If Obamacare cannot be fully repealed, Heritage Foundation expert Chris Jacobs writes, “Congress’s best option is to defund the entire law to prevent its implementation.”

Many lawmakers–including Sens. Ted Cruz (R-TX), Mike Lee (R-UT), Rand Paul (R-KY), and Marco Rubio (R-FL)–are pushing Congress to do just that. The lawmakers are urging their colleagues to not fund “even one single penny of Obamacare.”

“The upcoming budget legislation, called a continuing resolution, is a decision point for Obamacare funding,” The Heritage’s Amy Payne notes. The conservatives’ plan would “fund normal government activities, but refuse to fund Obamacare.”

It is true that if the budget legislation is not passed, government will “shut down.” But Payne points out this is not as bad as it seems:

“Shutdown” actually sounds more dire than it is. The government services that shut down are the non-essential ones. As Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) said at Heritage’s Bloggers Briefing yesterday, this is what happens…every weekend. Have you ever tried to call the Department of Agriculture on a Saturday?

Moreover, a shutdown would limit some government operations temporarily. Obamacare will hurt our economy and our health care forever.

Do you agree with the defunding plan?

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Dave Lyddon - August 1, 2013

I strongly urge the Congress to do everything in its power to defund Obamacare. It was passed in an extremely underhanded manner, is way too complex and is to be used as a means to transfer wealth from the productive members of the economy to the parasitic.

DP - August 1, 2013

Yes! We must defund Obamacare. Please, defund Obamacare.

Ted - August 2, 2013

Defunding Obamacare is the BEST way for conservatives of all stripes to deal with the Obama Administration. Shutting down the government is a recipe for bad press, blame, and ultimate failure because everyone knows that sooner or later we will approve funding the government (and, unfortunately, raising the debt ceiling.)

Jimmi Hayden - August 2, 2013

…Government Shutdown sounds like a good thing,…If it shuts down, they can’t spend our money,…I say “Go For It,..”

Al Horning - August 2, 2013

We have nothing to lose and everything to gain by defunding Obamacare and making a smaller government. Next plan-Impeach Obama and Holder for starters.

Shirl - August 2, 2013

As much as I’d like to see a government shut down, realistically, it will hurt the Republican & Tea parties more than the Democrats, Personally, I think the American people need a strong slap in the face by way of a shut down
BUT politically I want to see a Republican Tea Partier in the White House in the next election; will be happy if it’s at least a Republican and not a big government, freedom killing, give-away Democrat. The current regime and the liberal mainstream media will, of course, blame Republicans and Tea Partiers and we need the independent vote.

Virginia McCarthy - August 2, 2013

Our Founding Fathers NEVER intended for the Federal Government to usurp so much power and control over citizens/states’ rights. Obama’s agenda/philosophy has never been nor will ever be in step with the America I knew growing up. Since he became president I feel as though we are living with the “enemy within.” Obamacare is just one more example of his socialist beliefs for the masses to be controlled. YES, DEFUND OBAMACARE AT ANY COST. The old-guard Republicans are afraid of their own shadows.

Caroline Baggett - August 2, 2013

I agree with our senator from Texas, defunding Obamacare would be a huge step in the right direction of stopping Obama.

Robert Koch - August 2, 2013

Approve of message

Raymund Haddock - August 2, 2013

De-fund ObamaCare NOW, please, before it is too late!

Robert Russell - August 2, 2013

This is our last chance to stop this terrible bill and its effects on the American People. It MUST be stopped!. Anyone who votes against this defunding action must be considered a traitor to this country!

William Molitor - August 2, 2013

Defunding the law now and repealling it after the Conservatives control both houses in 2015.are equally important. We must work to convince conservative and liberal members of congress that this law is too expensive and job destryoing for the American citizens, so it can be defunded with bipartisan support.

Monesa Grant - August 2, 2013

Yes! Defund obamacare! Not one penny to obamacare.

John Tabb - August 2, 2013

Our present government could not be shut down quickly enough to suit me…Cut the number of agencies and federal employees (including contractors doing the work federal workers are supposed to be doing) by about 50% as a start.

Michael Vertin - August 2, 2013

I totally agree with not funding Obamacare. We need to take the stand up front and not wait for the program to be implemented. At that point it will be impossible to get rid of it.

Richard Loesch - August 2, 2013

Obamacare is unconstitutional, a point our Supreme Court refused to address in its majority opinion. This Act must be repealed. Defunding is at least a first step toward that goal. Get it done!

Ann Pierce - August 2, 2013

YES! Please defund Obamacare!

Larry Davis - August 2, 2013

Absolutely, the debacle known as Obamacare must be defunded. I can only hasten, maybe even insure, the demise of the greatest country ever to exist!

Gary Hayes - August 2, 2013

Defunding is a great idea before we completely bankrupt our country.

Karen S - August 2, 2013

Yes, Obamacare must be defunded! This big government liberalism is destroying our country.

Steve Kesler - August 2, 2013

We are a constitutional republic. Obamacare is outside the constitution as are many big government programs. Defund all of them and get us back to the self suficiency that made this country great to begin with.

Dale Kuehnle - August 2, 2013

Yes if we can’t repeal it then defund it!!

Jeanne - August 2, 2013

There is only one correct answer. Yes!

