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President Obama is in Mexico discussing immigration, trade and education.  It would seem as though he left something critical out of his agenda: illegal drugs.

“Mortality statistics indicate that drug-related deaths now exceed auto fatalities in the U.S.,” The Heritage Foundation’s Ray Walser explains. He points to a “spectrum of issues related to the harm done by drug usage. They range from state-side violence among traffickers, gangbangers, and dealers to drug-influenced auto fatalities and increasing abuse of prescription drugs.”

Yet President Obama doesn’t want to talk about it. In December, President Obama claimed that there were “bigger fish to fry” that enforcing federal drug laws.

Walser worries that the administration wants to put the fight against illegal drugs behind us:

The White House continues to move to end the “War on Drugs” just as it has boasted of ending wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Yet, victory in all three remains elusive. Failure, sadly, seems an option for the Obama Administration.

Do you think the “War on Drugs” should be on the back burner? Or should President Obama take it seriously and not fail? Tell us in the comments below.

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Jerry Porter - May 3, 2013

I’d rather have my ten year granddaughter in charge of the federal infringement in the economy, blunderings in foreign policy, i.e., the THREE wars being sparred at unsuccessfully. She has more common sense than the folks who are over-paid to oversight our welfare and protect us from foreign and internal threats!

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