Voters in 38 states will have the opportunity to vote today not just in federal elections but on 188 ballot initiatives and amendment questions.

The Heritage Foundation’s Lacklan Markay and Michael Sandoval have identified 10 ballot measures worth watching as returns start coming in this evening:

Michigan – Proposal 2: This measure proposes a constitutional amendment making union collective bargaining a right. It also gives collective bargaining agreements the force of law, and invalidates any other state laws that conflict with those agreements.

Michigan – Proposal 3: As Scribe has reported, Proposal 3 would direct the state, through a constitutional amendment, to get 25% of its electricity from renewable energy sources by 2025. The measure is backed primarily by out-of-state environmentalist groups, while Michigan businesses have funded most of the opposition to it.

Florida – Amendment 3: This constitutional amendment would establish a cap on state revenue, indexed to inflation and population growth. Any revenue exceeding the cap would be placed in a “rainy day fund.” Once that fund exceeds 10% of the prior year’s total budget, the state would be required to implement tax cuts paid for with revenues from that fund.

Read about the other seven ballot measures on the Scribe.

Which ballot measures are most important to you?

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