Mike Parsons - August 2, 2013


Eugene Stuneck - August 2, 2013

I strongly agree with defunding Obamacare. It is pathetic what Obama now want to do in allowing certain segments of the government to get a pass on having to sign up for Obamacare.

John Danielsen - August 2, 2013

I would like to see obamacare defunded and then repealed.It is no good for anyone.

Victress Jenkins - August 2, 2013

It won’t do any good to just defund ObamaCare – AKA Affordable Care Act – unless the “DREADED” HHS mandate is also “shredded”. That’s the most offensive part of the who deal. It goes against our First Amendment right of Freedom of Religion and rights of conscience”. No one should have to tolerate this extreme affront to our freedoms.

Lynn W. Harrison - August 2, 2013

If this can be done, and it should, then the next move would be to impeach this President.

philip peake - August 2, 2013

Hi i am from Pa. my Senator is Pat Toomey and so far he has not singed this letter to defund obamacare so every day i go and convince at least 10 people not to vote for Mr. Toomey next time. I urge you all to call your Senators and tell them if they do not sign the letter you will do every thing you can to make sure they do not get get voted in again. WE MUST MAKE A STAND

ruth wallace - August 2, 2013

Please, please shut down Obamacare while there is still time. Don’t let it be funded. I have contacted my senators and representative but one is a democrat and another is Senator McConnell.
It would be quite possible to survive a government shutdown. lt probably would have the same effect as the sequester. Zero!
We’re definitely at a cross-roads with this.

Dana - August 2, 2013

It time for something to hit the fan…we can’t continue to let these pet projects of the president keep moving forward. It’s time now to STOP, STAND and NOT give up and make a deal….Democrat liberals do not deal so why should we when its going to crush our economy?
The American people are behind the politicians that are willing to STAND UP and not back down.

Jean Bartholomew - August 2, 2013

ISTRONGLY urge NO funding for Obamacare. KILL IT!

Phil and Evelyn - August 2, 2013

We the people have been saying all along we didn’t want Obama care but the Government just keeps trying to push it down our throats. Our congressmen are not doing what the people want just what they want. I think they should have the same health care we do. Are they nuts?????

Madarain - August 2, 2013

Any Senator or Congressman unwilling to stand and fight, right here, right now, to defund Obamacare right now, is working for the other side. whether he wants to admit it or not.

If our representatives will not get rid of this threat to our freedoms, then we must get rid of them for dereliction of duty. John Cornyn, Mitch McConnell, John Boehner, are you listening?

Maurice Smart - August 2, 2013

Nothing is going to happen until we get rid of all the, gutless, earthworm, go along to get along, still wallowing in the Barry Goldwater defeat era, RINO establishment in Congress!!

Jim Field - August 2, 2013

This piece of legislation is the worst that congress has created and it needs to be repealed. Since that is not currently possible, all Americans need to unite and speak with one voice, DO NOT FUND ANY PORTION OF THIS LAW.

Jim Johnston - August 2, 2013

During the 1990s Congress actually passed a “Catastrophic Health Care” bill into law. It was intended to pay for major medical expenses. After seniors learned what it was going to cost for the coverage they resoundingly rejected the law and swamped congressional offices, demanding repeal of the law. And for the only time I am aware of, Congress responded by acceding to the outcry by their constituants and doing what was demanded of them: consigning a terrible law to the trash can of history. That needs to be done again for ObamaCare. Write, call and email your senators and representatives. Make your voices heard. That is the only way we can correct this terrible mistake that threatens to destroy our economy, the health care system and our freedom of choice!

VIVIAN RICE - August 2, 2013

We must defund Obamacare. Most Americans did not want this program, but we got it anyway. This is not the American way. I pray that we can stop it before it is implemented.

geoff riley - August 2, 2013

Defund OBCare. Terrible legislation. Sen. Cruz also needs to get his sidekick from TX – Sen. Cornyn to stop talking out of both sides of his RINO mouth to also get in line to defund this mess.

Terri Sutphin - August 2, 2013

Please DEFUND it if we can’t get the dang thing repealed. What a mess!

I won’t vote for anyone that doesn’t have the courage to defund this at a minimum.

JF - August 2, 2013

Yes, Obamacare should be de-funded. No question.

Sallie Barreca - August 2, 2013

Yes! Absolutely start the defunding process. The conservative Republicans will be targeted as the problem no matter what they do. So do the right thing.

Mark Nelson - August 2, 2013

Now is the time for us to see what our represenitives in Congress are made of. Now is the time to defund Obamacare.

William Miller - August 2, 2013

I agree fully as to the defunding. However, you and the GOP must start right now by letting the public know that any shutdown would only occur if the President takes that action. And since the mainstream media will avoid making that point, any GOP or Conservative person must continually must make that statement every time they get a chance.

Martin - August 2, 2013

I read a book not long ago which led me now to wonder why it is that “Obama” and “communism” never appear in the same paragraph.

Leona M. Grant - August 2, 2013

I agree strongly that defunding Obamacare is the best way Conservatives can deal with this Administration. I have called all the Senators who have pledged “not to fund Obamacare” & thanked them.
Leona Grant

David Young - August 2, 2013

Please Defund Obomacare

John Tirrell - August 2, 2013

De-funding Obamacare is critical for the health of our nation.

