A federal judge in Texas issued a temporary injunction earlier this week against President Obama’s executive amnesty for illegal immigrants. Twenty-six states are suing the administration over the unilateral amnesty.

In his decision, Judge Andrew Hansen had harsh words for the Obama administration, as Heritage legal expert Hans von Spakovsky writes:

The most crucial decision made by Judge Hanen in this early stage of the lawsuit is that, contrary to the Justice Department’s claim, the states are legally allowed to bring this lawsuit because they are going to suffer concrete, measurable costs from the Deferred Action for Parents of Americans and Lawful Permanent Residents program, that is to say, they have standing…

Hanen’s lengthy opinion provides an extensive, well-researched, well-written review of the history of the Obama administration’s actions in the immigration area and points out the many problems caused by its lack of enforcement and overriding of federal immigration law. Hanen agrees that Homeland Security does have discretion “in the manner in which it chooses to fulfill the expressed will of Congress” in federal immigration law. But it cannot “enact a program whereby it not only ignores the dictates of Congress, but actively acts to thwart them.” In fact, the Homeland Security secretary “is not just rewriting the laws; he is creating them from scratch.

The Obama administration is expected to fight the decision. Meanwhile, Senate Democrats are filibustering a bill that would fund the Department of Homeland Security without funding amnesty. 

What do you think of the court’s decision to halt Obama’s executive amnesty?

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Donna Lewis - February 19, 2015

I think it’s great. It’s time the people stand up for what is right and fight against what is going to hurt them.

Paul Ford - February 19, 2015

I feel we have stayed the execution of a tyrants’ will to destroy this country. I would like to see MUCH MORE of this going forward; I never thought this country would become a dictatorship, it is well on its way.

Bernie Johnson - February 19, 2015

I’m glad this judge has the guts to bring this illegal situation to a halt before it got started.

Adrienne Jacobson - February 19, 2015

There is wisdom in filing this suit with Texas in the lead and 25 other states joining in since it is within the 5th Circuit, which is notably conservative leaning. It is also helpful to have now Governor Greg Abbott, who was Texas Attorney General when it was filed, keeping an eye on things.

Highly doubtful the suit would have gotten this far if filed in the 9th Circus.

rick bee - February 19, 2015

I pray there are many more judges like him.

Thomas Priest - February 19, 2015

Judge Hansen is a hero for standing against the tyranny that is Obama and his fellow henchman in crime – Eric Holder

Edward Abbot - February 19, 2015

I would say ‘It’s about time’, but it’s long past time. Thank goodness for judges who will stand up to those who would drag down this county for political gain.

Herve Desrosiers - February 19, 2015

I believe the Judge ruled correctly and it’s high time the courts recognize a violation of the Constitution and the laws passed by congress. President Obama needs to be put in his proper place.

Jim Pfister - February 19, 2015

I think it is the right decision. It is time the courts made the President follow the rule of law.

Lyn - February 19, 2015

It’s a very good start and I only hope it encourages more conservatives to follow through with positive concrete actions.

JuneUSA - February 19, 2015

i had given up hope for anyone to actually uphold our laws. If obama were a decent human being, he would admit he is a traitor, not qualified to be president, has done irreparable damage to our country, was trying to overthrow our government and will resign immediately. But then, he is not able to do that because he still thinks he is a supreme being and can do no wrong.

K.McPeek - February 19, 2015

judge Andrew Hanen is right on

Grant - February 19, 2015

Fantastic. Perhaps there is hope.

Mr Michael B Ahlman - February 19, 2015

This decision, correct and proper, highlights the most glaring omission of our times: WHY ARE WE NOT IMPEACHING Obama? He is clearly guilty of “high crimes and misdemeanors” and it should be a slam-dunk process. He has clearly violated our laws, abrogated his oath of office, scorned the Constitution and lied throughout his presidency. We expect a liberal to try to expand government interference in our lives, but not by opening our borders and ordering law enforcement to look the other way, while hoards of lawbreaking illegal aliens crush the lives of the very people expected to support them with their tax dollars. Obama should not be allowed to serve the remainder of his term.

Bill Brandel - February 19, 2015

This situation will probably end up making it to the Supreme Court. I only hope if it does that the court has the guts to uphold the law of the land and stop the rogue president from yet another illegal act against our country.

