Speaker Pelosi has been out of power for a while, so when she takes power, she really takes power. This was evident in her changes to the House rules, as reported in The Daily Signal.

Heritage experts Justin Bogie, Romina Boccia, Adam Michel and Rachel Greszler chronicled how her new House rules will undermine the conservative reforms of the previous Congress, and tighten her grip on the people’s house. These changes include automatic debt-ceiling increases, not scoring bills for economic impact, and removing the requirement for a supermajority vote to raise your taxes. Pelosi’s new rules also enable the House to approve rolling back the 2017 tax cuts that are fueling the economy with a bare majority.

The House also reserves the power to sue the president of the United States. Speaker Boehner sued President Obama over The Affordable Care Act, but only after a Congressional resolution authorized it. Speaker Pelosi reserves the power to sue the president without explicit approval through a resolution, which will come into play if the president declares a national emergency to build a border wall and secure the border.

Additionally, the new rules make it harder for a member to “vacate the chair.” The new rule says, “A resolution causing a vacancy in the Office of Speaker shall not be privileged except if offered by direction of a party caucus or conference.’’ Translation: no one person can be the Rep. Mark Meadows, R-N.C., of the 116th Congress, as individual members cannot stand up against the speaker as in previous congresses.

In the new majority’s Restoring Congress for the People  report, Rep. Kilmer, D-Wash., boasts “In order to prevent the Speaker from being held hostage by a single Member, this package reforms the motion to vacate the chair to a more thoughtful process.” Unless Speaker Pelosi’s entire conference moves against her, it is doubtful that she could be removed, even if the Speaker of the House abuses her power. As of now, Speaker Pelosi can spend with impunity and behave however she wishes, as long there isn’t a majority of her party’s caucus to advance a motion to vacate.

Because of your support, we have the best minds in the conservative movement keeping an eye on the liberals in Congress and giving you regular updates about their attempts to ram through massive spending and regulation. Thank you for trusting us with that responsibility.

Read the report in the Daily Signal here.

For more details, read the Heritage Action Blog here. 

How do you think the new rules will impact the laws that pass in the House?


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Ron - January 11, 2019

As I seat here reviewing Mao’s standards of terror for changing rules and laws! This is the beginning stages for the elimination of the Constitution and making the Democrat Party the ruling class! Peace through violence!

Victor Andrews - January 11, 2019

New rules for the House are troublesome But, Nancy promised bi-partisanship and cooperation on her first day at work! I guess she meant the ‘leftist’ brand of bipartisanship?

Curtis Conway - January 11, 2019

If the rules continue and the resulting policies come to pass, 2020 will be a done deal because the impact of the new rules will subjugate the population again.

John Hebert - January 11, 2019

The House has one agenda. Override Trump at all costs. Does not matter the issue or the desire of the people. This is Polissi’s last hurrah. As a Heritage member I applaud what you do. Keep up the pressure. Us in mid America look to you. John Hebert

Joe - January 11, 2019

Can Pelosi be impeached ?

Roger Davies - January 11, 2019

This is worse than a tragic usurpation of first amendment rights. More than ever denying a Representative the right to SPEAK THEIR MIND is nothing but CENSORSHIP. This is unforgivable and unacceptable. To silence a member’s right to speak is not only stopping an individual’s right to speak, but this denies the rights of those who sent the person to The House of Representatives to represent their state’s feelings and concerns. No matter Democrat or Republican, the entire House MUST STAND AGAINST THIS TYRANNY

Dan L - January 11, 2019

With a “Republican” controlled Senate and a real Republican in the White House, does it really matter what Pelosi does in the house… none of her stuff will move but both the house and senate will point fingers at each other and the President and nothing will get done except the American people will get a bigger screwing at the hands of the political elite. And they will all laugh together at their taxpayer funded dinner parties. The 2A is our only chance to take our country back from these treasonous thieves.

Dan L - January 11, 2019

With a “Republican” controlled Senate and a real Republican in the White House, does it really matter what Pelosi does in the house… none of her stuff will move but both the house and senate will point fingers at each other and the President and nothing will get done except the American people will get a bigger screwing at the hands of the political elite. And they will all laugh together at their taxpayer funded dinner parties. The 2A is our only chance to take our country back from these treasonous thieves. Im sure you wont publish this but at least I got to type it.

Constance Hingert - January 11, 2019

We better have our conservative troops ready to fight back when needed. to fight this power grab of the queen.c

stephen wetherbee - January 11, 2019

we in the south can sleep easy at night knowing that the Heritage foundation has our backs. I agree with Curtis Conway, done deal for TRUMP.