Roger C Henderson, CPA - August 2, 2013

The political class is already trying to exempt itself from this monstrosity. If it isn’t good enough for them, it isn’t good enough for me. Kill it!

Hans Nieuwold - August 2, 2013

I am so convinced that Obamacare is a terrible law and must not be allowed to come to fruition. If they only way to stop it is to NOT FUND it, congress must do so. I hope that the politicians do what is right for the country and not make their own re-election the pivot point of their voting. In fact I can guarantee them that they will lose my vote if they don’t defund the plan.

ron - August 2, 2013

Every elected and appointed official who does anything to promulgate this disastrous plan which was illegally pushed through Congress without even a public hearing should be tried as a traitor and given the punishment appropriate to the treasonous offense. It is time for ALL Americans to step up to their responsibility to re-instate the Constitution. DO YOU HEAR THIS POLITICIANS? Seal the borders and return to our traditional immigration laws of designated quotas and sponsored immigrants to be sure that they do not become a burden on society. And yes we can deport illegal aliens who by their own actions have become criminal law-breakers. To the crybaby liberals who lament claiming it would breakup families it should be clear that the entire family should be deported. . . PERIOD. Then pass a law that abolishes anchor babies. ONLY UNTIL WE PASS AND RIGOROUSLY ENFORCE OUR LAWS WILL AMERICA BE RESPECTED AROUND THE WORLD! Becoming an American is a PRIVILEGE BESTOWED immigrants whom WE consider to be ASSETS to OUR society. If we accept you we expect you to embrace OUR values, customs and laws. If you want to act as if you were in your own country with its lawlessness, drugs and political corruption then stay home. Don’t expect our government to give you ANYTHING!


Louis Chall - August 2, 2013

Yes, I do agree with defunding Obamacare.

david evans - August 2, 2013

Pass funding government operations excluding obamacare. Do widely-released, clear and concise press releases in advance and following, carefully explaining what is included, what (obamacare) is not included and why.

Marjorie - August 2, 2013

Defund this abomination AKA Obamacare!! It is a train wreck. We must stand together for what is right and just.
Stand up against Washington including so called Washington Republicans who say ‘just wait it will implode upon itself’. If we do not defund and repeal this law NOW we probably will have it hanging over our heads forever! I want an America that stands up and fights back against this kind of government tyranny.

tom prestidge - August 2, 2013

I totally agree members of congress should follow this plan and defund this law that Americans do not want and should not be forced to participate with; it is unconstitutional regardless of the political ruling from the supreme court. Shut down the government if thats what it takes; and all members of congress should understand that if they are behind this law, they are against the majority of the American people and their days are numbered in congress. (especially the republicans that should ALL be against it–grow a spine and do the right thing!)

Linda - August 2, 2013

Yes, oh my God Yes!

KKW - August 2, 2013

Obamacare must be defunded! The House of Representatives must do what most of the citizens in the US want done.

Frank Centala - August 2, 2013

I strongly congress to not only defund but to repeal it. This law has the worst scenario for the elderly and the young generation I have ever witnessed. I am elderly and this law will literally take away my coverage. In effect I will have none.

Concetta Yamauchi - August 2, 2013

Obamacare is not a responsible answer to Healthcare. It creates problems beyond compare. Abolish it completely.

Paul Wilson - August 2, 2013

Defund asap!!! There should not even be one Republican who has to think twice about this.

Kathy Fenner - August 2, 2013

I absolutely support defunding Obamacare and/or finding a way to do away with it completely. I feel completely helpless and it seems each day my outrage soars…today, I am outraged by the President deciding to have the taxpayers subsidize members of Congress because they have to pay more for Obamacare…what is going on?

David Barksdale - August 2, 2013

Stay with Medicare it is the right way to go for our medical requirements. However, it needs to be fixed. Eliminate all the waste, the poor service and graft within it !! Given that insurance agents are required to be licensed and must take continued educational credit courses, why is not the same required for DOCTORS !?!? Provide for improved oversight through out the process !! Require accountability through out the process !! HMO’s were originally suggested by the insurance industry as a way to better control health care cost, but seems to have lost sight of doing so, why ? health care is just a business where it should be about providing the best possible services !! Doctors are for the most part only interested in our money, Not Our Care !!

carol coryell - August 2, 2013

Yes, yes, yes, defund Obamacare! Must be done to save medical treatment in the US, not to mention preventing the many other dire consequences for the US and its people. As Palin recommended, “If we go down, we go down swinging.”
Please, please, we need a strong, bold, clear spokesperson to explain WHY the defunding is occurring.

Shirley - August 2, 2013

In the best interest of personal and business insurance we should defund Obamacare. If many of the government employees do not want it to affect them, why should we be affected. Even some members of Congress do not want to have themselves and their families covered by this horrible law. Evidently the law is not good for all the people. If it takes shutting down the Government, just do it and stop all of their paycheck’s until they hear what the people are saying. Let us have some competition in Insurance.

Robert Husband - August 2, 2013


Larry Whiting - August 2, 2013

Please defund Obamacare! Seniors will be lost, their coverage will disappear.

Jack Martin - August 2, 2013

The entire month of August needs to be focused on defunding Obamacare. Phone calls, personal letters, town hall meetings, faxes, and any other method of communicating our message to Republican and Democrat politicians alike.

