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Friday, Heritage experts Hans von Spakovsky and David Inserra wrote in The Hill that canceling the DACA program would be a step in the right direction for immigration.

Rumors are circulating that President Trump will cancel the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program. As well he should: DACA is bad public policy and violates core constitutional principles.

Unilaterally created by President Obama, DACA provides pseudo-legal status to illegal aliens brought to the U.S. as minors. It gives them a promise that they won’t be deported, as well as providing them with work authorizations and access to Social Security and other government benefits.

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In a statement on Tuesday, Heritage experts James Carafano and Hans von Spakovsky said:

In rescinding DACA, the administration acted appropriately and constitutionally by withdrawing from a program that was both illegal and irresponsible. In considering the way forward, Congress needs do the same. Securing the nation’s broken borders, enforcing the law and fixing a flawed immigration system so that they better serve all Americans ought to be the first priority.

Do you believe DACA should be ended? Why or why not?

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Chris reichert - September 8, 2017

This should be ended period! Presidents are not elected in America to rule by fiat. There are no legitimate reasons any special status should be “awarded” to those who came here or were brought here illegally.. and that’s just the point we should not be awarding any one with anything that are here due to breaking the law to begin with.. if you break into a building and squat in it does this mean you are entitled to stay there?? Same applies here.. enough is enough .. end these programs and devise a limited scope of acceptable immigration practices and laws via our Federal congress. This is not a city or state issue it is a federal one.

Warren Coats - September 8, 2017

Obama’s “illegal” executive order should be and was properly ended. But congress should pass something like the Dream Act. Failing to do so will harm the economy and punish residents who had no choice in how they came.

Kay Middleton - September 8, 2017

Yes. Let’s get back to doing things according to the Constitution. We can still help and accept these kids, but let’s do it legally and strongly discourage people from coming in the future unless they come legally.

Stanley Tate - September 8, 2017

From the beginning of DACA it was wrong, an attempt by the Progressives to stuff the ballot boxes with anti Constitutional votes. It changed nothing for the young immogrants and It will return to nothing in its repeal.
Thank you for letting me speak.

Linda Kaiser - September 8, 2017

End DACA. The Democrats have so messed up our sovereign nation. I have compassion but the drugs and crime are absolutely awful in our town in Southeastern New Mexio. Many of the “Dreamers” arrived recently and were sent up on trains to take advantage of our welfare, health and educational systems.

Sharon Rhoads - September 8, 2017


Elizabeth Blatter - September 8, 2017

Yes, Obama’s executive order should be rescinded because it did not go through congress as it should have to be legal. Let the Constitution stand proudly. Welcome to immigrants that come here the correct way; deport those who haven’t.

Robert Calabro - September 8, 2017

DACA should be ended because it is unlawful. The first line of defense of any sovereign country is its borders. We need a comprehensive immigration bill which should have a trial period of five. Anyone who comes here legally and commits a felony during the trial period would be deported. No legal alien may run for public office unless they have lived here for 10 consecutive years. Assimilation takes time. People need time to learn how things should be done, they must be able to read, write and speak the English language before being allowed entry. They should also have a skill so that they can immediately start work and become productive citizens. Given our current financial condition, we the people must insist on this.

Carol Doucet - September 8, 2017

Yes – DACA needs to end. Obey the laws as they were written and especially our Supreme Law of the Land – the Constitution. There are reasons we have immigration laws and DACA was an empty promise to those now having to deal with its consequences. Not a law, just an EO and a way to appease the illegals here by no choice of their own.

Rev, Harold O. Kelley - September 8, 2017

2 summers ago I worked with a group of Hispanics from Texas. We were working on the Cherokee Reservation in NC. They or their parents had all come into the USA legally. They were ALL against Hispanics coming in illegally.

Peggie Mitchell - September 8, 2017

DACA should be dismantled. It is not legal. People born in another country are to follow the legal system. This group of people have known for years they may be deported. Why haven’t they gone to the immigration office and requested the paper work to become legal. Then there wouldn’t be a problem. People in the immigration department has kept count but never helped with the paperwork. They need to go back to their own country and request and follow the law. The children born here to illegal parents are not citizens. Anyone cannot come to the USA have a child and claim citizenship for it. Just like people crossing a border is not a citizen of that country.

Gale Champion - September 8, 2017

DACA should be recinded because it is unconstitutional. Obama knew this when he did his executive order. He said he could not do it and then did it. Congress should come up with a process these people can follow to become illegal. Comprehensive immigration needs to be done now.

Mel Canterbury - September 8, 2017

DACA should be ended asap and create a way that those involved can become legal citizens by going through the legal process. Many have had that opportunity but did not avail themselves of it.

Dick Bouchie - September 8, 2017

DACA should be done away with. There is no good reason to by-pass regular immigration procedures, just because there are so many illegal immigrants in the country. It has been a political football and our nations citizenship should not be exploited that way.