Constance Hingert - January 11, 2019

Imagine, spending on auto-pilot.
Good thing we still have a Republican Senate. and Presidential veto.

Kathleen Parr - January 11, 2019

I want to Thank All Republicans for Standing with My President Trump…In My Opinion Only, I would think that before you can set rules you must function as One Congress, seems like its IMPOSSIBLE, I do put ALL blame on the Democrats, shame on them because they cant function as Democrats…they are Marxists…Oh and lets see who will use the new Birth Certificates marked (X) for Collateral…After reading the book Who Killed Society…realizing that we are living in a Two Tiered Society…I just want to Thank President Trump for Shutting Down the Government…
Lets Build the Wall…Please Build the Wall!
I Stand With My President Trump…

Marjorie Taylor - January 11, 2019

Utter destruction of the United States of America. How sad the Democrats are more interested in total power than in saving the country. The Antifa Organization along with all the drugs, illegals, and terrorists they are allowing into the US will not just stop because Dems are in power.

Maria A Santiago - January 11, 2019

It is so sad that we have the Democrats that showing no concern for the people of the USA 🇺🇸 The new rules in Congress definitely speaks for itself who they are.
Thank you for making us aware of what is going on in the leftists world.
What can be done to oppose these rules, specially the tax of 2017, this will greatly affect our economy, our health care, social security income that we work hard for to benefit from in our retirement life, etc.

Robert Copley - January 11, 2019

Depends on the Senate and should enough of the Republicans support the Democrat House, then I would imagine that Trump will veto anything with a Democrat signature on it.

Frank Partee - January 11, 2019

Everyone knew that the Democrats would wreak disaster once they took the House. Problem – how can they be stopped? Seems like sensible Republicans never have the tools or the gonads to oppose the Dems. Republicans must stick together and support the Administration. Be loyal and be strong!

John Cannon - January 11, 2019

Looks like the Democrats have stacked the deck in their favor! Hopefully the Senate and President Trump keep them in check!

Connie Berni - January 11, 2019

Of course they will! Dems will obstruct in every way they can. Americans were crazy to elect these “people.” Chicanery at the polls, too, though, I’m sure. We are in a fight to the finish. God fearing people better get active.

Mark A. Smith - January 11, 2019

I am powerless and without any meaningful influence. I live in California.

Martin Simon - January 11, 2019

Another Eva Peron? Her quote “One cannot accomplish anything without fanaticism.”
Is this woman a fanatic? A Queen? What causes a person to think like she does? Would she stand for someone like her to have that kind of power over her? Somewhere along the line something must have snapped. The Russian Czars ruled in such a manner, as did Stalin. Lord help us…..

LeRoy Kottke - January 11, 2019

This change of rules will give the liberals unprecedented power over the presidential prerogative of executive action, and is a blatant attempt to override President Trump’s initiatives.

Gary W. Brown - January 12, 2019

It’s obvious from your comments that not much can be done unless a vote of “no confidence happens. Luckily the president
has a veto. Now if you’re saying that the President has no say in the matter, then I would say that she’s circumventing the Constitution. Hello Supreme Court.

Helen Kaufman - January 12, 2019

Thanks for keeping us informed and working for us. May God bless us all!!

Bob - January 12, 2019

If conservative and liberal republicans would stop acting stupid and stop doing the democrats work for them this wouldn’t even be an issue. No one is pulling more for the republican infighting more than the democrats. Majority majority majority. Let’s all say it together, the majority is more important than whether the liberal or conservative branch of the Republican Party wins or not. If the democrats lose we all win.

Albert Stern - January 12, 2019

You are making a difference. When the public is educated, our government will be accountable.

Philip Fidel - January 12, 2019

It is most unfortunate that this country now has politicians in power whose only objective is to destroy the presidency of Donald Trump. They have absolutely no rhyme or reason to do so. They have benefited from his fiscal policies and the United States has regained the prestige that the founding Fathers desired. They protect themselves behind armed walls but can’t see the danger to our nation for open borders. All they want is power and to have open borders so they can gain more illegal votes t to maintain their positions of power. Vote them out of office i.e. Pelosi, Schumer and others of their ilk.

Diane MacKay - January 12, 2019

I thonk the Democrats led by Pelosi
will try to reverse all Trump has done.
Hopefully the Republican majority in the Senate will UNITE to prevent any bills
passed in the House from becoming law.
We MUST have unity in the Republican party. Its time to stop the infighting
and get togethrr to STOP thd Democrats
from taking over our governmemt.

Dennis Crouch - January 12, 2019

Not requiring economic impact studies of legislation is beyond belief. Thank God we have the majority in the Senate and a Republican president. I hope that the House Republicans will be strong and in lock stop. Something they have not done in the past. Keep up the great work Heritage.