Frostie White - February 19, 2015

High time some one did something about Obama’s lawlessness since Congress is too coward to impeach him! How many more scandals does this Congress need to stop the insanity?

Jennifer Joy - February 19, 2015

I totally agree with this Judge’s decision. This country has given amnesty in the past to 5 million illegals with the promise to it’s citizens that it would never happen again. I wish that Washington State was on that list of states too. The illegal immigrants are costing the tax payers here a small fortune. We as citizens DO need to stand up and stand up NOW!

John Brosius - February 19, 2015

Thank God someone has some guts
to stand up to this total loser excuse
of a president.

Nancy Friss - February 19, 2015

I’m delighted that this Judge had the guts to make this order. It’s vitally important to our national security that we know who is coming into our beloved country. It’s really a no-brainer. An American without a valid passport or visa would certainly not be allowed to enter Mexico! We are living in an age of insanity!!!

Claude Gossett - February 19, 2015

I totally agree with Judy Hansen!! The others should follow his lead. I just pray they do anyway.

Nancy Bertch - February 19, 2015

Our country must get back to upholding our Constitution. Thank God for a Judge who is standing up for what is right and best for our country!

charles haus - February 19, 2015

voter apathy and gov’t handouts are destroying the country I fought for in WW2 We need more judges
like the federal judge in Texas

Mark Morton - February 19, 2015

Hallelujah there’s at least one Federal Judge left that is willing to stand up for the Constitution!

duston e rose - February 19, 2015

Judge Hansen’s order will serve to begin the restoration of our country’s faith In our legal system. We must follow the Constitution and continue being a country of laws or we sink into a third world of dictatorship, ruling oligarchies or worse.

Barb Hail - February 19, 2015

I think more judges and Congress need to stand up to bring this illegal immigration to a halt. We have laws about immigration that need to be upheld. The number one responsibility of the federal government is to secure our borders and keep America citizens safe. Obama is failing–on purpose.

Andy Lawson - February 19, 2015

I think that this underscores the administrations desire to be an imperial governing body in full control. Actions like these should be applauded openly by the public. However, there is a good probability this decision will get little main line press coverage and just as good a probability that the administration will follow the full appeal process while trying to move the amnesty forward with executive orders and mandates. Congress should stand firm in their determination to block this amnesty which is definitely not supported by the people and is definitely not in the best interest of the nation.

David Keesling - February 19, 2015

An informed thinker, not blinded by politics, knew years ago that aliens entering the U.S. illegally were being encouraged to do so by Obama. How did all those “children” get into and across Mexico? Why is Obama exacerbating the problem by illegally writing new laws? I thank Judge Hansen for stopping things and bringing the discussion to the forefront.

Gary Elliott - February 19, 2015

Finally, someone with backbone to push back against this lawless administration.

John S. White - February 19, 2015

I enjoy particularly that the judge stayed away from the Constitutional question and stayed along procedural grounds.
Very smart and I hope will tie up the administration for awhile.
Now, if the Republican leadership is smart enough to take advantage of this short time advantage.

Shan Russell - February 19, 2015

I totally support the states who entered this lawsuit. Either our laws and the responsibilities given to various government agencies mean something – or we have no guidelines or rights to live and to function as a nation. Our borders are suppose to be defended. People who come here without our permission have broken our laws and they should be punished for that NOT REWARDED! Obama is totally failing to uphold his oath of office and to defend this country against all enemies! IMPEACH HIM!!!! SEND ALL THE ILLEGALS BACK HOME. We should not be supporting them and their children. We should not let invaders take over our country! If they come back after being deported – imprison them.

voni strasser - February 19, 2015

The aca is the most devasting act passed ever, period. It is giving less goog medical care, making doctors retire early, costing more, taxing more and generaly a big disaster!

Daniel Lansing - February 19, 2015

I’m glad the Judge has the fortitude to bring this illegal situation to a halt before it got started.

Sylvia Satariano - February 19, 2015

I applaud the judge for his decision. We also need to change or be more specific regarding giving birth in this country by illegals. If you are illegal and give birth in the United States, your child is still illegal and not a citizen of the United States and all should be deported. This campaign for amnesty is a slap in the face for the people who are standing in line and progressing forward the legal way.

Mike Schmidt - February 19, 2015

I agree that the president’s amnesty eo should be blocked and not funded as it is an overreach of executive power as this president stated 22 times!!!