Timothy R. Buttner - September 8, 2017

I think the Dreamers should be given green cards in return for a 25 year 15% personal tax surcharge. Upon completion of the program, Dreamers may apply for citizenship. Allowances may be made for honorable service in the Armed Forces. Similarly, extensions may be added, or the program revoked, for criminal activities. They need some skin in the game…

John R. Carr - September 8, 2017

DACA was and is illegal on its face. Get rid of it. Enforce immigration laws justly. Let Congress amend the laws if appropriate.

Larry Nebesniak - September 8, 2017

Yes if it should be. It is the responsibility of Congress to make the laws in regards to immigration. Also, the idea of benefits further strains the bounds of the Constitution. The Congress has a duty to settle this matter now and stop pushing it down the road.

Kenneth Henkel - September 8, 2017

Under the “Taking Clause” of Constitution, there may be legal standing for ‘Dreamers’ to claim citizenship. Having said that, ‘Dreamers’ who have returned to home Country, ARE getting deported if they claimed their lives were in danger if they EVER returned home.

David Cotterill - September 8, 2017

It’s hard not to get caught up in the “feels” of things like this. Empathy and genuine goodheartedness have flaws as does everything else that humans experience. I think rescinding DACA is a step in the right direction and do want to see it ended via executive order and then changed and passed into law. Yes kids came here illegally. Some not on their own but others sent here with hopes. I say give them legal permits for 2 years like the order says and after that they can reapply or go back to country of origin or wherever they see fit to move. No citizenship. I think that is both fair and compassionate given the circumstances they find themselves in.

Sonja Berg - September 8, 2017

Yes DACA should be ended. There are Immigration Laws that Obama circumvented with his ink pen, signing an Executive Order, that he made, even if there 2as a Law in the Constitution of the USA that stated his action could not be done.
I think Barack Hussein Obama should be placed in jail, and Deported to Kenya. He has lied and cheated the Legal USA Citizens enough. He should also be fined and that fine should go to We the People, excluding Congressional Members as they ALLOWED his executive order to be enforce, without any argument to obey the USA Constitution. Those in Congress (Both Chambers. Members) should Resign their positions as they CIRCUMVENTED the laws too!

Jim Campbell - September 8, 2017

Trump was right to rescind Obama’s illegal DACA order. However, those “Dreamers” who were brought here by their parents had no say in whether they were doing something illegal. Congress should act to give them a path to citizenship, rather than deport them to a country where they might not have lives since they were very young.

Kerry Pilling - September 8, 2017

Yes, let the immigents follow our laws and become legal citizens! Then they can earn the hard won benifits that we did! They shouldn’t get any benefits until they become legal citizens. Obama did his best to ruin this country. Thank God For President Trump, he has my backing 100%

Milinda Spranger - September 8, 2017

Trump did the right thing when ending DACA, however by putting it in Congress’ hands (although the legal process) I fear an amnesty!! The blame is back at their parents… not America’s… we’re only enforcing our laws… and all the illegals are well aware of those laws!

richard d. paugh,esq. - September 8, 2017

daca needs to be repealed.1.parents knew the risk in bringing children to usa;and,they knew the rewards,i.e world class education paid for not by them but by the usa taxpayer.they also received free school breakfast/lunch,health care,govt benefits,etc…all free.now they demand more.we should not give away our country or citizenship!!

Elliott - September 8, 2017

Why aren’t their parents being held responsible for these kids? There should not be separation of families. The whole family should be deported, not just the kids. Secondly, why don’t these kids take all the training and education they’ve gotten here back to their native country and work to improve conditions there. That might be the greatest improvement in our world possible from this boondoggle.

Jim McKnight - September 8, 2017

DACA was an illegal action by Presidential Fiat not Congressional legislation which is what the Constitution assigns Congress to do. We elect Presidents not Tin Horn Dictators to give imperial orders to us peasants.

I understand the consternation of the DACA person of having this ended. They got here through no fault of there own, but as we see from the statue of Lady Justice, justice is blind. Let Congress solve the Dreamers problems legally and add to it legislation to secure borders, e-verify for everyone here, break chain migration and kicking out people that have overstayed their visas

Brian Whitley - September 8, 2017

DACA and any other back door policy condoning illegal immigration removes the burden of other countrie’s societal and economic issues. The US nor Canada can be the “solution” for all countries around the globe, nor should it be. We can go and help these countries improve there condition where their people are and create real long term improvements and change for future generations.

Louis Sherwood - September 8, 2017

Yes, DACA needs to be rescinded. Our country is a nation of laws and we need to enforce them. A person’s economic status, race, gender, etc. do not give them a pass. I feel for the DACA recipients and think we should do something to help them as they did not come on their own, but border security needs to come first to protect American’s economic interests. People come here from Africa and other poor regions all the time and do so legally. I do not understand why these kids’ parents could not do the same.

