bank, 35 Rising Leaders Fellows took a dive deep into policy issues, learned communication and leadership skills, and networked with policy experts and think tank leaders.

“As a young student leader with a passion for the conservative movement, I have greatly enjoyed my time at Resource Bank,” said Ellen Wittman, a junior at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. “Through networking, policy discussions, and talking with experts, this week has equipped me with the strength and skills to help protect our founding principles for years to come.”

The 2019 Fellows were nominated by the following allied organizations: Black Conservative Movement, Claire Boothe Luce Policy Institute, Foundation for Individual Rights, The Fund for American Studies, Generation Joshua, Alexander Hamilton Society, The Gloucester Institute, Leadership Institute, Network of Enlightened Women, Young America’s Foundation, Speech First, Intercollegiate Studies Institute, Alliance Defending Freedom, Heritage’s Local University Conservatives Program, and Turning Point USA.

How can conservatives better identify talent and help young conservatives become leaders?

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Jennifer Mathew - May 31, 2019

Hi folks
What a great sounding leadership program! I am just learning about this now. As far as identifying talent, I think one are that is not tapped a whole lot is with homeschoolers. Look for Christian and Catholic homeschool groups and co-ops. Many of these families teach traditional values and spend some time learning to have a deep appreciation for the U.S. Constitution. Another area is youth groups and Young Republican groups. I know I’d love to recommend my older boys for this program of growing leaders. Even though at this point they are not affiliated with a formal group, they are conservative. It is encouraging to see so many devoted young people!! Hope!! God bless, Jen M.

Jennifer Mathew - May 31, 2019

one area, (editing my post above), not one are (thanks)

Susan Levish - June 9, 2019

I am president of the Soroptimist International of Butler County, Pennsylvania. We believe in mentoring young women in career choices. Giving them various careers to choose from with current employees from the companies. We also encourage education. We help out with providing home goods to homeless women that are head of household and meet the pre approved requirements. We work with “The Lighthouse”, and with local government. These ladies must first go thru a series of classes teaching them financing, budgeting, among other things. We raise money to award scholarships for those going back to school. Young women need encouragement and guidance. As women are built up, so is our country. Soroptimist means “Best for Women”. We also do some business with VOICE. We help those needing help. Women with children are only one of the projects we help with. We have a Brownie group that we sponsor. These girls come from a lower income level and might not be able to be in a girl scout troop, otherwise. We also make fleece tie blankets for cancer centers. None of the members of Soroptimist are paid. We are all volunteers. We have a great group of women.

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