JoyO - August 2, 2013

Yes, Obamacare should be defunded. It was passed by Progressive bullies when polls revealed 80-85% of Americans were satisfied with their healthcare. If Obamacare were truly about healthcare for the few people who did not have or could not get insurance, the bill would have covered only those people. But, no, the Dems passed it to put Big Government in total control of our healthcare and ultimately our lives. Howard Dean’s recent article in the WSJ proved Sarah Palin was right–the IPAB is Obamacare’s Death Panel.

Brendan Lynch - August 2, 2013

Defund this bit of insanity and force the shutdown of government.

Radman414 - August 2, 2013

I agree with Sen. Ted Cruz that this is the time to “draw a line in the sand” about only passing another continuing resolution if it does NOT include funding for the Obamacare implementation “train wreck.” The majority of Americans have now figured out that the “Affordable” Care Act (‘ACA’) isn’t either Affordable or fair due to all of the waivers and exemptions granted to Obama’s supporters…and also the fact that more people are actually “finding out what was in it.”

Since all spending measures must originate in the House, Speaker Boehner and the House should draft the resolution WITHOUT funding for the “ACA,” pass it out and then blame the Senate Democrats if THEY don’t pass it, but instead opt to shut down the government.

P.S. — As reported by Martin Biancuzzo at Capitol Hill Daily, conservatives do have at least seven separate documented “wins” so far in the battle to defund (and “defang”) portions of Obamacare:

Sue - August 2, 2013

I think Republicans “all” should stand up and be counted. The challenge is now. We must not lose this present opportunity. No guts, no glory!

James Skarda - August 2, 2013

What borrowed funding are we talking about defunding?

Tony - August 2, 2013

I believe this Obamacare BS is the cog in the wheel of the financial turn around of this great nation. Defund and completely repeal this Obamination that is killing our economy. And then Impeach the ones who pushed it trough in the first place.

anton kassing - August 2, 2013

defund o care now

Joe - August 2, 2013

It should be scrapped. Any legislation that was forced down the American peoples throat without the law makers even knowing what was in it is a BAD law. Secondly, if it is kept All Congressmen, Senators, staff and any other government official should be FORCED to drop their coverage and participate in the plan. Get Rid of it.

Sandra Case - August 2, 2013

Please defund Obamacare.

John F. Kachtik - August 2, 2013

Repeal / Defund Obamacare!!!!!!!!
I was born in 1945, the year two atomic bombs were dropped. That was part of the life-taking and life-altering of war. Obamacare, if implemented, will be a disaster of epic proportions dropped on nation by a horribly misguided President and willfully ignorant politicians. US lives will be taken and altered in communistic and socialistic nightmares!

Patricia Ancowitz - August 2, 2013

I absolutely support efforts to defund Obama Care. Conservatives must not be afraid to take a stand to save this country and the principles on which it was founded. We are on a very slippery slope and there will be no return.

Donn Gunter - August 2, 2013

Defund and impeach O’Bama!!

Jane - August 2, 2013

Obamacare won’t work because it’s unenforceable. The gov’t can’t even collect taxes every year from everyone. Look at the numbers of people who go years without filing! And the whole joke of Obamacare us that it will succeed only in driving medical care to a black market system-cash only- underground economy.

Cortland Musgrave - August 2, 2013

It’s urgent that we defund Obamacare. It’s the only way to stop it. It should not shut down the government, the Democrats will try to blame the Republicans. The Republicans need get some nerve and do it. It’s are only hope.

Linda Pickelman - August 2, 2013

Absolutely, defund Obamacare!!

Harry Elston - August 2, 2013

Mr. Boehner,
Defund Obamacare now.

James Kirby - August 2, 2013

Jim Kirby-August 2, 2013
To borrow a phrase from our ‘illoosetrious’ President; ‘I don’t care if it came from FDR or Reagan, we’re going to do what’s right’….Defund Obamacare!

MICHAEL SWARTZ - August 2, 2013

Yes, defund Obamacare and shut down government if necessary.

Marilyn Akins - August 2, 2013

I want to preserve the fine medical treatment I’m able to and do get now. Obamacare will ruin this.

Patricia Weldon - August 2, 2013

Yes,defund it,and maybe O.himself could be defunded so he couldn’t go around spending money we don’t have. How is it possible for him to just keep giving money to our enemies?

Mary - August 2, 2013

Defund it ! Repeal it ! Just get rid of this socialist agenda that is intended to destroy our democracy.

Mary Reynolds - August 2, 2013

Please do everything possible to stop this before it is too late. Our country is headed into the abyss if this horrible legislation takes hold. Defunding Obamacare is our last chance.

Richard Van Name - August 2, 2013

Yes, every possible action should be taken to oppose Obamacare, including defunding.

Marcella - August 2, 2013

Lincolns army did not have shoes but they won the war.
Your army is fighting but we do not have money. Your solders watch you in your thousand dollar suits and your million dollar homes and ask us for our bread money. I think it is time for you to sell a few items and donate to the cause before asking us not to send you our food budget and add you to our will. We have children to care about and we know the government does not give a dam about us.

Clark Smyth - August 2, 2013

Absolutely. Defund Obamacare.