Donald - February 19, 2015

I agree with the courts decision. I favor anything and everything we can do to halt the shredding of our Constitution.

Martha Perry - February 19, 2015

Judge Hansen’s ruling is absolutely right. We have waited a long time for our courts to act and back their decisions with careful research and law. Obama was poised to issue fraudulent documents to millions of illegal immigrants within moments before the Judge issued his decision. Had Obama acted just hours earlier, there would be no way to undo his action. Kudos to the 26 states’ attorneys general for coming together and filing this case in Texas. If appealed, the 5th Circuit of Appeals is likely to uphold the lower court. The 5th Circuit is the most conservative appeals court in the U.S. God bless Judge Hansen and God bless America!

John Clancy - February 19, 2015

The congress should go all out in support of Judge Hansen’s decision. Republicans need to say, in this area, as in others where this administration is out of the control of the people, “Damm the torpedoes; full speed ahead.” They need to focus on what is good for America over their personal careers. That President Obama wants to pursue his agenda in defiance of the ruling should prompt Congress to use their full power to thwart his defiant moves.

Sue Tolbert - February 19, 2015

I am very proud of this judge but I worry about his personal safety. Now the illegals are protesting – what is that about and Obama’s instigation of this is not acceptable.

William F. Pace - February 19, 2015

The Senate Democrats had no problem killing the filibuster to stack the courts with leftists. The rule of law is now at stake in the Senate and the Republicans cannot permit a corrupt minority of Democrats to prevent the assertion of the constitutional power of the purse to reign in a lawless president

Ronald J Jacobson - February 19, 2015

It’s about time one of the other branches of government threw a kink into the administrative branch’s executive orders. We need a Congress that will assume its Constitutional responsibilities.

Wayne Rollis - February 19, 2015

I don’t go far enough it should not fund D H S all together
they do more harm than good

Allan R. Weide, M.D. - February 19, 2015

Finally, a Federal Judge with the courage of his convictions and an excellent knowledge of Constitutional history who our arrogant President could learn from. One more blow for FREEDOM from our tyrant of a PRESIDENT.

Bill Schertz - February 19, 2015

Great!!! This judge should be congratulated!

Gordon Shipps - February 19, 2015

I am grateful for the judges decision and pray it will hold up in the higher courts. We need more judges like him.

Belton R.W;illiams - February 19, 2015

Thank God for Judge Hansen. Unfortunately, there are too few judges in the system that have the moral stability he exhibits.

Mark Stefanik - February 19, 2015

Glad to see someone is actually stopping Obama from tearing up the Constitution. It’s a blatant attempt to increase Democrat voters is without any regards to damage it will do to the country.

william sheets - February 19, 2015

As far as i can tell obama thinks right along with the open borders crowd, the idea being why eenforce the border at all? Think of all of the money that can be saved by eliminating the border patrol, i.c.e. and all the other immigration enforcement departments. Just wave them all through like a walmart greeter? It makes me physically ill when i think about the country my three children and my three grandchildren are going to be left with down the road. It is clear to anybody with half a brain that obama is trying wnd unfortunately is transforming tthis country to his and the liberals liking. He knows that 70%+ of central american immigrants want bigger government and more generous taxpayer benefits. Who are they going to vote for when they illeagally/legeally end up in a voting booth? Republicans are fooling themselves if they think amnesty is going to help them with the hispanic vote, it will be a disaster not only for the gop but for any semblance of a rule of law in this once great country. God help the USA!!!

David Terwilliger Sr. - February 19, 2015

It seems that we do have a Judge that understands our Constitution. We can hope that the “Appeals” court will read and agree with his judgement.

James Mould - February 19, 2015

I think it’s time we looked this out of control executive square in the eye and put a stop to his legislative activities. Whether that is done by the courts or the legislature it must be done or we are on track to destroy constitutional government in this country. This guy is a long way from a Lincoln.

John Markey - February 19, 2015

I am in favor of the judge’s decision. Obama has overstepped his authority in the Constitution.

Gerard durkin - February 19, 2015

The congress must use the power of the purse string to stop Obama s unconstitutional executive orders . Our founding fathers in their wisdom of humane nature ,
provided this power . Obama is acting
Like a tyrant changing law as he pleases . The congress must stop the funding of homeland security to stop Obama s willfull flauting of the constitution . The media be dammed .