Shirley Dye - September 8, 2017

I think there needs to be some stipulations to DACA. Instead of just granting them amnesty, they should be issued a work permit (green card) when they graduate from High School, pass the Civics test and have a good handle on the English language. Then wait the 7 years (with the green card) by going to college or working, then apply for citizenship. If they do not graduate then they do not get a work permit. If they came here as a teenager then they should wait longer to be sure they can speak English, pass the civics test and get a GED. Right now the legal hang up is that foreigners need to apply for a work permit (green card) FROM their home country and wait to get it processed before coming to the US. If dreamers were to obey the law, they would need to be deported and apply for a green card, and of course there is a ten year penalty to get to the back of the line before returning to the US. Congress would have to change current law to exempt the Dreamers from the application from their foreign country. As far as their parents are concerned, I would need to think that through some more. I came to AZ from just north of LA CA and worked with some great illegals in the construction business, and had an illegal take care of my mom for a year. Did not realize she was illegal until she had worked for me for many months. She had tried many times to get papers, but the underground Immigration attorneys really screw them over for a lot of money and then never come through with papers for them, unless of course they are stolen identities. Thats my take.

Carol Morrisey - September 8, 2017

U.S. taxpayers can’t support every poor person from third world countries. DACA encouraged more to come here and must be stopped. Those who are already here should, if they are allowed to stay, pay a fine for every year they were here illegally, and satisfy reasonable requirements if they are to be given temporary resident status. They should pay back any welfare or other tax-funded benefits they have received. No one here illegally should be getting welfare, medicaid, etc. The U.S. government is already bankrupt, and if something is not done on a large scale, there will be an eventual collapse. If it is possible, we should encourage foreign governments to take better care of their own citizens.

rick damouth - September 8, 2017

I believe American children should be first for once , what is wrong with taking care of our own ….

Duncan Duvall - September 8, 2017

DACA was a prime example of absolute and blatant misuse of executive power by the former president…The Constitution provides for separation of governing authority: Executive, Legislative and Judicial branches. Usurping Constitutional authority of one branch by another is of itself unconstitutional. Trump merely rescinded an unlawful (unconstitutional) action by Obama and put the ball in Congress’s court as it should have been in the first place.

ROBERT MCWAIN - September 8, 2017

In reverse Mexico absolutely would not allow what happened here to happen there.

John Bragg - September 8, 2017

Obama just wanted to put us on a glide path to citizenship for all illegals. This dreamer nonsense was only to tug at heartstrings. let the kiddies have citizenship….then Mom and dad and everybody else. Nope, no can do I say!!! Besides stopping DACA sends a message south..Don’t come here folks no freebies to be found. Make your own country great with your own hard work and sacrifices. Instead of expecting someone else to do the work and pay up, just because you sneak in.

George Sperry - September 8, 2017

I believe in the rule of law, andDACA should be ended and those illegals sent back home. How can we pick them from the billions of world poor and say they deserve a chance.
If they in fact are doing jobs Americans will not do, deport the Americans who will not work.

Trudy Slater - September 8, 2017

YES! Let us adhere to our Constitution.
Those who come require skills and the legal process. They will then find how kind and accepting of them our countrymen can be.

Mona - September 8, 2017

DACA needs to end. We are a nation with borders and have a legal system for people desiring to come into the US. I also like the idea of making our immigration requirements more stringent, like Canada and Australia.
Now, Congress needs to come up with a viable solution for the 800,000 Dreamers that are already here. Some of the Dreamers have applied for US citizenship and should be allowed to stay. The others have had over 5 years to apply and didn’t. This should be taken into consideration when Congress makes a determination.

Linda Prue - September 8, 2017

I believe DACA should be ended because it was unlawful and might prevent others rushing across the border to get benefits, but also because these “Dreamers” should have been made to begin a citizenship process as do all other immigrants. I think there should be a better process of vetting the applicants, as well. I am not heartless enough to say they should not be given a path under certain circumstances IF they were truly brought here by parents as young children, but there needs to be rules and limits, as well as no special “benefits”.

G. ALLAN BARNES - September 8, 2017

Absolutely it should be ended. It never should have been adopted. I don’t care if they, or anyone else was brought here as embryos, or parachuted into the US in diapers. When I was a kid, the population was 150 million, now it’s over 330 million, (more like 350 million counting most illegals).
I see an insidious plan to rid the country of the middle-class (the UN’s Agenda 21), and that’s one of the ways to do it. Bring in millions of low skilled people, thereby increasing the ever widening gap between rich and poor.
We’ve tried the “give us your tired, your poor, your huddled masses . . .” line, now lets try something that doesn’t drag the country down – like reducing immigration to a trickle.
To stop illegal immigration, just take away the incentives, like: DACA, low cost or free tuition, NO welfare etc.
And as an added bonus, 5 years at hard labor on first offence for entering the country illegally. Eventually, they’d get the message that if you want to enter this country, you had better do it the right way.
I’ve been in countries that have an very effective way of keeping people out – they shoot them or step on land minds.
For those who want to import those millions of illegals, should be required to settle them in THEIR neighborhood, then see how long it takes ’till they can’t walk their streets safely.

Hank Raehn - September 8, 2017

My answer to your question: Yes. Why? Former president Obama stated several times before issuing his executive order (DACA) that this is an issue that Congress should handle, that as president he had no authority, but issued his EO anyway. President Trump is correct to rescind DACA and throw the matter back to Congress where it legitimately belongs. Let’s see if Congress is up to the requirement and the government to enforce immigration laws. Doing both would severely dent “identity politics.”