John R Thomson - August 2, 2013

My wife and I concur completely in the push to defund Obamacare. Indeed, it should appeal to any sensible Senator, knowing that some 60% of the American people oppose the law.

Dan and Janice - August 2, 2013

We agree totally with defunding Obamacare. Please, Congress, think about the steady, unrelenting stream of distortions and lies we are fed on a near-daily basis surrounding this very destructive law, and do the right thing. Just do it.

Dennis Lippert - August 2, 2013

Please, Congress DO NOT fund Obamacare!!!!!!

rebecca doe - August 2, 2013

Absolutely defund the ACA. The establishment republicans simply MUST get some backbone and go for broke. Libs are going to scream and yell anyhow; might as well get something done, yes?

Ray Phillipson - August 2, 2013

It’s about time for Congress to turn this country around
and go the right direction before the “walls” coming fallling down around us, and we wind up just another meager morsal for our enemies.

David Atkins - August 2, 2013

We must once and for all get rid of Obamacare, before it takes it’s hold on America, and destroys this great nation of ours. Once fully implemented, there will be no turning back.

Patrick Nelson - August 2, 2013

Congress should absolutely defund Obamacare. I have heard of not a single thing in it that is worth preserving.

J.M. Cartwright - August 2, 2013

You should contact the major labor union leaders that now have misgivings over their previous support of Obamacare. Their overt persuasion of senators and Obama himself would be a much more powerful message than that which our left wing detractors would label ” just more right wing puling” from our advocate groups.

James Stack - August 2, 2013

Will some please organize at march on Washington for sometime in September to defund Obamacare.

Lets see if we can get a few million to respond .

Leonard McPherson - August 2, 2013

defund Obamacare

Donna Shive - August 2, 2013

Yes, please work to defund “Obama-care.” Our country cannot afford it!

DPM - August 2, 2013

Defund the damnable thing! Concur with Jimmi Hayden; Go For It!! Force them to make the hard decisions; although it shouldn’t be that difficult, the government is broke already, why would they spend on another losing proposition?

Ellen - August 2, 2013

I think completely defunding Obamacare should be the number one priority of the Senate. It is the only way to guarantee that not one piece of thus horrible bill will be implemented.

w kletzker - August 2, 2013

Its’ worth the try. BUT, not to do half-heartedly!
That will just look like show and will have repercussions.
Win or loose, a full, fact-filled fight will have good results, I think.

Kevin Akers - August 2, 2013

The initial passing of the ObamaCare law was unconstitutional to begin with. Also, I hear that a similar law in Canada would cover minors more than elders. Therefore, defunding ObamaCare is the “Constitutional” thing to do as most Americans never wanted it to begin with.

Elyse Henri - August 2, 2013

The erosion of our rights needs to stop now! Defund or whatever it takes to maintain our individual liberties and ensure our agency.

Bill Hushon - August 2, 2013

I wolud like to strongly urge Congress to defund Obamacare, this system will ruin the wonderful healt care system we have now and we will be like Canada’s people coming to the USA for help with there health care!

Steven Johns - August 2, 2013

Yes. Defund it.

mike burnette - August 2, 2013

absolutely,republicans better think if they don’t defund obummer care they may have a bigger problem than being blamed for a gov. shut down , how about losing reelection! time for people in Washington to do the peoples will !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ron Elchesen - August 2, 2013

Obamacare simply does not make sense!

Rachel Verdon - August 2, 2013

Even as the economy crashed at the end of 2008, the Democrats plotted putting Healthcare above employment and food on the table, far more necessary for good health than a plate full of pills. So why are their priorities upside down? If the Patient Protection & Affordable Care Act is defunded, will the obsessed Obama wave his magic wand, write another Executive Order mandating a Public Option replace the ACA? Maybe it is better to pick apart this Affordable Care Act piece by piece as a tax as Justice Roberts ruled, to save us from greater irrational moves by the President under the National Security Act.

Dave Lyddon writes: I strongly urge the Congress to do everything in its power to defund Obamacare.” And replace it with what? We have RINOs and DINOs pushing the Public Option. I have not heard anybody suggest opening up interstate commerce and overturning the McCarran-Ferguson Act, a simple solution to restoring a competitive market amongst the 1,700 health insurance companies in America. I thought the Interstate Commerce Clause was intended by the Founding Fathers to encourage free trade across all state borders, not impede it.

Joan McIntyre - August 2, 2013

This is a ‘no brainer’. Cut off the money and it is dead in the water. Every parent has ‘been there, done that’ and it works. Really.

Joan McIntyre - August 2, 2013

Every parent has been there ‘cut off the $$ and that is it”.
Do it now.

Suzanne Eggers - August 2, 2013

Defund obamacare and save this country!!!

judith - August 2, 2013

This law must be defunded. It is a law that no Senator or Congressman read before voting on it, it did not receive even one Republican vote, it was passed through diabolical and unethical methods, and the American people hate it more now than they did then.
Republicans must stand up and say NO. If the government gets shut down, at least they can’t do anything to us.

Daniel - August 2, 2013

Yes, defund it.

susan miller - August 2, 2013

Defund Obamacare definetly and get rid of Obama,Holder
and Reid

Vada Ruth Kelly - August 2, 2013

Stand strong and defund Obamacare!

dennis dureno - August 3, 2013

Passing legislation to find out what’s in it is not governing with intelligence or thinking about the best interest of the public but a sign stupidity or desperation. Obamacare has already started to hurt and will not benefit the public and should be defunded.

