“We know the human traffickers throughout Central America are using the president’s pledge of amnesty to actually get these payments to bring these kids here,” Heritage President Jim DeMint said last night on Fox News’s On the Record with Greta Van Susteren.

DeMint was the first person Van Susteren asked to comment about President Obama’s announcement that he will ask for $3.7 billion in deficit spending to fix the illegal immigration crisis.

A better plan would prioritize existing spending to fix the border crisis. Heritage experts recommend that the administration “stop its anti-enforcement policies that are encouraging the increase in illegal immigration, thus making it more difficult and costly to secure U.S. borders.”

Watch the full clip above and let us know in the comments what you think about the President’s plans for your tax dollars.

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Larry Sparks - July 11, 2014

This entire request for $3.7 billion must not be provided, it will not be used for deportation but to provide incentive for more illegal immigrants to cross the border.

Theodore Kornblum - July 11, 2014

This will be a huge vote coming up. We need that logic
will prevail and some Democrats will cross over. Democrats, conservatives, independenct voters need
to jump on defeating this bill. It is an american Bill, not
just one side of aisle. Both sides unite.

George Busler - July 11, 2014

The Government should quite stalling around, the
problem is not new. The smart people says there
objectives that make and impact to solve the problem.
1. Secure the boarder, 2 Get Mexico and other government’s to stop allowing kids and others to
think they can get across the boarder and get free service.
3. Cut off all aid until the government’s do there own
participations in stopping the immigrants.
When this is working other things could be considered..
Quite fooling around with talk, do something.
George Busler

Margaret Rosenthal - July 11, 2014


Ron Rodgers - July 11, 2014

Solution: Enforce our current immigration laws!

Roger Conklin - July 11, 2014

The first thing Obama should have done – and he should still do it – is get on the phone with the presidents of Guatemala,. Honduras and El Salvador and explain we cannot accept these children and elicit their cooperation to discourage their citizens from hiring smugglers to bring them here. Obama does not hesitate to call Putin, head of an adversary nation, and right now migratory talks between the US and Cuba are taking place in Havana.

These Central American countries are our friends, I call it gross negligence.

Will - July 11, 2014

Today on the Savage Nation Radio Show it was revealed that this is a planned invasion to be used as an economic stimulus just before the elections. The stimulus results from having to buy everything in support of the illegals. So evidently the expenditures for clothes, food, lodging, medical, legal, transportation, etc. will be involved.

Rita T. Porter - July 11, 2014

It is ludicrous for the President to think we, the citizens, are so naive that we don’t know he is just stalling instead of solving the illegal immigration problem. What past of “illegal” does he not understand? If we let these mostly teenage boys get away with an illegal act now, what kind of a message does that send to them? These kids do not look abused, malnourished, nor desperate. Let them get back to their own country and help them there to become useful human beings.

Jim Snow - July 11, 2014

How much is left in the Sequester Fund? Isn’t it time to stop funding these stupid projects?

GEORGE A. WARREN - July 11, 2014

Answer question: does President Obama make sense spending $3.7 BILLION … NO, money is not everything; at times you have to spend time HELPFULLY to convince Parents of these children to stop sending their kids away.
What parent in their right mind sends kids away from their home? George Warren, Massachusetts

Richard Dove - July 11, 2014

This is just another in his long-term plan to get amnesty approved, and increase the Democratic voter base. Meanwhile he’s spending another $3.7 billion that we don’t have and have to borrow. It has to end sometime, and why not now. Unless the voters can get together and make it end we’re on the road to ruin. Wake up America. The November elections can set us back on the right road.

Pat Plesh - July 11, 2014

Initiate funding to be used to secure border w/Nat’l Guard and the building of the double or triple fence, cameras in inaccessible areas, drones to ID to send in border patrol. During all of this use military planes to return illegals to Central America AND news casts telling families there to STOP as well as sending the message to China and Middle Eastern countries – BORDER IS CLOSED, PLACE NAME ON THE WAITING LIST TO COME LEGALLY!!!!

patsy thomas - July 11, 2014

Yes, it was unforseen by Pres. Obama, who never lets a crisis go to waste. You’re right, Jim. “Prioratizing” money he’s already got must be novel idea to him.