Joanne Kensinger - September 8, 2017

As you said… yes, end this and all illegal practices that contradict the U S Constitution.

Rick Saber - September 8, 2017

I fully agree with rescinding the DACA program for the very same reasoning. legitimizing illegal immigration is patently unfair to those whose goal is American citizenship

Leon Dillman - September 8, 2017

With DACA, those receiving amnesty could have it rescinded by another president with another executive order. Getting congress to pass a law actually protects these “dreamers” by making it legal. The only reason Obama issued it in the first place was because Congress would not act. It’s about time our Congress got their act together, learned how to compromise and get something done.

Wilbur mellnick - September 8, 2017

If these young people want to blame someone, let the blame fall on the ones who perpetrated this upon them. Their parents. Let them go back to their home countries and apply the correct way! Even give them some sort of preference.

Shirley Ann Wurman - September 8, 2017

It’s not legal and not in the best interest of our country!

James Fear - September 8, 2017

DACA is illegal and therefore should be ended! How can anyone defend an illegal program. Obama must have thought he was “King” instead of President subject to the laws of this country.

Doug Raymond - September 8, 2017

Let us look at illegal immigration from the viewpoint of the people-exporting country. Why is our country so bad that our energetic young citizens are fleeing at great risk to themselves to a country where some of its founders were slaveholders and murderers of its indigenous population? Could we possibly study these reasons and modify our governmental systems to reduce this forced emmigration? Why not build a wall to keep them in? The wall might also keep out some of the 1500 assault weapons that were delivered to the drug cartel and killed scores of innocent civilians. Maybe our government could pay part of the cost of this wall? Maybe Former President Vicente Fox will make a generous contribution? The drug cartel will not be expected to contribute.

Shirley Ann Wurman - September 8, 2017

It is not legal or in the best interest of our country!

Dan - September 8, 2017

End this illegal and false Obama promise to AT LEAST 800,000 “dreamers.” Of course, it is not 800,000, there is mom, dad, sisters, brothers, grandfather, grandmother, uncles, aunts and of course the cousins. What is the total now? At least 4.8 MILLION headed by lawbreakers and PROBABLY uneducated and unemployable drains on our economy. Do away with all deferments and send them back to their parents’ country so that they can utilize their “skills” in building up their home country, NOT OURS.

Arthur - September 8, 2017

OK, I get that a lot of these younger people came here with parents as “minors”.
However, they are still illegal immigrants and they should not be given access to federal financial programs such as Food Stamps, Social Security, etc. It’s not only unfair it’s illegal because they are illegal in this country. Nothing disparaging here, just the facts. Congress either fixes this or DACA should “go away” !!!

John T Fisher - September 8, 2017

YES – We as a country should never have become so relaxed in our immigration laws as to allow something like DACA to even be considered, much less be implemented.

J Lindsay Fuller - September 8, 2017

Yes, DACA should be ended. This country MUST return to the rule of law.
These DACA people are not in the United States legally. While the fact that they were children when they came into the country, they should still leave and work through the normal process to return but to return legally. I would agree to giving the DACA children some priority or a special allotment of visas but only for DACA children who will add greatly to life and the economy of this country. We need tough rules and tough enforcement for ALL immigrants applying for access.

Mesha - September 8, 2017

YES! DACA was implemented illegally by an ILLEGAL so called president who through his actions should be prosecuted for espionage and other HIGH crimes against the REAL American people

Lane Mitchell - September 8, 2017

President Trump did the right thing in receding the executive order. Congress should pass a path to citizenship for those brought here as children. It is the only country they know and they have been raised here.

Tom Gavin - September 8, 2017

Mr. Obama took advantage of every opportunity to give away social and economic permission slips. It didn’t matter if it was legal or illegal. On immigration, he said on numerous occasions — oh, I can’t act, it would be illegal of me to do so; oh, I can’t act, it would be illegal of me to do so; oh, I can’t act, it would be illegal of me to do so; oh, hell, I’ll just do it anyway.

fred grant - September 8, 2017

they are in our country illegally thats against the law send them home or kill them now

Richard Singletary - September 8, 2017


Margaret Rivers - September 8, 2017

I blieve that for children brought here before the age of 12 or 13, and raised to speak English, and have been here for 5 or more years, have acculturated to the USA, should have special consideration to becoming naturalized citizens. This is necessary as these young people are more American than whatever country they came from. The first peioity should be to close the border, establish reasonable limits to citizenship, end the “anchor baby” automatic citizenship for anyone born here unless one of the parents is a citizen already. Then worry about deporting those here illegally. Those who commit crimes in addition to that of sneaking into the US should be deported. I realize that generally those here illegally will be very careful to be honest and trustworthy so that they stay under the radar of law enforcement when they truly want to work and help their families back in Mexico with survival funds. Handling this humanitarily is tricky at best.

Eugenia Obrecht - September 8, 2017

Our nation is a Republic and according to our Constitution, the Legislative Branch is responsible for making and enforcing our laws. Congress should rescind DACA and then find a way to assist those who want to become citizens legally according to our immigration laws.