Lawrence Watts - January 12, 2019

Is it true that Pelosi put forth a bill the first day that would allow $15 billion for foreign aid?

Beryl Hamilton - January 12, 2019

This is nothing more than a “fast track” to Globalism. It’s what the Democrats planned on when they believed Hillary would win the presidency and what she would have continued on from Obama. Obama is responsible for the groundwork. This is why they “hate” Trump – he stopped their progress.

David Andrews - January 12, 2019

These rules amount to virtual “Armed Robbery” of the Citizens by the House of Representatives. I say “Armed Robbery” because Witch Pelosi and the left dems are working to disarm us and they are taking our money and will back up their requirements by using armed law enforcement officers! A Congress of thieves!

Karen Mabry - January 12, 2019

All of these new rules are bad for the people of the united states. They are bad for our freedom, protection & economy.
None of them should be passed.

Don Richardson - January 12, 2019

It seems the stereotype of leftists fits Ms. Pelosi quite well. The rules seem designed to allow unlimited spending and to promote accumulation of unlimited power, both for Pelosi specifically, and for the Democrats in general. While they hold the majority I am guessing that they will pass many anti-gun bills, many spending bills, many bills to promote open borders and to limit the rights and freedoms of citizens. Of course they will also spend countless hours attempting to destroy President Trump with ‘investigations’ and other nonsense. I can only hope that the Senate can prevent them from totally destroying the United States of America.

Maura McHugh - January 12, 2019

I don’t understand how this is even constitutional. Automatic debt limit increases? Where is the ability for we the people to object? There must be some representation, Aren’t they supposed to represent us????t

Roger Davies - January 12, 2019

I see this as CENSORSHIP. Not only cannot a member rise their own views. They cannot legally and appropriately the views of the people who chose this person to represent them in the House of Representatives. I also see this flying in the First Amendment.

Jane Wegener - January 13, 2019

The ‘democrats’ represent the most dangerous threat to American National Security. They are against American Sovereignty as they push for open borders and support illegals before Americans. They are even more dangerous as they control the media, Hollywood & in many districts voting which has been corrupted.

janie P. - January 13, 2019

I agree Pelosi has NOT learned anything in the past 10 years under Obama. These rules are the same rules and the false Russia claims that will destroy our country unless our president vetoes. Such a waste of time on the liberals part. Pelosi and Shummer need to be impeached. Pray everyday for our president, family, and the WH staff for strength and endurance.

Myron E. Linder - January 13, 2019

It sounds like a repeat of what Pres. Trump did at the beginning of his term to erase many of the anti-American rules and laws that Obama put in place during his term. At this point, it also seems that American citizens have only a few options left to get all of us out of this dilemma.

H J Raehn - January 13, 2019

One has to hand it to the Democrats. . .they all stick together regardless of the issue because as a party they cannot stand our President and his keeping the promises of his campaign. I understand why the Republicans didn’t support him for most of 2017; they believed the main street media that Trump was going to go because he colluded with Russia to undermine the election. Since there was and has been no evidence of that, it is time the Republicans in the House and certainly in the Senate work hard to thwart every attempt the Democrats in the House to sabotage the President and to undermine the character and culture of the United States. All Republicans must stand in solidarity to support the President’s vision for America and his efforts for border security and not yield whatsoever on the partial government shutdown.

Ralph Himelick - January 13, 2019

In my opinion, 1., The Republicans threw away the House, by acting against the President, and by their policies. (They never realize that they have won.) 2. Little about Pelosi’s changes surprise; the Communists have taken power, with the expected results. 3. Only if the Republicans vote en masse for Republican principles, and against the majority, will they have any effect on policy.

J.C. Haygood - January 13, 2019

Since there have only been a few days with Democrats in power in the House this is only the beginning of their progressive liberal agenda. House rule changes are an easy way for ruthless leaders to push their power unhindered by House vote. Our country will suffer greatly if the Democrats are allowed to pursue their agenda unhindered. Conservatism is great jeopardy with so many liberals believing the half truths of Democrats. I remain disappointed in the lack of any real organized Republican opposition to Democrats’ liberalism.

Jeff Smith - January 14, 2019

Why can’t Pelosi be impeached – I’m sure if she and Schumer we’re investigated – insider trading – look how they made their money – for all their past corruption needs to be exposed – their Rotten to the core.

Ernest - January 14, 2019

Those who do not follow our U.S.Constitution with no changes Should be removed or following these rules and fined and removed from office! I served in the military and was required to follow the Law’s or be put in the Brig! Stand for our freedoms. Or step down from your elected position No Exception!