Charles Stone - August 3, 2013

The Constitution envisioned this ACA situation; first by not specifying healthcare as a Federal responsibility. Second by separation of the powers to govern; giving the House of (individual) Representatives control of all spending initiation authority.
Clearly the ACA was written in back rooms, required outright bribery and had to be passed before we would know what was in it. Clearly now is the time to defund!

Maurice Baldwin - August 3, 2013

I strongly urge the Congress to do everything in its power to defund Obamacare. It must be defeated and removed with all of its enactments and “provisions” for entitlements for all peoples.

Morris - August 3, 2013

My health insurance went up 13% a month $240.00 that don’t have to spend. Defunding Obamacare is the best thing for our health care system and our nation. Go Ted & Mike, I’m with you all the way!!!

Willis Jones - August 3, 2013

I support the defunding of Obamacare. Regulations are too many and contradicts other areas. Why does Congress get a pass? It will cause what little economic recovery to stall. What really scares me is that the IRS has control. They will have access to you bank accounts. How does an insolvent pay for their share?

Jim Wooster - August 3, 2013

Please defund this unconstitutional disaster a.k.a. Obamacare.

Bonnie - August 3, 2013

What ever is necessary to stop this. As a retired person I can say I am scared to dead of the cuts to seniors as well as the death panel that I may be faced with. We are not rich and at this stage of life to not have time to earn more. We are not able to pay our way out of this or be given a pass as the congress, many companys and organizations have done. Please save us.

RHR - August 3, 2013

Defund IT!. The comment that the poor will not have Health Care without Obamacare is False.
Major hospitals will provide care if needed, even if they cannot pay a penny. One of the General Hospitals in our state spend Millions of dollars a year to care for the sick and injured, even if they cannot pay.

Elisabeth - August 3, 2013

if Congress doesn’t want Obamacare for themselves, why would they stick the rest of us with it! Definitely defund it!

Connie Brady - August 3, 2013

Defund immediately. The people of this nation deserve better than the government shoving and forcing things on us. The America I grew up with is vastly disappearing and it is so heartbreaking.
Everyone needs to stand up for what is right not what is given to us.

john russsian - August 3, 2013

defunding obamacare is an absolute must if this nation is to survive as the shining city on the hill.

Carlos R. Garcia - August 3, 2013

If we don’t defund now it will become a permanent entitlement that will quickly become “untouchable” to politicians (another medicare and social security). And if it takes a government shutdown of the NSA and the IRS, well we’ll just have to live with it!

Kathleen - August 3, 2013

Defund Obamacare before it kills us!

Robert Godwin - August 3, 2013

With a substantial majority of Americans wanting Obamacare to go, let’s have the Republican party stand up and lead the denial of funding, so that it happens. Seems to me the wish of the people is the only reason needed to do this. Use that reason in all communication.

Gene Reber - August 3, 2013

Defund Obamacare completely.

SPENCER MATHEWS - August 3, 2013

By all means, do anything necessary to prevent this atrocity from being initiated. — Spencer Mathews

Suzanne Clark - August 3, 2013

Shut it down! Go ahead and shut the government down. That will be less time for the government to do harm to the American people. If that’s what is necessary to kill Obamadon’tcare then by all means necessary, do it!

Carle Riley - August 3, 2013


Sharon Votaw - August 3, 2013

Seniors need to be aware that Obamacare severely restricts medical care for seniors over 70 years of age. At a time when our longevity is increasing and our productive years are increasing Obama care will not allow hip or knee replacements and no treatment for breast cancer. We will get pain medication and a fond farewell!. Our medications will be restricted along with any life saving procedures performed now. Please defund this obscenity and save the lives of hundreds of thousands of seniors.

Patricia - August 3, 2013

There is no other way. It need’s to be done, and soon. Please!

Margaret Rocheleau - August 3, 2013

Yes, Obamacare must be defunded. Also amnesty must be defeated. If Republicans do not act on these things, they will go the way of the Whigs and disappear, as no one will vote for them again.

Carl Miller - August 3, 2013

Would someone get Harry Reid on board? How ignorant can one person be and still remain in office. He can get the Senate to vote to Defund or even kill obamacare

Kelly Paul - August 3, 2013

Defund it now and fund the rest of federal government operations in the continuing resolution. If there is a government shut down that will be on the heads of the senate and/or the president. It’s time to stand up and hold firm.

Bruce J. Kolinski, P.E. - August 3, 2013

Thank you. Obamacare is a revenue bill and therefore should not originate in the Senate as it did. Reconciliation cannot be used to pass non-budget neutral legislation and Obamacare is anything but budget neutral. Obamacare is a disaster designed to collapse health insurance as we know it, leading to the miasma of government mis-managed, single payer health care with rationing as the only cost control.

The Federal Reserve Bank owners will earn billions in interest from government health care spending as American citizens are rationed to death after age 60 via Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel’s Complete Lives System, which is many things, but never complete.

When our out-of-control Federal government is shut down, our unalienable rights are safe. DE-FUND Obamacare and about 75% of useless, expensive, Republic destroying government agencies along with it.

Anne - August 3, 2013

Obamacare should be defunded or repealed.