David Rowe - September 8, 2017

DACA should be ended…absolutely! Amnesty, if it “must” be considered should be done in a way that precludes voting rights for illegals (A bit of a hurdle I’m sure). To do otherwise only adds more democrats to the voter roles…in addition to the already prevelant voter fraud. Additionally, it should be contingent upon legislation preventing future “amnesty”, enforcing all immigration laws, building “The Wall” and preventing the President from issuing executive orders that circumvent the constitution and existing laws.

Suspending all government social welfare programs for illegals should also be included. These programs, in part, create incentives for illegal immigration. America, and American taxpayers cannot continue to subsidize everyone who desires to live here.

Immigration must be an orderly process. It was until the law was set aside by ignoring it, and by executive order. We don’t need immigration reform, we need exiting laws enforced.

Barbara A Arthur - September 8, 2017

DACA should be permanently abolished. Rewarding parents for bring themselves and children to the US illegally is against the LAW. No other country, especially Mexico, would allow illegal entry . We need to protect the US citizens, not illegals

Judith Tuttle - September 8, 2017

Absolutely end DACA to protect America’s future from illegals entering our territory.

Richard Singletary - September 8, 2017


Michelle Malkin Tells Fox Business That Dreamers ‘Deserve Nothing’

marilyn morris - September 8, 2017

i agree with kay middleton, sharon rhoads, elizabeth blatter,robert calabro,

James Green - September 8, 2017

I believe those children that are already here and proving themselves as loyal Americans should be allowed to stay and become citizens.

Arianna Rava - September 8, 2017

I believe that those who support daca, along with other compassionate people and charitable organizations, should contribute to a special fund which would provide assistance to the daca adults and children so that they may be reunited with their parents and extended family in their native country. Families should not be broken up.

B. Jefers - September 8, 2017

DACA should be rescinded and congress develop a plan to help all those children brought in by their illegal parents. But the plan should be a path to citizenship, not a hand out of all entitlements that citizens now have!!!. Especially not free college educations since our own children do no get these benefits from our government.

Thomas Shaffer - September 8, 2017

Terminate DACA by all means.

Esther Wolfson - September 8, 2017

DECA should be ended. They and their family should have come here legally. They should be grateful for what we have afforded them and be deported to their county and use their skills to make their country better. A large percentage are gang members, engaged in human trafficking, prostitution, drug smuggling, robberies, assaults and murder. They are taking jobs away from Americans and costing billions of dollars in welfare programs.

Bob Eberle - September 8, 2017

1. It is not constitutional in the manner it was implemented.
2. It is bad policy and will simply encourage further illegal immigration.
3. Too much immigration and not near enough assimilation.

patricia Youmans - September 8, 2017

Very sad for these children . It’s not their fault that their parents brought them here illegally but in many ways they are stealing from the future of American children and those of immigrants who came here legally. American parents have “paid the Price” for
the American dream and Illegal Dreamers do not have the right to take it from them .

Jim Wilson - September 8, 2017

They were not invited to the US, came here illegally. IT should not be the job of working Americans that are illegal or will not work to take care of themselves. We should cut foreign aid and stop paying illegals for breaking the law

William Coates - September 8, 2017

End it, it was an unconstitutional act by the president. But Congress cannot be trusted to represent the citizens, because it is corrupted by campaign contributions from lobbyists paid by groups that take advantage of both citizens and immigrants. Crony capitalism must be stopped, preferably by term limits.

Norman Gordon - September 8, 2017

DACA never should have been imposed, so it is proper to end it. It is those who favored creating the mess are now the most vociferous in objecting to cleaning it up. There is an old saying that when you have dug yourself into a whole, the first thing to do is to stop digging.

James Kelly - September 8, 2017

It should be ended, because it should not have begun, except through Congress. It’s illegal. The way it was created was Un-Constitutional.

Troy and Janet Green - September 8, 2017

Yes, DACA should be ended. This along with the thousands of other unconstitutional things our government is doing. President Trump said it best, “American young people have dreams too”, it’s time we worked toward making more of those come true instead of illegal immigrants’ dreams. We need to start now finding conservative candidates for the primaries to replace some of the Rinos coming up for re-election and give the President some help. He certainly isn’t and won’t get if from the current Republican leadership.

Vincent Munch - September 8, 2017

Recind DACA. Find the adults who brought the children here,confasct their belongings and send them back to respective country. Inforce the immigration laws. Stop the liberals from buying votes by encouraging illegal entry into the USA. Cut federal funds from sanctuary cities.

Jim Fitzpatrick - September 8, 2017

DACA never should have begun. The parents and their children should have been rejected at the border.

Robert W. Smith - September 8, 2017

Yes end it and hopefully our law makers can start thinking of what is good for this country and the American people , according to our law and constitution.

Pyara Chauhan - September 8, 2017

Rescinding DACA is legally right because these kids were brought in illegally. However most of these kids have now grown into adults and also have jobs.Tthis is the only country they have ever known. Compsssion dictates that throwing them out is unconscionable. Congress should ensure that all further illegal entry, both adults and children, is effectively banned by appropriate legislation. Then and only then a path to citizenship be recommended.