Ronald - February 19, 2015

I was very pleased that the Judge Hansen’s intent was to follow and enforce clear rule-of-law, and that his apparent in-depth assessment was spot-on, intelligent, and honest.

Ron jackson - February 19, 2015

Hopefully the courts have seen the real Obama!!!
It’s time to do their job and stop the lawless Obama and his administration!!!
It’s seems our party leaders don’t have the backbone to fight Obama!!
It’s time for a change in our old leadership with some new young blood who wants to work for real Americans (not illegal who have no rights in our country)!!!!!
Illegal is illegal and the law is the law,it’s time to start enforcing them!!!!

Jan Gitzendanner - February 19, 2015

It’s right in line with the Tenth Amendment.

Arnold Stouffer - February 19, 2015

I am glad to see that someone is standing up to him and putting a stop to his lawless leadership

Harry Smith - February 19, 2015

It’s about time something got done!

Imogene Ross - February 19, 2015

Right on! Hope we can stop this governing by
executive orders.

Mary A Cole - February 19, 2015

This law suit is an answer to prayer!

Michael Reif - February 19, 2015

Finally, obama is being slowed down which gives us all time to react. this is a courageous decision by the judge and I applaud it and him.

Steven Johns - February 19, 2015

I approve of Judge Hanen’s decision to halt executive amnesty because the States have clear enough standing that their case is likely survive the appeals process. An eventual conclusive win in court could help restore faith in the Constitutional balance of power and rule of law.

Robert Hammons - February 19, 2015

I personally have only a one word response

Frank Murchison - February 19, 2015

Thank goodness for the affirmation of common sense by a member of the federal judiciary; why haven’t we had more judicial opposition to Obama’s flagrant disregard of the laws and Constitution he swore to uphold? When George Bush was President, he and everybody standing near him was sued on an almost daily basis. Liberals freely use the Court system for political purposes and for outright harassment; why are conservatives too timid to challenge Obama’ s unlawful policies?

Alice Peacock - February 20, 2015

I support it.if it is not overturned it will be the best and brightest legislation in the last 6 years..its time the brakes were used on this trainwreck…

Roz Lawson - February 20, 2015

I heartily commend the backbone of this judge. Too bad the Supreme Court didn’t have this kind of courage.

elizabeth crespo - February 20, 2015

I am so happy a judge had the courage to stand up for the law and the constitution. We the people look to leaders to hear us and help us get our country back. Thank God for people like him.

Gary Clemente - February 20, 2015

This is undoubtedly a bold move by this courageous judge. But as Heritage is pointing out, we cannot depend on the courts to take care of what has been legislatively forced upon the people. We must continue to apply unwavering pressure upon our representatives to end the unlawful madness of amnesty as constituted by Obama.

Linda G. White - February 20, 2015

I agree with the court’s decision to defund the unconstitutional executive amnesty for illegal immigrants. It is an end run around the Congress and will bankrupt the states, giving no control of our Borders, runaway costs for the illegal funding of the aliens. It puts legal immigrants assimilation to the back of the line and makes American citizenship a mockery.

William Pierce - February 20, 2015

It is encouraging to see the judge’s rational and legal analysis of this. I am thankful to the State attorneys general who pursued this course of action. This may be the first action to begin reining in the misguided actions of this administration. “I will fundamentally change this country” is one promise Barack Obama has kept. As anticipated, the change has not fulfilled the hope his supporters had in mind.

Laurel Higgins - February 20, 2015

Thank God we have a judge who has the courage to support the law. I have been so frustrated over Obama’s amnesty fiasco. I hope the same happens with Obamacare!

A McGillvary - February 20, 2015

Absolutely the right thing to do.

Curtis Timmermann - February 20, 2015

I strongly favor for the House and Senate to block funding for the president’s unconstitutional action providing amnesty for illegal immigrants.

Jan Garner - February 20, 2015

In my eyes, Judge Hansen is a true hero for standing up to the antics of a true tyrant. Obama would love nothing more than to see this country go down the tubes while on his watch. I can’t understand why so many people are living in a dream world and can’t see the damage and harm Obama and his henchmen are doing to this wonderful country.

Edgar Savidge - February 20, 2015

I think the judge in Texas has stopped this lunacy on immigration changes in its tracks. It is time for the Republicans to move on right now with the funding of DHS and let the courts handle the illegal changes the President has declared. Brillent decision on the part of Judge Hanen.