William Dancliff - July 12, 2014

Close the border and stop any and all movement not approved by ICE or the U.S/ Boarder Patrol.
Remand any and all activity associated with D.H.S which is not an agency allowed by the U.S. Constitution..
Instruct each President of those countries in Central and South America and Mexico to cease and desist moving their citizens toward the U.S. Border,
Stop any foreign aid to the countries involved.
Stop, rescind, terminate NAFTA immediately
Close the U.S. Embassy in every country south of the U.S. border and instruct all U.S. citizens in those countries to return to the U.S.A., for purposes of national security and safety.
Immediately incarcerate Obama and Holder for acts of treason against the U.S.A.

Lawrence Nelson - July 12, 2014

You hit the nail right on the head, so to speck. Please continue your good work. I am a 77 year old man who loves America. I fear that my children, grandchildren and future generations will not know how special this country is if this so called president is allowed to continue his agenda Please do all you can to defeat him and I will do what I can

Rex Thompson - July 12, 2014

like the TARP and ACA (wishing not to call it by its nickname or its spelled out name) the money would be destined to not go to dealing with the illegal children and returning them whence they came, but to be doled out to his cronies as on the shovel-ready projects etc.

Holly Chapo - July 12, 2014

More cronyism at the expense of the American people.

LaVerne Williams - July 12, 2014

If you think this $3.7 billion will go for the border mess, I’ve got a bridge I’ll sell you cheap. This man is nothing but an out and out LIAR whenever his lips are moving. NO MORE MONEY FOR THE BORDER. Put them all on a bus and send them back to where they came from. We also need to stop NAFTA and stop sending money to these countries who are sending people here illegally. Also, stop our tourism to Mexico, period. Hit them in the pocketbook – that’s where it hurts most.

Marilyn Hodgell - July 12, 2014

President Obama is lying once again and encouraging these folks to come to the border…. while they are here
they should be taught how to raise rabbits, goats, vegetables then they can be sent home on a plane and an additional plane can take their goats, chickens, rabbits and garden tools which we can give them. They can become self sufficient… This works our church does it in Africa all
the time… much cheaper also.

William Bell - July 13, 2014


Martin R - July 13, 2014

These illegal immigrants have already arrived within our borders. We now have an obligation to process them, swirly. But, we have a greater duty to protect the American people against future terror attacks, exposure to diseases coming with these children, and protect the fragile state of our own economy. The budget request primarily focuses on down the road process, without any intent to return these people, thereby skirting our laws and immigration process further. Let’s liken this situation to a patient arriving in the emergency department or trauma unit of a hospital. The professionals there know the first thing you have to do is “stop the bleeding”. At some point later you can talk kith the family about social service support “if it is warranted”. The $3.7 billion is mostly about social services, not stopping the bleed (securing the border).

Christine Sakarya - July 13, 2014

I am horrified at the blatant misuse of taxpayer money to fund these illegal immigrants. I agree with Jim De Mint that throwing more money into this is insane . Reform the executive actions by this Rogue President . I am infuriated at the spending that is currently going on at the border for people that are NOT US CITIZENS. They are just abusing US never mind about them .SPEND THE MONEY TO BUS THEM BACK TO THEIR COUNTRIES ALONG WITH THE IRRESPONSIBLE MOTHERS that don’t seem to be worried about their OWN KIDS.

Stimmel, Marcie - July 14, 2014

all we have to do as Murrieta CA did and that is send the buses back to Mexico…that doesn’t take millions of dollars…MMS

Charlene Fischer - July 14, 2014

Why is Mexico allowing these illegal aliens to cross their southern border and travel across their country to enter the US? If we stopped ALL aid to Mexico I bet the immigration into the US would stop too.

Donna Lessard - July 14, 2014

How much more lawlessness do our hardworking taxpaying USA citizens & voters have to take from this treasonous Obama/Holder administration? CLOSE ALL OUR BORDERS!! Our Congress MUST IMPEACH THEM NOW!!

Charles Stevens - July 30, 2014

Hope we have a plan for:obamacare,open boarders,most youth think that Israel is the villain in current conflict,many think America has been in the wrong since the founding,scandals surfacing each day that few seem to care about.The media is leading the Huns. Only issues many seem concerned about are not very important.

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