Maya Sapper - September 8, 2017

II want DACA to be suspended because I am a compassionate person and want them to go back home to contribute to their own country ., make theirs great again. We did not volunteer to baby sit, or did we?

alleen Fish - September 8, 2017

I want it to be discontinued. Most of those kids are on full welfare, free phones and in most cases are receiving free housing, free school and everything else free. That is why they don’t want to leave and that is why they have not applied for citizenship. We are broke we can’t allow this anymore. We have too many here that are citizens that need some kind of help. They are taking our Social Security and using it instead of earning money. This practice needs to stop and stop immediately. Yes I have compassion fro them but they are taking advantage and not helping themselves.

Mary - September 8, 2017

DACA is illegal as are those protected under it. It is time for Congress and the President to stop throwing our money away to people who don’t respect our history or our laws. No amnesty for anyone here illegally. Pay fines, stand in line, and maybe become citizens like our grandparents and those before us.

GLORIAED - September 8, 2017

Undermining the rule of law of our nation is NOT the way to start citizenship for obvious reasons.Further, receiving social security benefits paid for by working American citizens of many years is a travesty impacting on amount & quality reduced to current population. Perhaps those dreamers deported to home land, if well-educated and not a burden to us, may be permitted a shorter waiting time to apply for entry, but this must NOT SET PRECEDENCE!

Susan Bodan - September 8, 2017

If these people entered illegally or remained past their authorized date, they are criminals.
Changing our language to be politically correct, in the 1970’s it was “undocumented”, today illegal aliens are “dreamers” valiently seeking better lives for them and their families (frequently extended members).
The change/s in the nomenclature does NOT change the fact they are, and will remain, criminals until they comply with United States’ immigration laws.
Must qualify the type of comliance required to by adding ‘ constutional’ to modify which laws must be applied.

Dave Gallus - September 8, 2017

Absolutely, rescind DACA. Let’s start doing things according to the Constitution, which is what our House and Senate are supposed to uphold. They did swear to do so. Congress is supposed to check the Executive power of the President; read Article 1, Section 1 of the Constitution, and hold Congress to their duty, or fire them.

Rev. Donald Henderson - September 8, 2017

The so called “Dreamers” entered the country illegally! I often hear it said we are country of laws! If we don’t enforce the law we will fail as a nation! Obama spoke before signing the Executive Order establishing DACA about this nation having a President and not an Emperor! Then he signed the order without congressional approval which makes it the act of an Emperor! Not the only lie he told! The Bible says the Truth will set you free! Truth is hard to find especially in the Main Stream Media!D

Barbara Tunget - September 8, 2017

Yes, I believe DACA should END. It was illegal in the first place like many of he former Administrations actions. Let’s do it the legal way, it can be done, Congress just has to get busy & work to make it happen

Calvin D Whitaker - September 9, 2017

Dismantling DACA is a good move. True, children had no choice when their parents brought them in the USofA illegality. That does not make them legal.

They should be deported with their parents and process the documents to allow them legal entry.
With so many liberal/communist citizens, they would only consider amnesty.

Dreamers (without legal convictions) be allowed a ‘Green Card’ with restrictions. They must purchase their own health care policy. Not eligible for Social Security. Not eligible for Food Stamps or any sort of Welfare. Any Felony conviction will end with deportations after incarnation is completed. If married to a non-citizen spouse (and children) will be deported if with them. They can not vote or hold public office.

Karl - September 9, 2017

DACA is an unconstitutional law. DAPA was founded on DACA. DAPA was found unconstitutional, there for DACA is also unconstitutional. DACA or DAPA was not passed by the judicial branch. Therefore they are not legal laws.

Maritta Mullet - September 9, 2017

Yes, DACA should not have happened, so it definitely should be ended. It was an unconstitutional action, so why was it allowed to happen? A do-nothing to help the people Congress is why. They had years to act and did not. Should not even have been given another six months. They can thank President Trump for that.

Lindley DePue - September 9, 2017

Americans come first! I’m sick of the foreigners getting preferential treatment and having access to what we’ve worked hard for as citizens just given to them. Ridiculous! And these people who make decisions are running a superpower! OH NO! weve lapsed into the most backward nation in the world!

Bob Angelo - September 9, 2017

Absolutely repeal. It puts a financial burden on our students and work force. We need to go back to when the country did it right – if immigrants wish to come here, they are welcome, but need to apply for citizenship. Not rely on a 3rd world former “president” to open the door with an illegal ‘executive” order and them give them countless taxpayer benefits on top of it. They should enter the correct way or be deported.
Years ago immigrants came here for the opportunity that America gave each and every citizen. They come now to get the taxpayer hand-outs. When we wake up to that fact maybe more people would support Trump on this.

Andrew Hess - September 9, 2017

My concern is we are no longer a Republic where the rule of law has fallen in this nation. We are already run by an Oligopoly being the three letter federal agencies .These agencies lead by unelected bureaucrats who break the law with impunity and thwart the explicit instructions of their boss the PTOTUS.