Mary Shoemaker - January 15, 2019

We will have to trust the Senate to put a stop to them. At least we have improved the majority there. One or 2 Republicans can “go rogue” without undermining the process. Hopefully we can more or less ignore them and their antics. I don’t imagine much will get done, however. President Trump will have to rule with “his pen and phone”,too, a la Obama.

Mary Shoema - January 15, 2019

I have not commented on this article until today. How can my comment be a duplicate?

Warren Willsey - January 15, 2019

What’s going on here reminds me of what Jesus said about the Pharisees. How they had all these rules that every one else had to follow but they themselves did not. The Lord Jesus was not real fond of the Pharisees, kind of how I feel about these House Dems.

Kim McClellan - January 16, 2019

We are in for a world of hurt! It is time for a REVOLUTION to clean up the messes in society and the government unless we are all prepared to be SLAVES!

Ruth Lewis - January 16, 2019

What has our country come to. These rules along with other things that are happening with in our Government are not things of a democratic country. People who only care about their self and not America should not be running our country.

Cris Ericson - January 17, 2019

“the new rules make it harder for a member to “vacate the chair.” The new rule says, “A resolution causing a vacancy in the Office of Speaker shall not be privileged except if offered by direction of a party caucus or conference.’’
Question: does “a party caucus” mean that the opposing party, the Republicans, can do this? Does “or conference” mean only Democrats, or can Republicans do this? If only Nancy Pelosi’s party, the Democrats, can do this, then why don’t the Republicans and any Independents have EQUAL RIGHTS UNDER THE LAW?
“Speaker Pelosi reserves the power to sue the president without explicit approval through a resolution,” SO SHOULDN’T PRESIDENT TRUMP HAVE EQUAL RIGHTS TO SUE NANCY PELOSI?
seriously and willfully and intentionally violated
the United States Constitution and the rights of
President Donald Trump!

Nancy Pelosi does not want President Trump
to deliver his State of the Union Address
to the United States Congress in person
in the U.S. Capitol building because
she doesn’t like him, she doesn’t like
what he stands for, and she can’t stand
what he’s going to say, and furthermore,
she wants to be
the biggest hen in the hen house roost and
she feels threatened by the young
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, so Nancy Pelosi
is acting like a mother of a teenage daughter
who feels threatened that men are now
more attracted to her daughter than to her.
Nancy Pelosi is having a melt-down.

FACIST: Nancy Pelosi is a Facist
for trying to physically bar President
Donald Trump from giving his
U.S. Constitutionally mandated
State of the Union Address to the
United States Congress inside of the
U.S. Capitol building.

Fascism is a form of radical authoritarianism
characterized by
dictatorial power, forcible suppression
of opposition and strong regimentation
of society and of the economy.

TOTALITARIAN: Nancy Pelosi is a
for trying to physically bar President
Donald Trump from giving his
U.S. Constitutionally mandated
State of the Union Address to the
United States Congress inside of the
U.S. Capitol building.

Totalitarianism is a political concept
of a mode of government
which prohibits opposition parties,
restricts individual opposition
to the state and its claims,
and exercises the maximum degree
of control over public
and private life possible.
It is regarded as the most extreme
and complete form of authoritarianism.

DICTATOR: Speaker of the U.S. House
of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, is
a dictator, and she is trying her hardest to be
a ruler with total power over a country,
typically one who has obtained control by force
(such as physically barring President Donald Trump
from enterring the United States Congress building
and delivering his State of the Union Speech to the
U.S. Congress.

FREEDOM OF SPEECH: Speaker of the U.S. House
of Representatives Nancy Pelosi is denying President
Donald Trump
the right to express any opinions
without censorship or restraint; resulting
in denying him freedom of speech.

U.S. House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi
is seriously and willfully and intentionally
violating the United States Constitution by
denying President Donald Trump his right to
Freedom of assembly,
sometimes used interchangeably
with the freedom of association,
is the individual right or ability of people
to come together and collectively express,
promote, pursue,
and defend their collective
or shared ideas.


William Coates - January 19, 2019

Who cares what the commies in the House do, if the Senate can find the courage and principle to refuse to pass them? Trouble is, the mossbacks in the Senate are too easily swayed by lobbyist $$$$ and the liberal media.

Kenneth Pace - January 30, 2019

Why are you affiliated with The Atlantic? I stand with Trump, I want to see him drain the swamp and secure our borders. I will not support rinos or their think tanks. Really surprised to see you in lock step with this publication. I was preparing to send a donation to make up for 2018, when I read the article about the your new president and The Atlantic

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