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Our country must stay rooted in the principles that have made it the great country that it is.

As a Heritage member, you have made a tremendous impact in educating Americans on our tradition of natural rights, republicanism and constitutionalism.

Below is list of the Center’s top publications that have received thousands of views this year.

1. First Principles Essays (in-depth essays written by leading scholars on the most important ideas, statesmen, political movements, and documents in American political thought)

2. Makers of American Political Thought Essays (shorter essays introducing the general public to those who have shaped American politics, for better or, for worse, from the Founding until today).

3. Special Reports (in-depth analysis of a particular question) Four have more than 10,000 views—including 1 with more than 50,000 views.

Last, but certainly not least, is the online version of the Heritage Guide to the Constitution, which has been visited over 20 million times since we launched it in 2012. This year alone, it has received more than 2.6 million visits.

Thank you for making this possible.

Do topics like these get discussed enough in America today? What was your favorite report?

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Jean McPhee - January 8, 2018

Does Heritage do research on important budget items like how is the FEMA budget spent? I believe we would be better off without the bureaucracy since their “rule” not to help those who do not have flood insurance backfires in cases like Houston where traditionally it was not needed but then the emergency happened. The bureaucracy could not handle the situation so funds were given simply based on estimates—which allowed many to profit. This would not happen if we only gave no or low interest grants for first year and the upped the charge for repayment. Citizens would only ask for what was needed and then we could be entirely free of the bureaucracy. We could have accountants handling grants instead. Also we would then save the “national security” aspect of FEMA where money was spent on worthless camps and trailers! Many other bureaucracies such as health and education could be sent back to states where monitoring would be easier and rules would be less all encompassing and restrictive

Carl L. Jacobs LLD - January 8, 2018

I found comments written by James Jay Carafano titled Kim, Putin, Mideast and China totally lacking in analysis of the real world military and financial power the US has. As a retired Navy O-10 I know that the classified world is a lot more than involved than some of the opinions expressed.

Clarence b. Holt - January 8, 2018

The Heritage Foundation is one of the very few bright lights in what has become the very dark world of American government and politics. I wonder just how many of our elected officials in Washington know or even care about what the majority of the citizens of this nation from the poorest to the wealthiest, from teenagers to the elderly want, need, and are most concerned about in regards to our federal government. We have what so many have wanted for so long – a Republican President and a Republican Congress. Yet they continue to shoot themselves in the foot at almost every turn. They are destroying the party and many feel that our government has become a sham. It’s all power and money, not service to the people and our nation. That’s why so many have become so apathetic that I hear this over and over, “I’m not going to vote anymore. What difference does it make. They’re all the same.” President Trump is trying, but he is all alone.

Joyce - January 8, 2018

Thanks for these wonderful articles.

LtCol Glenn Timm USAF(ret) - January 9, 2018

No, these subjects are not subjects much discussed. The one place they do get discussed is Convention of States project (the second part of Article V of the Constitution). Article V needs more emphasis from Heritage!!!

Timothy Parkinson - January 20, 2018

The comment from the Lt. Col. peaked my intereast. He implies he advocates for a Constitution Convention.I would like to warn anyone and everyone that the proposed con con is the most dangerous thing going on in this country, buyer beware if something is funded by Soros and people like him it is purely evil.Thier goal is only one thing and one thing only and that is to destroy the Constitution in it’s entirety.And for heavens sake, what makes anyone really believe that congress would obey future amendments anymore than they obey the current amendments or the Constitution we’ve had in place for over 240 years. Really! Be careful what you wish for

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