Mrs. Phyllis Eix - September 9, 2017

We should end it and restore the rule of law.

Carl Malberg - September 9, 2017

We are a nation of laws not a nation of feelings. DACA is an unconstitutional, feel good program which ultimately results in open borders and the loss of our national sovereignty.

Allan Lewis - September 9, 2017

Absolutely this law should be rescinded. It’s a slap in the face to every responsible citizen who has followed the law.

Joy - September 9, 2017

Yes. DACA should never have been created in the first place. It is unlawful. Get rid of it! Let’s build the wall.

Cam S. Head - September 9, 2017

Give the children presently brought into this country legal status. Then recind DACA thus discouraging illegal immigration from increasing.

Another matter would be deporting illegal adults having babies that are receiving welfare.

stella - September 9, 2017

DACA should absolutely be abolished. It is not legal/constitutional. How is that hard to understand. Those recipients of that illegal action should not receive citizenship. They can apply for citizenship and be placed at the end of the line of those who have applied and are waiting. Their illegal parents or other extended family members cannot come into the country unless they apply just as those who do it legally. The daca recipients (while awaiting citizenship status after applying) should not receive any benefits that are afforded American citizens….as no illegal should. (I have heard that a great many daca recipients are attending prestigious colleges like “Harvard”…how is that possible?)

Mike Stoner - September 9, 2017

It is Constitutionally illegal, and if left in place would mean 800,000 sure votes for the Dummycraps.

Gary Sullivan - September 9, 2017

Name one other country with this type of policy… Lets do things per the Constitution.. We have borders for a reason…. let continue to have them… Our immigration policies should be such that they make the country stronger… Lets have rule of law…

Mary Lou Johnson - September 9, 2017

Yes, We need to back the President Trump on these decisions. My Great Grandfather came to this country from Switzerland through Ellis Island. All immigrants should come into the USA legally.

Jim Garcia - September 9, 2017

DACA was a “kick the can down the road” band aid. I like the move president Trump has made to once again try and get Congress to get it together and do something. We need COMPREHENSIVE IMMIGRATION REFORM including putting the pressure on “Sancturary Cities” to follow existing laws.

Helen Krieble - September 9, 2017

For the future, yes it should be disbanded. But for those who stepped forward, identified themselves and their parents as illegally here because of a guarantee of safety, it would be a betrayal. They should be grandfathered in.

James Templeton - September 9, 2017

DACA should never have existed. Illegals have no right to work or collect benefits in this country.
With millions of American Citizens looking for work or on welfare, they should be filling all jobs available.

Helen Krieble - September 9, 2017

There should be a work permit program to allow necessary workers to come to the country but with no path to green cards, citizenship or social services through that program. Two separate paths, one for workers and another for citizenship. See redcardsolution.com

Joanne Walsh - September 9, 2017

President Trump was right to rescind Daca. Congress should come up with a solution that allows “dreamers” who are here to stay, but under certain conditions. Citizenship should not be given out. They should be able to apply and after careful consideration, it could be granted or not. WE NEED TO SECURE OUR BORDERS.

Jerry Metcalf - September 9, 2017

Illegal is illegal, but only do it for kids that were 15 or younger when Obama started it.

Mick Hall - September 9, 2017

Of course!
President Trump has promised from the beginning that he would restore law and order to this Country. The Globalists paid Obama very well to implement the many illegal acts that he did. Every real American will continue to support President Trump in restoring this Country for the benefit of its citizens, rather than the citizens of other countries.

Bill Gaumer - September 9, 2017

Yes. It was a DELAYING ACTION — not a SOLUTION from the start. Doing something un-Constitutional to put off solving a problem is ugly.

Dr. Christina Jeffrey - September 9, 2017

I believe DACA was a serious error and unlike the ADD media, it encouraged thousands of unaccompanied youths from Latin America to cross our borders illegally in hopes of receiving the same welcoming treatment. If we throw out all sanctions against any group that came here illegally, we will continue to have a problem with illegal immigration because it will be obvious we have no will to enforce our borders. A nation without borders is not a nation. But of course, globalists have no love for the nation-state because they know a nation requires a people and as such, is inconsistent with true globalism.

Heritage Builder

Barbara Jarrells - September 9, 2017

End DACA. Stop illegal immigration immediately. I am so tired of our government officials and their empty promises to end the immigration nightmare and clean up government. Congress do your job! As a U.S citizen born and raised here I deserve a break and so do my children. We are dreamers also.

SANDRA - September 10, 2017


Ioan G.Popa - September 10, 2017

My concern is the constitution / law,namely do the right thing and USA
will be in a very good shape!

Jan Hensen - September 10, 2017

I definitely believe DACA should be rescinded because the tax burden is definitely getting way out of control. Too, we have laws set by the Constitution…they should be adhered to!