Steven Messer - August 3, 2013

I favor defeating Obamacare however it can be done…it is just plain bad law. Yet, at the same time America’s medical system needs to be fixed…Conservatives must have a reasonable plan to replace Obamacare if any grassroots movement is to be successful.

Kathy - August 3, 2013

Congress must defund this terrible law before it cripples this country for good. But they must stand up for health care reform. Tort reform, Buying insurance across state lines, incentivizing insurance companies through tax policies for allowing minors to stay on parents policies etc. Need simple platform of the right reforms.

Alexa Davis - August 3, 2013

Defund Obamacare we can not afford this health care plan….

Marjorie Taylor - August 3, 2013

Yes, defund this monstrosity before it gets going.

LINDA LETZIN - August 3, 2013

Yes. Defund Obamacare. THIS IS OUR LINE IN THE SAND.

Christy - August 3, 2013

Yes, we must defund Obamacare now. Show some backbone! Save our once great nation now!!!

Willmen Hesler - August 3, 2013

Defund Obamacare now!

Mary - August 3, 2013

August 2, 2013
I absolutely would want Congress to defund Obamacare. It is one of the reasons we voted you into office. Please defend your constituents.

Dennis R. Lee - August 3, 2013

It is the duty under the Constitution for Congress to exercise their power of the purse to reign in an executive branch out to destroy our country.

Karl Stocker - August 3, 2013

They will try to scare the public, like they did with the Sequester, and will point fingers at the conservatives, hoping that the weak-willed will cave, but I believe that this is the moment to use all the leverage that’s provided to initiate the defunding of this horrendous bill, enacted against the will of the majority of the population.

Diane Winston - August 3, 2013

Definitely yes. We can do it if our weak Republican leadership will get some courage and LEAD!

Robert Mallison - August 3, 2013

YES!!!!! Defund and/or repeal ACA aka Obamacare. Then start on the IRS.

Michael Fisher - August 3, 2013

This act is destined to fail of its own weight. The public has not yet felt the pain it will most definitely impose – better to wait until there is widespread anger against the law to push for its demise. As things stand now, threatening a shutdown is premature – Obama will turn a Republican-led shutdown around and shove it up the party’s ass, threatening our takeover of the Senate and our control of the House in 2014. The better strategy is to let it fall apart of its own accord and hang the act around the Democrat’s neck even though it will inflict significant damage to our country in the meantime.

Judy - August 3, 2013

WE MUST defund obamacare, YES it is the RIGHT THING TO DO!!!!!!!!!!!! May God please bless this America against all this evil.

Marjorie Osborn - August 3, 2013

We must stop this train wreck, and Republicans must put their money where their mouths were when they did not vote for the bill. We should also insist that the news media clarify “shutting the govt. down.” Defunding Obamacare would not shut down the government. A recalcitrant executive and the Democtrat party would shut down the government because they did not get everything they wanted in the upcoming budget. This is a cruVan S. on Fox. Every Republican should be repeating it to counter the phoney Democrat & media whitewashing job.

R.Arnold iIsley - August 3, 2013

Absolutely Obamacare must be stopped by any means possible.

Harrison Clark - August 4, 2013

Shut the government down until there is some sanity … such as defunding Obamacare. Better late than never. We need our country back.

cheryl stewart - August 4, 2013

absolutely need to defund Obamacare, & wish we could defund many other ridiculous expenditures

Diane Higgins - August 4, 2013

Our liberty is being taken away. Please defund Obamacare

Charlyn Anderson - August 4, 2013

We must get rid of the current Obamacare and in it’s place propose a solution to our medical care crisis. Defund Obamacare but have a solution ready to implement. More attention needs to be put on what we WILL do if Obamacare is stopped. If another option can be presented that is more effective, a majority of folks will be willing to get rid of this “train wreck” How could Congress sign something they never even read?????

Martin - August 4, 2013

Do away with Obamacare in any way possible.
And do away with Obama as well. The close association that he had with important American communists should be widely publicized.

Davalee Siders - August 4, 2013

Yes, Congress must act to defund Obamacare or any other nation distroying sceme Obama and his ilk come up with.

Allan R. Weide, M.D. - August 4, 2013

Defund the AHCA as soon as possible. It may be the only way to prevent President Obama from completing his plan to make all Americans dependent on the central government as has occurred in Europe. Why do you think the Federal Reserve has given one trillion dollars of aid to the ECB thru currency swaps and other transactions? To put us on the same road the ECB is on-total financial ruin and dependency on BIG goovernment.

DianneMarie Yarbrough - August 4, 2013

defund obamacare and shut down the goverment NOW.
Quit running scared congress and do the right thing for our citizens. And when you get the courage you should impeach this president and any other bureacrat that is impeachable. They are not following constitutional law and your inaction has led to lawlessness through out this land. Do the right thing and the people will stand behind you.

Holly Chapo - August 4, 2013

DEFUND OBAMACARE and let the chips fall where they may. If the person occupying the White House wants to shut down the government as retaliation, then the Republicans need to get before the media outlets and eloquently make their case. Where are the spokespersons who can communicate with the American people? We need them more than ever.

John Lose - August 4, 2013

Obama ia already not following this law by not implementing the various mandates and by stealing funds from Medicare.