Donald Welch - February 20, 2015

Why doesn’t the Republican Senate use the nuclear option to break the Democratic filibuster and vote on the Bill. That way Obama would have to be the one to veto it. That would be good for the conservatives. If Harry Reed can use it, why not Republicans?

JOHN BERNAT - February 20, 2015

BRAVO! At last a judge who is honest and courageous enough to rule against this autocracy!

Hugh Smith - February 21, 2015

This judge has shown more courage and conviction than the entire Republican party, which despite its majority in both houses of Congress has yet still failed to take aggressive action to override the insane and unlawful policies of this president and his administration puppets. Many point out that in the case of impeachment and conviction of the resident our VP Biden would assume the Presidency. I don’t think Biden could be any worse than what we have now, and with our current president gone it would serve to further strengthen the conservative movement..
Eisenhower and Truman both sent the illegals packing, but then they were both – Republican and Democrat – good and loyal men acting to support the welfare of the nation.

Jerry McAvoy - February 21, 2015

I can’t add to the comments already made, I agree with them all. Impeach Obama. Repeal Obamacare. Close the border and send all the illegals home, 8 million or not.

James kINNU - February 21, 2015

I think it was a great and courageous decision. The leadership of the Senate should be just as “ruthless” as Sen. Reid was in his leadership and change the “rules” of the Senate so the Republican Majority can push thru the House;s bill and present it to Obama for signature.

Larraine Viviano - February 21, 2015

At last! A brave judge comes foward and uses some common sence in a situation that has been spiraling out of control. Thank you sir and all the states standing with you!

Patrick H.Patterson - February 21, 2015

Dear Judge Hansen i hope u know how much it means to the American people to have someone stand up against criminals running these higher offices. I pray to the most high God for your safety strength and wisdom to carry on as the patriot that you.

It hard fitzgerald - February 21, 2015

Hope we win this one.

J. E. Hunt - February 21, 2015

In earlier months Obama had stated that he does not have the power in his position to declare amnesty. But now he makes the decision to go against the rule of law.
He must be stopped.

PATSY THOMAS - February 22, 2015

I live in a border state, and many non-citizens are already living in Texas, and coming across the border unrestricted. They are already working at jobs, that manual laborer citizens should be encouraged to take. I believe employers should not be hiring the “illegal aliens” in legitimate businesses. I think the judge stopped the larger crime of allowing the President to ignore another law on his road to doing what he said he would do…”fundamentally change” our country. The cost of schools to keep up with the growth of the Mexican population is horrendous. It’s just the taxpayers’ money!.

Don Luttrell - February 22, 2015

It is my hope and prayers, that this is the first step in successfully correcting ALL of the extreme wrong and great harm this “President” and his Administration has enacted upon this great Nation of ours.

Earl Ropp - February 22, 2015

My Hats off to the Judge Its about time someone stood up for the law of the land..

Arlene King - February 22, 2015

The Honorable Federal Judge Hansen really deserves honorable before his name. He did the honorable thing upholding the law by filing this suit!

Dennis Eben - February 22, 2015

I like the decision and it seems to clearly state the problem.

Sara Schmit - February 22, 2015

President Obama has refused to secure our borders and last summer we saw what he has intended for our country. The President is hurting Americans by not only giving amnesty but income tax credits they did not earn, welfare benefits etc. He wants more voters for his socialist agenda. This is unlawful and I hope Judge Hansen stays this course.

L Leewright - February 22, 2015

Finally, a powerful step toward halting the lawlessness of this presidential action. Every tool available must be used to stop DHS from implementing president’s dictates.

Richard Frank - February 22, 2015

Yes, Obamas dictatorship actions must be stopped and actually he should be impeached!

Walter Petrie - February 23, 2015

Why should we reward ILLEGALS with amnesty? What is so hard for this Obama administration to understand about ILLEGAL ???????
Let them come to this country legally like so many others have over the years!!!!

G J MASON III - March 27, 2015

Btw I’m an experienced lawyer.

It’s about time somebody had the guts to legally challenge this president – I thought the decision was right on. Look forward to it getting to the Fifth Circuit, and then the Supreme Court. The precedents would seem strongly to support the states’ position.

Lore Passi - April 14, 2015

I would like to know, what country are the grandparents from, of these idiots writing!!!!!

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