Jesse Del Castillo - September 10, 2017

DACA should be rescinded IMMEDIATELY! What part of ILLEGAL…UNCONSTITUTIONAL…do the morons in government not understand? Of course, when your filthy, political career may depend on buying votes, what better “constituency” to cater to than the “freebie”-seeking illegals that know nothing about assimilation? The filthy criminal that occupied the White House for eight destructive years implemented this destructive “policy” illegally in the first place. Law can only be legislated…IN THE CONGRESS…NOT SPOKEN INTO EXISTANCE by the executive branch!!!! That should have been enough to eliminate this from our nation. And we are going to allow the emotions of “deporting children” to get in the way of doing WHAT IS RIGHT?!?!?! If these illegals have learned anything at all, they need to GROW UP, TAKE THEIR MEDICINE AND IF THEY HAVE A DESIRE TO LIVE IN THIS GREAT NATION, then be willing to go back and start from scratch and become a CITIZEN in proper order. My father immigrated LEGALLY into the USA with all his siblings. He fought in WW 2 in the US Navy WITH HIS GREEN CARD, then proudly received his citizenship LEGALLY. But he did it all LEGALLY and without the ridiculous excuses that today’s idiots are arguing with. And lastly, immigration is a LEGAL PROCESS. There is no such thing as an “illegal immigrant”!!!! They are illegal aliens until the process is done LEGALLY! But as long as the self-seeking, professional filthy politician is on the horizon and the lying, yellow press is looking for more sensational headlines, I don’t see much of a chance for change.

Judith McGregor - September 10, 2017

Yes it should be dismantle immediately but it will not be. These ungrateful illegals hate this country and all it stands for but they love free education and college and great jobs though they are illegals not citizens. I am sick to death of all of the demands they make on our country and how they disrespect our country and flag. I really do not think President Trump wants this DACA act rescinded. He gets lot of advice from his liberal son-in-law who as far as I know neither he or Ivanka were not voted in office. This will make me think twice before voting for President Trump again. These young folks are for immigration, refugees flooding into our nation, Planned Parenthood, all things global. All of these things most of us patriots are not for.

Mary Walls - September 11, 2017

It is crazy to believe that rewarding so called dreamers and finding paths to citizenship for law breakers is going to stop the flow of more illegals. The illegal activities by elected officials, public employees and the entire USA government of passing out benefits like free candy, driver’s licenses, home purchase, jobs, free education including college for some and scholarships by companies and universities to illegals is illegal. Whatever is being put in the drinking water to turn intelligent people into SHEEPLE? Whatever brain washing techniques, P.C. media and strong arm groups are using seem to be working. The tactics
by the left are working very well. At this rate we’ll never stop illegal entry and visa violators.
Dreamers is a made up name!!
They’re illegal no matter however they got here,
they came in their mother’s womb. Stop rewarding illegal activity!!! No paths to anything!

Joe Krish - September 11, 2017

Yes DACA needs to be ended because congress is the only authority that can make laws. The president can only sign or veto them but not make them as did Obama

BOBBY E. RICHARDSON - September 11, 2017


John McDonough - September 12, 2017

DACA should be rescinded. It is illegal and unconstitutional–that should be upheld. Secondly, it is another drain on our budget which is overloaded with free-loaders already. We need to vet all immigrants for those who are willing to carry their fair share and improve our nation, not weigh it down

Sonia drewry - September 12, 2017

It is a matter of Law. I am so sick of these people who have a goal of destroying our country. If I had the power, there would be no more immigration for 10 years. That time should be spent tracking those who should not be here. Are we a nation of Law? NO!

Joyce Spaude - September 12, 2017

I definitely agree!!! DACA should be ended. Mary Walls said it best. I totally agree with the way she put it. GREAT COMMENT!

Norma Albertini - September 14, 2017

Charity starts at home! Plus there are immigration laws to follow. Laws are to be followed by all! There is an immigration process, people are welcome here if they follow it.

JaniceStarkey - September 15, 2017

It was wrong for Obama to cheapen our laws and constitution, and give those who enter this country illegally false status and hope. It was a slap in the face for those who came legally and went through the due process of law. It encouraged cheating and has cost our country dearly. Just the burden on our classrooms and teachers has been enormous. We have spent a lot of time teaching language and taken time from teachers and students and that is a big reason our classes are scoring lower. I think that the end of DECA is a good thing for this country and the right thing to do. I am sure there will be solutions coming that will be understandable and charitable. This country is the best in the world.

Marla Means - September 15, 2017

DACA should be ended. All illegal immigrants should be deported. However, it seems Pres.Trump has made a deal with Democrats to not end DACA. This is wrong, and I think that if President Trump does not keep his pledges to his base, they will stop supporting him.

Ella Fowler - September 19, 2017

Yes, lets be civil and get back to our Constitution. Let us do it legally for the children.

Ann lambertson - April 25, 2018

Yes DACA is just another way of giving people who chose to break our laws when they entered this country a pat on the back why should a criminal be rewarded if thats the case then shut down all the prisons tell all the police to go home if you dont want to do this then you cant ignore the fact that these children’s parents broke our laws they need to be returned to thier country of origin with thier parents we have laws in place for immigrants my mother came to this country from Canada she had to go to school to learn the language and our history she had to show she could hold a job and denounce her country of origin and she also had to pass a full medical exam to show she was free of disease these rules are in place to protect the American people and they are just.

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