Floy J. Lawson - August 4, 2013

If the Congress doesn’t want Obamacare, why would anyone else in the country want it?

Really tired of seeing our country run into the ground by the President. What a waste.

Roger Kennedy - August 4, 2013

I agree whole heartedly it must be defunded inspite of what the rino’s say , we don’t have the funds, it’s a horrible law , people don’t want it so lets get rid of it!!!

Jerome Henschel - August 4, 2013

I agree with defunding Obamacare. The sooner the better even if it means shutting down non-essential parts of the government.

Vicki Henschel - August 4, 2013

I believe that Obamacare should be defunded but also pass a plan that would replace it so that American citizens will an opportunity to understand the benefits of a new plan. This will allow the plan to gain support and defunding Obamacare at the same time.

Jerome Henschel II - August 4, 2013

Obamacare should be defunded before it is too late. Even if it means shutting down non-essential government services.

William - August 4, 2013

Do everything you can to destroy it

Richard Esplin - August 4, 2013

Obamacare will open the way to increase corruption a hundredfold in our government and will be the final blow in the destruction of our great nation.

R. K. Smith - August 4, 2013

I hope congress will vote to defund Obama care, better yet, repeal it entirely. which should have been done first thing.
Even a lot of Dems agree it is a train wreck.

Mike Todd - August 5, 2013

This health care program is a train wreck and will cause more problems and more bureaucratic nightmares then it is worth. Get rid of this Obamacare now

Anthony Landry - August 5, 2013

Defund Obamacare is the right thing to do. We, the American people cannot afford it. The health care we will receive under Obamacare will never be the same as we are receiving now. The tax payer cannot afford to insure 30 million more people.

Nancy Rush - August 5, 2013

Defund Obamacare!! Stand firm. We must counter the lies and subterfuge of this administration and the left with clear, forceful explanations of the results if we don’t defund. We can easily survive a govt. shutdown, but our great nation won’t survive Obamacare and the unelected weasels being slipped into positions of such authority.

denis brady - August 5, 2013

Stop. Obama will hammer Congress with the power of the Presidency and the complicit press. Win both houses in 2014, let the mess continue and then the Republican presidential candidate can propose a comprehensive alternative. By the way, what are the current Republicans proposing other than “no?” Totally ill-founded and misguided. Be patient.

Rebecca L Gray - August 5, 2013

The double edged sword of Obamacare and Amnesty will destroy our economy, our country, and our children’s future. Defund Obamacare and delay any amnesty vote until we take the Senate next year. We have this one chance before it grows into a monster that will be too powerful to stop. Defund everything if necessary, but stop Obamacare.

Bonnie Black - August 5, 2013

Please defund Obamacare! Congress, please do your job and stand for what is right for the American citizen.

Dianne - August 5, 2013

Do whatever is necessary to stop this monstrosity before it hurts any more Americans. Please defund!

phyllis talmadge - August 5, 2013

we need to cut spending and this would be a very good start. the House has the purse strings and they should use then to stop this train wreck!

Lou Osterman - August 5, 2013

Defund Obama Care. Much greater debt now than in 1990’s. But Republicans are paralyzed by thought of 1994. They don’t have the courage to act. Shut the govt. down. Repubs will be blamed for whatever happens anyway. If they would only act with moral strength, we would be stunned by the positive results. Defund Obama Care.

David Allen Henry - August 5, 2013

Help defund ObamaCare before it’s too damn late !!!!!!

Steve Templeton - August 6, 2013

The ACA was forced on the American People by the Dem’s bribing, paying off, threatening companies, and still had to pass it under the cover of darkness. What happened to transparency? Wasn’t that the promise? The more we learn what is in it, the more The People hate it. I cannot imagine our Founders imagining such a Central Gov’t takeover of healthcare or anything else outside the 10th Amendment, but, today, The People are under the Central, Federal Gov’t from cradle to grave. Not American, but, we see our Fed. Gov’t doing what only imagined in the U.S.S.R, never over a Free People.

Don - August 6, 2013

If we can’t get a complete government shutdown for a year defunding obamacare would be a great fallback. But they might have to insert 1500 blank pages for effect and tell our “brilliant” legislators they “have to pass it to see what’s in it” to get the job done.

Carter Daniel - August 8, 2013

Please defund Obamacare,we are slowly losing this country.If Charles Manson was in the house they would vote for him.Someone needs to make a picture of Obama kneeing to Churchhill.It would go wild on the internet.He hate this man very much.

Adolfo Rodriguez - August 11, 2013

Congress must defund Obamacare and stop the implementation in any way possible. Obamacare changes our country forever and the American Dream will be lost forever. Shutting down the government is a small price to pay to save America as we know it.

Donald M Young - August 12, 2013

I think trying to defund Obamacare is a mistake that will make the Republicans look like bad, as the Democrats always look good on the backs of Republicans! If it is & I do not doubt that it is bad, why not let it, even force it to go forward & show every one what the Democrats have done to this country. Sincerely,

Marek - August 13, 2013

DEFUND Obamacare. Defund it! Defund it! Defund it NOW!!!!!

janet s - September 7, 2013

no – – defunding is not sufficient! the entire thing should be repealed NOW!

carrol pigg - September 26, 2013

obama,should go as well as obama care, both will break the u.s.a

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